Power and Wealth
Chapter 24 – Helping the leader to trade shares
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 24 – Helping the leader to trade shares

The next day.

Dong Xuebing was in a good mood. Because he had done something well, he could hold his head high.

Dong Xuebing had just gotten his salary for his first month of work. He decided to give himself a treat by having a lavished breakfast at the roadside dumpling store. A bowl of goat innards soup, bake sesame cake and a tea leaves egg. Dong Xuebing had a good appetite, and after finishing all the food, he still did not feel full. He went to the crepe store to buy a crepe. He used up all his change in his pocket for this hearty meal.

After a big burb and Dong Xuebing walked past the gates of Western District Bureau Branch.

“Oh, the great hero is here.” Tan Limei laughed and waved to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was feeling good, but he did not show it on his face. He modestly said: “What hero? It was only a coincident yesterday. In terms of writing, I am not as good as the rest of you.”

Changjuan, who was putting on lipstick, laughed. “Hehe, Xiao Dong is trying to be humble.”

Old Yan also laughed as he straightens his newspaper. “That’s right. I heard after Chief Li Qing knew about this matter, he also praised you.”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “Stop making fun of me. I am not as good as what you say.”

Guo Panwei was writing and drawing some lines at his desk. After Dong Xuebing sat down at his desk, he looked over to see what Guo Panwei was doing. Guo Panwei was drawing some candlestick chart and 5 days moving average of the stock index. Dong Xuebing knew Zhou Changchun love to trade shares, and Guo Panwei was trying to bootlick through shares trading. After all, there was only so much work the leader could assign to them. That was the duties of the staff workers. But if the staff worker could help the leader with his personal matters, then it will be different. The staff will be closer to the leader.

9.30 am.

Guo Panwei took the Candlestick Chart he was drawing into Deputy Chief Zhou’s office. He remained in the room for about half an hour. At about 10 am, he came out of the room and close the door gently. He was grinning. He seems to be praise by Zhou Changchun.

At the fax machine on the other end of the office, Tan Limei was organizing some documents. “There is a document that requires Chief Zhou’s signature. Who is free to bring it to him?”

Guo Panwei raised his hand unconsciously. But he remembered that he had just come out of the office and he lowered his hand.

“I will do it.” Dong Xuebing walked over and took the document to the small office room and knocked on the door.

“…… Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered the room. “Chief Zhou, this document requires your signature.”

Zhou Changchun held the few copies of A4 papers in his hand. He was looking at the stock daily charts on his monitor while reading the documents. If it were a few weeks ago, Zhou Changchun would surely minimize the window to not let Dong Xuebing see what he was doing. Now, Zhou Changchun got to know Dong Xuebing better and felt that he was an obedient young man. He does not mind Dong Xuebing knowing that he was trading shares at work. “Xiao Dong…… Yesterday, the Chief had praised you over the phone. Good job. Continue to work hard.”

“Yes. I will not let all the leaders down……” Dong Xuebing could feel Zhou Changchun’s change of attitude towards him. He was jumping with joy in his heart. He immediately says some useless things that he will continue to work hard and do all the leaders proud, etc.

After Dong Xuebing had finished, Zhou Changchun nodded and gestured to Dong Xuebing. “Sit.”

Dong Xuebing sat down on the chair. He does not know where to look, so he looked at the monitor.

It was the chart of a stock named Daqin Railway.

Dong Xuebing remembered that the news had reported some news yesterday and railway and automobile shares had raised. From the charts, Daqin Railway shares had increased a lot. Since the start of the trading day, it had raised from 8.59 to 9.03 RMB. It then drops to 8.89 RMB, before rising to 9.25 RMB. It was almost at almost reaching the daily limit price.

This was a good share.

Dong Xuebing looked at Zhou Changchun and noticed he was smiling.

After a while, Zhou Changchun had signed the document and smiled. “Here. Take it.”

Dong Xuebing used both hands to collect the documents from him and was about to leave. Zhou Changchun’s eyes were still glued to the monitor.

But 2 seconds later, Daqin Railway shares dropped suddenly. There was a trade of someone selling 12,000 shares. Half of these shares were bought out by the buying orders. Soon after, someone sold 8,000 shares, followed by 5,000. Immediately Daqin Railway share prices fell below 9 RMB. This happened almost instantly.

Zhou Changchun slapped his leg and groaned. “The big players have sold the shares so early. If I knew, I should have sold the shares earlier.”

Dong Xuebing who was about to leave the room heard this and turned around to look at the chart on the monitor. He knew that this was an opportunity.



The scenery around Dong Xuebing changed.

He was now facing another direction.

Swooshed. Zhou Changchun was signing on the documents. He smiled: “Here. Take it.”

Daqin Railway share prices were still hovering at about 9.26 RMB. It looks like it was about to reach 9.3 RMB.

Although Dong Xuebing felt it was very sudden and rude, he does not want to give up this opportunity to be closer to the leader. He immediately points to the monitor: “Chief Zhou, if you own this share, you should sell it immediately. Yesterday, the automobile and railway shares had increased a lot. The speculators will be taking out their profits. From the current graph, it seems dangerous. The prices might fall anytime now.”

Zhou Changchun frowned. He was not bothered by what Dong Xuebing said: “Really? I think it will rise to the daily limits.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I am not sure about the trend later this afternoon and the next few days. But before noon, Daqin Railway shares will fall below 9 RMB.”

Zhou Changchun seems irritated and shook his head. He turned back to the monitor without saying a word.

After being in the government sector for a few weeks, Dong Xuebing had learned a lot. He knows that if he remained in the office to look at Daqing Railway’s share prices falling, he would be proving the leader wrong. The leader would not look good, and it was like giving him a slap on the face. The leader might even feel that Dong Xuebing was mocking him.

Dong Xuebing immediately left the room and returned to his seat. He was looking at Chief Zhou’s office door.

5 minutes……

10 minutes……

20 minutes……

Dong Xuebing keep looking at the door until it was almost lunchtime. He was about to leave the office with Tan Limei and Zhuang Zhi for the cafeteria when Zhou Changchun walked out of his office. There was no change to his expressions. He chatted with Changjuan and Guo Panwei for a while, and when everyone was about to leave for lunch, Zhou Changchun called Dong Xuebing over. “You know shares trading?”

Alright. Here comes my opportunity!

Dong Xuebing replied: “Yes. I know a little about the charts and graphs.”

Zhou Changchun nodded and patted his shoulders. “Go for your lunch. Help me look at the shares, tomorrow.”


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