Power and Wealth
Chapter 73 – Fierce confrontation!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 73 – Fierce confrontation!

Pang Bin’s suggestion was not supported by anyone, and the meeting room fell into silence again.

The next person that spoke was Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Zhao Jinxi. He was a loyal follower of Political Commissar Zhou. He will do whatever Political Commissar Zhou ask him to do. “Chief Pang mentioned that we must look at the experience of the candidates. I totally agree with him. But Chief Pang seems to forget that Guo Shunjie and Guo Panwei had entered the bureau at around the same time. The difference between them is not more than 6 months. How can Guo Panwei be more experience than Guo Shunjie? What logic is this?”

Pang Bin looked at him. “What the experience I am talking about is not only the length of service. I also look at his contributions to the bureau!”

Zhao Jinxi had a smile on his old wrinkled face. “Guo Shunjie had also devoted all his heart into his work and made many contributions to our bureau. I personally felt the matured Guo Shunjie is more suitable to be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. Don’t you think Guo Panwei is a bit…… frivolous? How can such a person be the Deputy Chief? This is being irresponsible to the people in the General Affairs Office!”

Pang Bin was furious. “Frivolous? How can you use such degrading term on our comrades? Deputy Chief Zhao, please watch your words. Guo Panwei is capable of dealing with everyone. This type of people is most suitable to work in the General Affairs Office!” Pang Bin was furious. He did not even address Zhao Jinxi as Chief Zhao. He purposely added the word “Deputy” in front.

Zhao Jinxi and Pang Bin started quarreling.

Yan Liang knocked on the table and shouted: “Stop! This is a meeting!”

Zhou Guoan secretly glanced at Cheng Haimei’s direction.

Cheng Haimei did not say much. She only said: “I support Guo Shunjie.”

Pang Bin had a terrible look on his face. The should be the final outcome. There’s no point arguing anymore. He lowered his head and poured water into his cup.

“I also support Guo Shunjie.” Deputy Political Commissar Li Mingyu, in his fifties, was closer to Political Commissar Zhou faction. He saw Yan Liang did not show any support or objections, he knew what Yan Liang was thinking. He continued: “I am not looking down on Guo Panwei. But I feel Guo Shunjie is more suitable for this role. The ages of most staff members in the General Affairs Office are young, and there are many new faces. That’s why the General Affairs Office need someone mature like Guo Shunjie to lead them!”

After hearing this, Xu Yan felt uncomfortable. Who are you to meddle with my General Affairs Department? If it’s the Political Commissar or Political Section Chief, I can still understand. But you are not respecting me now and stepping out of your place!

Yan Liang still had an indifferent attitude. He could tell Political Commissar Zhou had planned all these and this should be the final outcome. It’s time to end this topic and move on. They were short on time.

But at this moment, Xu Yan spoke. She placed her teacup on the table loudly. “The General Affairs Office is under my jurisdiction. I think I am the most suitable person to talk about the candidates.” She then narrowed her eyes and looked at Li Mingyu and Zhao Jinxi. “I know Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie better than anyone else here. Both of them are good in many ways, but they lack something. What do they lack? It’s not experience or attitude! It’s a drive!”

Li Mingyu was stunned and did not understand what Xu Yan was talking about.

Xu Yan then said something shocking. “I proposed Dong Xuebing! The reason is simple! This young man has the drive and is full of vigor!”

Zhao Jinxi laughed. “Dong Xuebing? How long has he been with the bureau? One month or two months? He is too junior! How can he be the Deputy Chief?”

Xu Yan replied emotionlessly. “I would like to say that experiences are not about the length of service. What we want is results and contributions to our branch bureau. Do you remember the fire in Director Li’s office? Xiao Dong is the one who ran in to retrieve the documents. I am sure all of you have heard of this incident. Chief Yan had also granted exceptional approval for Xiao Dong to enter the Party. All of you should also know about this. During the football tournament a few days ago, Xiao Dong was the one who helps our branch avoid losing all matches. I am sure all of you are aware of this. If all these are not contributions, what are contributions?”

Yan Liang frowned. He also did not expect Xu Yan to try to push this young man up.

Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie cleared his throat. “I agree with Chief Xu. Although Xiao Dong is new to our branch, all of us can see what he had done for the bureau. Many department heads and colleagues acknowledge Xiao Dong. This is very rare.”

Li Mingyu shook his head. “He is too young. He is only 23 years’ old, and he did not even pass his one-year probation!”

Zhao Jinxi thought nothing about this and laughed. “I know about soccer matches. But that’s only a friendly game organized by the City Bureau. What has it got to do with our Western District branch bureau’s work? You cannot use this to judge him. We are choosing the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and not an athlete!”

Xu Yan looked at him. “What I am emphasizing is not Dong Xuebing’s football skills. It is his attitude in times of need. He dares to step up in difficult situations! This is an important aspect for leaders! I cannot accept Guo Shunjie’s attitude during the matches. He hides behind everyone when there are difficulties. How can someone with such attitude be suitable to lead the General Affairs Office?”

Zhao Jinxi said. “Chief Xu, I think you have misunderstood Guo Shunjie. I am confident Xiao Guo is not what you said.”

Yang Yizhong suddenly speaks. He was a straight forward person, and his words were direct. “I also do not like that Guo Shunjie. He is too……” Yang Yizhong was searching for the right word to describe. His education level is low, and he thought for a few seconds before he got the word. “…… impetuous.” He then continued: “Dong Xuebing is good. Smart and dependable!”

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie exchanged looks. They were surprised that his newly transferred Yang Yizhong chose to join her faction. Actually, Yang Yizhong was the sort of person that do not take sides. He looked at the problems objectively and was considered a free person in the Party Committee. He will just speak his mind and did not consider joining any faction.

Political Commissar Zhou who had been keeping silent all this while could feel the tension. He frowned as he never expects the candidate Dong Xuebing, he looks down upon had gotten 3 votes supporting him!

But Political Commissar Zhou remained expressionless. It’s only 3 votes. Even if he got 4 votes, he still does not stand a chance.

This personnel appointment had already decided during a previous conversation between Zhou Guoan and Yan Liang.

No matter what was discussed during the meeting, Yan Liang will surely support Guo Shunjie!


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