Power and Wealth
Chapter 105 – Reversal!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 105 – Reversal!

Dong Xuebing had not used his BACK from Monday to Friday. Without hesitations, he used up all 5 BACK at once!



“Hahaha, this estate is still the same as before.” Minister Lui reminisces about the time when he was living around this area. He points to a part of the estate a distance away. “When I was not assigned with quarters, I had rented a place over there. Can you see that Chinese Mahogany tree? It was not so tall back then. Every year, Old Xu and I will climb up the roof to help others pluck the leaves. Sighed…… so many years have passed. The estate and the tree are still around, but all of us are old.”

Everyone from the branch bureau was following behind Minister Lui.

Yan Liang laughed and said: “You are not that old. I think you are healthier than me.”

Minister Lui laughed and waved his hand: “I am not that healthy anymore.”

Time had returned! Now it was precisely 5 minutes ago!

Dong Xuebing was also not sure if 5 minutes was enough. But he had no other choices. He looked around urgently and stopped in the southwest direction. He remembers seeing a Golden Elephant Pharmacy at the end of the street. After confirming the direction, Dong Xuebing immediately ran without saying a word. He did not care whether his image as a leader. He ran as fast as he could.

Minister Lui and Yan Liang did not notice Dong Xuebing running off to another direction. But Tan Limei, Changjuan and the rest were shocked.

Where is Chief Dong going? Why is he running off in a rush? Rushing to the toilet? Even if he needs the bathroom urgently, he also does not need to run so fast.

Guo Shunjie sneered as he looked at Dong Xuebing’s back view. This behavior was not what a leader should have.

Run! Faster! Run!

Dong Xuebing ran down the alley towards the street. How far is it? Still have not reached? Faster! Run faster! There is not enough time!

Dong Xuebing was one of the fastest sprinters in his class when he was still studying. He was weak in mid to long distance. He could only run 100 to 200 meters at most. But today, he broke his personal records. He sprinted more than 300 to 400 meters without signs of slowing down. He needs to save his career. He must not let Guo Shunjie be promoted! This was his only hope!

1 minute passed……

2 minutes passed……

I see it! That’s the pharmacy!

Dong Xuebing was exhausted. 30 meters more…… 20 meters…… 10 meters……

Bang! Dong Xuebing pushes a young man, who was walking out of the Pharmacy, aside and dash into the Golden Elephant Pharmacy. He does not know if asthma medication was a prescribed drug and was not sure if the pharmacist would sell the medicine to him. He does not have the time to explain. He immediately took out his work pass and banged the counter. “State Security! I need the medication for asthma and heart attack! Now!”

The cashier behind the counter was shocked, and she looked at Dong Xuebing’s identification.

Dong Xuebing shouted at her: “Hurry up! It is a matter of life and death!”

The staffs in the pharmacy were stunned for a while, and one staff in white coat quickly ran to the back to get the medicines.

That staff was quite fast, and she returns with a small box of medicine and a bottle of Nitroglycerin tablets and Instant-effect Jiuxin Pills. Dong Xuebing grabbed the medicines and threw 300 RMB on the counter before running out. “Thank you!”

“Hey, the medicines do not cost so much. Your change!”

Dong Xuebing did not turn back and ran back the same way into the alleyways!

He had no more stamina and was much slower on his way back!

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and ran with all his might. Run faster!

It’s been 5 minutes since he used BACK and Minister Lui should be having his asthma attack now! Is there enough time?

5 seconds passed……

10 seconds passed……

After turning at a Hutong, Dong Xuebing could see the people from the Bureau panicking in the distance!

I reached! I had finally reached!

Yan Liang, who was panicking, was looking at Minister Lui, gasping for air. He had to bear full responsibility. If he knew that Minister Lui had Asthma and had kept his medication in his bag, Yan Liang would never forget to bring that bag along. It was because he did not know about Minister Lui’s condition and forgot about it and created this mess! Everything was too late now. If anything happens to Minister Lui, then…… Yan Liang doesn’t even dare to think what would happen! It will definitely not a matter from getting fired from his job!

Minister Lui’s eyes were rolled up, and only the whites were showing. He could not make it!

“Sir! Hang in there! Just hang on for a bit more!” Yan Liang shouted: “Where is the ambulance? Why is the ambulance not here yet?!”

They were inside a Hutong and the road conditions there were poor with many turns. It will take at least 20 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the scene. There was also not enough time for anyone to come over from the branch bureau with the medicine. There were too many turns and narrow roads. Even if anyone were to fly from the branch……, they could not reach here in 10 minutes! The pharmacy was the only hope. But all the pharmacies were located along the streets outside of the Hutong. It will take at least 6 to 7 minutes. Minister Lui now…… might not even last more than a minute!

Tan Limei, Zhuang Zhi and others from the various departments were panicking! There was nothing they could do!

That’s it! Yan Liang’s mind was blank! He is finished!

“Chief Dong! Chief Dong is back!” Chang Juan saw Dong Xuebing running back and she shouted. She immediately explained what happened to Dong Xuebing: “Minister Lui is having an asthma attack! Chief Dong, what shall we do?”

Guo Shunjie heard this and shouted: “What can he do? Hurry up and call the ambulance to chase them!”

The other two young staffs from the 6th Bureau shook their heads when they heard what Chang Juan said. They thought to themselves. Even if your Chief’s nickname was Firefighter, and dares to run into a burning room and save penalty kicks, but what can he do in this emergency? This is an asthma attack. What can this Chief Dong do?

Yan Liang looked at Dong Xuebing’s direction and thought nothing about him. He shouted to Guo Shunjie and the others: “Medicine! Go and get medicine!”

Guo Shunjie wiped the sweat on his forehead: “They had just left to get the medicine. They need at least 5 to 6 minutes!:

Yan Liang looked at the dying Minister Lui. “There is no more time!”

“Minister Lui!”

Everyone there had given up!

Dong Xuebing, who was panting hard, reached in front of everyone: “Haa……. Med…… Haaa…... I have the med…… Haa…… medicine!”

You have?!

Everyone was shocked when they heard what Dong Xuebing said!!!

“Where is it? Where is medicine?” Yan Liang immediately stand up!

Everyone turns to look at Dong Xuebing!

On his way back, Dong Xuebing had torn open the packaging. He reached into his pocket and took out an inhaler with medicine.

Oh god! This is really the medicine for asthma?!

Yan Liang paused for a sec, snatched the bottle of medicine from Dong Xuebing and gave it to Minister Lui: “Hurry, take the medicine! Quick!”

The weak Minister Lui place the plastic mouthpiece in his mouth and inhale deeply. He stopped for a few seconds before inhaling again. Slowly, Minister Lui’s breathing slowed down and was back to normal. But his expression was still in pain. He was sweating, and his hand was gripping his chest.

Yan Liang and the rest, who had just relaxed, panicked again. “Oh, no! He has a heart attack!”

One thing after another!

Heart attacks were also fatal!

Tan Limei, Chang Juan and other female staffs were mumbling to themselves: “Oh no…… That’s it!”

Yan Liang was cursing in his heart! “Hurry and call those buying medicine to get heart attack medication too! Quick!”

“Haaaa……. It’s ok……” Dong Xuebing reached out to stop someone who was about to make the phone call. He was still panting, and he reached into his pocket: “I have the medicine…… Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills.”

“Ah?!” Everyone was stunned again.

Yan Liang was also shocked. But he did not have time to wait any longer. He quickly grabbed the Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills and fed it to Minister Lui.

But Minister Lui slowly shook his head and said with difficulty: “Quick-Acting…… Heart Reliever pills…… is not effective for me…… I need…… Muxiang…… Baoxin Pills…… or Nitroglycerin tablets……”


Everyone panicked again!

Yan Liang was about to go crazy

But Dong Xuebing reached into his pocket again: “…… I also have Nitroglycerin tablets. Here…… here……”

Guo Oanwei, Tan Limei, Chang Juan and the other staffs from various departments nearly fainted on the spot!

Asthma medicine, Quick-Acting Heart Reliever pills, Nitroglycerin tablets…… How come this Chief Dong has everything in his pockets?!

Yan Liang was also speechless!

Guo Shunjie nearly cursed out loud. You are not suffering from asthma or heart attacks! Why are you carrying these medications around? Are you a fucking Doraemon?!


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