Power and Wealth
Chapter 103 – End of his career?!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 103 – End of his career?!

Friday morning.

The furious Dong Xuebing had just entered the Branch Bureau and saw Guo Shunjie walking in front of him.”

“Brother Guo, congratulations.” A young man from Public Security Sixth Bureau was congratulating Guo Shunjie.

Guo Shunjie smiles: “What’s there to congratulate? I am only going to attend a training course.”

A few other people from the Political Section and the Finance department walked past and greeted Guo Shunjie. “Shunjie, not anyone can attend the training course at the Party School. Hahaha. You will be promoted soon. When are you giving us a treat?” The leaders in the Bureau will change soon, and everyone knew Zhou Guoan favors Guo Shunjie. He even let Guo Shunjie have the precious spot of the training course. Any smart people will understand that Zhou Guoan wants to promote Guo Shunjie to be the Chief of the General Affairs Department. That’s why everyone changed their attitude towards him and start to suck up to him.

Guo Shunjie enjoyed this feeling and even start to behave like a leader. He smiled and chatted with them.

Dong Xuebing, on the other hand, was feeling what Zhou Changchun had gone through when he was retiring early. As Dong Xuebing had offended Zhou Guoan, everyone in the branch was avoiding him like the plague. The football players who were very close to Dong Xuebing stopped interacting with him. They only nodded to Dong Xuebing as a form of greetings and quickly walk away. They did not even address him as Chief Dong. No one wants to have anything to do with Dong Xuebing.

Guo Shunjie turned and saw everyone was ignoring Dong Xuebing and gave a smirk. Serve you, right!

Dong Xuebing’s anger had reached a boiling point. The moment he arrived back in his office, he called Guo Shunjie into his room.

“What is it?” In the past, Guo Shunjie would still address Dong Xuebing as Chief unwillingly. But today, he did not even greet him. He looked at Dong Xuebing straight into the eyes with his head held high. His tone was like someone superior, like Dong Xuebing’s leader!

“What’s with this attitude? Do you know who you are speaking to?” Dong Xuebing frowned. “Guo Shunjie don’t think I don’t know what you are doing. I have been closing one eye when you create some minor problems for me. But you are too daring. You even dare to switch the meeting documents and frame your leader?”

Guo Shunjie stared at Dong Xuebing and replied coldly: “Don’t accuse me!”

“You know well what you had done!”

“You need evidence. Where is the proof? Show me!”

Dong Xuebing had tried to look for evidence yesterday after everyone had left. But the photocopier machine in the office does not have the function to keep records. Those few pictures might not be printed in the office, and Guo Shunjie might have brought them from home. He could not find any proof. That’s why even when Dong Xuebing knew that it was Guo Shunjie who had framed him, he could not do anything to him. Also, if he went to the top leaders, no one will believe him!

“Don’t accuse me if you do not have evidence!” Guo Shunjie had a mocking smile on his face. “You are making false accusations!” Guo Shunjie had been waiting for this day. He was feeling terrific. He thought to himself, Dong Xuebing…… serve you right! Just wait and see how I will deal with you after I have been promoted to the Chief! If I don’t end your career, I will change my name!

“It’s too early for you to celebrate!” Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and said: “You will pay for what you did. Let’s wait and see!”

Guo Shunjie smiles: “That’s right. Let’s wait and see. If there is nothing else, I will go out. Oh, get someone else to type the document you for me. Political Commissar Zhou wants to see me. I am busy.” After saying that, Guo Shunjie walked out of Dong Xuebing’s room smiling. Pay for what I did? Hahaha. Let’s see who will pay!

Damn! Dong Xuebing banged his desk!

Not only Dong Xuebing was framed, the culprit still benefited from it. He was furious! No! Guo Shunjie must not enter the Party School! If he did not attend the training course, then it will be difficult for him to be promoted from a staff member to a Section Chief. No matter what, he will still have to be promoted to a Deputy Section Chief first. Dong Xuebing’s only way of surviving was to stop Guo Shunjie from attending the training!

After making a call, Dong Xuebing found out that the training course will start tomorrow. It was impossible to ask Political Commissar Zhou to withdraw Guo Shunjie from the course. Dong Xuebing could only pin all his hopes on Branch Bureau Chief Yan Liang. But today was Yan Liang’s last day as the Chief. That means…… He had only one day to stop Guo Shunjie! Dong Xuebing must remove Guo Shunjie’s name from this course today! If not, it will be the end of his career!

Dong Xuebing, who had no other choices, went straight to Yan Liang’s office.

Today, there’s a leader from the National State Security coming to the Western District Branch Bureau for an inspection. The whole branch bureau was busy cleaning up the compound.

Knock, knock knock. Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and knocked on Yan Liang’s office.

“Come in.”

Yan Liang was going to be promoted, and he should be in a good mood. But his relationship with his wife was not very good. When he heard that he will be transferred to a province in the southern region, and his whole family had to move with him, Yan Liang’s wife starts to quarrel with him. She insisted on staying in Beijing with their children and refusing to be relocated. This was why Yan Liang was in a bad mood these few days.

“Chief Yan, I want to report something to you.” Dong Xuebing said directly.

Yan Liang raised his head and looked at Dong Xuebing. “What is it?”

Dong Xuebing said: “It is about that the incident of Political Commissar Zhou’s meeting documents. I……”

Yan Liang interrupted him: “Go and tell this to Political Commissar Zhou.”

“Chief Yan, there are some problems.” Dong Xuebing did not care and continued. “The mistake is not caused by printing and sorting. Guo Shunjie was the one who purposely framed me. You should also know that he had been unhappy with me all this while. On the day of the meeting, he sneaked into my office and switched the documents for Political Commissar Zhou during lunchtime.”

Yan Liang frowned: “Do you have evidence?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Someone can prove that Guo Shunjie was alone in the office for a long time during lunch. As for other evidence…… I am still looking for it. Those few pictures of the cakes are still with me. If we can check for fingerprints or……”

Yan Liang shook his head. “Come to me again when you have concrete evidence.”
Dong Xuebing was not willing to give up. “The Party School’s training course spot was given to Guo Shunjie. How can someone of his character be allowed to go for this training? Chief Yan, I hope he will be withdrawn from the course until the investigation for this incident is over!”

This was Yan Liang’s last day at Western District Branch. He does not want to meddle with these matters. “I want evidence. Without evidence, everything will be useless. You can go and speak to Political Commissar Zhou about this.” Ring, ring, ring. The phone on Yan Liang’s desk rang. Yan Liang answered, and he immediately brightens up. After hanging up the call, he made another call. “Minister Lui is arriving. Is everything ready?”

Dong Xuebing could only leave Yan Liang’s office dejected.

That’s it?

Everything’s over?

My career in government service had reached the end?!


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