Power and Wealth
Chapter 72 – The Party Committee Meeting starts!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 72 – The Party Committee Meeting starts!

There was only the sound of the photocopier machine in the General Affairs Office. No one speaks a single word. Tan Limei kept looking at the clock, and she turned to Dong Xuebing and Zhuang Zhi. She waved her watch. It was 10 am. Tan Limei then looked at Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie. Dong Xuebing’s heart was beating fast.

Let fate decide!

5th story, No.1 meeting room. The Branch Party Committee meeting starts.

The morning rays shine through the windows of the meeting room, and there were a few vases of flowers in the room.

The 10 committee members all arrived at the meeting room. Branch Bureau Chief Yan Liang was seated at the head of the table. The rest of the members were sitting by his sides accordingly. Political Commissar Zhou Guoan, Deputy Political Commissar Li Mingyu, Deputy Political Commissar Cheng Haimei, Deputy Branch Bureau Chief and Director of the General Affairs Department Xu Yan, Political Section Chief Pang Bin, Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Zhao Jinxi, Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie, Deputy Branch Bureau Liu Hua and Deputy Branch Bureau Yang Yizhong. This ranking was according to the importance of their positions. It was not according to their seniority. For instance, Deputy Political Commissar Li Mingyu and Deputy Political Commissar Cheng Haimei were ranked above Political Section Chief Pang Bin due to their experience and length of service. But in terms of authority, Chief Pang had more influence.

After all the members were seated, Yan Liang cleared his throat.

Xiao Lu, who was in charge of taking the meeting minutes, closed the heavy doors and sat in a corner with a pen and paper.

“There is a lot of things on today’s agenda. First……” Yan Liang was unlike the other leaders where they will start talking about how great the party or the policies were. He was not someone who likes to waste time. He was a direct and straight forward person. “Not too long ago, the demolition of the Youanmeng area had cleared the rows of houses in front of our branch. The feedback from the ground is that our Bureau has become too open, and it is not suitable for our intelligence officers to enter. What do you all think?”

Yang Yizhong was the first to speak. “It’s time for us to shift to a new place. These buildings are already decades old.”

“Where can we move to?” Deputy Political Commissar Li Mingyu asked. “It will take a long time before we can find a suitable location. The layout of the new building is also another problem. It is not so easy to shift to a new place. You also need to look at the security issues. I think we should report this to the City Bureau and see if they could do anything to the area in front of our branch. It would be best if we do not need to shift.”

The members start to discuss this issue.

Yan Liang did not say anything. He listened to the discussion for a while before looking at Xu Yan. “Chief Xu, this is under your jurisdiction. What do you think?”

Xu Yan smiled and look up. “Chief Yang is right. Our current branch buildings are too old and worn out. Repairs are needed everywhere. If we can use this opportunity to move to a new building, I will surely agree. But the crucial factor is the funds. Our branch’s budget is tight, and this is……”

Yan Liang lifted his hand to stop Xu Yan. “This is an important issue. We will find ways to raise funds. You don’t need to worry about the money. We should focus on whether if we should move to a new location.” Yan Liang paused for a while and continued. “Those that are in favor of shifting raise your hand.” Yan Liang raised his hand, and the rest of the committee members also raise their hands except for Deputy Political Commissar Li Mingyu and Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie. They oppose this suggestion. Oh, Liu Hua gave an abstention vote. He was looking down all this while and did not utter a word.

So, this subject was approved.

Yan Liang continued: “Next……”

Actually, the Party Committee should have an odd number of members to prevent a situation where there was an equal number of votes on both sides. But in the Western District Branch Bureau, there was this Deputy Chief Liu Hua. The one who will give up his vote on every single issue…… The rest of the members were used to this. All of them treated this committee to have 9 members. This was also the reason why after Yang Yizhong was transferred over, the committee did not report to the higher-ups to increase the number of members.

The next issue did not need to vote. After some discussions, almost every member was on the same page and have the same opinions.

The next issue, 5 voted agree, 4 oppose and 1 abstention vote.

The next issue, 9 voted agree and 1 abstention vote.

The next issue, 7 voted agree, 2 oppose and 1 abstention vote.

Most of the leaders of committees do not like to use votes to decide. It will make the leader look like he could not control his people. But Yan Liang leadership style was different. He is a fair person and likes being fair to others. This was why as long as one member disagrees with the rest of the members, he will ask the members to vote to decide on how the issue should be handled.

“Next is a personnel issue. Chief Pang.” Yan Laing and the rest of the members flipped to the last page of the documents in front of them.

Pang Bin is short and fat. When he heard Chief Yan calling him, he immediately said. “Some time ago, General Affairs Office’s Deputy Chief Zhou Changchun early retired due to his health, and after some observations, we have listed 3 nominees to replace him. General Affairs Office Guo Panwei, General Affairs Office Guo Shunjie and General Affairs Office Dong Xuebing.”

Yan Liang nodded. “The information of the 3 candidates is in front of you. Let’s discuss.”

Personnel appointment is a sensitive issue. This is because there are many office politics factors in it, and most of the fighting is because of this. All the members read the documents carefully. Actually, all of them had read the documents before the meeting.

“I shall start first.” Pang Bin sat up straight, and his big belly was pressing against the meeting table. “The Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office is an important role. Most of the documents and other matters have to pass through there. So, I feel that this Deputy Chief must be someone experience. Guo Panwei has been in General Affairs Office for 7 to 8 years. He is more senior than Guo Shunjie and Dong Xuebing. He is also hardworking and experienced. I believe he can lead the General Affairs Office to the next level.”

Yan Liang nodded but did not express any opinions.

After Pang Bin finished, he took a glanced at Deputy Political Commissar Cheng Haimei. She knew Pang Bin was waiting for her to speak up and support his suggestion. But Cheng Haimei pretended not to see it, and she stared at the spotless tabletop in front of her.

Pang Binn frowned. This bitch had promised she will support his candidate a few days ago. But these few days, her attitude had changed. Pang Bin knew Cheng Haimei had changed her mind and was bought over by Deputy Political Commissar Zhou. Did she change her stance to let her nephew get a transfer?

Pang Bin could tell Deputy Political Commissar Zhou was determined to let his people get this position.

It seems that even with Chief Yan’s support, Guo Panwei’s votes will not be enough!

Zhou Guoan was sitting there confidently drinking his tea.


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