Power and Wealth
Chapter 76 – Congratulations!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 76 – Congratulations!

News of Dong Xuebing’s promotion spread throughout the whole Western District in one afternoon. All the office chiefs and staff members were surprised by this news. Xiao Dong was only 23 years old and had just joined the bureau recently. How come he was promoted so fast? Those with insider information were shocked. Dong Xuebing managed to get Deputy Bureau Chief Liu Hua to speak up for him? Liu Hua had been keeping quiet for almost two years! Dong Xuebing even beat the candidate chosen by Political Commissar Zhou? This was too……

Political Commissar office.

Guo Shunjie asked angrily: “Uncle Zhou, what happened? Didn’t you tell me that everything will be alright?”

Zhou Guoan was also furious. He pulled a long face and said: “You still dare to ask me? What did I tell you on that day when your parents are around? Have more contacts with Chief Yang! Even if you cannot get his vote, you must not let him vote for others! But what did you do? Not only Yang Yizhong and Chief Xu strongly object to you being promoted, even Liu Hua…… You tell me now! Tell me when did you offend them? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

Guo Shunjie immediately replied: “Uncle Zhou, I swear I did not offend any of them, especially that Liu Hua. I did not even speak to him before.”

“Shut up!” Zhou Guoan banged the table. “If you did not offend them, then it's Dong Xuebing who got their votes by himself? He has just entered the bureau for less than two months! How is it possible he gets their votes?!”

“But I…… I really did not offend them!”

At the same time, the Political Section Chief Office.

Guo Panwei looked at Pang Bin blankly. “Chief Pang, how come it’s Dong Xuebing that got promoted?”

Pang Bin was also clueless. He also did not know what happened. “Panwei, where did this Xiao Dong come from? How come Chief Xu supported him? Also, is his relationship with Chief Yang and Chief Liu close? Have you seen them speaking to each other in private?”

Guo Panwei replied with a sullen face. “I only know that Dong Xuebing is close to Director Li Qing. Chief Xu, Chief Liu, and…… Oh, during the soccer matches, Dong Xuebing had helped the team to win the match. Chief Xu was overjoyed because of this. Could this be the reason? Oh, Dong Xuebing was in-charge of writing Chief Yang’s speeches. This might be the reason. But…… Chief Liu? Eh? Chief Liu supported Dong Xuebing?”

At the other side of the Western District Branch Bureau.

A man in his 40s said: “Chief Xiao Dong, congrats.”

Xiao Gao from the Political Affairs Section: “Chief Dong, you are promoted. Shouldn’t you give us a treat?”

Public Security Sixth Bureau’s Xiao Wang: “Chief Dong, I am here to congratulate you.”

These were all colleagues Dong Xuebing knew from the soccer match. Although Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, he did not let it get to his head. During this time, he must keep a low profile and be humble. His reply to them was that the official orders were not out yet and asked them to stop addressing him as Chief Dong.

After lunch, when Dong Xuebing was about to return to his office, he received a call from Li Qing.

Dong Xuebing immediately ran upstairs to Li Qing’s office. The moment he entered the office, he heard Li Qing laughing loudly: “Good job! You are good!”

It’s important to be humble and keep a low profile among colleagues, but in front of leaders, Dong Xuebing cannot behave this way. He must not let the leader feel that he was pretending. Dong Xuebing gratefully replied. “Thank you, Director Li. If it wasn’t for your nomination, my name will also not appear in the Party Committee Meeting, and I will not get the opportunity to be the Deputy Chief.”

Li Qing was satisfied with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. He laughed: “There’s no need to thank me. To be honest, I am not the one who helps you get this position. Even Chief Xu and Secretary Song did not expect you to be promoted. You are fortunate. Chief Yang, Chief Pang, and even Chief Liu voted for you.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned.

“Chief Pang? Shouldn’t he be supporting Guo Pangwei?”

Li Qing smiled and told Dong Xuebing about what happened during the meeting. He had heard the whole process.

Dong Xuebing was sweating after he heard what happened during the meeting. It was a close shave. He was relieved that he had played his moves right. The speeches for Yang Yizhong, winning the soccer match for Xu Yan, giving Liu Hua the pair of Lion Heads. If he did not do all these…… He will never get the position of Deputy Chief!

After leaving Li Qing’s office, Dong Xuebing went straight to Xu Yan’s office.

On the way to Xu Yan’s office, Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered that he should thank Xu Yan immediately after he got the news of his promotion. He should not go for lunch first. Damn. He had forgotten all about it!

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were in the office.

Dong Xuebing was worried that Xu Yan would be unhappy with him. He immediately thanked her and Song Shoujie before they could even open their mouth.

Song Shoujie laughed and asked. “Xiao Dong, are you close with Chief Yang and Chief Liu?”

Dong Xuebing knew that Song Shoujie wanted to know how close he was to the two other Deputy Bureau Chiefs. He immediately acts innocent and replied: “I have only written a few speeches for Chief Yang……. We are not that close. I am not sure why Chief Yang and Chief Liu voted for me. Could it be that Chief Liu does not like Guo Shunjie?”

Song Shoujie nodded.

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. It was rare to see her smile. “Cherish this opportunity well. I have been with the Bureau for many years, and this is the first time I see someone less than 2 months getting promoted.”

Dong Xuebing immediately said. “It’s all because of Chief Xu and Secretary Song’s support.”

Xu Yan asked: “You are 23 this year? Your age and experience are lower than 95% of the people in our branch. There will surely be people talking about you behind your back. You must keep a low profile these few days……” Xu Yan gave some advice to Dong Xuebing and then asked him to return to work. “Ok. Go back to work now.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

After leaving Xu Yan’s office, Dong Xuebing thought for a while and went to thank Yang Yizhong and Liu Hua. After that, he went to thank Pang Bin and Yan Liang. No matter what’s the reason they had voted for him, he must still thank them. If not, they might think of him as someone ungrateful.

After visiting all the leaders, looked out of the window along the corridor.

He thought he needs a few years to get promoted. He never expects his promotion to come so early!

Civil Servant entrance exams…… Joining the Party…… Promoting to Deputy Chief…… He was one more step closer to entering the Central Government!


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