Power and Wealth
Chapter 112 – Evidence? Fine! I will give you evidence!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 112 – Evidence? Fine! I will give you evidence!


The scenes flashed, and the small office became quiet again.

Guo Shunjie picked up the phone: “Hello, ask Guo Panwei to bring the broom and dustpan into my office now!”

Dong Xuebing points at him. “Guo Shunjie! I will remember this! This is not over yet!”

Guo Shunjie looked at him with a smirk. “Fine. I want to see what you can do to me. I will wait for you!”

After beating Guo Shunjie up, Dong Xuebing felt much better. However, he was still furious. He was being accused, and Zhou Guoan replaced him for no reason. Even if he beat both of them up 5 times or 10 times, it will not change the fact. This was why Dong Xuebing left the office after vending his frustrations. He waved his hand to stop Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest from speaking and left. He went upstairs.

Along the way, people were avoiding Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing arrived at Zhou Guoan’s new office and knocked on the door.

Zhou Guoan’s cold voice sounded: “Come in.”

Zhou Guoan was now the Branch Bureau’s Chief and was different from Guo Shunjie. Even though Dong Xuebing hated him for removing him from his position, but he still got to follow the rules. Dong Xuebing closes the door behind him after he entered the office and stood there looking at the stern-looking Zhou Guoan. “Chief Zhou, there is something I need to report!”

Zhou Guoan put down the file he was holding and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Get out!”

Dong Xuebing controlled his anger and said: “I will leave after I finish!”

“I am asking you to get out!” Zhou Guoan can’t be bothered with Dong Xuebing. “Can’t you hear me!?”

Damn! I am just not leaving!

Dong Xuebing could feel his blood boiling again and said: “If it is because about the informant letter, I think I need to give you an explanation. I will start with the meeting documents incident two weeks ago. You should have read the report I submitted. But on the third day after I submitted the report, I noticed something suspicious. On the day of the incident, all the meeting documents were checked by Chang Juan and Tan Limei. One person might make a mistake, but what about two people? I heard that Guo Shunjie was alone in the office during lunchtime that day. You should know he is unhappy with me and that very afternoon, the meeting documents incident happened. Is there still a need to ask who is playing tricks? I can swear that before that incident, I don’t even know you are suffering from diabetes. How can I purposely print those pictures and put it among the documents? This is all done by Guo Shunjie!”

Zhou Guoan saw Dong Xuebing ignoring his orders, and his face turns black.

Dong Xuebing continued: “Do you really think I am the one who wrote the letter to whistleblow on you? If I dare to report you to the higher-ups, why didn’t I just submit a handwritten letter? Do I still need to type and print out the letter? I am afraid of letting others recognize my handwriting? But the letter had included my name. Why should I be afraid of getting my handwriting recognized? Someone is trying to frame me! Who? Guo Shunjie is the biggest suspect! No! This must be done by him!”

Zhou Guoan does not know about all these? He knows.

Leaving the meeting incident aside. This informant letter was very suspicious like what Dong Xuebing had said. But Zhou Guoan doesn’t think it was Guo Shunjie who had sent the letter. He felt Guo Shunjie did not have the guts to do that. He suspects that it had something to do with Xu Yan and Song Shoujie. He suspects that someone wants to let him start a war with Xu Yan and her fiction from this incident. Dong Xuebing was groomed by Xu Yan, and if he were to touch Dong Xuebing, that means he will be waging war on Xu Yan. Someone else will stand to benefit if this happens. His second suspect was Dong Xuebing. This young man dares to fight for the training course spot with him and dare to go against him. A young man like him…… would dare to do stupid things. The letter might really be written by him!

But no matter who was behind this and who wrote the letter, the news had spread. Zhou Guoan cannot sit around and do nothing. If not, he will lose respect from others. So, he pinned all the responsibility on Dong Xuebing and removed Dong Xuebing from his position during the morning meeting. He could also establish his authority at the same time and suppress Xu Yan!

“Are you done?”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “Yes!”

Zhou Guoan stared at Dong Xuebing: “Are you trying to say that I am purposely picking on you?”

Pretend! Carry on with your pretense! Dong Xuebing replied: “I did not say that. I only want to explain myself.”

Zhou Guoan righteously said: “Everyone has the authority to whistle blow. I don’t care who is it. As long as there is evidence, anyone can report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection. I, Zhou Guoan, is a righteous person. I am not afraid of anyone reporting against me and will not pick on anyone over this letter. Your internal transfer is the organization’s decision, and it has been gone through a discussion and voting during the Party Committee meeting. It is not because I am picking on you. Do you understand?”

Dong Xuebing felt disgusted to hear Zhou Guoan’s “Official replies.” He asked: “Since I did not do anything wrong, why am I being replaced? Just because I am attending a training course at the Party School? Just because I can’t take care of the office when I am at the course? My course is ending in 5 more days! Since 10 days have passed, why can’t you wait for another 5 days? If the organization thinks that I can’t cope with the course and managing the office, then I will quit the training course!”

Zhou Guoan banged on his desk. “Watch your attitude! What do you think the Party School is? It is a place to groom officers! You think you can just quit like this? You think that place is a market?!”

Dong Xuebing stared back at Zhou Guoan into his eyes. “You also say that the Party School is to groom officers. But I am now in the Party School course. Not only I am not groomed, I still lost my position! What’s the reason? Is this how the organization groom me?”

Zhou Guoan was so furious until he turned pale. He never expects Dong Xuebing would dare to speak to him this way. “Get out of my office now!”

Dong Xuebing knew it was useless to argue with him. He looked at Zhou Guoan and left.

Zhou Guoan was furious with Dong Xuebing. Lose your position? I will make sure you can’t even be a staff member!

Before Dong Xuebing opened the door and left, Zhou Guoan said: “Let me remind you. If you want to report against me, remember to provide evidence. If not, the Commission for Discipline Inspection will not act on it!”

Dong Xuebing felt his blood rushing to his head again after he heard what Zhou Guoan said!

I had explained to you for so long, and you still insist I am the one who wrote the letter!?

Damn! What a moron!


You insist I am the one who reported against you? You want me to provide evidence?

I will get the evidence!!!!


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