Power and Wealth
Chapter 50 – Opportunity!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 50 – Opportunity!


Guo Panwei, Guo Shunjie, and Zhuang Zhi came back to the General Affairs Office after their soccer match. Zhou Changchun’s retirement was confirmed by Li Qing. Dong Xuebing, who was still hoping that Zhou Changchun’s retirement was only a rumor, was demoralized. He sighed. Chief Zhou, if only you could retire one year later, and I will have the chance to take over your place.

Good days were coming to an end for Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist. He whispered to Tan Limei as he went over to the copier machine. “Let’s visit Chief Zhou after work?”

Tan Limei looked at him weirdly: “Why?”

“See how he was recovering and at the same time ask him who will be replacing him and if there will be anyone transferring over from other offices to take over him.” Dong Xuebing was troubled.

Tan Limei laughed. “Are you out of your mind? Visiting him now?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Dong Xuebing did not understand what she meant.

Tan Limei poked Dong Xuebing’s temple: “Are you stupid? Zhou Changchun is no longer the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. It is meaningless for you to bootlick him. Don’t you know this? His early retirement should be arranged by the leaders of the bureau. Someone up there is not happy with him. He might even be involved in corruption. If you approach him now, you are asking for trouble.”

“Damn.” Dong Xuebing shuddered. “Is it that serious? What if Chief Zhou is really sick and wanted to retire?”

Tan Limei replied. “Bing Zhi, listen to me. Even if it is as what you said, no higher-ups are unhappy with Zhou Changchun, and he is not involved in any corruption cases, there is still nothing for us to gain for being close to him. He is already retired, and he might be involved with something which we do not know. We will be in trouble if we approach him now. The safest thing to do now is to stay as far away from him as possible. This is not the time for you to be emotional.”

Dong Xuebing thought hard at what Tan Limei said. “You are right.” Dong Xuebing had wanted to foster a closer relationship with Zhou Changchun was because of benefits. There was no real friendship between both of them. Now Zhou Changchun was in trouble with his finances, only fools will try to be kind to him. He might also be implicated with the investigations.

It was still safer to keep a distance from Zhou Changchun.

Sigh…… I had wasted my time to help him trade shares.

Tan Limei stood up: “Zhuang Zhi should also not know about all these. I must remind him to stay away from Chief Zhou when he returns to pack his belongings.” This place was really coldhearted. When something happens, everyone will try to keep away.

Dong Xuebing got a better understanding of the cruelty of government services.

The doors of the General Affairs Office were opened suddenly.

Click, click, click. It was the footsteps sounds of leather shoes. Dong Xuebing looked up. It was Zhou Changchun. He was discharged from the hospital and was walking with a limp. He had recovered slightly, but still, have troubles walking. He should be back to pack his things and also to do the handover. Maybe he was back for the investigations against him.

The office was silent.

1 second……

2 seconds……

No one greeted Zhou Changchun. Dong Xuebing felt it was too much. He greeted loudly: “Chief Zhou.”

Zhuang Zhi hesitated for a while and looked at Tan Limei before greeting him: “Chief Zhou.”

“Chief Zhou.” Changjuan, Guo Shunjie and the rest also greeted him. But their tones were very different from the past. They seem to be greeting him for the sake of greeting. Even Guo Panwei, the loyal lapdog of Chief Zhou was like this. No, he was even worst. He only moved his mouth and did not even make a sound.

Seems like everyone felt that there were really discrepancies with Zhou Changchun’s finances and wanted to cut all ties with him.

Zhou Changchun could feel their attitude towards him. He said uncaringly: “Panwei, come to my office for a while.”

Guo Panwei was really heartless. He immediately replied: “I’m sorry Chief Zhou. I need to deliver an urgent document.” Guo Panwei had given Chief Zhou lots of gifts over the past few years, and he was the closest to him in the office.

Chief Zhou frowned and looked at Guo Shunjie and the rest.

Guo Shunjie and Changjuan pretended not to hear anything and continued with their work.
Dong Xuebing was surprised by everybody’s reaction. If it was a month ago, when Zhou Changchun entered the office, he does not even need to say a word, and all of them will be crowding around him. But now, no one was willing to help him carry his stuff. Dong Xuebing also lowered his head and pretended to be busy with his work.

This is the government system. Once you are out of power, you are nothing.

Zhou Changchun’s face changed. He stared stare at Dong Xuebing and his former trusted aide, Guo Panwei. “Fine…… fine…… fine…...” He limped towards his room using the wall to support. No one went up to help him.

Guo Panwei, Changjuan and the rest looked at each other. Everyone knew what was in everyone’s mind.

Tap, tap, tap, tap……

The room’s door was opened. Zhou Changchun seems to be making a phone call.

“Hello, is this Chief Yan? I am Zhou Changchun.” Zhou Changchun purposely speaks loudly. Dong Xuebing and everyone outside could hear what he was saying clearly.

Guo Panwei and the rest were listening attentively. They wanted to know if Zhou Changchun was under investigations or not and if they were also implicated.

But everyone was shocked when they heard what Chief Zhou said. “Yesterday, you had asked me to recommend someone to be the deputy chief for the party committee to consider……. After serious considerations, I think that……” There was a pause of 2 seconds. “…… I think that Xiao Gao from the Political section is the most suitable. He is hardworking and meticulous in his work……. Yes. That’s right…. Yes…… I recommend Xiao Gao to replace me……. The ones from my office? Oh, they still need more experience…… That’s right……”

Everyone in the office was stunned.

What was happening? Why was Zhou Changchun recommending someone to take over his position?

Damn! That Bureau Chief Yan trusted Zhou Changchun so much? He needs Zhou Changchun to recommend someone for the party committee to discuss if that person was suitable for promotion?

No higher-ups in the bureau were unhappy with Zhou Changchun, and he was not involved in any investigations? Zhou Changchun was really retiring because of his illness?

“Ah……” Guo Panwei stood up from his chair. He was regretting. Based on his relationship with Zhou Changchun in the past, he stood the highest chance of being recommended. Even Dong Xuebing could not be compared to him. If only he went over and helped Zhou Changchun just now, and Zhou Changchun would surely recommend him. Zhou Changchun had called him to his room earlier was to discuss with him about the recommendation. He had wasted this opportunity.

“Why is it like this?” Guo Shunjie was also regretting. He thought it was the Bureau’s Party Committee that will decide who to take over this position. Zhou Changchun and Li Qing were not members of the committee and have no say in the recommendations. But who knows Chief Yan would ask Zhou Changchun to nominate someone. If he knew this would happen, he would go over to help Zhou Changchun, and Zhou Changchun might choose him. He would have higher chances to be promoted.

Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie face turned black. The expressions of the rest of the people were different.

Some were regretting, some were watching the show, some couldn’t be bothered.

Only Dong Xuebing was different from others. He only regretted for a split second and immediately looks excited.


This is an opportunity for me!

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath: “Hurry and reverse the time.”



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