Power and Wealth
Chapter 81 – Receiving gifts!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 81 – Receiving gifts!

Because Dong Xuebing had to monitor Guo Shunjie editing of the document, he left work later than usual.

This was the first time Dong Xuebing experienced the feeling having authority. He walked slowly towards his apartment. When he was about to enter the building, he heard the sound of windows opening and a bag of trash was thrown out from a fourth story. Bang! The bag of trash landed beside garbage sorting bins at the ground floor. The plastic bag of trash broke from the impact, and the garbage was spewed all over the place. Some leftover soup splashed onto Dong Xuebing’s shoes and socks. The feeling was grossed!

It’s from Section Chief Xu’s unit!

Dong Xuebing stood there in a daze for a while and looked at his dirty leather shoes. His anger was rising!

“Xu Dong! Are you fucking blind? Did you do that on purpose?” Chief Xu’s whole family had this habit of throwing their garbage out of their windows. There was once the trash almost hit Dong Xuebing and his mother. But at that time, Dong Xuebing’s family do not have any authority and dare not offend Section Chief Xu, who was working for the government. But now, Dong Xuebing was also an official, and he knew the custom officials had limited authorities. This was why he dare to shout at the fourth story window. “How many times has it been? Ah? Who will throw their garbage like this?! Is this your family’s upbringing?”

Dong Xuebing did not know if it was Xiao Dong or his parents who threw the garbage. So, he just scolded the whole family.

Many windows in the building opened to look at the commotion. There were also some residents who had just returned from work standing there to watch. Everyone living in that building was furious with Chief Xu’s family arrogance. But no one dares to offend them. Now everyone was glad to see Dong Xuebing, who had become a Civil servant scolding the Xu family. All of them felt good!

Suddenly, Xiao Dong’s head appeared from the fourth story’s window: “Fuck! Who are you scolding?”

Dong Xuebing looked up at him and shouted: “I am scolding you! What’s wrong?”

“Fuck you!” Xiao Dong was still feeling sore when Dong Xuebing passed the entrance exams. He was pissed with Dong Xuebing, and he spits out for the window.

Dong Xuebing quickly dodged, and the spit landed just centimeters away from him. It was a narrow escape.

Xiao Dong had a smirk on his face, and he closes the window.

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Damn! Fuck!” Dong Xuebing had never scolded so many vulgarities in life. He still wanted to hurl more vulgarities, but he saw Qu Yunxuan running out of the building towards him. Dong Xuebing swallowed all the vulgarities as he did not want to leave any wrong impression with Qu Yunxuan. No women would like a guy full of vulgarities.

“Xiao Bing, what happened?”

“Nothing. Let’s talk upstairs.”

Dong Xuebing returned back to his unit and explained to Aunt Xuan what happened as he changed his socks.

After hearing the whole incident, Qu Yunxuan’s face changed. “This is too much! They are bullying others!”

Dong Xuebing pulled a long face. “I suspect he is targeting me. If I am not downstairs, he will not throw that garbage bag!”

“No! We cannot let this matter rest!” Qu Yunxuan picked up the dirty socks from the floor and place it in a pail with detergent. She frowned and said angrily. “Xiao Bing, you stay here and watch TV by yourself. I will go upstairs to reason with them. How can they be so arrogant? How can they not apologize to you?”

“Let’s eat first. After dinner, we will go and look for them. I will not let this matter rest!” The Xu family had been looking down on Dong Xuebing and his mother since the day they moved into this building. Before the Civil Service Exams, Section Chief Xu and Xiao Dong were mocking Dong Xuebing’s mother. This incident today was the breaking point for Dong Xuebing. He will no longer tolerate this family any longer. No matter what, he must get them to apologize!

All his mood was gone, and the dinner felt tasteless.

After dinner, Dong Xuebing went to the bathroom to wash his feet again. He looked at the pair of new leather shoes. This pair of shoes were given to him by Aunt Xuan. Food stains were hard to remove, and this pair of shoes could not be worn anymore. Dong Xuebing was boiling. He put on a pair of canvas shoes and was about to go upstairs.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong…… Someone rang the doorbell.

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. I still have not gone up, and you are here to find trouble with me?! Fine!

Qu Yunxuan went to open the door with a black face!

The person at the door was shocked as the door was opened forcefully. “Errr…… Is this Chief Dong’s house?” It was Guo Panwei at the door!

Qu Yunxuan was surprised too. She immediately smiles. “Yes. May I know who you are?” She could see Dong Xuebing nodding from the corner of her eyes, and she steps aside to let him enter.

Guo Panwei cautiously said: “Nice to meet you. I am Guo Panwei. One of the staff members under Chief Dong.” He was carrying a plastic bag, and there were two items wrapped in newspaper in it. After entering the unit, he saw Dong Xuebing. He immediately smiles. “Chief Dong, sorry I did not tell you before coming. Errr…… these two cartons of cigarettes are a small gift for you. Ah…… you are still having dinner? Sorry. I will not disturb you.” He left his gift there and was about to leave.

Here to send gifts?

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “I have just finished dinner. Don’t leave so soon. Have a seat.”

“Am I disturbing you?”

“Don’t worry. Have a seat.”

“Ok!” Guo Panwei sat down on the chair where Dong Xuebing pointed just now. He sat cautiously with half his butt touching the chair.

Qu Yunxuan almost laughed as she saw Dong Xuebing trying to act calm. She walked to the coffee table and poured Guo Panwei a cup of tea. “Have some tea.”

“Ah…..! I will pour it myself!” Guo Shunjie stood up to receive the cup of tea. “Thank you, sister.”

Qu Yunxuan smiled. “Don’t mention it. I will go back to do my laundry. Both of you can have a good chat.”

This was the first time Dong Xuebing received gifts. It does not matter how much this gift was worth. It’s the thought that matters. He was pleased with Guo Panwei’s gift. He did not stop Qu Yunxuan from leaving as he wanted to have a casual chat with Guo Panwei. There are no everlasting friends nor everlasting enemies in the world.

After Qu Yunxuan left, Dong Xuebing chatted with Guo Panwei.

Suddenly, there was a commotion upstairs. They could hear the sounds of people arguing and scolding!

It was Xiao Dong and Aunt Xuan’s voices.

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. Damn! Aunt Xuan went upstairs by herself to reason with the Xu family. He was afraid Aunt Xuan would get scolded by them, and he immediately walked upstairs.”

“Chief Dong……” Guo Panwei realized what happened and followed Dong Xuebing upstairs.


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