Power and Wealth
Chapter 75 – Deputy Chief!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 75 – Deputy Chief!

12 pm. It was the official lunchtime for the General Affairs Office.

But no one from the office went out for lunch. Guo Panwei was staring at the ceiling in a daze. Guo Shunjie was smiling confidently. Changjuan and Tan Limei were looking at each other. Zhuang Zhi was typing some reports, but he kept stealing glances at Guo Shunjie’s direction. Even Old Yan stopped reading his newspaper and kept looking at the corridor. Based on previous experiences, after the Committee Meeting, Xiao Lu, who was taking the meeting minutes, will pass by the hallway.

1 minute……

5 minutes……

There was still no one.

Tan Limei’s stomach was growling, and she blushed. “Zhuang Zhi, Bing Zhi, let’s go for lunch?”

Dong Xuebing was very nervous and did not have the mood for lunch. “Let’s wait a while longer.”

Zhuang Zhi scratched his head. “Errrrrr…… I will also wait for a while.”

Guo Shunjie sneered at them. He speaks to himself in his heart. You all still don’t know the situation? It’s evident that other than me, who else will be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office? Even Guo Panwei had given up the fight. But despite knowing the final result, Guo Shunjie also did not go out for lunch. He wants to hear the news from Xiao Lu straight and look at the expressions of the others!

Shock? Jealous? Hatred?

Guo Shunjie was waiting for this beautiful moment. He had nothing to do now and starts to think of ways to reorganize the General Affairs Office. Yes. Dong Xuebing must be dealt with first. But Director Li Qing was close to him, and I cannot make it too visible. I must think of a way. Right. I will let Dong Xuebing take care of the office’s cleanliness from now on. He will still have to change the water and carry things. That will be his job today! Guo Panwei will be the second person. Hmph! Dare to vie with me for the position of Deputy Chief? Xiao Tan have been hardworking. I will let her off. Changjuan knew the situation and had been respectful to me recently. I will also let her off. As for Sun Zhuang and Old Yan…… Depends on my mood!

At the other side of the office.

Changjuan dragged Tan Limei, Dong Xuebing, and Zhuangzhi to one corner.

Tan Limei was hugging her stomach and whispered: “How come the meeting have not to end? If I wait any longer, I will faint from hunger.”

“I think it should be ending soon.” Changjuan laughed. “It should be another 10 minutes at most. Let’s wait a while more and then go for lunch together.”

Zhuang Zhi nervously asked. “Sister Chang, who do you think will be our new Deputy Chief? Is it that Guo Shunjie? Does Guo Panwei have any chance?” Zhuang Zhi also dislikes these two people. But comparing both, he still hopes for Guo Panwei to be promoted.

Changjuan rolled her eyes. “I have told you all previously that Guo Shunjie will definitely be our new Deputy Chief. Why are you still asking?”

Zhuang Zhi smiled embarrassedly.

Dong Xuebing kept quiet and was playing with his fingers.

Changjuan could tell Dong Xuebing was very nervous, and she sighed. “Xiao Dong. You might not like what I said. But in government service, you must be humble and respect thee, leaders. Listen to me. If you need to bow down to others, just bow down. If not, you will do harm to yourself……. Sighed…… This is my advice to you. You decide for yourself.”

Zhuang Zhi patted Dong Xuebing on his arm. “Bing Zhi……”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. Bow down? Bow down to Guo Shunjie? Over my dead body!

Old Yan also walked over and said softly. “This office will not have peace in the future.”

“That’s right.” Tan Limei looked over at Guo Shunjie’s direction.

Ta…… Ta……. Ta…… It was the sounds of footsteps. Everyone looks out at the corridor. It was Xiao Lu!

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing.

“Eh, Brother Lu, Brother Lu! Wait for a while.” Changjuan was slightly older than Xiao Lu. But this Xiao Lu was Branch Bureau Chief Yan’s favorite.

This was why she address him as Brother Lu. “What is it?”

Xiao Lu stopped outside the office and walked into the office, smiling with a stack of documents.

Guo Shunjie smiled and walk over to him.

Xiao Lu smiled back at him but did not speak to him. He looked around the office looking for someone.

Guo Shunjie had thought that Xiao Lu would speak to him first and then shake his hand to congratulate him for his promotion. But Xiao Lu’s reaction…… Guo Shunjie’s smile froze! This…… this…… I am not the Deputy Chief?! How can this be?!

Changjuan, Tan Limei, and the rest were shocked. Xiao Lu’s attitude was…… Could it be Guo Panwei? Guo Panwei was promoted?!

Guo Panwei saw how Xiao Lu reacted to Guo Shunjie and was overjoyed. He immediately stood up and asked: “Is it me?!”

But Xiao Lu did not even look at him. He looked towards Changjuan’s direction and walk over. The whole General Affairs Office were shocked. Xiao Lu smiled at Dong Xuebing warmly and nodded. “I saw you from far when Director Li’s office caught fire. Xiao Dong…… Oh, I should address you as Chief Dong now……. Hahaha…… Congratulations.”

Dong Xuebing’s nervousness was gone, and he replied with a trembling voice: “…… Thank you!”


What Chief?

Chief Dong!?

Everyone in the office was stunned.

Xiao Lu smiled and said: “Chief Dong, I still need to deliver these documents. Let’s chat another day.”

Guo Shunjie was panicking. “What do you mean?!”

Guo Panwei also asked in shocked: “What is happening?”

Xiao Lu shook his head and did not say anything. He quickly walks out of the office.

After Xiao Lu left the office, the whole office was quiet.

Everyone looked at each other, and then all of them looked at Dong Xuebing!

Tan Limei asked in shock. “Bing Zhi, don’t tell me that you have become our new Deputy Chief?”

Changjuan was confused: “How can this be? Is this real?”

“Bing Zhi!” Zhuang Zhi stared at Dong Xuebing and asked: “How come it’s you?”

Dong Xuebing suppressed his excitement and showed a “calm” smile: “The official order is not out yet. I am also not sure.”

Old Yan asked: “Is it really you?”

Guo Panwei had never expected Dong Xuebing to be promoted. He slumped back on his chair.

Guo Shunjie’s face became pale, and he turned around and ran out to look for Political Commissar Zhou!

How come it's Dong Xuebing?

How was it possible?!

It should be everyone else except for him! This must be a mistake!

When General Affairs Office was still in shocked, Dong Xuebing received a call from Xu Yan. Xu Yan only said two words: “It’s done.” Dong Xuebing sat down on his chair and closes his eyes. He was overjoyed!

It’s real!

From now onwards, I am the leader of the General Affairs Office!!!!


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