Power and Wealth
Chapter 56 – Must win!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 56 – Must win!

Beep, beeeeeep, beeeep!

It was the fulltime whistle!

0:0. It was a draw!

Dong Xuebing released the ball in his arms and supported himself up with both arms. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and panted. To the spectators, it was a great save. But only Dong Xuebing knew how close it was. He nearly couldn’t reach it. Luckily his fingertips on his left hand and his right thumb touched the ball and stopped it.

It was really a close shave!

He was lucky to save it!

The Chaoyang team lowered their heads in despair. The Western District team and its supporters were cheering at the top of their voices!

“Bing Zhi!” The tall and fat Zhuang Zhi ran over. “You really did it!”

A player which Dong Xuebing does not know gave him a thumbs up. “It was a perfect save! If we know you are so good, we should have let you be our goalkeeper in the past few matches! This way, we will not lose 6 games in a row!”

Tan Limei also shouted in her high-pitched voice: “Bing Zhi! You are terrific! You can even save that ball! You are the best!”

Changjuan only shouted: “Terrific!”

All the players crowded around Dong Xuebing to thank him.

Guo Shunjie saw Dong Xuebing had saved the day again and was speechless. That ball was aimed for the top left corner. How did Dong Xuebing block it so easily? This Dong Xuebing was really lucky.

Eastern District’s Xu Yan saw they did not lose the match and she shook her head and walk away.

Chief Xu smiled as she looked at her back view. She walked over to Dong Xuebing. “You did well! It was a nice save!”

Dong Xuebing immediately replied: “Thank you. It is all luck.” Hahaha. I finally have the chance to impress Xu Yan. Her impression of me should improve.

“Xiao Dong, don’t be humble.” Li Qing was full of smiles. “You are our hero today. Without you, our team will lose!”

Actually, Xu Yan had heard of a capable newbie from the General Affairs Office last month. She heard about Dong Xuebing from Deputy Bureau Chief Yang Yizhong. Later, she heard that it was that newbie who risked his life to enter a burning office to retrieve some important documents. But she had been swamped and did not have the time to meet this newbie. She only knew Xiao Dong was that newbie just now. Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing closely and nodded. Dong Xuebing really deserved the nickname “Firefighter.” He could even save that penalty kick.

On the bus back, everyone was still talking about the match excitedly.

In the last row of the bus, Xu Yan asked Dong Xuebing to sit beside her. “I heard from Director Li that you had just been discharged from the hospital and is not fully recovered yet. Can you play in tomorrow’s match? I am thinking of letting you be our first-choice goalkeeper. I think the rest of the players will agree to this.”

“Huh?” Dong Xuebing was shocked. Damn!

Xu Yan asked with a stern look: “What’s wrong? You cannot play?”

Dong Xuebing knew how good he was at soccer. He was able to save the penalty kick because of his power BACK. He can’t use his power for the entire match. He can’t imagine what would happen if he were to play the whole game. He was only able to take advantage of his powers within a minute. He immediately explained. “Chief Xu, I’m sorry. The doctors told me to avoid strenuous exercise for some time. I don’t think I will be able to play the full match. Errr…… How about this? If there is a penalty or some free kicks in a dangerous position, substitute me in.”

Xu Yan thought for a while: “Fine.”

Dong Xuebing sighed with relieved.

After that, Xue Yan took out her pen and start scribbling on her notebook. She seems to be planning for tomorrow’s tactics.

Xu Yan had influence over who to take over the role of Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. These few days, Guo Shunjie had tried to be closer to her but was unsuccessful. When he saw Dong Xuebing sitting beside her, he was furious. Guo Shunjie had made plans to get rid of Dong Xuebing once District Political Commissar Zhou helped him get the position. He must get rid of him at all cost!

Dong Xuebing also noticed Guo Shunjie staring at him. He felt uncomfortable.

Dong Xuebing would rather offend a gentleman than to offend a villain. This Guo Shunjie must be up to no good!

No! He must not be the Deputy Chief! I must work harder to get the position!

Soon, the bus enters the Western District Branch Bureau’s main gates, and everyone starts to alight. It was after working hours, and there were no one around.

Xu Yan was the last to alight from the bus. She stood there looking at all the players. “Thankfully Xiao Dong was able to save that penalty kick today, and we can end our 6 matches losing streak. But remember this. We still have not won a match for 7 matches. We are the last team of the tournament. Don’t you all feel embarrassed?”

Guo Shunjie wanted to voice out that they were embarrassed. But the team was not strong enough.

Xu Yan continued with a cold look on her face. “Today, I want all of you to go back and have a good rest. At the same time, reflect on the reason why we can’t win a single match. Tomorrow is the last match of the tournament. I don’t want to see us getting a draw or lose. Tomorrow we will be facing Eastern District. We must win! We will show them how good the Western District is! Are you all confident of getting a win tomorrow?”


“…… Yes.”

The players replied weakly.

“I can’t hear you!” Xu Yan shouted. “Are you all confident?”

“Yes!” This time, the players’ replies were louder.

“Good. Dismiss!” Xu Yan was acting like a coach.

Actually, the players who knew the insider information knew why Xu Yan was so serious. The opponent tomorrow was Xu Yan’s long-time rival, Deputy District Political Commissar Xu. No matter whether it was officially or privately, Xu Yan does not want to lose to Deputy District Political Commissar Xu.

On the way home, Dong Xuebing was thinking about the day’s event.

He had left a good impression with Xu Yan. But it was not enough. She would not help him get the position of Deputy Chief over such a trivial matter. If he wants Xu Yan to help him, he must do something more significant and will mean a lot to her. But what should he do? Eh? Tomorrow’s match is significant to Xu Yan and the Western District team! 7 games without a single win?! No one will want that result! This is a must win the match! Then…… what should Dong Xuebing do to perform and let Xu Yan be grateful to him?

That’s right!

Must make use of this opportunity to get closer with the leaders! This way, Guo Shunjie will not be promoted!

Penalty! Let tomorrow’s match have a penalty!

I pray for a chance to save a penalty kick again tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s match is critical!


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