Power and Wealth
Chapter 70 – Giving the Walnuts!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 70 – Giving the Walnuts!

It was finally Monday.

General Affairs Office.

“Everyone, hurry and clean up the office. There will be an inspection by the leaders later.”

“Eh? Shouldn’t they be at the Party Committee meeting this morning?”

“The meeting has been postponed to tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved when he overheard the conversation between Guo Shunjie and Changjuan. He still has time.

10 minutes later, a team of inspectors arrived at the office. The person leading the team was Yan Liang, Bureau Chief Yan. Chief Yan had a reputation for being fair and impartial. This was why he got a nickname of Iron to face Chief. The middle age man beside him was totally the opposite of him. He had a smile on his face and had the worst reputation in the Bureau. He was Political Commissar, Zhou Guoan and there were rumors that he likes to form cliques.

“Chief Yan, Political Commissar Zhou.”

“Chief Yan, Political Commissar.”

“Chief Yan.” Everyone in the office stood up at attention to greet their leaders.

The two leaders lead a team of staff members to look around the office. Some of the staff members were checking the cleanliness of the office and will make notes in their notebooks. A few of them were checking the turnout and bearings of Dong Xuebing and the rest. Actually, this was only for show. Huh? Chief Yan and Political Commissar Zhou were not the only top officers in the team. Behind them was…… Deputy Chief Liu Hua. But very few people will notice his presence. He was really keeping a low profile and did not even look like a leader.

The team inspected the office for a while and left.

Dong Xuebing looked at Liu Hua’s back view and returned to his desk to start work.

At about 10 am, Dong Xuebing looked at the clock. This should be the right time. He immediately left the office.

Level 3, Liu Hua’s office.

Liu Hua was in his office alone, as usual. He was watching yesterday’s evening news on his PC. But today, he could not focus. Every few minutes, his mind will wander and think about his wedding anniversary in a few more days. He and Tian Tian met at their university. It was love at first sight. They started dating in their 2nd year. But Tian Tian’s father was an official in Beijing and had some authority. Liu Hua’s parents were only workers at a food processing factory, and Tian Tian’s parents object to them dating.

After graduating, Liu Hua knew that it was hard for both of them to be together and decided to give up on this relationship.

But Tian Tian went against her parent's wishes and fall out with them. She left with Liu Hua, and both of them rented a place outside. They lived and worked together. It was a small and old one-story house. Their salaries were barely enough for their rent and living expenses. Even their wedding rings were silver rings. To Liu Hua, it was the toughest period of his life, but it was also the happiest period. It was until Liu Hua entered the Government service and climbed up the ranks before Tian Tian’s father accepted him. Tian Tian’s father used his connection to help Liu Hua promote to where he is now.

This was why Liu Hua kept feeling that he owed Tian Tian a lot. If it weren’t for him, Tian Tian would not need to suffer for so many years.

It will be their 10th wedding anniversary, and Liu Hua wanted to give his wife something to express his gratitude. Tian Tian does not have any hobbies except for collecting walnuts. She always wanted a pair of 46mm Lion Head and Liu Hua knew about it. He had searched all over the antique markets and internet forums. He thought it should be easy to buy a pair of walnuts if he was willing to pay above the market price. But this was not the case.

“No.” “I’m not selling.” “Don’t have.” “Not selling.” There were the answers Liu Hua got.

Liu Hua was frustrated. He could not even fulfill Tian Tian’s small wish.

Bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz. Liu Hua’s phone beside his PC monitor starts vibrating.

Liu Hua looked at the number and immediately answered. “Boss Zhao, have you found the walnut I am looking for? What? You still can’t find it…… I know 46mm Lion Head are rare, but…… Ok. I don’t care how much it cost, but I must get a pair…… a few months? I don’t have a few months……”

Liu Hua threw his phone on his desk and sighed. “There is no more time!”

Knock, knock. Someone was knocking on Liu Hua’s office door.

Liu Hua looked towards the door and said. “Come in.”

The door opened, and Dong Xuebing entered the room nervously. “Chief Liu.”

“What do you want?” Liu Hua frowned and massaged his forehead to calm himself.

Liu Hua was in-charge of some unimportant departments in the bureau, and he seldom asks the General Affairs Office to do things. This was why Dong Xuebing had no excuses to visit his office. There were not even documents to be delivered to him. Dong Xuebing awkwardly coughed and took out a small box from his pocket. “Chief Liu, please accept this…… Errr…… Don’t get me wrong…. This is just a small gift.”

Liu Hua’s face changed. “Didn’t I make things clear that day?”

What’s wrong with this Xiao Dong? Giving gifts again and again? He is too insensible!

“This……” Dong Xuebing smiled and quickly opened up the box. “It is not something valuable. It is just a pair of walnuts. Please take a look.”

Liu Hua was stunned when he saw the pair of yellowish walnuts in the box.

Dong Xuebing continued: “This is a pair of Lion Head, and both are 46.8mm.”


46mm Lion Heads?!

Liu Hua’s heart was racing. This was unbelievable. The pair of Lion Heads he had been searching high and low had appeared in front of him. How come this Xiao Dong know that I am looking for this pair of Lion Head? Who told him this? Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! Even Tian Tian does not know I am looking for Lion Head! I had only written about this in my notebook! But that notebook is with me all the time. No one should know!

Liu Hua stared at Dong Xuebing’s eyes. He wants to know what Dong Xuebing was thinking.

Dong Xuebing was nervous and said: “I passed by the antique market and saw these. I don’t know if you like it or not, but I bought it.

Liu Hua kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing knew Liu Hua was tempted, if not he would have chased him out of the room. He placed the box on the desk and said. “Chief Liu, I will go back first.”

“Wait.” Liu Hua stopped him and paused for a few seconds. “Xiao Dong. I like your gift, but I cannot accept it. How about this? How much did you buy this pair of Lion Heads? I will pay for you.”

“No need. It’s not worth anything.”

Liu Hua took out his bag. “How much?”

Dong Xuebing can only reply: “It’s only a few hundreds.”

Liu Hua knew the value of this pair of 46mm Lion Head, and he shook his head. He wanted to give Dong Xuebing 15,000 RMB, but he did not have so much cash with him. He only has about 5,000 RMB in his bag. He knitted his brows. Since he had already said that he will pay for it, he took out the 5,000 RMB in his bag and pass it to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing pretends to be surprised. “Ah….. This is too much.”

Liu Hua ignored him and said: “Take it!”

“Errr…… Ok. I will take it. This is taking advantage of you.” Dong Xuebing accepted the money with politely.

Liu Hua thought to himself. This young man knows how to say nice things.

After Dong Xuebing left his office, Liu Hua smiles.


I have finally found it!

Liu Hua took out the two 46mm Lion Head and look at it. He kept it back into the box and immediately call his wife. “Hello? Tian Tian, I have made a reservation this weekend. Hahaha…. I have a gift for you….. I will not tell you now……. I promise it is a surprise!”

After hanging up, Liu Hua remembered the stories about this Dong Xuebing.

Firefighter Xiao Dong?! The one who can save all situations?

Liu Hua was speechless. Since when did such a person appear in the Western District Branch Bureau?!


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