Power and Wealth
Chapter 84 – Damn! Did something wrong!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 84 – Damn! Did something wrong!

The next day.

“Eh, have you heard it?

“Heard what?”

“Xuebing had scolded Section Chief Xu and Xiao Dong!”

“Really? When did that happen?”

“Last night. I tell you……”

News of the arrogant father and son getting scolded by Dong Xuebing spread in the estate. Everyone who heard the news was shocked, and many do not believe it. But when they saw the gloomy look on Section Chief Xu and his family coming downstairs, they knew it was true. Section Chief Xu’s family was moving out! Those residents who were strolling, playing chess, marketing, etc. were all talking about last night incident. Some said that Dong Xuebing had become a high ranking official and some said that Dong Xuebing had beat up Section Chief Xu and Xiao Dong, and they were too embarrassed to continue living in this building. They had no choice but to move out. All sorts of rumors were flying.

Section Chief Xu and his family were finally moving out.

Actually, the Customs had given Section Chief Xu an apartment more than 6 months ago, and they should have moved a long time ago. But Section Chief Xu was someone who wanted to be first in a village than second in Rome. There were many high ranking officers at the new apartment, and he was nothing there. He could not show off his status. Only in this small housing estate at North Heping Street, he could enjoy the sense of superiority. But now, after he was forced to bow down to Dong Xuebing, he could no longer live here. So, last night, Section Chief Xu contacted a housing agent to rent out this apartment and move out early this morning.

Western District Branch Bureau, General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing was sitting in his office with his legs crossed, reading the newspapers when he received an SMS from Qu Yunxuan. ‘The Xu family had moved out.’

“Huh? Move out over such a small matter?” Dong Xuebing was surprised. He immediately replied to Qu Yunxuan. “Then we will have peace in the future.” Good riddance. Dong Xuebing also did not want to see their irritating faces. He put down his iPhone 4 and thought about last night’s incident. The incident was settled because of Guo Panwei. Dong Xuebing picked up the phone on the desk and called outside. It was Tan Limei who answered it. “Tan Zhi, ask Guo Panwei to come into my office.”

A few seconds later, Guo Panwei knocked and entered the office. “Chief Dong, are you looking for me?”

Dong Xuebing nodded and said: “Tomorrow I will be out of office. When I am not around, help me look after the rest of the staffs. Make sure everything in the office is in order. If I am not back in the afternoon, send the important documents or any documents which require a signature to Chief Xu Yan and let her handle it. Remember to handle those classified documents yourself. Just say it’s my instructions if anyone questions you. I don’t trust anyone else.”

Guo Panwei was on cloud nine. He replied excitedly. “Thank you for your trust in me. Rest assured, I will make sure everything in the office is in order. I will pay special attention to Guo Shunjie. Oh, should I increase his workload? He does not have much work every day. This will affect the other colleagues. If any leader comes in for rounds, they will think that our General Affairs Office have nothing to do.” Guo Panwei had conflicts with Guo Shunjie a few days ago and had a grudge against him.

‘You are very evil.’ Dong Xuebing thought to himself. “You can make the decisions.”

Guo Panwei acknowledged. “Then I will go back to work. If you need anything, just give me a call.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. After Guo Panwei left the office and closes the door, Dong Xuebing picked up a few forms and walk out of his room. Tan Limei and Guo Panwei immediately sit upright, and Changjuan quickly put down her eyebrow pencil and place her hands on the keyboard. Old Yan also put down his newspaper and pick up a piece of report. Guo Shunjie looked up and then continue typing furiously. Dong Xuebing was feeling great to see everyone’s reaction. It feels good to be a leader!

Dong Xuebing walked around the office and then went upstairs to Xu Yan’s office to discuss his task tomorrow.

After Dong Xuebing returned to his office, he sat down in his leather chair and sip on his tea. It was so relaxing at work.

Just when Dong Xuebing was thinking about how to complete the task given to him by Deputy Chief Xu Yan, he heard people outside greeting “Director Li!” Dong Xuebing’s office door opened suddenly, and Li Qing walked in without knocking.

Dong Xuebing was shocked. He immediately stands up. “Director Li.” What was wrong? Why was Li Qing so furious?

Li Qing looked at Dong Xuebing in his eyes and asked: “Chief Xu had given a task to the General Affairs Office in the morning? How can I am not informed?!”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Ah……. Chief Xu did not tell you about it?”

Li Qing shouted with a black face. “Tell me? Chief Xu is my leader! Does she have the need to report all these things to me? Chief Dong, what is wrong with you? The relocation of ‘Guesthouse’ is a critical mission ordered by Branch Bureau Party Committee! Fine! It’s been several hours, and I, as the Chief of General Affairs Office, is still not aware of this task? If it weren’t for Guo Shunjie, I still would not know about this mission given by the Committee and Chief Xu!”

Guo Shunjie?

Damn! He backstabbed me!

But this was also Dong Xuebing’s fault. He had become conceited after his promotion to Deputy Chief. Also, Li Qing had left everything to him and seldom care about the work in the General Affairs Office. This was why Dong Xuebing forgot to inform him and went to Chief Xu Yan straight with the forms for approval. Damn. He had skipped his direct superior and went directly to the top leader. This was a taboo in the Government sector. Dong Xuebing had cold sweat when he thought about this. He knew why Li Qing was so furious. Although Li Qing had helped him in the past, he should not have done this!

Dong Xuebing tried to explain himself: “Director, it’s my oversight. I……”

“Don’t need to explain!” Li Qing stared at Dong Xuebing and stormed out of the office. He was considering taking back all the authorities he had given to Dong Xuebing and the General Affairs Office.

Guo Shunjie was laughing in his heart when he thought about what was going on in Dong Xuebing’s office. Hahahaha. Serve you, right!

Dong Xuebing chased after Li Qing: “Director! Director!” Li Qing did not even look back. Dong Xuebing could see Guo Shunjie holding back his laughter and was furious. He stopped chasing immediately!






The scenes changed!

Dong Xuebing was holding on to a cup of hot tea and was still smiling. The moment time returns back to one minute ago, his smile disappeared. He quickly put down his teacup and grabs the few forms on his desk. He immediately rushes out of his office with the forms.

Tan Limei, Guo Panwei, and the rest were shocked. They did not know what happened.

Guo Shunjie could see Li Qing walking towards the main door of the General Affairs Office from the corner of his eyes, and he knew the show he was waiting for was starting. He smiled to himself and was waiting for Dong Xuebing to disgrace himself. Guo Shunjie had been tolerating Dong Xuebing and the other staff members these two days. He was waiting for a chance to make Dong Xuebing fall out of favor with the leaders. Guo Shunjie knew there were many unspoken rules in the government sector and the inexperienced Dong Xuebing could not be compared to him. Dong Xuebing will bound to make mistakes, and Guo Shunjie will use the opportunity to blow up his mistake. This morning, Guo Shunjie finally got the chance. He accidentally overheard that the Bureau will be giving the General Affairs Office an important task of preparing a proposal for the relocation of the ‘Guesthouse’ and he noticed Dong Xuebing going to Xu Yan’s office several times. So, Guo Shunjie looked for an excuse to go to Li Qing’s office and “unintentionally” mentioned about this task to him. He only wanted to try his luck. But who knows that this Dong Xuebing was too naïve. He did not report this task to Chief Li Qing! Skipping the direct supervisor and going to the top management? Hahahaha. This was a deadly mistake!

“Oh, Director Li, you are here?” Dong Xuebing asked in shock.

Li Qing was furious as he entered the office. He had high hopes for Dong Xuebing, but this time, Dong Xuebing had made a grave mistake. Li Qing had waited in his office for over an hour. He thought to himself that if Dong Xuebing went to report to him, he would let him off after some scoldings. But he waited for 2 hours, and Dong Xuebing did not even show up. This had crossed the line!

Li Qing showed Dong Xuebing a black face and looked at him. He was about to question Dong Xuebing.

But before Li Qing said anything, Dong Xuebing said something that surprised Li Qing and Guo Shunjie. Dong Xuebing said: “Director Li, I was just about to look for you to report a task!”

Li Qing stopped whatever he wanted to say. “What task?”

“Oh, it is about the guesthouse. Errr…… I had wanted to tell you about this in the morning. But I knocked on your office, and you are not around.” Dong Xuebing made up an excuse.

“Morning? You went to look for me in the morning?” Li Qing frowned.

“Yes. I waited for quite a while.”

“Oh…… Maybe I went to the restroom.”

Dong Xuebing passed the pieces of A4 papers to Li Qing. “Can I write this form in this way?”

Li Qing’s anger was slightly appeased and looked at the forms. He nodded slightly.

Dong Xuebing continued: “Director, I should have informed you once I received the task, but you are not in your office, and Chief Xu needs it urgently. I am afraid that I would mess things up, so I made a draft of the proposal first. I wanted to report to you after I had completed it and you should be back by then.”

So, this was the reason. Li Qing patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulder and smile. “It’s ok. In the future, just give me a call will do.”

“How can I do that? It’s better to report to you personally. After all, you are the person in charge of the General Affairs Office, and I am only assisting you.”

Li Qing nodded. He knew he had misunderstood Dong Xuebing.

“Oh, Director Li, you are looking gloomy just now. Did anything happened?”

“Haha, nothing. I have a toothache.”

Guo Shunjie was furious as he saw Dong Xuebing and Li Qing chatting happily. He was sure that Dong Xuebing had forgotten to report to Li Qing. If not, Dong Xuebing would not be panicking 10 seconds before Li Qing arrived. But Guo Shunjie was not sure why Dong Xuebing could rush out at the last moment to save his skin. How did he know Li Qing was coming to the General Affairs Office? A coincidental?

Dong Xuebing secretly wiped his sweat. It was a close shave!


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