Power and Wealth
Chapter 108 – Legs!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 108 – Legs!

Saturday morning, Dong Xuebing went to the Western District Party School to report.

The training course will only start the next day, and after registration, Dong Xuebing returned home before 10 am.

As Dong Xuebing entered his building, he met a neighbor in winter clothes. They greeted each other and then Dong Xuebing went up the stairs. But before he took the first step, a man in his 30s walked down with a bouquet of roses. He saw Dong Xuebign and asked: “Excuse me, is Qu Yunxuan staying in unit 302?”

Dong Xuebing immediately frowned and asked: “You are?”

That man answered: “I am her friend. She is not at home. Do you know where she is?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. He will not tell this person that Qu Yunxuan had gone over to her mother’s place. “I don’t know.”

That man acknowledged and then left.

When Dong Xuebing reached the 3rd floor and was about to open his door, he saw a note on Aunt Xuan’s door. There was a message about how much water she had used, and Dong Xuebing remembered that someone would be coming today to check their water meter. He remembers there were no notes outside her door this morning. He hesitated for a moment and went over to press Aunt Xuan’s doorbell. He waited for a while, and no one opened the door. He then knocked on the door and shouted: “Aunt Xuan, it’s me!”

A few seconds later, the door opens, and Qu Yunxuan appeared: “Xiao Bing? Come in.”

Dong Xuebing asked: “I thought you are still not back yet.”

Qu Yunxuan laughed. “I just returned home. I need to bring some documents back to the newspaper agency. I will go back to my mother’s place next Monday. She is still on the drip.” Aunt Xuan was in her casual wear at home. Her top was a white woolen sweater, and she was not wearing pants. She only wore a pair of pink long johns over her sexy legs and a pair of woolen slippers on her feet. This was what she wore when she was at home. Dong Xuebing could feel himself getting warmer as he looked at the curves on her thighs and legs.

Qu Yunxuan looks down and then stared at him: “What’s wrong?”

“Errr…… nothing.”

Dong Xuebing quickly stopped looking at her legs and entered her house. He took off his coat: “Oh, I met a man downstairs, and he said you are not at home?

Qu Yunxuan took Dong Xuebing’s coat from him and hang it behind the door. She smiles: “I know. He pressed the doorbell, but I did not open the door. Oh, did I tell you about him? He is our the Deputy Chief Editor’s younger brother. My Deputy Chief Editor insists on bringing us together. But I felt that we are not suitable. I had told them about how I feel, but…… his brother still wait for me every day after work. He just refuses to give up. Look, he even comes and looks for me at my place. It must be Deputy Chief Gong who told his brother my address.”

Dong Xuebing had heard from Aunt Xuan before. “Why is he so irritating. I will speak to him when I see him next time.”

Qu Yunxuan turns to him and playfully pinched his nose: “I will settle this myself. Have you eaten?”

“Not yet.”

“Then you go and surf the net while I prepare some food.”

Dong Xuebing misses Qu Yunxuan badly. They had not seen each other for several days. It was also because they had not met each other for several days, he dare not to hold her hands casually like before. It will be too awkward. The mood was not right.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan’s butt as she walks to the kitchen. He then entered her bedroom and warm himself up near the heater. He noticed Qu Yunxuan’s computer was on and only the monitor was off. He moved over and switched on the monitor. Qu Yunxuan’s desktop was like her home. It was clean and tidy. Other than My Computer and Recycle Bin, there were no other icons.

What should he do now? Watch a movie?

On the top right corner, there was a Xunlei icon that was loading. It seems to be downloading something. Dong Xuebing clicked on that icon and wants to see what movies or music were available. But after looking at the list of downloaded movies, he was stunned. Other than some films and songs, there were some files titled Asia, Domestics, Hotels, After School, E-508, Hunter, etc. All the suffix behind the titles were VB.

VB video format?

Could this be the legendary…… Adult Videos?

The last time, when Dong Xuebing saw Aunt Xuan in her room alone playing with herself, he did not notice what was playing on the computer. Now he thinks back, it was those type of videos. Errr…… Aunt Xuan was too…… Even Dong Xuebing also seldom watch such videos, and Aunt Xuan, a gentle and virtuous woman, had downloaded so many videos?

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. He hesitated for a moment. He really wanted to see what sort of genre Aunt Xuan watches.
Tap, tap, tap…… It was the sound of footsteps nearing. “Xiao Bing, I suddenly remember that I am downloading something on my computer. You better watch TV first.” Qu Yunxuan was at the door of her room and saw Dong Xuebing had opened Xunlei. She was stunned and immediately blushes. She quickly walks over: “Don’t touch, don’t touch. Don’t open those files.”

Qu Yunxuan quickly reached over and grabbed the mouse to close Xunlei window. “Those videos on the downloaded list are mostly not movies. It’s……. it’s the videos on some research I needed for work. The movies are all in the E drive. If you want to watch…… Never mind. I can’t cope in the kitchen. Come and help me prepare lunch.” Qu Yunxuan immediately switched off her PC and pulled Dong Xuebing to the kitchen.

What a lousy liar. Even after lunch, Aunt Xuan was still behaving awkwardly.

Dong Xuebing felt the mood was weird and tried to start a conversation. “Aunt Xuan, there is something which I have not told you. Tomorrow I will be attending a training course at the District Party School. It is a 2 weeks training course for Section Chief level officers.” Dong Xuebing was afraid that Aunt Xuan did not understand about what this course meant. “It is rare for the State Security to get a spot in this training course. I am only receiving Deputy Section Chief level benefits and not holding the rank. That’s why this is a rare opportunity for me.”

Qu Yunxuan looked up and asked: “Does this mean your bureau is going to groom you?”

“No….. But it will look good on my resume.”

“You have just been promoted, and they are sending you for this course? Seems like your leaders like you a lot.” Qu Yunxuan brightens up. She smiled and pinched Dong Xuebing’s cheeks. “How come you did not tell me earlier? We should go out and celebrate.”

Dong Xuebing pushed her hand away and said: “I snatched this spot from others, and because of this, I had offended our Political Commissar.”

Qu Yunxuan was shocked. “What happened?”

“Don’t talk about it. I feel irritated when I think about this. Let’s watch some TV.”

Qu Yunxuan did not continue to ask him and passed the remote control to him. “Switch channels yourself.”

Dong Xuebing picked a random channel, and it was a Korean drama. The actor and actress were facing the sea, holding hands.

In the living room, both were quietly watching TV.

Dong Xuebing looked at Qu Yunxuan who was sitting beside him on the couch. He reached over lightly and touched her fingers with his fingertips. Seeing Qu Yunxuan not avoiding his hand, Dong Xuebing moved his hand closer and held her hand.

Qu Yunxuan blushed and froze for a few seconds before she tightens her grip on his hand.

Although they had held hands several times, Dong Xuebing was still excited. “I miss you.”

Qu Yunxuan: “……”

Dong Xuebing asked: “Do you miss me?”

Qu Yunxuan: “……”

“Aunt Xuan, let’s be together, ok?”

Qu Yunxuan: “……. Where are your dirty clothes and socks? Bring them out, and I will wash for you later.”

Damn. This was a romantic mood, and you start talking about dirty socks? Dong Xuebing knew she was avoiding this topic and was upset. Sighed…… Does Aunt Xuan really likes him or just have some affection for him. If it was the latter, then it will be dangerous. She has many suitors, and who knows if she would get into a relationship with someone else? No. Dong Xuebing decided to up his game and be more aggressive. He had held her hands, and his next move was to…… kiss her on the lips? Huh? Isn’t that a bit too early? Never mind. He had touched her legs accidentally the last time. It might be easier to feel her legs again compared to kissing her on the lips. But will Aunt Xuan let him touch? Yes? No?

Dong Xuebing released Qu Yunxuan’s hand, mustered up his courage and moved his hand closer to her pink long johns. His fingertips touched Qu Yunxuan’s thighs.

Qu Yunxuan jolted and smacked Dong Xuebing’s hand: “What are you doing?”

Dong Xuebing did not pull back his hand and placed his hand on her thighs. He even squeezes her leg twice.

“Stop disturbing me, or I will get angry.” Qu Yunxuan said angrily. “I will really be angry with you.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her and knew she was pretending to be angry. He got bolder and start to move his hand higher up her thighs. He moved his hand up her legs until he reaches her butt.

“Hooligan!” Qu Yunxuan’s face was flushed. She hit Dong Xuebing’s hand a few times: “You only know how to bully me.”

Dong Xuebing felt ticklish when she hit him. He squeezed the exterior of her thigh lightly.

“Idiot! You will be the death of me!” Qu Yunxuan stared at him and thought for a while. She closes her legs and used her left hand to pull her sweater down. Then she stared at Dong Xuebing again and then slowly covered her private part with her left hand. Her 5 fingers were tucked tightly in between her legs. She moved her gaze back to the TV and did not say anything. It was as if she was telling Dong Xuebing, other than this part, he can touch everywhere else.

Dong Xuebing almost had a nose bled, looking at Qu Yunxuan’s posture.

She was really allowing me to touch her?

Dong Xuebing had never expected Aunt Xuan to let him touch her legs. He was very excited and started to feel all over her legs.

So soft.


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