Power and Wealth
Chapter 131 – Back to work
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 131 – Back to work

The next day.

Dong Xuebing had handed over the task of setting up a company with Aunt Xuan and did not want to interfere. After waking up, he cleaned up his unit and then took a taxi to the Western District Branch Bureau. He had received a call from Deputy Chief Xu Yan last night, telling him that his vacation was over. Dong Xuebing had also finished what he needs to do. He has the money and a girlfriend now. What’s left was his promotion to Deputy Section Chief rank.

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted his colleagues as he walked into the bureau’s compound.

“Oh, Chief Dong, you are back.”

“Good morning Chief Dong. I still have not congratulated you for resuming your position.”

“Chief Dong, you are looking great today. Are you free this evening? Want to have dinner together?”

Those staff members and leaders, who had avoided Dong Xuebing in the past, greeted him enthusiastically. After so many incidents, everyone in the branch knew who Chief Xiao Dong was. Firefighter. Able to fight any fire and save the situation. The omnipotent Xiao Dong, the plague Xiao Dong, the godly Xiao Dong, etc. There were too many nicknames. But no matter whether if the staff likes Dong Xuebing or not, no one would doubt his abilities. Just look at last week’s incident. The corruption case had shocked the whole State Security in Beijing. It does not matter if it was Chief Xiao Dong that brought down Zhou Guoan. But what matters most was Chief Xiao Dong was still able to come back to work, and Zhuo Guoan and Guo Shunjie, who had conflicts with him, will never return.

What does this mean? This is Chief Xiao Dong’s capabilities.

This is what he could do.

The General Affairs Office.

Tan Limei and Zhuang Zhi were making eyes with each other in front of the copying machine. Guo Panwei was staring at the ceiling in a daze. Chang Juan was touching up her makeup as usual, and Old Yan was still reading his papers. If any leaders saw their staffs like this, they would surely blow up. But Dong Xuebing likes them to be like this. He likes this relaxing mood. After everything that had happened, they should have some peaceful days.

After observing his colleagues for a while, Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and walked in. “All of you are busy at work?”

Everyone in the office jumps.

Chang Juan quickly put her cosmetics into her drawer, and Guo Panwei immediately stands up.

“I will prepare tea for you.”

“Chief Dong, your…. Your vacation is over?”

“Yes. I am officially back to work today.” Dong Xuebing has never wanted to be a strict supervisor. He still felt he should mix around with his staff. He looked at Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang and laughingly said: “Xiao Tan, Xiao Sun, both of you are dating now, right? How come you two are still working in the same office? The higher-ups still have not transfer one of you out?” The past few days, when Dong Xuebing was not in the office, he was busy with his own things and did not catch up on his work. He only heard that there is a new branch bureau chief and a new branch bureau party committee member.

Tan Limei saw everyone looking at them and blushed. “Errr……. Recently many things happened in the bureau, and there is a shortage of manpower. So, we are still not transferred yet. Director Li Qing said our transfer will have to wait.”

Dong Xuebing thought back and knew there will be a manpower shortage. Zhou Guoan’s incident had dragged many people down with him. A few staff members and some low-level leaders were involved in this corruption case. Dong Xuebing reminded himself that he had offended quite many people in this incident and got to stay low. But luckily for him, most people do not believe that it was he who found evidence of Zhou Guoan receiving bribes. Yes. No one must know about this. If not, his promotion will be out of reach. No leaders would want to use someone who had brought down a top leader before. Maybe the only leaders who dare to use someone like Dong Xuebing were Xu Yan and Song Shoujie. Damn. It was dangerous when he thought back. If Xu Yan was also corrupted and he had helped her bring down Zhou Guoan, she would also be wary of him.

This incident had made Dong Xuebing matured slightly.

Yes. He must not be so rush in the future. If he encounters another incident like Zhou Guoan, he must do everything in secret and send an anonymous letter to report. No one must find out it was him who did it.

Dong Xuebing must stay cool-headed, keep low and not be rush.

After chatting with the staff members for a while, Dong Xuebing returned to his office. It was still the same table and PC. Guo Shunjie’s belongings were all removed, and all his stuff was brought back into the office. Looking at the clean office, Dong Xuebing was relieved. Too many things had happened, and after so many twists and turns, he finally returns back to this room. It was not a comfortable journey.

Knock, knock. Guo Panwei knocked and entered Dong Xuebing’s room. “Chief Dong. I have washed the cup for you.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Are you the one who cleans up this office?”

“Yes. I have thrown Guo Shunjie’s stuff out and wiped the desk and chair several times. I guarantee that there are no dirty things left behind.”

Dong Xuebing heard that and thought to himself. This Guo Panwei is a talent. He knows that I will feel uncomfortable sitting in a chair that Guo Shunjie sat before. He had anticipated what I will think and wipe the chair and desk several times. Guo Panwei really knows how to bootlick. “Well done. Thank you.”

Guo Panwei had a bright smile on his face: “Chief Dong, do you have any other instructions?”

Dong Xuebing patted him on his shoulders: “Panwei, have a seat and tell me what happened at the unit when I am not around.”

“Yes.” Guo Panwei waited until Dong Xuebing sat down before he sits. He sat upright and said: “Our office has been busy with Director Li’s task……”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “What I want to know is not this.”

Guo Panwei immediately understood and lowered his voice. “There are changes to our branch bureau’s top leaders. An officer was transferred from the City Bureau Political Section. Wang Jie. He was appointed as one of our branch’s Party Committee members and Deputy Political Commissar/ I have not met him yet. Our new Branch Bureau Chief calls Zeng Anguo. Chief Zeng was transferred from the Public Security. I heard that he was in charge of criminal investigation there. He is considered an experienced police officer and is easy going. Oh, he had brought someone from the Public Security with him. His name is Yan Lei. He is currently under the General affairs department and is Chief Zhen’s secretary.”

Both leaders were transferred from outside. It seems like the higher-ups were not happy with what happened in the Western District branch.

Dong Xuebing asked a few more questions on the current situation and asked Guo Panwei to go back to work. Dong Xuebing only want to know what had been going on in the branch, when he was not around. He was still not qualified to interfere with the higher level’s power struggle. What he wanted was to get his promotion.

Xu Yan’s office.

Dong Xuebing smiled as he knocked on the door and enter. “Chief Xu, I am here to report.”

Xu Yan, who was reading some files, looked up at Dong Xuebing and smiles. “Have you rest well?”

If it were in the past, Dong Xuebing would surely reply in a severe tone. But after Zhou Guoan’s incident, he was much closer to Xu Yan than before. He could be more casual. “Thank you for asking. I have rested well. Haha, I even went to Zhejiang for a short trip.” When he was saying this, he suddenly remembered something. He had forgotten to get some souvenirs or local specialties for his leaders. Damn. His political wisdom is still not high. How can he forget about something so important? But he also cannot bring such items to the bureau or the officers’ quarters.

Xu Yan replied: “Good to hear that. Now, you have to focus on your work. The General Affairs Office cannot do without you.”

Dong Xuebing replied humbly. “I am not that capable except for some strength on my shoulders. I will listen to your instructions and attack wherever you point.” It was hard for Dong Xuebing to ask for his promotion directly. So, Dong Xuebing decided to pledge his loyalty.

Xu Yan laughed and thought to herself. If you are not capable, then who else in the branch is capable?

The phone in Xu Yan’s office rang, and she waved with one hand. “Go back to work.” She smiles. “You…… put in your best performance.”

“Yes, Mdm.” Dong Xuebing understood what Xu Yan meant. Putting in his best performance and he will get promoted.

Back at the General Affairs Office, Dong Xuebing was prepared to work hard to show the higher-ups that he was qualified to be promoted. Just lovely, the office received a call from Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Yang Yizhong, requesting for some files. When Dong Xuebing heard this, he immediately asked Tan Limei to prepare the documents for Yang Yizhong.

Suddenly, a man in his 30s entered the office. He had big eyes and a sharp nose and was quite handsome.

Dong Xuebing had never seen this person before and looked at him.

That man did not say anything and just waved to Dong Xuebing, who was the closest to him. “You. Come with me to carry some stuff.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned and thought to himself. Who does this person think he is? Anyone that comes into my office can order me around? Who is this person? But Dong Xuebing felt this person should have some authority. If not, he would not dare to ask people from the General Affairs Office to do work. Only the leaders can issue instructions to the General Affairs Office. So, Dong Xuebing did not delay and turned to Guo Panwei. “Panwei, you go and help him.”

Yan Lei was surprised. I am asking you, and you dare to ask someone else? He immediately got pissed.

Guo Panwei quickly walks over. “Secretary Yan, I will help you. Chief Dong, I will go out for a while.” This was equivalent to him introducing both men.

Dong Xuebing looked at that man. Secretary Yan? The one who Chief Zhen brought over from the Public Security?

Yan Lei looked Dong Xuebing. Chief Dong? The Chief of the General Affairs Office should be Li Qing. That means this person is the deputy? How come I never seen him in the past two days? After knowing Dong Xuebing was the deputy chief of this office, he understood why Dong Xuebing assigned someone else to help him. But understanding is understanding. He was still angry. He was transferred to the branch bureau for two days, and because Chief Zhen is the Chief of the branch, as his secretary, he was treated as a top officer. Even the Political Section’s Chief had to be courteous and address him politely as Secretary Yan. Why can’t I order you to do thing?

Yan Lei was also under the General Affairs Department. Although he is not in charge of any departments or sections, his rank was a Deputy Section Chief. He treated himself as Dong Xuebing’s superior, and he was the Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary. He had the backing of Chief Zhen. Who in this bureau can defy his orders? So, Yan Lei stared at Dong Xuebing emotionlessly and repeated what he said. “You come out with me to carry some things.”

F**k you! Who the hell you think you are?!

Dong Xuebing got furious when he heard this. He knew this Yan Lei was the secretary of the No. 1 man in the branch. But does he need a Deputy Chief to help him carry things? Help you do hard labor? This was also not a task assigned by Chief Zhen. The most frustrating part was Guo Panwei had already told him his identity, and he still insists on asking me to carry stuff? He can ask any of the staff members here, but he just wants Dong Xuebing, the leader in this office? This was purposely slapping Dong Xuebing’s face.

Half an hour ago, Dong Xuebing had reminded himself to keep calm and stay low. But now, Dong Xuebing could not control himself. If he gives in to Yan Lei, he will not get respect from his subordinates in the future.

“Panwei.” Dong Xuebing said. “You go and help Secretary Yan.”

“Yes.” Guo Panwei replied.

The Public Security might seem to be a big government agency, but Yan Lei was only a low-rank officer there. His job there was only doing some miscellaneous tasks. Now, he had the authority and was enjoying it. He did not feel what he did was wrong. Those things might not be for Chief Zhen, but he could not carry everything by himself. That’s why he came down to the General Affairs Office to ask someone to help him. This was equivalent to doing work for Chief Zhen. But Dong Xuebing still refuses to move. Yan Lei’s face changed and nodded, meaning he will remember what happened today. Then he turned and walked out of the office.

After being treated as a VIP for two days, he finally met someone who refused to listen to his orders. Dong Xuebing was now on his hate list.

What an idiot. Dong Xuebing mumbled to himself.

Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest also felt this Secretary Yan was too much. He could just call anyone to help me, but he insisted on asking their leader to carry stuff for him? He was only here to create trouble.

Two staff from the Finance Department walked past and saw what happened between Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan.

Both of them looked at each other and smiles. “Secretary Yan is new here and doesn’t know what happened in the past. Why did he go and offend Chief Xiao Dong? He got nothing to do?”

The other man replied: “Secretary Yan represents Chief Zhen. Even if Chief Xiao Dong does not give Secretary Yan face, he must also give Chief Zhen face.”

“Hehe, you forgot what happened last week?”

The other man slapped his own forehead. That’s right. Chief Xiao Dong had talked back to the former Bureau Chief. It would be weird if he gives in to Secretary Yan. That Secretary Yan had become big-headed recently. Even if he represents the Chief, but he should not just do whatever he wants. He cannot just step all over those lower ranks than him. Guo Shunjie had stepped all over Chief Xiao Dong, and was fired. Zhou Guoan had stepped on Chief Xiao Dong and was now behind bars in some jail. Secretary Yan…… he should at least find out more about Chief Xiao Dong before deciding whether to look for trouble with him.

News of the clash between Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan spreads rapidly throughout the branch.

Many people were waiting to watch how this will turn out.

Secretary Yan had the backing of Chief Zhen and had much more authority than a lowly Deputy Section Chief under Xu Yan. However, most people were supporting Dong Xuebing instead.


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