Power and Wealth
Chapter 95 – Stone Gambling!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 95 – Stone Gambling!

Dong Xuebing, who had discovered the ability to accumulate his BACK’s timings, was surprised and shocked. He was not sure if he was right. Could BACK be only accumulated for only one day? If he carries on accumulating his BACK, will he be able to use it several times in a row? Dong Xuebing felt he must experiment with it. This way, he will be able to use BACK to its full effects. So, he stopped himself from using his powers. From Tuesday to Saturday, five days, Dong Xuebing did not use BACK. If his guess were right, he would have collected 6 days of BACK, including Sunday’s. That means Dong Xuebing would be able to reverse time to 6 minutes ago!


Morning, at 8.30 am.

Dong Xuebing was sitting on his sofa and lowered the volume of his TV. He grabbed his iPhone 4 on the coffee table and stared at the time on the phone. He was able to experiment with BACK.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong. Someone was at the door.

Dong Xuebing thought it was Aunt Xuan and immediately rushed into the bathroom to comb his hair before opening the door.

But it was not Aunt Xuan. It was a middle-aged woman. “Hahaha, did you just wake up?”

“Oh, Auntie, why are you here? Come in please.” Dong Xuebing stepped aside and invite her into her house. “I had just woke up. What time did you arrive? Where’s Aunt Xuan?” This woman was Qu Yunxuan’s mother. She seldom comes over to visit Aunt Xuan, and Dong Xuebing had only seen her a few times over the years.

“I have just arrived. Yunxuan had received a call and had to meet her clients.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother passed a paper box to Dong Xuebing. “I have brought some prawns from my hometown. Keep it in the refrigerator.”

“Thank you. You don’t need to bring anything over.” Dong Xuebing said and kept the box of prawns in his freezer.

“I must bring something for you.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother smiles. “Yunxuan had only told me that you saved her life this morning. If I know about this incident earlier, I would have come over to thank you immediately after the incident.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After thanking, Qu Yunxuan’s mother starts to praise Dong Xuebing. “I have not seen you for half a year? You look better now. There should be a lot of girls after you now, right? Oh, I heard from Yunxuan that you have entered the government service for 2 months and got promoted? Hehehe, you are really capable. From your features, I know you are blessed. You should be promoted to Deputy Section Chief within 3 years. Your mother will be proud of you.”

Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed and replied modestly.

Ring, ring, ring. Qu Yunxuan’s mother phone rang. She was using a pink colored smartphone. “Hello, who is this? Oh…… Sis…… you saw me? Hohoho, yes. I am now at Xiao Bing’s house……. Sure. I will drop by your house later…… Sis….. your voice sounds sweeter than before…… you should be prettier since I last saw you……. No? Impossible…… you look the same as 30 years ago. Your looks did not change at all….. I really envy you…. Hahaha…… Ok…. Wait for me. I will be over at your place in a while.”

Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan’s mother was someone who always pays compliments to others. She had a sweet tongue. She will praise anyone she met. It might be fine if you heard it the first or second time. But after the eighth or tenth time…… Dong Xuebing felt it was too fake.

“Auntie, if you are busy, please carry on.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother smiles as she hangs up her phone. “It’s nothing important. Mrs. Zhou from the second floor asks me to drop by her place for a chat.”

“Oh…… Do you want to have tea? Do you prefer flower tea or red tea?”

“Hahaha, our Xiao Bing is more sensible now. Don’t bother. I am leaving soon. Oh, I need to ask you something.”

“What’s is it?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother lowered her voice and asked: “I have been asking Yunxuan, but she refuses to tell me. Is she dating anyone right now?”

Dong Xuebing jumped slightly and replied: “I don’t think so.”

“Then is there anyone after her? How many have you met? How do they look like? Are they rich?”

Damn! I am the one after your daughter. How should I answer you?! Dong Xuebing cleared his throat: “There is surely be men after Aunt Xuan. But I am not sure whether if they are rich or not. Are you talking about their salaries or jobs?”

“It would be best if the man is from a wealthy family and his parents should be some sort of big boss.”

“I don’t think there is anyone like that.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother grumbled: “She is already so old and she is still not anxious about her future. She is just working every day. Xiao Bing, how long do you think it will take for her to save enough to set up her own company with her miserable salary? She still insists on waiting under she has her own career before she considers dating anyone. She might have to wait for years. I really wish she would hurry up and get married to a wealthy family. This way, she will be able to set up her own family, and at the same time, she will have her own company. Isn't this a good idea?”

Dong Xuebing mumbled a reply.

“Ok. I should be going. I will visit you another day.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother stood up. “Xiao Bing, help me talk to Yunxuan. If you know any guy that have acceptable looks and a wealthy family, let me know.”

“Ok. Be careful on your way out.”

After Qu Yunxuan’s mother left, Dong Xuebing sat down on the sofa. He did not blame Qu Yunxuan for being snobbish. All parents want the best for their children. They all wanted their daughters to get married to someone who could take care of them financially. Aunt Xuan is so pretty and gentle, and the requirements for her partner should be higher. Dong Xuebing knew Qu Yunxuan’s mother would surely look down on him if he wants to be Qu Yunxuan’s boyfriend unless he can take out 1 million RMB for her to set up a company. That might also cover the fact that he was much younger than Qu Yunxuan and gained her mother’s approval.

Dong Xuebing picked up his iPhone 4 again to experiment with his power.

But he held the phone in his hands and did not say the magic word, BACK. He then put down his phone.

It would be a waste if this experiment were a success. It’s 6 minutes. He could do a lot with 6 minutes!

Dong Xuebing paced around his living room with his hands behind his back. He was thinking of how he could earn 1 million RMB. He thought about what Qu Yunxuan’s mother said. Dong Xuebing suddenly stopped. He had a bold idea. Time waits for no one, and it was not easy to wait for 6 days. This was a rare opportunity, and he should use the BACK he saved up, to make money. If he succeeds, he will be able to make a large sum. If he did not succeed, he would lose 220,000 RMB at most.

That’s right! He got to take a gamble!

But what should he do?

6 minutes…… 6 minutes…… 6 minutes……


Dong Xuebing suddenly brightens up. If I have enough time, why not go for stone gambling?!

If BACK had accumulated to 6 minutes…… then he will surely win this gamble!


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