Power and Wealth
Chapter 106 – The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 106 – The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!

After taking the two medicines, Minister Lui’s face slowly regains normal color.

Yan Liang was still holding on to Minister Lui: “How are you feeling?”

“Much better.” Minister Lui looked towards Dong Xuebing’s direction and smiles.

Yan Liang, who had narrowly escaped, guiltily said: “It’s all because of me. I nearly…… I……”

“Haha, it’s ok.” Minister Lui was joyful. “It’s normal for people to go when the time is up. Furthermore, I am fine now.”

After this incident, no one had the mood to go visit the bureau’s quarters. When Yan Liang’s driver and Minister Lui’s driver arrives in their cars, Minister Lui left with his guard. Yan Liang looked at Dong Xuebing. He felt grateful, lucky, and a bit shocked. He had only seen Dong Xuebing running into a burning room to retrieve some documents and had heard of what Dong Xuebing had done by others. He did not think much of it. Firefighter? A lifesaver for any situation? Bullshit. But today, he experienced Xiao Dong’s miracles first hand. Yan Liang really believed Dong Xuebing could help the leaders in any situation. If it weren’t for taking out the asthma medicine out of nowhere, Yan Liang’s future would be gone……

Everyone at the scene was staring at Dong Xuebing. It was as if he was a god.

Yan Liang waved to Dong Xuebing, asking him to go over. “Good job. You got all the credit for saving Minister Lui’s life. How come you carry so many medicines with you?”

Dong Xuebing made up a story: “Oh, my neighbor also has this illness, and these medicines are for him.”

Was this really a coincidence? Yan Liang suspects that Dong Xuebing had noticed he had forgotten Minister Lui’s bag and purposely went to buy these medications to perform in front of the leaders. But he thought about it and felt it was not possible. Even himself, Minister Lui’s student, did not know that Minister Lui had gotten asthma recently. How would Xiao Dong know? Yan Liang could not understand why and decided to just stop thinking about this. He nodded at Dong Xuebing and said: “Come, ride the car with me back to the branch.”

Dong Xuebing was flattered and boarded the car with Yan Liang. The rest had to walk back to the branch.

In the car, Dong Xuebing, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, felt it was the right time. He turned and said: “Chief Yan, tomorrow is the registration for the District Party School Training Course. I still feel that Guo Shunjie is not qualified to participate. The incident about the meeting notes must be done by him……”

Yan Liang interrupted him: “Ok. Go back and wait for the news.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was beating rapidly. Chief Yan…… agrees??

The car arrived at the Branch Bureau compound.

Back at the office, Yan Liang picked up the phone and called Political Commissar Zhou. “Political Commissar Zhou? The Party School Training course spot is given to the General Affairs Office’s Guo Shunjie? I don’t think it is suitable. He is still not a Section level officer. How can he attend the training course meant for Section level officers? The other staffs will be unhappy.”

Zhou Guoan was stunned and could not react.

Yan Liang did not give him any chance to retort. “I think Chief Dong from the General Affairs Office is a good candidate. This type of people should be groomed. Let him attend the course.”

Zhou Guoan’s face changed: “Chief Yan, didn’t we agree about this?”

“This is my decision, and it’s final.” Yan Liang did not care what Zhou Guoan thinks. He owes Xiao Dong favor. If he did not help Dong Xuebing settle this Party School training course and transferred away, what would others think of him?

Zhou Guoan turns pale when he heard the line was cut abruptly. He threw the phone on the table and then grabbed the teacup and threw it against the wall.

Dong Xuebing, someone who entered the branch for less than 3 months, had disrupted his plans twice! Zhou Guoan had already spread the news about Guo Shunjie attending the training at the Party School, and now he had to withdraw his name? He even had to put up Dong Xuebing’s name for the course? He was someone who had purposely provoke him by putting dessert pictures in his meeting notes! What was Yan Liang thinking? He decided to fall out on his last day? This was like a slap to Zhou Guoan’s face!

After thinking for a while, Zhou Guoan picked up the phone: “Hello? Chief Yan is supposed to accompany Minister Lui to the branch bureau quarters. Why is he back suddenly? Help me find out what happened.” Zhou Guoan knew there must be a reason why Yan Liang changed his mind last mind.

At the same time, news of Dong Xuebing replacing Guo Shunjie to attend the training course at the district party school spreads throughout the branch. Everyone was shocked when they heard of this.

Was this real? In the morning, everyone was still discussing the end of Dong Xuebing’s career. But in the afternoon, everything had changed. Furthermore, even if Dong Xuebing did not offend Political Commissar Zhou, Dong Xuebing was just promoted to Deputy Chief, and it should not be his turn. How come Dong Xuebing had all the luck?

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were having a discussion in the office when they heard about this piece of news. They were also shocked. What happened? The reactions of Yang Yizhong, Pang Bin, Liu Hua, and the rest were the same as Xu Yan and Song Shoujie. They immediately picked up the phone to call the staff members who had accompanied Chief Yan and Minister Lui to the quarters. Something must have happened there.

When everyone heard of what happened on the way to the quarters, they understood why…… and they were stunned.

On the way to the quarters, Minister Lui had an asthma attack and a heart attack. But Chief Yan had forgotten to bring Minister Lui’s bag, which contains all the medicines. When Minister Lui was in grave danger, Dong Xuebing just happens to have asthma medicine with him. He also just happens to have Nitroglycerin tablets with him. And he just happens to save Minister Lui’s life.

Everyone was looking at each other speechless.


There were too many coincidences until they want to curse!

No one would ever expect Dong Xuebing to help Chief Yan to put out his fire. He also helped himself to put out his own fire.

When Chief Xiao Dong had rushed into a burning room to retrieve documents, he had shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong dived to save the penalty, he had also shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong scored that goal in the final seconds of the soccer match, he had shocked many people.

When Chief Xiao Dong was promoted to the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, many people were shocked.

But this time, the word “shocked” could no longer be expressed how they feel about Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing could save a penalty, scored a winning goal, and run into a burning office and jump out through the windows on the second floor.

Chief Xiao Dong couldn't be suffering from asthma and heart attacks. When Minister Lui needed these medicines, Chief Xiao Dong could take it our from his pockets like magic.

Which leader does not like this type of godlike staff?

It would be weird if the branch did not put up the name of this godlike staff for the training course.

Firefighter? How can he be called a firefighter?

Slowly, Dong Xuebing had a new nickname. The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!


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