Power and Wealth
Chapter 67 – Big Chicken Heart becomes Lion Head!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 67 – Big Chicken Heart becomes Lion Head!

The makeshift walnut fruit stall in front of the pet food store.

That High school boy was still standing at the same spot 30 meters away. People were approaching him and looking at his 46mm Lion Head. They will speak for a while and that High School Boy shook his head. He should be telling them that he did not want to sell this Lion Head. He only wants to exchange it for a pair of Chicken Heart.

Dong Xuebing knew that he could not waste any more time. He moved towards the nearest basket in front of him and asked that young man. “What is this?” Chicken Heart and Lion Head fruits all looked the same. They were all round and green in color. Dong Xuebing could not tell the difference from the exterior of the fruits.

“Oh…… Hang on for a while.” That young man took out some cut Chicken Heart fruits and Lion Head fruits and place it in front of the baskets. “This is……. Errr…… Chicken Heart. 200 RMB for a pair.” That young man pointed to another basket and said: “That basket is Lion Head. Some are 700 RMB for a pair, and the bigger ones are 1,000 RMB a pair.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the green colored fruits in the Chicken Heart basket and picked 4 pairs. “I will take these. Please hurry and cut it open. I only want to see the size of the seed inside. Don’t need to scrub it. You can clean the seed later.” Dong Xuebing said and passed 800 RMB to that young man.

But when the young man started cutting the fruit, Dong Xuebing regretted buying from this stall. That young man was a newbie, and he was too slow. He took a long time to cut away the flesh of the fruit.

Damn! He is damn slow!

Dong Xuebing wanted to hurry him, but something caught his eye.

Dong Xuebing saw a man passing a pair of walnuts to that High School boy. That High School boy looked at the walnuts and nodded. He then gives his 46mm Lion Head to that man and left.


Dong Xuebing was pissed. He stood up and walked towards that High School Boy. “You exchanged your Lion Head?”

The High School Boy smiled and showed the pair of walnuts in his hand. “Look, it’s a pair of 46mm Chicken Heart.”

Damn. I wasted my time.

Dong Xuebing was feeling frustrated. He saw the Lion Head was no longer with this High School Boy and there was no point asking him anymore. He turned back to that young man and said: “I’m sorry. Just cut a pair. I don’t want the rest.” Dong Xuebing knew it was pointless to carry on gambling Chicken Heart fruits.

That young man frowned: “Don’t want? You said you wanted 4 pairs and we don’t do refunds here!”

Who asked you to cut the fruits slowly? If you can expose the seed with two cuts and a pair of 46 mm Chicken Hearts appeared, I would be able to exchange that Lion Head! Dong Xuebing was pissed. “The other fruits are still not cut.”

“Even if it is not cut, you also cannot return it to me.” That young man firmly replied. “Are you trying to create trouble?”

Dong Xuebing frowned. He could not be bothered with this young man. “Then hurry up and cut all the fruits.”

That young man continued to cut the fruit open.

1 cut…….

2 cuts……

The flesh of the fruit was slowly cut away, exposing the seed.

Dong Xuebing could not be bothered. It was only a few hundred RMB. He was thinking about where to look for the other 46 Lion Head.

When the seed of the fruit was exposed, that young man, Dong Xuebing and some onlookers were shocked.

The seed was not big. It was about 37mm. But the shape and texture were not Chicken Heart!

It was Lion Head!

An onlooker asked: “Oh, did you make a mistake? This person had bought Chicken Heart.”

Another onlooker said: “The price difference between Chicken Heart and Lion Head is several times!”

That young man’s face changed and shouted to his father who was in the pet food store. “Dad, come out. Did you place the wrong fruits in the basket?” He immediately picked up and cut another fruit picked by Dong Xuebing.

Lion Head!

It was another Lion Head fruit!

That young man’s father ran towards the stall and looked at the fruits closely. After examining the fruits, he roared: “You fool! I had said many times yesterday! That is the basket for Lion Head! Why did not put the Chicken Hearts in there?” They had just started this walnut gambling business, and this was a newbie mistake.

Dong Xuebing laughed to himself. This was unexpected. He looked at the father scolding his son and pointed to the remaining Chicken Heart…… No…… It should be Lion Head fruits. “Shouldn’t you carry on cutting the remaining fruits?”

That young man looked at Dong Xuebing with a long face. “It was a mistake. These are not Chicken Heart. Your 800 RMB can only open a pair.”

Dong Xuebing raised his brows: “I had paid for 4 pairs earlier.”

“What? Are you trying to take advantage of me?” That young man stared at Dong Xuebing. “Where can you find a pair of Lion Head selling for 200 RMB?”

Dong Xuebing folded his arms: “I wanted a refund earlier, and you refused. You said that 4 pairs mean 4 pairs. Fine. Now, I don’t want to the refund, and you claim that I am creating trouble and can only give me a pair? Hahaha. You set all the rules? This is considered cheating!” Actually, this was a minor mistake. But Dong Xuebing was pissed with this young man’s attitude. This was that young man’s fault, and he should apologize. Dong Xuebing will also not argue with him over a few hundred RMB.

That young man’s father stared at Dong Xuebing: “Who is cheating? Watch your mouth!”

The young man also stared at Dong Xuebing: “I have never met someone like you!”


Dong Xuebing was already pissed, and he scoffed. “Watch what I am saying? Fine. You all are asking for it!”

That young man responded with a hmph and said: “What do you want to do? Report to the police? Go ahead!”

Dong Xuebing smiled coldly: “BACK!!!”


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