Power and Wealth
Chapter 114 – Evidence!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 114 – Evidence!

3.30 pm.

Dong Xuebing had left for about 30 minutes.

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie were still in Xu Yan’s office discussing how they should deal with Zhou Guoan.

“Cheng Haimei had been promoted to Political Commissar. She might be close to Zhou Guoan in the past. But now, she is the no. 2 figure in the branch. She will not be so close to Zhou Guoan anymore. I can go and speak to her and hope for her to come over to our side.” Xu Yan said. “Old Song, what about Chief Yang Yizhong?”

“I will speak to him.” Song Shoujie frowned. “Sighed……. What Dong Xuebing said earlier is still the best way to deal with Zhou Guoan.” Xu Yan interrupted him. “That is not practical. Zhou Guoan is very cunning. He will never let anyone get hold of evidence against him. He will surely hide any evidence in a secure place. No one can get a search warrant to search his house without any strong clues. That’s why it is impossible to get any strong evidence.” Song Shoujie smiled. “Then why did you promise Xiao Dong the rank of Deputy Chief just now?” Xu Yan also smiles. “You should know how miraculous Xiao Dong is.” Knock, knock, knock…… Someone knocks on the door.

Xu Yan said: “Come in.” She frowned when she saw Dong Xuebing. “Why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to go back to the Party School?” Song Shoujie was also surprised to see Dong Xuebing coming back.

But what Dong Xuebing said almost made Song Shoujie spit out his tea.

Dong Xuebing looked around secretively and whispered. “Chief Xu, Secretary Song, I found the evidence.” Huh? Song Shoujie’s eyes nearly popped out. “What did you find?!”

Dong Xuebing firmly replied: “I found evidence against Chief Zhou.”

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing. She wanted to laugh, but when she saw the look in Dong Xuebing’s eyes, she knew Dong Xuebing was not lying. Did he really get the evidence?

Ah? Song Shoujie could not believe what he heard. Dong Xuebing had only left the office for a short time.

Xu Yan frowned and thought for a while. She then turned to look at Song Shoujie, before walking over to lock the door to her office.

“Come in and speak.” Xu Yan let Dong Xuebing into the office. Song Shoujie and Xu Yan were looking at Dong Xuebing. “Where is the evidence?”

Dong Xuebing took out a piece of paper from his pocket carefully. He had thought of a story on his way over. “This information is provided to me by someone. However, I cannot reveal the identity of this person. But the information is accurate. There is an ICBC bank passbook in Chief Zhou’s house, and there are 1.75 million RMB in that account.” Dong Xuebing could not explain how he got the evidence. So, he made up a story of getting the information from an informant.

When Song Shoujie heard the amount in the account, he was shocked.

Xu Yan took a deep breath. “More than 1 million? Are you sure?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “I am very sure. But the account is not under Zhou Guoan’s name. It belongs to someone by the name of Li Yan. I don’t know if this person is his relative or friend. Chief Zhou must be afraid that his account will be checked and that’s why he used someone’s bank account. The money inside should be the bribes he received. This paper is a list of names and numbers. Many of the names are from our branch. Look, what is written behind Guo Shunjie. It must mean 60,000 RMB followed by the date…… The date is a few days before the Party Committee meeting, where the candidate of Deputy Chief is discussed. Also, this Deputy Chief Gao from the Political Section. He should have given Chief Zhou a sum of money on 2nd June last year.” Song Shoujie slapped his lap lightly. “Deputy Chief Gao? He is promoted mid of last year. Xu Yan, can you still remember what happened during that Party Committee meeting?”

“I remembered he is nominated by Chief Zhou.” Xu Yan took the piece of paper from Dong Xuebing. “Liu Fengjiang, Xu Chaoyang? Where are these two people? Xiao Dong, is this list accurate?” Dong Xuebing replied: “It is very accurate. But the person who provided me with this list could not remember all the names. There is a small black colored notebook that records all these transactions in Chief Zhou’s house. The notebook and bank book are kept under Chief Zhou’s mattress in the master bedroom. The names in the list are from the last two pages of the notebook? There are at least 5 to 6 pages more. I think there should be at least 20 names in the notebook.” Dong Xuebing saw the frown on Xu Yan’s face, and he continued. “Chief Xu, this list includes the dates of the transactions. If the Commission for Discipline Inspection really wants to investigate, they will surely be able to find something against Chief Zhou. They will surely find a way to let these people testify against Chief Zhou. Furthermore, the rest of the evidence is in Chief Zhou’s house. I swear the evidence are still there, as long as the news is not leaked. You all can send people to search for his house.” Xu Yan stares at the piece of paper.

Song Shoujie could also sense the seriousness of this matter. This amount was almost 2 million. Dong Xuebing quickly adds: “Chief Xu, is this evidence enough?” Dong Xuebing had wanted to run away with that notebook earlier. However, he will be arrested for trespassing.

Xu Yan was deep in thoughts. After a while, her eyes regained focuses and kept the paper. “This evidence is enough. Xiao Dong, you have done a good job. Leave this list with me. Don’t let anyone else know about this.”

Dong Xuebing brightens up. “Yes.”

Xu Yan nodded. “You go back and wait for our news. Try to keep low for these few days.”

After Dong Xuebing left, Song Shoujie rubbed his forehead. “Xu Yan, are you really going to submit this piece of evidence to the higher-ups? We will be in trouble if this evidence is not accurate.”

Xu Yan shook her head and replied: “This evidence should be accurate. I believe in Xiao Dong. This is not a joking matter. Furthermore, this matter concerns Xiao Dong the most. He will not make up some fake evidence.” Xu Yan took out the paper again and unfolds it. She stares at the list and sighs. “He is good……”

Song Shoujie said. “That’s right. There are just 6 people listed here, and the total amount is almost 100,000 RMB. He is selling government positions like this. He is too daring.”

“I am not talking about Chief Zhou. I am talking about Chief Xiao Dong.” Xu Yan smiles. “Remember how hard we tried to get evidence of Chief Zhou receiving bribes? How long did we investigate?”

“We had tried our best, but, in the end, we could not get any clues, and we even let Chief Zhou knows about the investigation. Look at Dong Xuebing.” Xue Yan sighed again. “He had just left my office for a while and returns with evidence. Old Song, why is Xiao Dong is so capable?” Song Shoujie replied: “If I know, I will not be so frustrated. He even knows the notebook and bankbook are kept under Chief Zhou’s master bedroom mattress. Who is the person that provided the evidence? Chief Zhou’s wife or relative? Is that even possible?” Xu Yan also could not understand how Dong Xuebing got this evidence. It was too weird. Both of them would never guess the reason, as no one would ever expect that there is someone who can control time.


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