Power and Wealth
Chapter 110 – Got framed again!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 110 – Got framed again!

Monday morning. Qu Yunxuan and her mother had returned to her mother’s place and will be back after one week. After the incident with Qu Yunxuan, Dong Xuebing was in a good mood. He sent the mother and daughter to their taxi and watches them leave. He was still thinking about last evening as he makes his way to the Party School. He already has money and a good career. Now, he was in a relationship. Tsk, tsk…… His life had become better…… But when Dong Xuebing remembered that Zhou Guoan would be taking over as the Chief of the branch bureau officially today, he became nervous again. He wonders how Zhou Guoan would deal with him after his training.

1 day……. 2 days…… 3 days…… Time flies, and it was Dong Xuebing’s 10th day at the Party School. He had also accumulated 11 minutes of BACK. It was a Tuesday.

After the lecture on Sociology ended, Dong Xuebing kept his notes and left his class. He saw some Section Chief Officers gathering around chatting. Dong Xuebing smiled to himself and went to have lunch alone. It was not that he did not want to foster a better relationship with his classmates. He really wanted to blend in with them. But this group of Section Chiefs was all from the Organization Department or Ministry of Supervision. The lowest rank among them was a Deputy Chief from the District’s Auditing Bureau. On the first day, they had a self-introduction session. When Dong Xuebing introduces his department, State Security, and he was only receiving the Deputy Section Chief benefits, the rest of his classmates were not interested in interacting with him. It was not because they looked down on him. They were jealous to see someone receiving the benefits of a Deputy Section Chief at his age. Furthermore, State Security was a standalone department and seldom have any dealings with other government agencies.

Dong Xuebing finishes his lunch and still have time before his next class.

He went to a small garden outside of the Party School for a walk. He sat on a bench and took out his phone to SMS Aunt Xuan. “What did you have for lunch?” A minute later. Beep, beep. Qu Yunxuan replied. “I’m to busy to have lunch.” Dong Xuebing blinked and replied: “Have Auntie completed her treatment? When will you return to Beikou? I miss you.” Qu Yunxuan’s reply was “……”

“I am asking you when you will be back?” “Should be the day after tomorrow.” “Ok. I will wait for you.” After some thoughts, Dong Xuebing send two more words to Qu Yunxuan. “Love you.” Beep, beep. “……” It was another reply of dots.

Dong Xuebing laughed and happily kept his phone. He took out his notes to prepare for the afternoon’s lesson. He needs to upgrade himself for his promotion. These few days, Dong Xuebing had been listening attentively in class. But he did not have a strong foundation, and he would take notes on the parts he did not understand.

Ring ring ring…… Ring ring ring……. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone, and it was Chang Juan, who called. “Sis Chang, what is it?” Chang Juan’s voice sounded quite urgent. “Chief Dong, where are you? I have been calling you the whole morning!” “I am at the Party School. We can’t use our phones during lessons. I had just switched on my phone during lunch. What’s wrong?” Dong Xuebing frowned as he could feel the urgency in Chang Juan’s voice. He kept his notebook back into his bag.

“Something happened! You…… You……”

“Just tell me what happened. Why are you stuttering?”

Chang Juan paused for 2 seconds and said quickly: “Chief Dong, I have a classmate in State Security City Bureau’s Discipline Inspection Section. This morning, she gave me a call and asked if Dong Xuebing was my leader. I replied yes and asked why she was asking about you. Guess what she said? She told me that the City Bureau received an informant letter last night. It was to report about Political Commissar Zhou…… no. It is to report about Branch Bureau Chief Zhou receiving bribes. But the letter did not include any evidence and only states how Zhou Guoan received the bribes.”

Dong Xuebing was confused. “So, someone was reporting against Zhou Guoan. What has it got to do with me?”

Zhou Guoan was different from Yan Liang. He did not have a good reputation. There were rumors that when his son got married, all the departments and sections in the branch gave cash as gifts. Zhou Guoan just accepted it. A Deputy Director did not send any gifts and the following week, Zhou Guoan start to create trouble for that Deputy Director. He transferred him to the filing office. Of course, these were all rumors Tan Limei heard. Dong Xuebing was also not sure if these rumors were true. But from Zhou Guoan’s attitude towards him in the last two weeks, Dong Xuebing also felt that he is clean. It should be normal for people to report against him. But without evidence, the City Bureau’s Discipline Inspection Section will also not investigate the Chief of a Branch Bureau. They will only throw the letter aside. This report was useless.

“Chief Dong, you…… you really do not know about this?”

“What should I know?”

Chang Juan replied: “I know it is not you. Seems like it is someone……”

Dong Xuebing interrupted: “Wait! What do you mean by it’s not me?”

Chang Juan took a deep breath and said something alarming: “My classmate told me that the informant letter was printed, and it was signed off by you!”

“What?!” Dong Xuebing’s mind was blank. “Me? Are you sure I am the one who sent the letter?!”

“Yes. By right, the Discipline Inspection Section should be keeping this confidential. But after I received the call in the morning, rumors had spread throughout the branch. Now, almost everyone in the branch bureau knows about his. Chief Zhou should also……. Chief Dong, I also believe that you are not the one who sent the letter. But…… But everyone else believes you are the one because you have some conflicts with Chief Zhou!”

Dong Xuebing cursed: “What the fuck is happening? I write that informant letter? It’s bullshit!”

If the letter were anonymous, no one would know the identity of the informant. But now, a name was stated in the letter……. And it was still a subordinate reporting against his superior. This was a taboo in all government agencies. Even if there were concrete evidence, very few subordinates would whistleblow their superiors.

This was too obvious. Someone was trying to frame Dong Xuebing.

Who the hell would be so evil? Did I offend you in any way? Why did you sign off the letter with my name?!

“Chief Dong, don’t be rush.” Chang Juan whispered into the phone. “Xiao Tan, Panwei and I had discussed this, and all of us felt it should be Guo Shunjie that sent the letter. He should be trying to create more grudges between you and Chief Zhou, and make use of Chief Zhou to…… Errr…… This is only our guess. But Guo Shunjie had been very quiet the whole morning. He just starts typing his documents the moment he stepped into the office and did not say a word. This was unusual.” Dong Xuebing was furious.

Dong Xuebing had only offended two people in the branch bureau. Guo Shunjie and Zhou Guoan. Zhou Guoan would not report on himself. It was obvious who was trying to frame Dong Xuebing. It must be Guo Shunjie! Sending this letter will have no impact on Zhou Guoan’s career. But it will increase Zhou Guoan’s grudges against Dong Xuebing. This way, Zhou Guoan will take revenge, and the person who would benefit from all these was Guo Shunjie!

This bastard!

Are you addicted to framing me?!

Dong Xuebing took a few deep breaths to calm himself and asked: “Sis Chang, what are Chief Zhou and Chief Xu’s reaction? They also believe it was me?” Chang Juan replied: “I am not sure. But today is the monthly Party Committee meeting. The meeting still has not ended.” “Sis Chang, thank you for telling me all these.” “Don’t thank me. I will give you updates once I got any news.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing immediately call Xu Yan’s mobile phone. If her phone was off, then it means she was still in the meeting. Dong Xuebing was furious. He held onto his phone and paced around the garden in circles. He was calling Xu Yan every 10 seconds. But her phone was off!!

What should I do? The impact of this matter is too big! If I don’t get to explain myself, then…… Dong Xuebing hated being accused of something he didn’t do. To be framed twice in two weeks was too much for him to handle. He was furious!

Dong Xuebing returned to the bench and dialed Xu Yan’s number again. Ring, ring….. The line got through.

“Hello, Chief Xu? I am Dong Xuebing.” Dong Xuebing quickly explained himself after he heard Xu Yan’s voice. “I did not write that informant letter. If I want to report about Chief Zhou, I would not be so stupid to sign off my name in the letter. This letter must be written by Guo Shunjie. He is also the one who switched the meeting documents. He is trying to frame me.” “Sighed…… I also know it is not you. But this is not important anymore.” “What do you mean?” Xu Yan replied: “During the Committee meeting just now, Chief Zhou proposed an internal transfer. Although Old Song and I had objected to it, but……” Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Internal transfer?” “He appointed Guo Shunjie to be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. You have been replaced by him.” “What?” Dong Xuebing was shocked.

Xu Yan sounded dejected. “Xiao Dong. I am the one who groomed you, and I will not beat around the bush. Chief Zhou used the excuse of the heavy workload in the General Affairs Office, and you are attending the training. There must be someone leading the office. So, he appointed Guo Shunjie to take over you. You…… He said that he will reassign you to a new department, but this will not happen. After you return from your course, you will continue to work in the General Affairs Office. You will still be receiving Deputy Section Chief’s benefits, but you will no longer be a leader. You will be the same as other staff members.” Dong Xuebing sat there listening and did not say a word.

A newly appointed leader will try to show their authorities. Xu Yan also never expect Zhou Guoan to start from Dong Xuebing. He was too overbearing. During the meeting, Xu Yan had tried to fight for Dong Xuebing. She was the one who helped Dong Xuebing get this position. Treating Dong Xuebing like this was equivalent to slapping her face. But Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie and her had limited powers. They could only see this proposal getting approved.

Got replaced?

Become a staff member again?

From today onwards, I got to address Guo Shunjie as my leader?!

Dong Xuebing clenches his fist! He was overcome with his anger. Guo Shunjie! Zhou Guoan! I will kill both of you!

Want to replace me?!

It’s not so easy!!!


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