Power and Wealth
Chapter 51 – Deputy Chief Nomination!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 51 – Deputy Chief Nomination!

The scenes in front of Dong Xuebing changed!

“Chief Zhou.”

“Chief Zhou.”

“Chief Zhou.”

The pale looking Zhou Changchun returned back to the office again. Soft and weak greetings could be heard again. Other than Zhuang Zhi, everyone else remains seated in their seats. Everyone was no longer have the respect and fear for Zhou Changchun.

Zhou Changchun was furious, and he looked at his former trusted aide, Guo Panwei. “Panwei, come to my office for a while.”

Guo Panwei points to a document in his hand: “I’m sorry Chief Zhou. I need to deliver an important document.”

Guo Shunjie immediately looks down. In his heart, he was snickering. Who would still take your orders now?

Tan Limei had been scolded by Zhou Changchun for saying the wrong things when she just joined the agency. She was usually cheerful in the office, but today, she was the same as Changjuan and Old Yan. She just looks down and focuses on her work. Anyway, Zhou Changchun can no longer order them in the future. Who cares about him? Zhou Changchun was someone who might be under investigation for financial discrepancies. Whoever gets close to him now will be a fool!

Zhou Changchun looked around and understood why his former staffs were treating him this way. He laughed coldly. “Fine…… Fine…… Fine……!” He had been in the government sector for several years, and he knew what everyone was thinking now. That’s right. Who would want to get close to me now? No one! This was how cold-hearted people in the government sector were! Cutting ties with someone when they were in trouble.

The next moment, everyone in the General Affairs Office, including Zhou Changchun were shocked.

“Chief Zhou, I have some free time. Are you going to pack your office? Let me help you.” A smiling Dong Xuebing ran over and supported Zhou Changchun. “You have just been discharged from the hospital. You must be careful. I will help you with your office. Watch your feet!”

Zhou Changchun was stunned. “…… No need to help me. I can walk by myself.”

Dong Xuebing immediately said. “I’m sorry. I did not know you will be discharged today and the water in your office is empty. It’s my fault. I will change the water bottle for you immediately.”

Zhou Changchun felt better, and his face was no longer as black as before. “Don’t need to be so troublesome. I will be leaving after I packed my things.”

Dong Xuebing ignored him and went out to get a bottle of water back to Zhou Changchun office. After he refilled the water dispenser, he poured a cup of water for Zhou Changchun. Dong Xuebing did not stop after this. He continued to pack Zhou Changchun’s belongings for him. He packed Zhou Changchun’s stuff, like food tray, mug, tea set, etc. neatly for him.

Everyone else in the office was shocked by Dong Xuebing’s actions. What was this Dong Xuebing thinking?

Guo Shunjie shook his head. This Dong Xuebing was stupid! Why would he still bootlick an outgoing leader?

Guo Panwei was also laughing to himself. This Xiao Dong was really dumb. If Zhou Changchun were being investigated for corruptions or other problems and asked to “retire due to his illness”, Dong Xuebing would be implicated.

Tan Limei tried making eye signals to Dong Xuebing. But Dong Xuebing ignored her. She was pissed with him. She had just told Dong Xuebing about the implications for being close to Zhou Changchun a while ago! What was he thinking?!

In the small room.

Zhou Changchun was touched when he saw Dong Xuebing sweating for helping him. “Xiao Dong, sit down and rest for a while.”

“It’s okay. I am not tired.” Dong Xuebing replied. “Do you still have anything else to pack?”

“That’s about it. Sit down and have a chat.” Dong Xuebing sat down on a chair with only half his butt touching the chair. It was like before. The correct sitting posture when sitting in front of a leader. Zhou Changchun sighed when he saw this. He patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder: “It is time like this when you will see someone’s true colors. Xiao Dong. Good. I am right about you!”

Dong Xuebing sincerely replied: “This is what my duties.”

Zhou Changchun sighed again and squeezed Dong Xuebing’s shoulder. “I can finally see it! I should have known this before! You are the only one in this office that is worth grooming. But all the paperwork for my retirement were completed, and I can’t take care of you in the future.”

Dong Xuebing immediately replied: “You have been guiding and taking care of me since I joined the General Affairs Office. Thank you for your guidance, Chief Zhou.”

Zhou Changchun paused and seems to be thinking about something. He suddenly waved his fist and looks like he had made a decision. “I will not say anything else to you. Wait a while. I need to make a phone call.”

Dong Xuebing held back his excitement and pretended to be calm. “Then I will go out first?”

“No need. Sit there.” Zhou Changchun picks up the phone on the desk and dials a number. Zhou Changchun had wanted to nominate Guo Panwei at first. But Guo Panwei’s attitude just now had greatly disappointed him. Dong Xuebing on the other hand, still treated him with respect like before. Zhou Changchun was moved by Dong Xuebing’s actions.

The line got through. “Hello, is this Chief Yan? I am Zhou Changchun…… Yes. I have decided who I will recommend……. Thank you for your trust……. Yes…… I think the position of the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office……” Zhou Changchun paused and looked at Dong Xuebing. “…… should go to Dong Xuebing. He is the most suitable candidate to take on this role…… you should know him…… Right. He is the young man that ran into the fire to get back the documents……. Yes. He just joined this year, and he had performed exceptionally well……. Yes, this year……. Although he lacks experience, but other than this, he is perfect. He is matured, meticulous, brave…… Yes. I am only nominating him……”

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist. His heart almost jumped out of his mouth.

Bureau Chief Yan on the line seems to be troubled. He had mentioned “experience” several times in the conversation. It was not as smooth sailing when Xiao Gao from the Political Division was nominated. It was apparent that Dong Xuebing was still too junior.

But when Dong Xuebing was about to give up hope, he heard Zhou Changchun suddenly said. “Eh? Chief Li is at your office? You can also ask Chief Li about Xiao Dong…….” After saying this, Zhou Changchun held the receiver and kept quiet. About 3 to 4 minutes later, Zhou Changchun smiled. “Chief Li is also nominating Dong Xuebing as the Deputy Chief of General Affairs Office? Yes…… Yes…… What do you think?…… Ok…… Thank you, Chief Yan.” Zhou Changchun smiled after hanging up. “Xiao Dong, you are fortunate. If only me and Chief Li put your name as one of the candidates, the Bureau Chief will never approve it. But Chief Li Qing had only nominated you alone. That means our General Affairs Office had the same view. Chief Yan did not say anything, and you are considered to have qualified as one of the candidates. The Party Committee will discuss your promotion during their next meeting.”


Am I really promoted?!

Dong Xuebing said gratefully: “Chief Zhou, you…… What can I say? I still did not meet the qualifications…… I……”

Zhou Changchun interrupted him: “Haha, it is only a nomination. I will tell you the truth. This position might still be out of reach for you. Even if the General Affairs Office did not nominate Guo Shunjue and Guo Panwei, their names would also appear in the meeting through other departments. Both of them have backgrounds and connections. It is almost impossible for you to win them.” Zhou Changchun was already retired, and he does not hold back. “We nominated you is to let your name appear in front of the leaders and let them have an impression of you. This will increase your chances of promotion the next time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, Chief Zhou. Thank you!”

As long as he was nominated, he will have a chance!

Dong Xuebing felt he was too lucky. He did not make any wrong moves since the day he entered the General Affairs Office. He had helped Zhou Changchun traded shares, jumped into a burning office to retrieve documents, and he had final see the returns for all the efforts he put in.

Dong Xuebing will not give up this chance for promotion!


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