Power and Wealth
Chapter 52 – Strategy to be closer to Xu Yan!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 52 – Strategy to be closer to Xu Yan!


2:08 pm.

After Zhou Changchun left, Tan Limei immediately pulled Feng Yu aside. “Bing Zhi, didn’t you hear what I said? Why are you still so close to Chief Zhou?! What if the rumors about the leaders who were unhappy with him know about this? You will be in trouble! Chief Zhou had been here for a long time. Even if there were some issues with his finances, the bureau will still take care of him and let him retire due to his illness! But you are different! Who would care about a newbie like you?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Actually, there is no problem with Chief Zhou finances. You all are overthinking.”

Zhuang Zhi also said: “I…… I think what Bing Zhi did is right.”

“Right your head!” Tan Limei stared at both of them. “Never mind. Do what you want. I can’t be bothered with you all.”

Guo Shunjie and Changjuan who had gone to deliver documents returned.

“Xiao Tan, are you unhappy at work?” Guo Shunjie spoke like a leader when he saw Tan Limei talking angrily to Feng Yu.

Tan Limei, who had been unhappy with Guo Shunjie, replied politely. “I’m fine.”

Guo Shunjie nodded and walked back to his desk with his hands behind his back. He glanced at the small office. He can’t wait to sit in that office. Guo Panwei looked at him and mumbled something. He grabbed a pile of documents and seems like he was about to head off to “report his work progress” to some leaders.

Guo Shunjie looked at Guo Panwei. “Panwei, why are you delivering documents to the leaders again?”

“Hehehe, didn’t you just return from Political Commissar Zhou’s office?” Guo Panwei replied to Guo Shunjie’s sarcastic remarks.

Guo Shunjie said: “Hmph!”

Now, the General Affairs Office was the battlefield for Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei. Both of them were facing off each other, and it was tense. They treated each other as their biggest competitor and were unaware that Dong Xuebing was nominated. Dong Xuebing also did not want to tell anyone about this. His chances would be higher if he kept it a secret. If this was exposed now, people might gang up against him.

After a while, Dong Xuebing went to Li Qing’s new office.

Li Qing was wiping the photo frame of his daughter’s picture with a napkin. “Xiao Dong? Take a sit.

“Thank you, but I will stand.” Dong Xuebing did not sit down and said: “Director Li, is your daughter’s health getting better?”

Li Qing sighed and put down the photo frame on his desk. “She got leukemia, and it is not easily treated. She is so skinny now…… Ok. Let’s drop this subject. Your name has been submitted to Chief Yan. Work hard and perform well. Don’t let Old Zhou and I down.”

Dong Xuebing politely replied: “Yes sir. I will not let you down. I will get this…….”

“Haha…… I am not asking you to get the position of Deputy Chief. You are still too junior and do not have many chances. I am asking you to use this chance to let the higher-ups know you. The next time if there are opportunities to enter the Party School or something, the chances of you getting it will be higher. Do you know to understand me?” Although Li Qing likes this young man, he felt it was impossible for him to get the position of Deputy Chief.

Dong Xuebing had a bitter taste in his mouth, but he pretended to be moved: “Yes sir. Thank you, Director Li, for this opportunity!”

Li Qing nodded and took out a stack of documents from his desk. “The Bureau committee meeting is in a few days. You should try to get in touch with the leaders these few days. Here, these documents are what Chief Xu wanted. Send these to her.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After walking out of Li Qing’s office, Dong Xuebing thought about his chances of getting promoted. The Bureau Committee meeting is in a few days and does he have the opportunity to overcome all the hurdles and beat the hot favorites, Guo Panwei, and Guo Shunjie? What should he do? Continue doing what he was doing? Impossible! The only way should be doing the same as what Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie were doing. Get help from the higher-ups! He needs to get one of the committee members to speak up for him! This way, his chances would be higher!

Who should he look for?

Zhou Guoan, Political Commissar Zhou? No. He is Guo Shunjie’s backing.

Political Section’s Chief Pang Bing? No. He is very close to Guo Panwei.

Dong Xuebing thought about the few members from the Bureau Committee he had met or heard off. In the end, he found someone who was not close to either Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie. This person had the highest possibility of speaking up for him and had a strong influence on who should get the position of Deputy Chief. Xu Yan!

Knock, knock. Dong Xuebing knocked on Deputy Bureau Chief Xu Yan’s office.

“Come in!”

“Chief Xu, Director Li asked me to send these documents to you.”

A middle-aged woman, who was sitting crossed legged at her desk, was looking at a piece of paper. She said in a deep voice. “Ok. Leave the documents there!” She is Xu Yan. She is almost 50 years old, and there were rumors that she was a divorcee. Her hair was permed, and there were aged spots at the corner of her eyes. She had average looks and the aura of someone successful. She was one of the District Branch Bureau’s committee members and the Deputy Bureau Chief. At the same time, she was the General Affairs Director. She can be considered Dong Xuebing’s top superior. Because she was the person overseeing the General Affairs Department, she had a bigger say than the rest of the Deputy Bureau Chief on who to take on the role of Deputy Chief of General Affairs Office!

If Dong Xuebing could foster a good relationship with her and let Xu Yan put in good words for him in the meeting, the chances of promotion will be much higher!

Dong Xuebing placed the brown envelope carefully on the desk. He paused for a while. He wanted to speak to Xu Yan and leave an impression on her. He wondered if she had heard of the incident of him running into a burning room to retrieve documents. If she knows about this incident, it would be easier. “Chief Xu, I……” Dong Xuebing also do not know how to start a conversation. He had only seen Xu Yan during meetings before and had never spoken to her.

Xu Yan waved the A4 paper in her hand and asked: “Is there anything else?”

“Huh? Nothing…… I will leave now.”

Xu Yan finally lifted her head and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Eh? You are…… General Affairs Department? Didn’t I instruct everyone above 20 years old and below 35 years old to participate in the soccer match? Why didn’t I see you on the field>” Xu Yan was in charge of Western District Branch Bureau soccer team, and they were participating in the City’s agencies soccer tournament. She was also the coach of the team.

Dong Xuebing was disappointed when he realized Xu Yan did not recognize him. Sensing Xu Yan was getting angry, he quickly explained: “I was hospitalized before the National Day holidays and was just discharged two days ago.”

Xu Yan just replied “Oh……” and waved him off.

Dong Xuebing was relieved and quickly walked out of the office and close the door lightly behind him.

Sigh…… Seems like Xu Yan’s character was similar to Burea Chief Yan. Both of them were not easy to talk to. How can I establish a good relationship with her?


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