Power and Wealth
Chapter 64 – Walnut gambling!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 64 – Walnut gambling!

The next day.


Dong Xuebing was still dreaming. In his dreams, he was in the middle of a field, and he could smell the scent of flowers. But suddenly, there was a storm and the whole world was flooded and he was drowning in flood. He could not breathe and was struggling to swim…… Then, he woke up and saw Qu Yunxuan’s face in front of him. She was pinching Dong Xuebing’s nose and smiling. “What did you dream? Why are you grinning like a fool?” Both of them grew closer over the past few weeks and had exchanged keys to their home. This was why Dong Xuebing was not surprised to see Qu Yunxuan in his room.

Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose. “I thought I had drowned when I couldn’t breathe.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and knocked his head. “Breakfast is ready.”

After she left, Dong Xuebing got dressed and saw that shopping bag of cosmetics. He remembered that the gifts he prepared for Liu Hua’s wife were still with him. He rubbed his nose and thought for a while, before bringing the bag out to the living room. He looked at Qu Yunxuan, who was bent over wiping the windowsills: “Eh, you don’t need to do this. I will wipe it later. Aunt Xuan, can you come over for a minute? Do you need these cosmetics?”

Qu Yunxuan was surprised. “Why are you buying things for me again?”

Dong Xuebing did not lie: “Actually, I had bought these for my leader’s wife. But he did not accept my gifts.”

Qu Yunxuan looked at him, “Really?”

“I don’t dare to lie to you. It’s the truth.” Dong Xuebing passed the bag over.

Qu Yunxuan stared at him and look into the shopping bag. “L'Oreal? Elizabeth Arden? These are expensive stuff.” Qu Yunxuan laughed. “You really know about cosmetics. All these are the stuff I can use. I was still thinking of buying cosmetics next week. Fine. I will accept these.”

“Ok. Let’s have breakfast.”

“I have just eaten, and I need to go to the New agency. You go ahead.”

“Today is Saturday. Are you working overtime again?”

“Yes. If I can clinch these 2 deals today, I will be able to get high commission. I will buy some nice clothing for you if I get it.” Qu Yunxuan finished up cleaning the windows and grab her handbag from the sofa. “Ok, I am off to work. I might be having dinner with my clients this evening and will be late.”

Dong Xuebing knew that Qu Yunxuan was working hard to save up enough to set up her own business. But it was not easy to save 1 million RMB. Dong Xuebing was worried that she would tire herself out before she reaches her goal. He decided to think of ways to earn some money after this Deputy Chief selection was over.

9 am. Dong Xuebing went to the bank to withdraw 20,000 RMB and took a bus to Panjiayuan.

Although he was not confident of finding the 46 mm Lion Head, he still wanted to try.

Panjiayuan, Beijing Antique Market.

This market was located at the southeast of Beijing’s 3rd Ring Road. It was China’s biggest antique market, and all sorts of antiques could be found there. There were more than 3,000 stalls there and were set up by people from all the various provinces in China. Other than the food products, there were all sorts of goods. It was like a museum and had attracted tourists from all over the world. It was the playground for antique collectors.

The morning was the busiest time for this antique market. Today was a Saturday, and the crowd was more significant than other days.

Dong Xuebing looked around the market and head towards the west. He entered a shop specializing in selling collectible Walnuts and walnuts craving. He had worked in a porcelain shop nearby and knew where the walnuts shops were located. “Boss, do you have Lion Heads?”

The man in the shop replied. “Yes, what type do you want?”


“Huh?” The shop owner shook his head. “I do not have those.”

“I don’t mind about the colors or have slight defects, as long as it is 46.”

The shop owner shook his head. “46 is too rare. It is too difficult to find a single piece, let alone a pair. If I have a pair of 46, I will also not sell it. I will keep it for my own collection.”

Dong Xuebing sighed and left the shop for the next shop.

“Boss, do you have 46 Lion Head?”

“Oh, the biggest pair I have here is 44 Tiger. Do you want to see it?”

“Nevermind. Thanks.”

Dong Xuebing went to 4 shops and could not even find a single 46 Lion Head!

Dong Xuebing sighed and said to himself. “I knew it. If it can be found so easily, Liu Hua would have bought it a long time ago.”

When Dong Xuebing was about to return home, he heard someone shouting.

“Come and see. Chicken Heart, 200 RMB a pair. Lion Head from Panshan, 400 RMB for a pair.”

There was a big crowd around a walnut stall not far away.

Dong Xuebing squeezed his way through the crowd to the front. This stall was not selling the finished walnut products. It was selling the green walnut fruits. There were a few baskets of walnut fruits on the floor, and 5 to 6 hands were choosing the fruits. The business was bustling. The secretion from the walnut fruit will turn black after it was exposed to air. The stall owner’s hands were like coal miners. He used a small knife to cut the skin of the walnut fruit and shouts to attract customers.

Dong Xuebing was familiar with this.

This was walnut gambling.

These walnut fruits were plucked from the trees before they were ripe. The species of walnut from this region, Shilihe, were mainly Scholar Hats, Chicken Hearts, Tiger Head, and the top-grade Lion Head. There was no way to tell how the seeds look like from the exterior of the walnut fruit. This was why it was called Walnut gambling. It was all based on luck. This type of gambling started a few years ago, and it was very popular in Beijing.

Tiger Head walnut season started earlier, and the fruits will not be available by the end of the month. The walnut fruits now were mainly Lion Head.

Walnut gambling?!

Dong Xuebing was deep in thoughts. Although these fruits sold by this seller were not high-grade fruits, there should be exceptional. While working part-time in the past, he had seen an old man opened up two walnut fruits, and it formed a pair of 44mm Tiger Head. Since 46mm Lion Head could not be found in any of the shops here, should I try my luck in Walnut gambling? What if 46mm Lion Head could really be found in this basket of fruits?

No. This should not be luck. There were so many walnut fruits in Panjiayuan, and there should be at least a pair of 46mm Lion Head.

But how should I get it?

From the exterior of the fruits, there was no way to see the size of the seed inside……


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