Power and Wealth
Chapter 102 – Got framed!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 102 – Got framed!

Back at the General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing entered his office without saying a word and threw the documents he was holding on his desk. He sat down and cursed while massaging his temples. He had shouldered all the blame. To others, this might not be a wise decision and will feel that Dong Xuebing was too inexperienced at work. But Dong Xuebing had his own thinking. As the supervisor, he had the responsibility to check on his subordinates’ work. This was his job, and it was apparent Zhou Guoan wanted to pin all the blame on him. Even if he told Zhou Guoan that it was Chang Juan and Tan Limei who had prepared the documents, it would be useless. They will only be implicated. What’s the point of getting two more people into trouble?

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was at the door.

“Come in.”

It was Chang Juan and Tan Limei. After closing the office door, Tan Limei’s tears start flowing. She stood there and cried. Chang Juan’s eyes were also red, and she said: “Chief Dong, Xiao Tan and I had made such a big mistake and you helped us shouldered all the blame. We……”

Dong Xuebing forced a smile and said: “Sis Chang, it’s alright. I know you both did not make this mistake on purpose. Everyone makes mistakes. Xiao Tan, stop crying.”

Chang Juan wiped off the tears welling in her eyes: “But I…… But……”

Tan Limei was still sobbing: “Wooo, wooo….. I’m sorry……”

Dong Xuebing now speaks like a real leader. “Don’t take it to heart. It’s not a big deal. Go back to work.”

Tan Limei cried for a while more and then left with Chang Juan.

Outside, in the main office. Old Yan said: “The both of you had met a good leader. This is our Chief Xiao Dong. If it is other leaders……” He did not continue.

Zhuang Zhi quickly went over to comfort Tan Limei.

Chang Juan sighed. “I am feeling bad. It was not Chief Dong’s fault, but because of us……”

Old Yan interrupted her: “Our Chief Dong’s nickname is Firefighter. If he can help the leaders put out fires, he will have no problems putting out the fire in his own backyard.”

Chang Juan nodded. She really hopes everything will be fine for Dong Xuebing,

Guo Shunjie continued to type on his keyboard as if these were not of his concern. He raised his head and looked at everyone in the office with a smirk secretly.


3 days later.


Dong Xuebing had been waiting for the punishment from Political Commissar Zhou. But after so many days, nothing was heard from him. Dong Xuebing thought if Political Commissar Zhou had forgotten about this incident or he realized that this was a genuine mistake and it was not meant to provoke him. Huh? This should not be possible. When it was almost time to go back, Dong Xuebing started to get ready to go home. He packed his stuff, and before he even stepped out of his small office, he received a piece of shocking news!

Zhou Guoan will be taking over the Branch Bureau official, and this piece of news was confirmed.

The new Political Commissar was not the favored candidates Xu Yan or Pang Bin. It was Cheng Haimei, who was close to Zhou Guoan. It was not sure what connections she used to get this position!

The top officials in the branch were changed, and Dong Xuebing felt his position was in danger!

The more shocking news was the District Party Training course’s spot, which was sought after by all the section chief staffs, was given to an unexpected person. Guo Shunjie!

When Dong Xuebing heard this, he almost could not believe his ears. Why was the spot given to him?

Dong Xuebing sat down in his office and thought about what happened. Suddenly, he could feel a chill down his spine. That’s it. Zhou Guoan wanted to pursue that incident and then let Guo Shunjie get the spot to attend the training course. This way, he could easily promote Guo Shunjie. Zhou Guoan will be the head of the branch and the Branch Bureau Party Committee will be under his control. This way, he can easily transfer Director Li Qing to other positions and let Guo Shunjie take over as the Chief of the General Affairs Office. If that happens, Guo Shunjie will have direct control over the General Affairs Office, and Dong Xuebing will be under him!


This was the worst situation!

Dong Xuebing was lost. He does not know what to do. He could feel the danger approaching him.

Guo Shunjie was going to be the Chief of the General Affairs Office and will be his direct supervisor.

When people are forced into a corner, their minds start to think fast. Dong Xuebing was such people. He thought hard on what he should do and suddenly realized something. He immediately picked up the phone and called the outside office. “Xiao Tan! Call Chang Juan too. I want to see both of you in my office!”

10 seconds later, Chang Juan and Tan Limei entered the small office. “Chief Dong.” Both of them had heard that Guo Shunjie will be going for the training course at the District Party School. They were worried and knew that Chief Dong’s career might come to an end soon. When Zhou Guoan becomes the Branch Bureau’s Chief, he will push Guo Shunjie to become the Chief of the General Affairs Office. Dong Xuebing, who had offended the Branch Bureau Chief and the Chief of the General Affairs Office, will not have a good life!

“Xiao Tan, Chang Juan. I want you all to tell me the truth.” Dong Xuebing asked seriously.

Chang Juan immediately replied: “You are the one who saved our jobs. We will not hide anything from you.”

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and asked: “3 days ago, who made the mistake with the meeting documents for Political Commissar Zhou?”

Chang Juan and Tan Limei looked at each other, and it was Tan Limei who replied: “I might sound like I am shirking responsibility, but I swear that we have checked all the documents before we pass it to you. We had checked every single page. Those pictures are not there!”

Chang Juan added: “That’s right. We also don’t know how did those pictures get mixed into the documents!”

Dong Xuebing paused for a while. “We kept those 13 sets of documents in my office, and we went to lunch. I came back later after you two. Which one of you arrived back at the office first?”

Chang Juan thought for a while and replied: “I came back earlier than Xiao Tan.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her: “Who is in the office when you came back?”

“Ah? Are you suspecting someone is trying to frame us?” Chang Juan was shocked. “I remembered…… Guo Shunjie, Guo Panwei, and Old Yan are in the office.”

“Ok. Call old Yan in.”

Chang Juan went out to call him.

After Old Yan entered the small office, Dong Xuebing immediately ask: “Old Yan, can you recall on the day of the incident where the error in meeting documents happens, did someone enter my office when I am not around?”

Old Yan frowned. “Monday? No. When I return from lunch, Guo Shunjie was working on his computer.”

Dong Xuebing asked: “He is alone?”


“Ok. I understand. All of you can go now.”

Tan Limei asked furiously: “Are you suspecting…… Guo Shunjie was the one who switched the documents?!”

Chang Juan and Old Yan were shocked. If this was true, that Guo Shunjie was really daring!

Dong Xuebing do suspect Guo Shunjie. No. It’s not suspect. He was sure it was Guo Shunjie who framed him!

Guo Shunjie was the only one who benefited from this incident!

This bastard! He was too scheming!


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