Power and Wealth
Chapter 109
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 109

That night, Dong Xuebing dreamt of all sorts of legs. There were slim legs, fair legs, meaty legs, long legs, etc. At least 20 to 30 pairs of legs appeared in his dream. At the end of this dream, Dong Xuebing was crushed by all the legs and woke up. He looked out of his windows. It was still dark, and he realized it was a dream. He rubbed his eyes and went to wash up before leaving home.

The West District Party School was located near Xin Kai Hu Tong, opposite Guanying Gardens.

When Dong Xuebing entered the compound of the Party School, he saw a banner asking all the participants to attend the opening ceremony at the hall. Dong Xuebing was excited as he walked towards the hall. Along the way, there were a few more banners. He realized that there were other training courses other than Section Chief training course. There was a Youth Officers training course, Divisional Chief Training course, Management, and Development course, etc. The hall was half-filled and everyone there was holding higher ranks than Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was nervous and pick a seat at the back. He kept quiet as he was afraid of saying the wrong things.

The opening ceremony started, and it was speeches after speeches. Among all the speakers, the District Deputy Party Secretary, cum Principal of the Party School could speak the most. He spoke about the importance of training and learning, mindset, motivation, etc.

Dong Xuebing almost fell asleep, but he saw all other trainees were sitting upright and listening attentively. He also tried his best to stay awake.

After the opening ceremony, Dong Xuebing followed his fellow course mates back to his classroom. There were about 40 people in his course, and the majority were men. All the participants were much older than Dong Xuebing. The oldest participant was about middle age and had white hair. The youngest was at least in his 30s. Dong Xuebing was feeling proud as he was the youngest in the course.

In the morning, there was someone from the district’s General Administration of Sport of China to teach them on the analysis of a health report and teach them how to train their bodies.

In the afternoon, they learned about political economics and national economics. Dong Xuebing found it hard to understand, but he still took notes.

After the day’s lessons were over, Dong Xuebing dragged his tired body back home. When he reaches back at his residential building, he started to think about Qu Yunxuan. Both had just met yesterday, and he was missing her badly. Dong Xuebing did not return home but went to Qu Yunxuan’s unit instead. He pressed the doorbell and waited.

The door opens. “Xiao Bing, you are back?”

Dong Xuebing smiles and nodded. He entered her unit and immediately reach over to hold her hand.

Qu Yunxuan jumped and brushes his hand off. She whispered: “Stop fooling around. My mum is here.”

Huh? Dong Xuebing froze and looked towards the kitchen. “Then…… I will go back first?”

“My mum is cooking dinner.” Qu Yunxuan whispered. “Have dinner first.”

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing as they whispered to each other. At that moment, Qu Yunxuan’s mother walked out of the kitchen, and Dong Xuebing immediately greeted her. “Hi, Auntie. Are you feeling better?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother laughed: “I am fine. The doctor asks me to exercise more. I got nothing to do in the afternoon and come over to Yunxuan’s place. Tomorrow, we will be going back to my place.”

Dong Xuebing was reluctant to see Qu Yunxuan leave. “You all are not coming back next week?”

Qu Yunxuan laughed and replied. “My mother misses me and insist I stay with her for a few days.”

“Miss you for what? I just want a grandchild to keep me occupied.” Qu Yunxuan’s mother grumbled and stared at her daughter. “You are not worried and still don’t let me help you look for a partner? I had to make arrangements with Old Wang. I think his son is not bad. He owns a boutique in the Western District and has good business. When you go over to my place, you must take time to meet him.”

Qu Yunxuan glanced at Dong Xuebing and mumbled. “Mum, can you don’t talk about these? Let’s start at dinner.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother let out a “Hmph!” and turned to Dong Xuebing: “Look at your Aunt Xuan. She is almost 30, and I still have to worry about getting a boyfriend for her.”

Qu Yunxuan replied helplessly: “I said I will take care of this. You don’t need to worry about me.”

“Hmph! How many times have you told me this? But did you do it?”

During dinner, Qu Yunxuan’s mother switched the subject to Dong Xuebing and started to praise him. “Xiao Bing, you are doing great now. You have become a civil servant, joined the party, and become deputy chief. Now, you are even training at the party school. Haha, your mother should be very proud of you……” Qu Yunxuan’s mother carried on for a while before she suddenly popped a question. “Eh, Xiao Bing, is there any staff members under you that are still single and have a good family background? If there is any, introduce them to your Aunt.”

Dong Xuebing, who was stuffing his face with food, replied weakly. “No. All of them are married.”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother asked: “What about other sections?”

Qu Yunxuan quickly picks up a chicken wing and put it into her mother’s bowl. “Stop talking during meals.”

Dong Xuebing really wish he could tell Qu Yunxuan’s mother that he wants to be Qu Yunxuan’s boyfriend. But this was not the right time. He still has not saved enough to set up a company for her, and he was not successful enough to impress her mother.

After dinner, Qu Yunxuan was sick of her mother’s nagging and dragged Dong Xuebing to her bedroom.

Dong Xuebing immediately ask Qu Yunxuan the moment they stepped into the room: “Are you going to a matchmaking session tomorrow?”

“I am too busy with my work and have no time for all these nonsenses.” Qu Yunxuan kneeled on her bed and brushed the dust off her covers with a small brush. “My mother is always like this. I had told her several times that I will only date after I have set up my own small trading company. I don’t have the time now.”

Dong Xuebing, who was sitting at the end of her bed, looking at her: “Then do you have anyone you like now?”

Qu Yunxuan did not look at him and replied. “Why are you so nosy?”

“Huh? Why do you think I want to know?” Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes and continue looking at Qu Yunxuan’s butt swaying as she brushed her covers. He reached over slowly and touched her left butt. It was meaty and felt good. “Aunt Xuan, what do you think of me? Will you consider me after you save enough to set up a trading business?”

Qu Yunxuan froze for a few seconds and continued to brush her covers. “No.”

Dong Xuebing squeezed her butt softly and asked: “Why?”

“I am older than you. Our age is not suitable for each other.” Qu Yunxuan replied. She acted as if she did not feel Dong Xuebing’s hand on her butt and continued folding the cover. “Also, civil servants, especially state security officers, have many restrictions. If I go into business, it will have a negative influence on you. You have become a deputy section chief at a young age. You will have a bright future. So, for your sake, I am not suitable for you.”

“Ah…… What has this got to do with doing business? What matter most is you like me.”

Qu Yunxuan turned around and stared at him: “Who says I like you? Are you asking for a beating?”

Dong Xuebing squeezed her butt harder: “If you don’t like me, why will you let me touch your butt?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and raised her fist, pretending to hit him. “You hooligan! You are the one that touched me, and I did not allow you to touch. You…… How can you say I am letting you touch?” Maybe it was because Qu Yunxuan felt she was too loud, and she suddenly lowered her voice. She pushes Dong Xuebing’s hand away from her butt. “Don’t touch me. Get away from me! If you dare to touch me again, I…… I will use this brush to hit you! Try me!”

Dong Xuebing blinked and then reached over to touch her thighs.

Qu Yunxuan was pissed and used the small brush to hit Dong Xuebing’s legs several times. “How dare you touch me? I will hit you! Hit you! Hit you!”

Dong Xuebing let her hit a few times and then suddenly hugged her.

Qu Yunxuan was shocked and quickly pushed Dong Xuebing: “What are you doing? I will hit you.”

Dong Xuebing could not control himself and lowered his head and kissed Qu Yunxuan on her lips.

“Huh…… Huh…..” Qu Yunxuan pushes him with all her might. “…… Don’t……”

Dong Xuebing did not know how to kiss. He just sucked on her soft lips and refuses to let go.

“Don’t…… Huh…… Let go……” Qu Yunxuan was hitting him.

It was unsure how long had passed, and Qu Yunxuan stopped hitting.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Dong Xuebing nervously opened his eyes and looked at Qu Yunxuan.

Qu Yunxuan was looking at him with teary eyes.

“Huh? Sorry.” Dong Xuebing dare not to continue kissing Qu Yunxuan after seeing her on the verge of crying. He knocked himself on his head. “I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault…… You can scold me or hit me all you want…….”

Qu Yunxuan looked at him expressionlessly without saying a word.

I’m dead. Aunt Xuan is really pissed this time.

Dong Xuebing felt guilty and said. “Aunt Xuan…… Don’t be like this…… You…. I…… Can you say something?”

Qu Yunxuan replied calmly: “That is my first kiss.”

“Ah! First kiss?!” Dong Xuebing was stunned. He thought a woman as pretty as Aunt Xuan should have dated during her school days. She might have done more than kissing. But…… first, kiss? Aunt Xuan does not need to lie to him. That means she had never kissed or slept with anyone before? Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, but he suddenly remembered the awkward situation he was in now. He cleared his throat: “Aunt Xuan. I do not know. No, no…… I…… It is also my first kiss. I…… I don’t know what to say... You…… you should just give me a beating.”

Dong Xuebing really hope Aunt Xuan would give him a slap and he might feel better.

10 seconds……

20 seconds……

30 seconds……

Suddenly, the moment Dong Xuebing had been waiting for had arrived.

Qu Yunxuan opened up her arms and pounced on him.

Dong Xuebing was prepared to sacrifice himself to appease her anger. He closes his eyes. Hit me. Just hit me as hard as you can, but don’t kill me.

The next moment, Dong Xuebing could feel Qu Yunxuan grabbing his head with both her hands.

Dong Xuebing clenched his teeth and shut his eyes harder. What move is this? She wants to grab my head and bash it against the wall? She wanted to pull my head off? Does she need to be so ruthless? Never mind. I deserve it. I had hurt her and deserve this type of punishment.

But Dong Xuebing did not feel any pain or impact on his head. Instead, he felt many warm and ticklish sensations on his face, nose, cheeks, and chin. It felt like…… Aunt Xuan’s lips.

Ah? Dong Xuebing opened his eyes.

He could feel goosebumps and his heart racing from what he saw.

Qu Yunxuan did not hit nor scold him. She was holding on to his head, with her hands in his hair, kissing all over his face and neck. She was sucking on his lips aggressively.

“Aunt Xuan, you are……”

Qu Yunxuan kissed Dong Xuebing on his lips and did not let him speak. Her hands were still caressing his hair: “Huuu…… You hooligan…… you only know how to take advantage of me…… only know how to bully me…… Huuu…… Now I will let you take advantage of me…… Quick…... Huuu…… kiss me…… faster……”

Dong Xuebing could not resist any longer. He immediately hugged her, and their lips touched.

She was kissing his lips.

He was sucking on her tongue.

Their tongues were entwined, and they were moaning……

5 minutes later, Qu Yunxuan’s mother shouted from the living room: “Yunxuan, the stocks market report is starting. Come and watch it with me.”

Qu Yunxuan quickly moved away from Dong Xuebing and replied: “Ok. I will come out now.” After replying to her mother, she looked at Dong Xuebing. Her face was still flushed, and she whispered: “We did not say anything or do anything just now. Ok?” After that, she raised her hand and stared at Dong Xuebing. “If you dare to tell anyone, I will kill you.”

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed, and he nodded: “Yes, yes.”

“Hooligan.” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing on his arm. She quickly tidied up her hair and wiped her face before walking out of the room.

“You two are using the computer?” Qu Yunxuan’s mother asked.

“Yes. We played some games.” Qu Yunxuan replied. “Turn up the volume. I want to see if the stocks I bought is featured in this report.”


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