Power and Wealth
Chapter 113 – Searching the house!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 113 – Searching the house!

News of Dong Xuebing’s clash with Branch Bureau Chief Zhou spread throughout the branch.

Everyone was surprised by this piece of news. They were speechless and felt Chief Xiao Dong was too daring!

Whistleblowing against his top superior? Is there anything else he does not dare to do?

Clashing with Zhou Guoan was Dong Xuebing’s last straw. He had offended the Branch’s no. 1 man and loses his position as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. His enemy, Guo Shunjie, had replaced him and become his direct supervisor. But the furious Dong Xuebing could see the whole picture now. It does not matter if Guo Shunjie was the person that had framed him. As long as Zhou Guoan was the Chief of the branch, it will be the end of his career. There was no way for him to survive at this place. If Dong Xuebing could drag Zhou Guoan down from his position as the Branch Bureau’s Chief, all problems will be solved. He might even be reinstated as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office.

Dong Xuebing had only one choice left!

Xu Yan’s office.

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were drinking tea in the office. Xu Yan received a phone call and knew about what Dong Xuebing did. After hanging up, she shook her head. “This Xiao Dong is too impulsive!”

Song Shoujie asked: “What’s wrong?”

“He argued with Chief Zhou and was chased out of his office.”

“He is not to blame. After Xiao Dong entered the General Affairs Office, he had made significant contributions and performed extremely well. But now, he caught in this situation, and anyone in his position will also be pissed!” Song Shoujie sighed. “Old Zhou is going to deal with Xiao Dong harshly. What should we do?” At the Committee Meeting, Song Shoujie and Xu Yan had lost to Zhou Guoan. The whole branch was looking at them.

“We cannot do anything!” Xu Yan sipped on her tea and frowned. “Can’t you tell from the meeting? Pang Bin had already gone over to Zhou Guoan’s side. The rest of the people are on Zhou Guoan’s side too. They are all making eye signals with each other and even Cheng Haimei……. Now, the power is thrown off-balance. Our days here will not be peaceful in the future!”


Xu Yan and Song Shoujie had thought of leaning over to Zhou Guoan’s side. But this was impossible. It was because of an incident which happened a few years ago. Not many people knew about this incident. Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Song Shoujie had received an anonymous letter from a whistleblower. The letter states that Zhou Guoan had accepted bribes and provided some shreds of evidence. At that time, Song Shoujie and Zhou Guoan had no grudges but were also not close. Because of his duties, Song Shoujie and Xu Yan had to conduct an investigation secretly. But in the end, they could not find concrete evidence. News of this investigation was leaked, and Zhou Guoan knew about it. Although Zhou Guoan did not show any unhappiness, Xu Yan and Song Shoujie could tell he still remembered this incident and was waiting for a chance to get back at them. After this incident, both sides could no longer work peacefully with each other.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was at the door.

Xu Yan shouted: “Come in!”

Dong Xuebing entered the office with a furious expression. “Chief Xu, Secretary Song!”

Xu Yan looked at him. “Did you go and look for Chief Zhou just now? Didn’t I tell you to stay low for the time being? Go back to the Party School now! Complete your training course first and don’t come back to the branch before your course end!”

I had lost my position! Do I still have the mood to attend the course? Dong Xuebing controlled his anger and asked: “Chief Xu, I only want to ask something. I will leave after I get an answer!”

Xu Yan put down her teacup. “What is it?”

Dong Xuebing’s following question stunned Xu Yan and Song Shoujie.

“If I can get evidence of Chief Zhou receiving bribes, can he be brought down?!” Dong Xuebing was too direct. But he did not have any other solution. “I am talking about concrete evidence!”

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie looked at each other without saying anything. Evidence? Xu Yan and Song Shoujie also wanted to get proof and bring Zhou Guoan down. This way, they would have a breather. But both had investigated Zhou Guoan for a long time and could not find anything. A junior staff member, who had joined the bureau for a few months, can find the evidences? This matter was very sensitive, and Xu Yan wanted to tell Dong Xuebing to handover any evidences he has on hand immediately. But both of them do not think that Dong Xuebing have any evidence on hand.

Dong Xuebing got the answer from Xu Yan’s expression. “Can you tell me Chief Zhou address at the Branch quarters?!”

Xu Yan was stunned. You want his address? What are you trying to do? Go to his house and steal the evidence? How can this be possible?!

Song Shoujie was also shocked. “Xiao Dong. Don’t be impulsive!”
Dong Xuebing replied: “I understand, but his address……”

Xu Yan kept quiet.

“Chief Xu……!”

Xu Yan stared into Dong Xuebing’s eyes for a long time and then took a sip of tea. “Old Yan in your office is going to retire?”

Dong Xuebing was confused and did not understand what she meant. “I think so. What’s wrong?”

Xu Yan replied: “Nothing. I am just asking. Oh, yes. Your rank is Deputy Section Chief benefits now?”

Dong Xuebing was still confused. Why was she asking the obvious? “Yes. I am still not promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank.”

Xu Yan nodded and said: “That’s all. Go back now.”

What does she mean? What about the address? Without the address, how can I get the evidence? Deputy Section Chief benefits? Why was she asking about this now? Dong Xuebing left Xu Yan’s office reluctantly. He thought about what Xu Yan said to him as he walked along the corridor towards the stairs. Suddenly his eyes brighten up and smacked his forehead!

Old Yan?

Deputy Section Chief benefits?

Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu was hinting to him that Old Yan knew Zhou Guoan’s address and was implying that if he could get the evidence to bring Zhou Guoan down, then he will…… be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank! This was what Xu Yan wanted to tell him!

Dong Xuebing quickly walk back to the General Affairs Office.

“Old Yan!” Dong Xuebing went up to Old Yan after he entered the office.

Old Yan put down his newspaper and raise his head: “Oh, Chief Xiao Dong.”

Dong Xuebing waved to Tan Limei and the rest to carry on with their work. He looked over to the small office door, and it was closed. He asked in a soft voice: “I need to find out something from you. Which block and is Zhou Guoan staying?!”

Old Yan was stunned: “I don’t know!”

Dong Xuebing looked at him in the eyes: “Which unit and which floor?!”

Old Yan forced a smile. He knew where Zhou Guoan was staying. Many years ago, Old Yan also had backings and had visited all the leaders during Lunar New Year to give them gifts. He had gone to the Branch Bureau’s quarters several times, and Zhou Guoan was staying near his former leader. Old Yan thought for a while and poured some water from his cup onto his desk. He wet his finger and wrote on his desk with his finger. ‘Red bricked building 2nd floor, Unit 5.’ He saw Dong Xuebing saw his writings and quickly wiped the water stains off.

“Thanks!” Dong Xuebing remembered the address and quickly left the Branch Bureau.

Actually, everyone knows that if someone were corrupted, there would surely be evidence like large amount of cash, expensive antiques, etc. in their homes. Dong Xuebing was not sure how many houses Zhou Guoan have. But he thought about it and the State Security Quarters was the best location to hide his spoils as it was heavily guarded. It was the best place to hide large amounts of cash and antiques. Without concrete evidence, the higher-ups will not issue any search permits and authorizations. No one would be able to enter his home to search for evidence, especially in the State Security branch quarters. It was the safest place in Beijing.

But that’s what others think.

If there was someone in the world that could enter Zhou Guoan’s house to search for evidence without anyone knowing, that someone would be Dong Xuebing!

He has BACK. He still has 10 minutes left. It was enough for him to do a lot of things!

Must get the evidence! Dong Xuebing was determined to get back at Zhou Guoan! Not only he can get his position again, but he can also still move up the ranks!!

Dong Xuebing walked along the path he had walked with Minister Lui and Chief Yan. He entered a Hutong and made many turns through the alleyways. Then Dong Xuebing saw a small estate not far away. Although there was only one building, it was still considered an estate. There was a guardhouse at the main gate, and there was a small side gate. There were no signs or guards at the side gate. From outside, the building looks like a typical state-owned enterprise’s quarters. But Dong Xuebing had had that there was another guardroom at the foot of the building and the guards were patrolling 24 hours. It was impossible for anyone to sneak into the building.

Dong Xuebing pretended to be a passer-by and walked past the main gate. From the corner of his eyes, he could see the unit number of the building.

The unit nearest to him was unit 6. That means Zhou Guoan, who was staying in Unit 5, was next to that unit. The first floor of the red-bricked building had metal fences. It was not the newer type of fences where there were sharp pointed edges. The fences were installed when the building was built. Most of them were rusty. There were no fences from the second floor onwards. There were only glass windows. It should be easy and fast for anyone to climb up from the first floor using the fences. This will take lesser time than kicking down the door.

After confirming his way of entrance, Dong Xuebing bent over and picked up a rock and kept it into his pocket. He looked around the surroundings and saw there were no one. He walked back towards the branch quarters’ gates.

One step…….

Five steps……

Ten steps……

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and then at the plainclothes security guards in the guardhouse. He suddenly started running, pretending to be anxious. He took out his work pass and knocked on the guardhouse windows. “I am from the Branch Bureau’s General Affairs Office. Chief Zhou’s wife is sick and had asked me to bring her to the hospital. You can check my identity! This is a matter of life and death! I will go first!” Dong Xuebing threw his work pass on the counter and started running towards the building.

The two guards in the guardhouse were stunned. “Eh! Wait! Stop there!”

Dong Xuebing ignored their cries and ran to the foot of unit 5.

There were 9 minutes 44 seconds left……

No intrusions or break-ins had ever happened at this quarters, and the guards did not felt anything was wrong. The taller guard looked at Dong Xuebing’s work pass. He confirmed Dong Xuebing was really the Deputy Section Chief of the General Affairs Office and nodded to his partner. The shorter guard could tell Dong Xuebing was in a hurry, and he quickly found Zhou Guoan’s home number and called. He wants to see if there were anything they could help, and also there was a regulation at the quarters. Even if the visitor was working in the State Security, they were also not allowed to enter the compounds unless permission was granted from the resident. The guards need to call the resident and let the resident come out to escort the visitor in. But it was an emergency now. If Chief Zhou’s wife were really sick, she would not be able to come out to fetch Dong Xuebing.

No one answered.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing?! Come down now! Come down at once!”

A guard who was patrolling the compounds shouted.

The two guards in the guardhouse did not know what happened and quickly ran out.

Crash! Dong Xuebing, who had climbed onto 2nd floor, Unit 5, had smashed the windows with a piece of rock and entered the house. After entering the unit through the windows, he still shouted at the 3 security guards: “Chief Zhou had forgotten to pass me his keys, and I can’t open the door. So I can only enter the unit this way!” Dong Xuebing pretended to look into the unit and then shouted out of the windows: “Mrs. Zhou had fainted! You all hurry, get a car or ambulance! Quick! It is an emergency!”

There were many loopholes in Dong Xuebing’s lies. But the guards never expected Dong Xuebing to be so daring to break into Chief Zhou’s unit in broad daylight. So the guards looked at each other and then one of them started to call for an ambulance. An older guard felt something was off and ran up the stairs to Unit 5. He shouted to Dong Xuebing from outside the door: “Open the door from inside! I will carry her down!”

There was 8 minute 51 seconds left!

There was no one in the bedroom. From the items in the room, Dong Xuebing could conclude that it was Zhou Guoan son’s room. He gave up searching this room and ran out to the living room. There were no antiques around, and the paintings on the walls were at most 20 to 30 RMB!

That’s right. Would Zhou Guoan dare to display expensive paintings in his living room like this?

Knock! Knock! Knock! “Open the door! How is Mrs. Zhou?”

Dong Xuebing shouted: “I am pressing her acupuncture points now! I will open the door in a while! You all hurry up and call for an ambulance!”

After that, Dong Xuebing ignored the knockings and shouting. He started to ransack all the drawers and cabinets. He could not find anything. There were only some DVDs, teacups, etc. Dong Xuebing stood up and smashed the TV on the floor. There was nothing inside and behind the TV.

He only had 6 minutes and 27 seconds left!

Bang! Bang! Bang! “Open the door now! Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to him and entered the master bedroom. He locked the door behind him!

This place should be the easiest to get evidence again Zhou Guoan!

Please! There must be some evidence! I am betting my career and future on this!

The master bedroom was simple. There was no expensive furniture. There was an old white wardrobe, a queen-size bed, and a small bedside table. Other than this furniture, there was nothing else! But Dong Xuebing felt this was too suspicious. A Divisional Chief Rank officer can’t even afford to change the wardrobe? He must be hiding something!

Dong Xuebing opened the wardrobe and started throwing all the clothes out. He also touched the pockets to see if there were anything inside.

After that, Dong Xuebing stood on a chair and searched the higher compartments of the wardrobe.


He could not find anything!

There were only 4 minutes left!

Dong Xuebing could hear some commotion outside the unit. A woman living on the second floor asked: “What are you all doing?”

That older security guard, who was still knocking on the door, turned and replied: “Mrs. Zhou had fainted at home. I think she is sick!”

The woman asked curiously: “No. Sis Liu had gone to her son’s place this afternoon. She will be back later in the evenings. She is sick? How come?”

The older guard realized what was happening. He shouted towards downstairs: “Xiao Sun! Quick! Climb up through the fence and see what is happening!”

Dong Xuebing heard their shouting and knew that his lies were exposed. He did not have much time left. He must hurry!

Dong Xuebing kicked the bedside table hard and broke the drawers’ lock. A few documents were scattered on the floor. These were unimportant documents. There was a bank book, and the amount in there was only 85,000 RMB!

There were only 3 minutes and 22 seconds left!

Crashed! It was the sounds of someone breaking the windows. Someone had climbed into the unit through the windows!

There’s no more time! Dong Xuebing still have not searched under the bed and the balcony!

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. He threw the pillows off the bed and pulled the covers off. There was nothing!

Bang! Someone was hit the bedroom’s door. “Open up! Open the door now!”

Dong Xuebing cursed under his breath and pulled the queen-sized mattress off the bed with all his strength!

There were a red ICBC bank book and a small black colored notebook. Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat and dashed forward to open up the bank book. 1.75 million RMB! There was 1.75 million in this account! But this account was not under Zhou Guoan’s name. It belongs to someone by the name of Li Yan!

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed with this finding. He quickly opened up the small notebook.

Bang! The people outside were trying to kick open the door! The door was almost kicked down!

“Shit!” Dong Xuebing knew the person outside will be giving the door a second kick. He rushed over and pushed against the door with his back!

Bang! It was the second kick!

The bedroom door shook from the impact. The door could not hold on any longer!
Dong Xuebing quickly opened up the notebook and saw a few familiar names. One of it was a Deputy Chief from the Political Section, Guo Shunjie, and a staff member from the Finance Department. There were numbers behind the names. The number behind the Political Section staff’s name was 9. Guo Shunjie was 6, and that guy from the Finance Department was 2. Behind those numbers, there were more numbers which resemble date and year!

This was a ledger book?

A ledger book recording all the bribes he received?!

“Open up! If not, I will shoot!” The guard outside gave the door another hard kick!

Dong Xuebing had no time to be shocked or excited. He was focusing all his attention to memorize the contents of that ledger. His memory training for his civil servant exam came into good use now. He immediately memorizes the names and numbers written in the notebook!

3 seconds……

5 seconds……


The door was kicked open! Dong Xuebing, who was leaning against the door, fell forward!

When Dong Xuebing turns around, a black gun barrel was pointing to his head. He immediately shouts: “BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK!......”

The surrounding flashes! It flashed 8 times!

The branch bureau quarters’ entrance.

Dong Xuebing was standing outside the main gate and felt a cold breeze against his face.

It was peaceful and breezy. Birds were chirping, and the two guards in the guardhouse were chatting happily with each other.

Dong Xuebing let out a sigh of relieved and walked towards an alleyway. He took out his pen and notebook while walking, to jolt down the contents he memorized. There were too many dates, and he did not have enough time. He could only remember 6 to 7 names and dates. But it should be enough!


I got the evidence!!!


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