Power and Wealth
Chapter 82 – Who is your father? A Section Chief?
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 82 – Who is your father? A Section Chief?

Fourth story corridor.

Qu Yunxuan was arguing with Xiao Dong in front of unit 402.

“Xiao Dong, are you the one that threw the garbage?”

“It’s me. So what? The garbage bag also did not hit you!”

“You still refuse your mistake? Do you think what you have done it right?”

“What I did is none of your business. If Dong Xuebing wants to fight, let him come and find me! What’s wrong? He is scared of me? Hmph! Even if he does not come up to look for me, I will also go and look for him! My father had heard what he scolded just now. Sis Qu, go back and tell him to wait. He dares to scold my whole family? Fine! I will make sure he regret it!” After Xiao Dong had failed his Civil Servant entrance exams and was failed in wooing Qu Yunxuan, he decided to give up on her. Now, Qu Yunxuan was speaking up for Dong Xuebing, and he was jealous! His tone towards Qu Yunxuan was rude!

Qu Yunxuan did not expect to see Xiao dong’s true colors. He had been courteous towards her, and he suddenly changed. She was furious. “Xiao Bing might be wrong to scold you all, but that is because you threw the garbage bag out of the window. You even dirtied his shoes. Even a mild tempered person will be angry……”

“Who are you? Do you have any place to speak here?” Section Chief Xu stood in the middle of the living room and stared at Qu Yunxuan. “I am lazy to bother with your kids. You go back and tell that brat. He will have to pay for what he said. He dares to scold my son and me? Who is he to scold us? He is working with the Public Security Bureau, right? Western District Branch? I know some leaders there. Tell that brat to work hard. Someone will take care of him!”

“You!” Qu Yunxuan gritted her teeth. “You all are unreasonable!”

The residents in the other units on the fourth story were looking out of their peephole and sticking their ears against the wall. All of them were interested to know what happened.

Xiao Dong side glanced Qu Yunxuan. “Sis Qu, go back. This is none of your business. Don’t interfere!”

Qu Yunxuan was pissed. “If this matter is not sorted out, I will not leave! Xu Dong! Section Chief Xu! You all should not behave this way! You all have thrown your garbage out of the windows and hit Xiao Bing! You all don’t even apologize to him, and now you still want to make use of your connections to bully him? Let everybody be the judge! How can you all behave this way?”

Xiao Dong retorted. “This is the way my family does things! What’s wrong?”

Qu Yunxuan points at him angrily. “Xu Dong! You……”

At this moment, Dong Xuebing had heard the quarreling and rushed upstairs. He saw Aunt Xuan shaking with anger. He was furious. His blood was boiling. “Aunt Xuan! Who was the one scolded you just now?!”

Section Chief Xu sneered. “I am the one!”

Qu Yunxuan turned around and immediately pulled Dong Xuebing back. “Xiao Bing, you go back first. Let me handle this!”

“What goes back first?!” Dong Xuebing said. “Hey! Don’t you all feel embarrassed? Fine! I will settle all the scores with you all today!”

Xiao Dong laughed contemptuously.

Section Chief Xu also laughed. “You want to settle the score with me? You? Who do you think you are?”

“Chief Dong!” Guo Panwei caught up with Dong Xuebing and was surprised by what he saw. He immediately rushed forward and stood in front. “Chief Dong! Sis! Stand back! Leave this to me!”

Guo Panwei had been feeling uneasy these few days. He had ordered Dong Xuebing around when Dong Xuebing just entered the bureau. He was also rude to him on several occasions. But now, Dong Xuebing became the Deputy Chief and had the backing of Bureau Chief Xu, Bureau Chief Yang, and Secretary Song. Dong Xuebing was not someone Guo Panwei could offend now. This was why he had positioned himself lowly and tried to bootlick Dong Xuebing. He hopes to let Dong Xuebing changed his impression of him. He did not want to end up like Guo Shunjie.

Now, Chief Dong had got into an argument with someone, and Guo Panwei felt this was the opportunity to impress him. No matter how many times he bootlicks, it will not be as impressive as helping Dong Xuebing solve his existing problem! This was only a fight. Even if he lost the fight, the leader would still feel his sincerity!

“Chief Dong?” Xiao Dong and Section Chief Xu laughed. “What chief? You appointed yourself as chief?”

Guo Panwei was fuming. “Are you asking for it? What are you saying?!”

Xiao Dong stared at him coldly. “You are the one who is asking for it! Where are you from?”

Dong Xuebing, who was standing beside, suddenly remembered something. He looked at Guo Panwei: “Your uncle is also from the Customs?”

“Yes.” Guo Panwei nodded. “Huh? This family is also from Customs? Beijing Customs?”

Guo Panwei looked at Section Chief Xu. He looks familiar. Section Chief Xu also looked at Guo Panwei. He remembers seeing Guo Panwei before.

Xiao Dong laughed. “Oh, such a coincident. What is your uncle’s name? Go back and ask if he knows my father!”

Ah? Guo Panwei was shocked. From the way this person speaks, that middle age man seems to be holding a high rank. Bureau Director rank or Deputy Bureau Director rank?

Dong Xuebing saw Guo Panwei keeping quiet and was pissed. Didn’t Guo Panwei say he will settle this?

“Huh? Why are you keeping quiet?” Xiao Dong shouted arrogantly. “I am asking you! What is your uncle’s name?! I will ask my father to give him some special treatment!”

Section Chief Xu sneered. “Which department if your uncle in? Airport Customs? Zhongguancun Customs? Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Customs? Or is he from the main office?”

Huh? Guo Panwei felt he had shot himself in the foot. He stood there without saying anything. He wanted to please Dong Xuebing, but he cannot get his uncle into trouble. He had a close relationship with his uncle.

Dong Xuebing knew he could not rely on Guo Panwei. He stepped forward!

Qu Yunxuan saw Dong Xuebing stepping forward. She immediately grabbed Dong Xuebing and shouted. “Section Chief Xu! You are also a civil servant. You……”

Before Qu Yunxuan could continue, Guo Panwei interrupted. “Huh? Sis, what did you say?”

Qu Yunxuan was stunned. She looked at Guo Panwei. “What did I say?”

Guo Panwei could not believe his ears. He stared at Xiao Dong. “Who is your father? Section Chief Xu? Section Chief?”

“That’s right!” Xiao Dong replied confidently.

“@$#$^%$&$%^@%#$^$%&!!!!” Guo Panwei also hurled all sorts of vulgarities at him. Damn! I had nearly lost face in front of Chief Dong! Who is this small Section Chief trying to scare? Dare to boost as if he was some big shot! I still thought you are the Bureau Director rank! Guo Panwei immediately puffed out his chest and did not even look at them. He smiled to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong watch me!”

Xiao Dong said: “I had asked earlier, what chief is he? He has only entered the government service for two……”

“You shut up!” Guo Panwei did not look at Xiao Dong. He stared at Section Chief Xu. “A Section Chief in Customs? Which department are you from? What is your name?” Everyone was shocked. Guo Panwei suddenly slapped his forehead. “I remember now. No wonder why I find you so familiar. There was once when I followed my uncle to the head office to do something, and you are the one who opened the car doors for us, right?”


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