Power and Wealth
Chapter 45 – Another profit!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 45 – Another profit!

The next day.


Dong Xuebing yawned as he woke up. He rubbed his eyes and got off the bed. He went to bed in the early hours after sieving through all the coins. The mosquitos at the hospital were very poisonous. Once bitten, it will swell, and it was painful and itchy. Dong Xuebing could hardly fall asleep with the mosquitos flying around him. In his mind, he was thinking about the ancient coin and had a dream where he was buried alive by tons of coins.

“You are awake?” The old man’s son asked. He was already dressed up and sitting beside his father.

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly: “Sorry to disturb you all last night.”

“It’s okay. We are just wondering why you bought so many coins back.” The old man’s son asked. “I heard that many experts nowadays could not tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit coins. You must be careful not to be tricked. There are counterfeits everywhere.”

Dong Xuebing chatted with them for a while and returned the laptop. There were risks when dealing with antiques. Dong Xuebing knew about the risks the first day he started working at the Antique City. But now, with his ability, BACK, he could still make some profits with antiques.

Dong Xuebing needs to be on a drip at 8 am. But he secret leave the hospital before Aunt Xuan visits him.

He carried a big bundle of coins and took a taxi to the famous Liu Li Chang.

The renovated Liu Li Chang was a crowded place with a traditional feel. The only thing Dong Xuebing does not like was the road. It should restrict vehicles from entering the area. Lots of luxurious cars were parked along the street on both sides, leaving little space for pedestrians.

There are so many antique shops here. Which should I go?

Dong Xuebing decided to go to the shop Rong Bao Zhai near the entrance of Liu Li Chang.

After entering the shop, Dong Xuebing walked past a Caucasian and asked the shop assistant where the coins and notes counter was. That shop assistant pointed to a corner of the shop. Dong Xuebing thanked him and went to the counter. He saw a middle-aged man reading newspapers behind the counter. “Excuse me, do you buy antique coins?”

The middle-aged man lowered his papers and saw Dong Xuebing’s huge bundle. “So many coins?”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose and smiled. “No. You can just give me a price for this bundle. What I really want to sell is this Jiading Yuanbao coin.”

The man nodded and put his newspaper aside. He took out a magnifying glass and some small tools from the drawer. “Ok, let me take a look first.”

“Ok. Here is the coin.” Dong Xuebing passed him the coin.

Please…… Please……

The coin must be genuine…… Please let the coin be authentic……

The middle-aged man scrutinized the coin.

1 second passed……

2 seconds passed……

3 seconds passed……

The man suddenly grasped. He moved closer to take a better look at the coin and had a shocked expression. “This coin……”

Dong Xuebing asked anxiously: “How is the coin?”

“Wait. I need to take a closer look.” The man sat upright and carefully examine every detail of the coin and nodded. “This coin is scarce. Young man, this is a 10 cash Southern Song Dynasty Jiading Yuanbao coin. It is produced in the year 1208, and it is still in good condition. It is rare to see this coin even in the auctions. It is very rare and valuable. You see this rust color? It shows the age of the coin.”

Hahaha, the coin was indeed genuine!!

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and asked. “How much are you willing to offer for this coin?”

“Errrmmm……” The man hesitated. “Young man, you should have done your homework before coming here with the coin. So, I will not cheat you. This coin can fetch up to 60,000 RMB at the auctions. But after commissions and charges…… The highest I can offer is 50,000 RMB. What do you think?”

Dong Xuebing felt this was a good offer. He thought for a while and nodded. “Deal.”

The middle age man laughed. “Great. Since you are so forthright, I will give you 1,000 for that bundle of coins. Ok?”


50,000 RMB!

Two years of his mother’s salaries do not even amount to 50,000 RMB.

For Dong Xuebing, 50,000 RMB was an astronomical amount.

Dong Xuebing hugged a brown colored envelope tightly as he walked out of Rong Bao Zhai. He was afraid someone would jump out and snatched his money. He scanned his surroundings carefully and quickly ran across the road to the ICBC bank. He deposited all the money into his account, and his balance suddenly became more than 51,000 RMB. With this amount, he could even afford to buy a low-cost car. He very excited as he returned back to the hospital.

Yay! I’m rich!

50,000 RMB!!!

Orthopedic ward.

Dong Xuebing returned to his ward to find the nurse and Aunt Xuan staring at him angrily.

Aunt Xuan scolded: “Where did you go so early in the morning and why didn’t you switch on your phone? Do you know I am worried for you?” She was holding on to the drip bottle. “The nurses have come here looking for you several times. You are supposed to be on a drip. How can you sneak out without a word?”

Dong Xuebing smiled apologetically: “You did not help me bring the charger. My battery had been dead a long time ago.”

Qu Yunxuan stared at him: “So you are telling me that it is my fault?”

“No, no……” Dong Xuebing quickly poured a glass of water for Aunt Xuan. “I am bored this morning and went out for a walk. I forgot the time and came back late. I’m sorry. Don’t be angry with me.” He does not intend to tell Aunt Xuan about the antique coin. He wanted to give her a surprise.

Qu Yunxuan calmed down. “Hurry and get back on your bed. You need to be on a drip.”

Dong Xuebing took off his slippers and got back on his bed obediently. He extended his hand for the nurse to insert the needle. As the nurse inserts the needle, he shouted: “Ouch, ouch…… It’s painful…… be gentler with the needle.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed at him and playfully smacked his forehead. “Do you dare to sneak out without telling anyone again?” Aunt Xuan was wearing a light colored spaghetti strap top and white jeans. Her top was showing some cleavage, and her tight jeans outlined her shapely legs.

Dong Xuebing was mesmerized by her figure. He was determined to make money for her.

Aunt Xuan, wait for me. I will help you raise enough money to set up your own company. I will help you achieve your dreams.

Yes…… I should also work hard to achieve my goal of becoming a top official too.

Earn money and getting promoted!!!!


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