Power and Wealth
Chapter 115 – Drastic changes!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 115 – Drastic changes!

Next day.

Noon, 12 pm.

Dong Xuebing, who was having his lunch at the Party School, was waiting for Xu Yan’s phone call. He had been waiting for the whole morning. When his phone rang, he immediately straightened his back and took out his phone. It was Li Qing.

Dong Xuebing excitedly answered the call: “Director, are you looking for me? Did something happen at the unit?”

Li Qing replied. “What can happen here? Everything is still the same. Li Qing can be considered Xu Yan’s fraction. He was also anxious about his future recently. He did not know what Zhou Guoan would do and if he will be affected.

“Huh? Oh……” Dong Xuebing slapped his forehead disappointedly. He thought Li Qing had called to tell him that Zhou Guoan or Guo Shunjie were arrested.

“Xiao Dong, are you still at the Party School?”

“Yes. We have just finished our morning lesson.”

Li Qing sounded helpless as he said: “It’s like this. The Bureau wants you to come to handover your office to Guo Shunjie and also to return your Deputy Chief work pass. There is a meeting in the afternoon. It would be better if you can come back before the meeting.”

This was not a piece of good news. It was the opposite!

How come the unit did not act against Zhou Guoan? I really have to step down?!

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing almost bang the table. Damn! Handover the office? I am already removed from my position, what’s there to handover? Let that bastard Guo Shunjie humiliate me in front of everyone? Dong Xuebing’s stubborn temper acted again. I will not go back!

Dong Xuebing does not care about this anymore. He continued with his lunch, and after lunch, he returned to his class and sat in the last row. Dong Xuebing might look tough, but he was in jitters. He was anxious and wonders what’s the situation was back at the branch. Can Xu Yan bring down Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie with the evidence? Will the City Commission for Discipline Inspection conduct a formal investigation against Zhou Gouan with the evidence he found? If the City’s Commission for Discipline Inspection felt the evidence was not sufficient for them to act, then all his efforts will be wasted. It was fine to waste the few minutes of BACK. But his position and career……

Dong Xuebing had thought of asking the retired State Security Minister Lui for help. But when he called Yan Liang and told him about what happened, Yan Liang agreed to help him speak to Minister Lui. But nothing was heard from him after that. Dong Xuebing thought about this. When Minister Lui almost died from his asthma attack, it was Yan Liang’s fault. If Yan Liang were to ask Minister Lui to help Dong Xuebing, then it will remind Minister Lui of his failure. Why will Yan Liang do this?


10 minutes passed……

20 minutes passed……

Ring, ring, ring…… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang, and this time, it was Xu Yan’s office number!

It’s here! Dong Xuebing immediately answered the call: ‘Hello, Chief Xu? Is there any news?”

“Where are you?” Xu Yan did not answer Dong Xuebing, and she sounded calm.

“I am at the Party School. That matter……”

Before Dong Xuebing could ask anything, Xu Yan interrupted: “Didn’t Li Qing tell you to come back? Why are you still at the Party School? The General Affairs Department’s meeting will announce Guo Shunjue’s appointment. Come back now.”

Dong Xuebing replied unwillingly. “Chief Xu, why can’t I return my work pass another day? I will also not run away with the work pass. Errr…… can I take off today? I am not feeling well.”

Xu Yan interrupted: “No!”

Dong Xuebing was in a daze. “Errr……. I……” Dong Xuebing cannot ignore Xu Yan’s orders. But he really does not want to go back and be humiliated. “I…… Then I…… I will be back in a while.”

“Quick. Don’t miss the good show.” Duuuu, duuuu, duuuuu……. The line was cut.

Huh? What did Chief Xu say? Good show? What good show is she talking about? Suddenly Dong Xuebing thought of a possibility and the hair on his back stands. He immediately grabbed his bag and ran out of the Party School. He got onto a Taxi and rushed to West Branch Bureau!

At the same time.

Zhou Guoan’s office.

Guo Shunjie was standing in front of Zhou Guoan’s desk angrily. “Uncle Zhou, who does Dong Xuebing thinks he is? How dare he talk back at you yesterday? He is too much. I think he is……”

Zhou Guoan knocked on his desk lightly: “What is it you want?!” Zhou Guoan was getting frustrated by Guo Shunjie.

Guo Shunjie looked at Zhou Guoan and cleared his throat. He said softly: “I think that after Dong Xuebing return from the Party School, transfer him to the filing department. That place should suit him.” The filing department was like a dead-end for State Security officers. There were a lot of highly confidential documents there and restrictions. Usually, when officers were transferred into this department, they will remain there for the rest of their career. It was like a graveyard for the officers. Guo Shunjie had initially wanted Dong Xuebing to stay in the General Affairs Office. He wants to order and humiliate Dong Xuebing further. But almost everyone in the office was on Dong Xuebing’s side. If Dong Xuebing remains in the office, no one will listen to Guo Shunjie.

Zhou Guoan glanced at him and said: “Go and prepare your speech. Don’t come to my office so frequently.”

“Yes!” Guo Shunjie left.

Zhou Guoan was also thinking of ways to deal with Dong Xuebing. A lowly staff member dares to report against him and still dare to talk back at him? He cannot tolerate such disrespect. Filing department? Zhou Guoan does not want to let Dong Xuebing off so quickly. He wants to find a reason to sack Dong Xuebing! But this is not the right time. He had just been promoted to be the Branch Bureau Chief. Forcefully replacing Dong Xuebing was already a big risk. If Yan Liang were not transferred to a southern province, Zhou Guoan would have no chance to touch Dong Xuebing. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing still have Minister Lui as his backing. This was why Zhou Guoan only replace Dong Xuebing’s position and not demote him directly. This was only a test. Zhou Guoan could still do something if the higher-ups gave him pressure or any troubles.

For example, if Minister Lui really calls up and ask why his lifesaver, Dong Xuebing was being replaced, Zhou Guoan could still reply that he wants to transfer Dong Xuebing to another department. This was normal in Government agencies. Of course, Zhou Guoan did not think that Minister Lui would call up to help Dong Xuebing. Furthermore, it was Yan Liang who created that mess and not Minister Lui, who had forgotten to bring his medications. Minister Lui did not call up to question his decision. It was only Xu Yan trying to give him some troubles.

Zhou Guoan was deep in thoughts when his handphone rang.

Zhou Guoan looked at the number on the caller display and frowned. He answered the call.

He listened to the caller for a few seconds, and his face turns black. “Impossible! Absolutely impossible! How can this happen?!” Zhou Guoan was breathing rapidly and banged on his desk twice. “Who is the one that issues the search warrant?! Who gives them the authority?”

One level below Zhou Guoan’s office.

No. 3 meeting room.

This was a meeting to announce Guo Shunjie’s appointment. Usually, appointments of Deputy Section Chief do not need to use No. 3 meeting room. There was no need to be so grand. Furthermore, it was only Deputy Section Chief benefits and not a promotion of his rank. When Dong Xuebing was appointed, there was only one Deputy Director from the General Affairs Department, two officers from the Political Section and the staff members of the General Affairs Office present at the meeting. It was only a formality. But today was different. Branch Bureau Chief Zhou will be attending this meeting. His reason for attending this meeting was to support the Central Government’s directives of grooming younger officers. He also wants to say a few words. But actually, he wants to show his attitude and send out signals to all opposing fractions. With Zhou Guoan coming to this meeting, everything changes. Political Section Chief and other section chiefs had to attend this meeting.

The few members from the General Affairs Office were in the meeting room. Guo Shunjie, who had left Zhou Gouan’s office, was feeling great. He ordered Tan Limei and Guo Panwei to set up the meeting room. “Xiao Tan, go and test the microphone.”

Tan Limei bit her lower lips and replied: “I had tested it earlier. The microphone is fine.”

Guo Shunjie stared at her and said: “I want you to test it again!”

Tan Limei’s eyes turned red and walked over to the stand.

“Guo Panwei, the leaders will be arriving soon. Mop the floor again! Now!” Guo Shunjie was enjoying this feeling of ordering people around. “Chang Juan, bring the script for my speech over. It is on the left of my desk!” Chang Juan was arranging the chairs and replied slightly slower. Guo Shunjie got furious and shouted: “Go and get it now!”

“Behave yourself!” Dong Xuebing shouted from the meeting room’s door. “Stop shouting!” Although Dong Xuebing was replaced, he still has the aura of an officer. His tone was the same as before when he was the Deputy Chief.

“Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong.”

Chang Juan and the rest greeted Dong Xuebing. Tan Limei almost burst out in tears. She was bullied by Guo Shunjie the whole day.

Guo Shunjie saw the way Dong Xuebing spoke to him and was furious. “Dong Xuebing! Who do you think you are? What is that tone? What kind of attitude are you showing? Ah? Don’t you know how to respect the leaders?” He points to a direction. “Chang Juan, you don’t need to get my script. Dong Xuebing! You go and bring my scripts! Now! Don’t let me wait!” Dong Xuebing was still a member of the General Affairs Office and after becoming a staff member again…… Guo Shunjie had the authority to order him around.

Only the people from the General Affairs Office were in the meeting room, and Dong Xuebing did not hold back. “F**k you!”

Guo Shunjie was furious and wanted to start scolding. But some staff members from other departments entered the meeting room. Guo Shunjie looked around and controlled his temper. He did not want to be embarrassed in front of so many people. He stared at Dong Xuebing coldly and just said: “Fine, fine, fine……”

The people who had entered the meeting room were surprised to see Dong Xuebing. They don’t understand why Dong Xuebing was there. All of them were avoiding Dong Xuebing and went to their respective seats. Some of them were close to Dong Xuebing in the past, but now, they treated Dong Xuebing as an invisible person. They don’t even give a greeting nod. After so many things, who doesn’t know Chief Xiao Dong was in deep trouble now? Going against Chief Zhou openly? Reporting against the top superior? Talkback at the Branch Bureau Chief? If anyone did one of the mentioned things, they would be in deep trouble. Let alone doing all three at the same time!

Seeing how the others treated Dong Xuebing, Guo Shunjie laughed. He felt that he does not need to be angry. He had already won when he replaced Dong Xuebing as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. He will have lots of opportunities to get back at Dong Xuebing in the future.

More people arrived at the meeting room and their reactions when they saw Dong Xuebing were the same as the people before them. Only Tan Limei, Chang Juan and the other staff members of the General Affairs Office dare to talk to Dong Xuebing.

After that, Li Qing arrives. Followed by Pang Bing, Xu Yan, and Song Shoujie.

It was time for the meeting to start. But everyone still has to wait for Zhou Guoan!

5 minutes passed…….

10 minutes passed…….

Zhou Guoan did not appear. The two staff members who had gone to call Chief Zhou also did not return!

What happened?

When everyone was still feeling confused, the doors of the meeting room opened suddenly. Zhou Guoan was there.

“Chief Zhou is here.”

“Chief Zhou.”

But to everyone’s surprise, Zhou Guoan’s face was red. He looks like he had just lost his temper. Two stern-looking men were standing behind Zhou Guoan. They were following Zhou Guoan on his left and right. They look like they were escorting a criminal.


“What happened?”

Who dares to make Chief Zhou so angry? Guo Shunjie was stunned for a while and quickly walk over. “Chief Zhou, you……”

Guo Shunjie had shot himself in his own foot. One of the stern-looking men looked at him and asked: “You are Guo Shunjie?” Guo Shunjie nodded, and that man took out an identification card from his pocket. “City’s Commission for Discipline Inspection. Follow us back.”

Guo Shunjie was shocked. “What do you mean? What’s happening? Chief Zhou?”

That man from the City Commission for Discipline Inspection can’t be bothered to explain. “You will know what happened when you are back with us.”

What? Commission for Discipline Inspection?

The whole meeting room was stunned!

Everyone was shocked except for Dong Xuebing, Xu Yan and Song Shoujie!

City Commission for Discipline Inspection? It was okay if they were bringing back Guo Shunjie for investigation. But Zhou Guoan was the Branch Bureau Chief! They look like they were going to bring Chief Zhou back with them! They were bringing Chief Zhou back so openly…… That means they have enough evidence! If not, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection would not do it in public! Corruption? Receiving bribes? No one knows for sure what offenses Zhou Guoan had committed. But everyone knows that Zhou Guoan will not come back to West District Branch Bureau again!

The tides have changed! This was too sudden!

Zhou Guoan had only become the Branch Bureau Chief for a few days, and he got into trouble? There were no signs at all!

Who was the one that brought him down?

Guo Shunjie became pale. Did they found out that he had bribed Zhou Guoan? Who? Who was the one that exposed him?

“Chief Zhou, let’s go.” That man from the City Commission for Discipline Inspection said.

Zhou Guoan did not move. He found Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan in the crowd and stared at them. Zhou Guoan had received information and knew it was too late. But he could not understand how come the City Commission for Discipline Inspection will issue a search warrant for his house. Was it Xu Yan or Dong Xuebing? Where did they get the evidence against him? How come they were able to find the proof?

Zhou Guoan was furious. He had only got promoted!

Dong Xuebing sneered and thought to himself. ‘You are the one who told me to get evidence before reporting against you. Ok. Now I got the evidence. Are you happy now? Goddamn! You think just because I just entered the Bureau and you can do whatever you want with me? You don’t even investigate who was the one that reported you, and you want to replace me? You think I can be bullied easily?’

Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie had tried to suppressed Dong Xuebing for too long. They finally got their retribution. Dong Xuebing was overjoyed now. He finally got his revenge from all the accusations! Both of you want to get rid of me? Want to humiliate me? Come on! Why are you not doing anything to me now?

Feels terrific!!!

“Hurry up. The car is waiting.” That man gave a push to Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie.

Before Guo Shunjie walked out of the meeting room, he turned and stared at Dong Xuebing. How come this is happening? Why does it have to end this way? I am going to be the Deputy Chief! My career is just starting to take off!

The rest of the people in the room saw this and turned to look at Dong Xuebing.

It was not known that they conclude this from Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie’s reaction or it was because of that informant letter. Maybe some of them knew the truth behind. But rumors of Dong Xuebing bringing Zhou Guoan and Guo Shunjie down spread throughout the Bureau.
The Political Section people knows about this.

The Finance Department knows about this.

The Public Security Sixth Bureau knows about this.

Everyone’s first reaction to this rumor was ‘unbelievable!’

Dong Xuebing!

It’s Dong Xuebing again!

When Dong Xuebing offended the Branch Bureau’s No. 1, everyone thought Dong Xuebing’s career was gone. But who would expect that after one day of being replaced, Dong Xuebing had his revenge and brought Zhou Guoan down! This was…….

The Omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong?

This nickname might sound exaggerated and nonsensical. But when they list out all the things Dong Xuebing had done at the branch, they will find that this nickname really suits him!

When vital documents are left in a burning room, Dong Xuebing can run in to retrieve it!

When there is a penalty kick in a soccer match, Dong Xuebing can save the penalty!

When a soccer match only has 1 minute on the clock, Dong Xuebing can enter the game and score the winning goal!

When Senior Minister Lui was having an asthma attack, Dong Xuebing can take out medicines from his pocket!

Now, when Chief Zhou wants to replace Dong Xuebing from his position, Dong Xuebing can bring Chief Zhou down!

When everyone thought about all these, they were shocked!

Damn! This was too exaggerating. Is there anything Chief Xiao Dong cannot achieve?

Translator’s notes: Another long chapter. I think this is the end of this arc. The ‘bad guys’ got arrested. It should be the start of a new arc after this.


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