Power and Wealth
Chapter 107 – Got the spot for the Party School Training course!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 107 – Got the spot for the Party School Training course!

In the General Affairs Office, Chang Juan, Tan Limei, Old Yan and the rest were happy for Dong Xuebing. When Zhou Guoan tries to find trouble with them, it was Chief Xiao Dong who had stood in front of them to protect them. If not, Zhou Guoan would have unleashed his anger on Chang Juan and Tan Limei. He will not target Chief Xiao Dong so fast. Everyone in the office knew that Zhou Guoan was trying to suppress Dong Xuebing by letting Guo Shunjie go for the training at the District Party School. This was the result of Dong Xuebing covering up for them. Although they did not say anything, they were very grateful to him.

Where can you find a leader who takes cares of his men like this?

“Chief Dong, congratulations. The training is starting tomorrow?” Chang Juan smiles, seductively at Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing was still trying to digest the latest news. “Yes. Tomorrow is the day to report, and the course will start on Sunday.”

Tan Limei cheerfully said: “Chief Dong, you have a new nickname. I went to the ladies earlier and heard many people calling you the Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!”

“Omnipotent?” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Who is the one that spread this?”

“I also don’t know. Hahaha, everyone is calling you this name.” Actually, Tan Limei was the one who gave this nickname and spread it throughout the branch. Guo Panwei also tried to curry favor: “Chief Dong, you are fortunate. When Minister Lui did not bring his medications, you just happen to have the medicines with you. Even heaven is helping you. This opening for the training course is supposed to be yours from the start. How can Guo Shunjie qualify for it?” Guo Panwei should have started to bootlick Guo Shunjie because he was someone who always sits on the fence. But he was moved by Dong Xuebing when he covered up for his subordinates. Also, when they were fighting for the position of Deputy Chief, Guo Panwei had fallen out with Guo Shunjie. He knows that even if he went over to Guo Shunjie’s camp, Guo Shunjie would also not accept him. He might as well take a gamble and place his bets with Dong Xuebing. After all, Chief Xiao Dong always stages a comeback at the last minute. He just hopes that Dong Xuebing would be able to survive this crisis.

Dong Xuebing laughed and shook his head. He looks around the office: “Where is Guo Shunjie?”

Zhuang Zhi replied: “When he learned about his name was withdrawn from the training, he ran out.”

Tan Limei, a busybody, added: “He must be at Political Commissar’s office making some reports.”

“This type of despicable person…… Sighed…….” Old Yan was not afraid of offending anyone.

At that moment, there were sounds of heavy footsteps, and a furious Guo Shunjie stormed into the office. He had gone to Zhou Guoan’s office after he heard that he was being replaced by Dong Xuebing for the training course. But Zhou Guoan was fuming, and when he heard Guo Shunjie questioning him, he chased him out of his office.

Guo Shunjie was about to enter the Party School and will be promoted to Deputy Section Chief after the training. But suddenly he was being replaced. He was furious, and was cursing Zhou Guoan and Dong Xuebing’s ancestors in his heart!

Dong Xuebing looked at him and said: “Guo Shunjie, your leave application is not approved. Come back to work on Monday as usual.”

Guo Shunjie stared at Dong Xuebing. I will not let you off!

Actually, even Dong Xuebing had not expected to get the spot for the training course. His intent was only to stop Guo Shunjie from attending the training. He does not want to let Guo Shunjie have the opportunity to overtake him. As an ordinary staff member, it will be hard for him to be the Chief of the General Affairs Office. But unexpectedly, Guo Shunjie was replaced by him for the training. With the experience of attending this training, Dong Xuebing will be in line to be promoted to the Deputy Section Chief rank. Only one word from the higher-ups, he will be promoted from just getting Deputy Section Chief’s benefits to become a real Deputy Section Chief rank!

Back at his own office, Dong Xuebing called Director Li Qing to take 2 weeks off. A few days ago, Li Qing was considering to give up his position of the Chief of the General Affairs Office to Guo Shunjie, and only keep his position as the Deputy Director of the General Affairs Department. He was also unhappy with Dong Xuebing who had got into trouble. But when he heard of what happened earlier, he banged his table and praised Dong Xuebing for doing a good job! Li Qing praises Dong Xuebing over the phone and granted his leave application. After hanging up, Xu Yan called Dong Xuebing. She did not say much but reminded Dong Xuebing to keep a low profile.

Dong Xuebing felt comforted. Seems like Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu was still concern about him.

It was the end of the day.

Dong Xuebing slowly walked out of the branch bureau with a smile on his face.

On his way out, Dong Xuebing, who had made a significant contribution to the branch, did not get the treatment he deserved. All the staff members and leaders hide away from him. Chief Xiao Dong was in the limelight again for saving Chief Yan’s career and Old Minister Lui’s life. He also got to enter the District Party School. But this was not a matter of the credit he got. Chief Xiao Dong had slapped Zhou Guoan’s face by snatching away the training course’s spot. This grudge will never be resolved. Chief Yan Liang will be transferred away on Monday. After that, will Zhou Guoan let Chief Xiao Dong off? Impossible!

Dong Xuebing also knew Zhou Guoan will take revenge soon. But he couldn’t care less.

Oh, your trusted aide Guo Shunjie had purposely switched the meeting materials and provoked you. But you vent your anger on me? You find trouble with me and still stupidly try to help Guo Shunjie get his promotion? Are you dumb? Both of you are in cahoots, and I got implicated in it? Getting accused for something not done by me? Damn! Why should I be blamed for all these? Since you, Zhou Guoan started this, then it’s okay for me to snatch the training course opening from you! Who ask you to be so unreasonable? Who ask you to force me to take responsibility before you even investigate the incident thoroughly? Who can you blame? Dong Xuebing was someone who hates being accused. He was really pissed by Guo Shunjie and Zhou Gouan. He doesn’t care about what others think. He just wants to get the experience of attending the training first. As for the rest…… He will only take appropriate measures as the situation calls for in the future!

A staff member ranked with Deputy Section Chief treatment going against a Divisional Chief?

This was a joke!

But…… it was not that funny!

During the selection of the Deputy Section Chief position in the Party Committee Meeting, it was Dong Xuebing going against Zhou Guoan alone. He pulled Xu Yan, Yang Yizhong and Liu Hua over to his side, and won in the end. This time, it was also Dong Xuebing going against Zhou Guoan for the District Party School training course opening. Dong Xuebing had saved Chief Yan’s career, and Chief Yan had to help him. In the end, Dong Xuebing won against Zhou Guoan again.

Dong Xuebing, this small Deputy Chief had already won against a Divisional Chief level official twice!


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