Power and Wealth
Chapter 25 – Prices had increased!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 25 – Prices had increased!

Next day.

General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing had read up on the stock market in the morning and left home slightly later. He reached the office precisely on time.

Tan Limei joked: “Bing Zhi, why are you so late today? Tell me. Did you go out on a date with your girlfriend last night?”

Dong Xuebing smiled and placed his bag on his glass desk. “Stop making fun of me. I don’t have a girlfriend.” Dong Xuebing had never dated any girls before while he was in school. He had average looks and was from a poor family. Without car and house, no girls were interested in him.

“Oh?” Changjuan laughed. “Do you want elder sister here to introduce you some girls?”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “Thank you, Sister Chang. I am currently good by myself.”

“If you are interested to know girls, tell me. I will keep a lookout for good girls for you.”

Dong Xuebing did not really want to be single. He envied those with girlfriends. But with his looks and family background, it was hard to get a girlfriend. He rather focusses his energy on his career. Once he was promoted to be a leader, he will have money, and it will be easier to get girlfriends.

10 minutes later, Zhou Changchun entered the office. It was the leader’s privilege to be late. No one will say anything.

Guo Panwei had been waiting. Once he heard the footsteps, he immediately went to brew a cup of tea.

Guo Shunjie was pretending to be hard at work. After Chief Zhou had entered his office, he continued to laze around. He turned to Dong Xuebing: “Xiao Dong, you should clean up our office. Don’t wait until Chief comes in and scold us. Later if you are free, mop the floor.” The cleaner Old Wang will only clean up the corridors outside and send bottles of water to the office. The cleanliness of the offices was usually done by the staff workers.

Dong Xuebing was pissed when he heard this. He was the one that cleans up the office the last time. He was also the one before the previous time. Why was it his turn again? Are you trying to challenge me? If it was Chief Zhou’s instruction, I don’t mind. But who are you to order me around? You asked me to do all your task at work, and you still want to boss me about non-work-related matters?

Dong Xuebing had tolerated him for too long and was about to blow his top.

Zhuang Zhi was really someone worthy to be friends with. He sensed the tension in the office and immediately say: “I will clean up the office.”

Dong Xuebing did not say anything and picked up a rag and clean the office with Zhuang Zhi.

Guo Shunjie glanced at Dong Xuebing and snort.

Everyone in the office was busily doing their things in the morning.

Chief Zhou had gone for a meeting on level 3 and returned back at noon.

At about 2.05 pm. Ring, ring, ring. The General Affairs Office’s phone rang. Dong Xuebing happened to be at the photocopier and was the nearest to the phone. He reached over and answered: “Hello. General Affairs Office.” It was Chief Zhou. “Xiao Dong? Come into my office now.”

“Yes. I will be right there.” Hah! My opportunity finally comes!

Zhou Changchun’s office.

Zhou Changchun was laughing happily and pointing to the stock charts on his monitor. “I had just sold off all my shares, and I am going to buy one or two blue chips. But I am not sure which to pick. Give me some of your opinions.” Zhou Changchun did not mention about Daqin Railways shares, and Dong Xuebing was not foolish to talk about that.

“Sure. But I need to take a look first.”

“Come, bring the chair over.”

“No need. I will stand.”

The stock market was doing well in the morning. The top-performing share was new stock. It had risen by about 98.03%. The second to the eighth shares had increased by about 10%. The rest of the shares like Pharmaceutical shares, technology shares, had increased by at least 7%.

“How is it?” Zhou Changchun asked. “Which shares should I pick?”

Dong Xuebing used the mouse and clicked on the charts of some shares. “Please wait a while. Let me analyze these charts.”

Zhou Changchun slowly sipped on his tea. “No hurry. Take your time to analyze the shares. Most importantly, the share must be doing well and stable.”

The performing shares had almost reached their peak, and Dong Xuebing looked at the top losers list. The top loser was a company called Hainan Rubber. It had dropped 10.03% and was about to reach the daily limits. Dong Xuebing looked at the chart and scanned through the company’s latest news. This company was listed not long ago, and it was considered an agriculture share. The profits were average despite owning a considerable market share. Basically, this company had not met the expectations of the investors, and the share prices had been dropping since trading starts.

Zhou Changchun frowned as he looked at the monitor. He waved his hand: “Look at the next company. It is not advisable to touch those shares that had reached the daily limit. There are so many orders queuing to sell. Tomorrow, this share will surely continue to fall. This company is also not doing well. Look at other shares.”

“Ok.” When Dong Xuebing was about to close the window, Hainan Rubbers share prices start to jump.

There was an order to buy 80,000 shares of this company.

Soon, another order to buy 20,000 shares came in and canceled out all the orders to sell. The percentage fall of the share prices was reduced to -7.26%.





In a blink of an eye, the share prices had almost breakeven.

It was so shockingly fast.

Dong Xuebing did not hesitate and said “BACK” in his heart.


The time returns back to 1 minute ago.

Dong Xuebing’s eyes blurred and in front of him was Hainan Rubbers share prices chart.

This share was still at the lower side of the daily limits. There were still no signs of this share moving.

Zhou Changchun looked at the monitor and said: “Look at the next company. It is not advisable to touch those shares that had reached the daily limit. There are so many orders queuing to sell. Tomorrow, this share will surely continue to fall. This company is also not doing well. Look at other shares.”

After so many days of training with his extraordinary power, Dong Xuebing was accustomed to this. He immediately points to the monitor: “Chief Zhou, hurry and buy this Hainan Rubber shares. It will be rising soon.”

Zhou Changchun was shocked. “Didn’t I tell you that it is not advisable to touch those shares that had reached the daily limit?”

Dong Xuebing immediately replied: “Don’t worry. It will surely rise. I dare not trick you.”

Zhou Changchun was still hesitating. “…… How can you tell?”

“Just trust me this time. There is not much time left.” Dong Xuebing said anxiously.

Because Zhou Changchun did not listen to Dong Xuebing yesterday, he made lesser profits. Now, Dong Xuebing seems very confident that this share will rise. He frowned and thought for about 1 second and said: “Fine. I will buy this company’s shares.” Zhou Changchun was using trading software to trade online. His password was saved on his computer, and he could log in and place the trade very fast.

After buying the shares, both of them were staring at the monitor in silence.

Hainan Rubber share prices remained unchanged. There were sales orders of almost 100,000 shares in the queue.

Zhou Changchun looked at the monitor and tapped on his teacup. He was tapping faster and faster.


Hurry up and rise!

Dong Xuebing also clenches his fist nervously.

1 second……

2 seconds……

Suddenly, a big order to buy the shares appeared on the monitor.

Followed by 20,000 shares traded.

Another 7,000 shares traded.

Chief Zhou could see the share prices of Hainan Rubber shooting up like a rocket.

Chief Zhou banged the desk excitedly. “It had gone up. The share price had risen!”

Dong Xuebing was jumping in joy in his heart. “It will still go up further.”




Zhou Changchun points at the monitor: “This is a good share!”



The share prices kept going up.

Zhou Changchun laughed and slapped Dong Xuebing’s back. “How do you know it will rise?”

Dong Xuebing made up an excuse: “From my analysis of the charts.”

Zhou Changchun laughed heartily. “Good. You are really capable!”


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