Power and Wealth
Chapter 68 – Finally! Gotten a pair!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 68 – Finally! Gotten a pair!

The wind was blowing, and there was the sound of the leaves rustling.

Dong Xuebing was still looking at that young man after he returned to one minute ago. That young man’s father was still tending to some customers in the pet food shop. There were a few onlookers around, standing there silently.

“Don’t want? You said you wanted 4 pairs and we don’t do refunds here!”

Dong Xuebing immediately knew where the conversation had stopped. “The other fruits are still not cut.”

“Even if it is not cut, you also cannot return it to me.” That young man firmly replied. “Are you trying to create trouble?” The young man replied. He was not willing to make any refunds.

Dong Xuebing smiled and nodded. “Fine. Then you stop cutting the fruit!”

That young man stared at Dong Xuebing. “You want to cut the fruits yourself? Fine. Here are the fruits you picked. I will not refund you a single cent.”

“What is wrong with you? Who does business with such an attitude?” Dong Xuebing was not angry, and he laughed. “I can't be bothered to argue with you. Put those 8 walnut fruits back into the basket and count the total number of fruits in the basket. I will buy the whole basket of Chicken Hearts!”

That young man thought he had misheard. “Huh? You want the whole basket?” Hahaha, was this person crazy?

The crowd starts to stir. “What is this person doing? He might as well go and reserved a walnut tree.”

Dong Xuebing ignored that young man and bend over to count the fruits. “1… 2… 3… 4… 5…” Within minutes, both the young man and Dong Xuebing finished counting the number of fruits. There were a total of 202 fruits. Dong Xuebing did not hesitate for a minute. He took out 20,000 RMB from his bag and extract 6 pieces from the stack of money. “I had paid 800 RMB earlier. Here are the remaining. Check it.”

“…… Ok. The amount is right.” The young man was overjoyed. This deal was so easy!

Dong Xuebing looked at him and carried the basket. “Can you give me the basket?” Dong Xuebing knew that the young man was treating him as a fool!

“Take it, take it……” The young man waved goodbye to Dong Xuebing. “Take your time and come back again. Hahaha……”

Looking at Dong Xuebing’s back view, the crowd, including the young man, felt Dong Xuebing was crazy. He wanted refunds at first, and then he bought the whole basket. Who would change his mind within seconds?

Dong Xuebing was worried that the young man would go after him and he did not take the bus. He flagged a taxi and went back home.

Dong Xuebing placed the basket of walnut fruits in his living room and took off his shoes excitedly. “Was this consider a lucky find? Hahaha! That’s right! It’s time to cut these fruits! Let’s see if there’s a 46mm here! 200 fruits! No matter how unlucky I am, I should be able to find one or two 46 mm Lion Head!”


Dong Xuebing did not want the fruits to stain his hands. The stain will remain on his hands for months. He put on his mother’s rubber gloves, used for cleaning the toilet, and a small knife. He picked one up and start to slice the flesh of the fruit.

1 cut……

2 cuts……

3 cuts……

Dong Xuebing used more than 30 cuts to cut the skin and flesh off the fruit.

He then used an old toothbrush to clean the seed.

10 minutes had passed. A short Lion Head appeared. Dong Xuebing took a ruler from his room to measure the seed.

41mm. Dong Xuebing smiled and put that Lion Head aside. He returned to the toilet and start to cut another fruit. He was still worried that if the fruit opened by that young man was placed into this basket by mistake and the rest were all Chicken Heart.

Lion Head!

Lion Head!

Lion Head again!

Dong Xuebing was assured after Lion Head appeared for 4 times.

After a while, the old toothbrush could not be used to clean the seeds as the hairs were frayed. Dong Xuebing threw it away and found a shoe brush from his shoe cabinet to replace it.

Dong Xuebing spent the rest of the day cutting those fruits.




Dong Xuebing prayed while he cut the fruits. Please, let it be 46mm!

The 25th fruit…… 42mm. No defects.

The 29th fruit…… 40mm. No defects.

The 36th fruit…… 44mm. Insect damaged.

The 41st fruit…… 39mm. Some blemishes.

Dong Xuebing did not feel tired or feel this was a mundane task. He had hoped for every fruit he cut. He was even getting better at cutting these fruits. He could easily cut away all the flesh of fruit within one minute!

Beep, beep. It was a message.

Dong Xuebing wiped his hands and swipe across his iPhone 4. It was a message from Qu Yunxuan. She told him that she will not be cooking dinner as she got to stay back after work. Dong Xuebing replied, “Ok.” and looked at the time. He wiped his sweat and said to himself. “I will have dinner after this fruit.”

1 cut!

2 cuts!

3 cuts!

This was the 55th fruit.

The seed of this fruit was exposed!

Dong Xuebing continued to cut away the skin and flesh of the fruit. But as he was cutting away the flesh, he felt weird. He looked closely at the exposed part of the seed and was shocked. His heart was racing, and he even dropped his knife!



Dong Xuebing quickly picked up the knife again and cut the remaining flesh of the fruit away. He quickly picks up the brush and starts to clean the seed.

Then he picked up the ruler and measured…… 46.8mm!

This was a 46.8mm Lion Head!

Dong Xuebing cried out in joy and immediately ran to his room to take out the 46mm Lion Head he got yesterday to compare. He placed both seeds together…… The sides, mid-section, bottom, and the pointed top were almost identical!


It’s a pair!

A pair of 46mm Lion Head!!!


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