Power and Wealth
Chapter 132 – Deputy Section Chief
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 132 – Deputy Section Chief

Since 10 am, Dong Xuebing had been running around the whole branch. He was working hard and delivered documents personally to most departments. He even helped two leaders write a speech and a report. Of course, some minor tasks were delegated to his staffs. Dong Xuebing only serve the leaders above him.

Noon, Dong Xuebing returned from lunch at the cafeteria.

Chang Juan smiles seductively at Dong Xuebing the moment he stepped in. “Chief Dong, Chief Xu just called. She wants to see you.”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing immediately went upstairs to Xu Yan’s office. “Chief Xu, are you looking for me?”

Xu Yan looked up at him and pointed to the chair in front of her.

Dong Xuebing sat down respectfully on the chair. “Is there any task for me?”

“You have just returned to work, and you start to create trouble for me? What is it now? I heard you clashed with Secretary Yan?” If this had happened to other people, news of this incident would not spread. But who is Chief Xiao Dong? He is the legendary Chief of the Western District. Who is Secretary Yan? He is the trusted aide of Chief Zhen.

Dong Xuebing heard this. He wondered how come Xu Yan knew about this. He immediately stands at attention. “Chief Xu, you should know me well. I have been working hard and spent all my energy on my work. I had never started any conflicts with others.” Dong Xuebing face turned slightly red when he said he was working hard at work. But he was telling the truth when he said he had never started any conflicts at work. He always sticks to his own business until others come and offend him. “That Yan Lei is too much. You be the judge. I am assigning tasks to the other staff members in the office. That Yan Lei just barged in and ordered me to carry things for him. I asked Guo Panwei to help him, but Yan Lei refused. He insists that I have to help him. He did not give me any face. How can I give in? If I followed his orders, I will not only lose respect. Your authority will also be affected.”

After 3 months in the government sector, Dong Xuebing’s political wisdom might not have increased much, but he became better at talking.

“You ah…… Even Chief Zhen cannot order you?”

“If this was Chief Zhen’s orders, I will follow. But that Yan Lei asked me to carry things for him. He was just abusing his authority.”

Xu Yan shook her head. “You should change your foul temper. Secretary Yan had been Chief Zhen’s trusted aide for years. He has some say in front of Chief Yan. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing knew Yan Lei would speak badly about him in front of Chief Zhen, and Chief Zhen would see him in a different light. But Dong Xuebing could not swallow his pride and let Yan Lei order him around.

Xu Yan smiled. From Dong Xuebing’s facial expression, she knew he did not understand. She did not want to say much and took out a small brown envelope from her drawer and placed it on the table. Cling, cling…… it sounded like a few bunches of keys. “Chief Zhen’s lodging is ready. I had asked someone to clean it. Help me bring the keys to Chief Zhen.” Xu Yan wants to let Dong Xuebing leave a good impression with Chief Zhen first, before putting up his promotion.

Dong Xuebing replied excitedly. “Yes. I will complete this task.”

Xu Yan laughed. “Hahaha, if you can’t even deliver some keys, you better pack your bags and get lost.”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly and picked up that envelope. “Chief Xu, I will go now.”

Branch Bureau Chief’s office.

A middle-aged man in his 40s, with a crew cut, was sitting behind his desk. He looked smart, and his eyes were sharp. It was 20 minutes more before the lunch break ends. Zhen Anguo was writing a letter. It was a simple letter to his ex-wife, telling her about his transfer. When he was still in the investigation branch of the Public Security, his wife had divorced him. He had spent too much time at work and neglected his family. So, after his wife left him, he still misses his wife very much. He would send his ex-wife a letter every week. Even if his wife did not return his letter, but he did this for the past 10 years without fail.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was knocking on the door.

Zhen Anguo put down his pen and looked up. “Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered and closes the door. “Chief Zhen.

Zhen Anguo looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled. “Chief Dong from the General Affairs Office? Haha, sit. Sit down first.” He had never met Dong Xuebing or heard about what he had done. On his first day, Zhen Anguo had asked for the organization charts and pictures of all the department leaders. He memorized all the names and faces. This was his habit since his days in the investigation branch of the Public Security.

Dong Xuebing was surprised. He did not expect Zhen Anguo to know him. He was overjoyed but still stood upright. “Thank You, Chief Zhen. I am tasked by Chief Xu to deliver your keys to your lodging at the quarters. Your apartment is already cleaned, and you can move in anytime.” Zhen Anguo was like what Guo Panwei said. This new Bureau’s chief was very easy going and had no airs. He was much better than that old man, Zhou Guoan. Hmmm, but why did he pick that Yan Lei as his secretary?

Zhou Anguo smiles and kept his keys. He looked at Dong Xuebing and asked. “If your job at the General Affairs Office tough?”

Dong Xuebing straightened his back and replied: “No sir. We are just doing the backend work for the leaders. Our work cannot be compared to yours. Your job is many times tougher than us.” Suddenly, Dong Xuebing noticed Chief Zhen’s accent. Dong Xuebing thought for a while and then asked: “Chief Zhen, can I ask you something? Is your hometown from Fenzhou City?

Zhen Anguo paused for a while: “That’s right.”

“Ah, such a coincident.” Dong Xuebing replied. “My hometown is also in Fenzhou, Yantai county, Huitian village.”

Zhen Anguo smiled and thought to himself. Your Beijing accent is so strong and doesn’t sound like you are from Fenzhou. But he still laughed and asked: “This is really coincident. Come, have a sit. I have not been to Yantai county for many years. How is the stability there?”

Chief Zhen had asked Dong Xuebing to sit down twice. The first time, he might be courteous. But when he asked the second time, it would be rude for Dong Xuebing to not sit down. He immediately sat down with half of his butt touching the chair. Dong Xuebing had grown up in Beijing, but his mother was from Fenzhou city. So, Dong Xuebing was not wrong to say Fenzhou as his hometown.

Zhen Anguo was nice to Dong Xuebing was not because they were from the same hometown. It was because of his character and the work of General Affairs Office. The General Affairs Office had to deal with all the leaders in the branch, and many relevant documents had to go through this department. Zhen Anguo, as the new Chief of the branch, had to understand the current situation to better manage the branch.

Both chatted for about 6-7 minute.

Dong Xuebing walked out from Chief Zhen’s office with a good mood. He never expects to chat with Chief Zhen for so long in their first meeting. Yes! I should have left a good impression with Chief Zhen. There should not be any problems with my promotion.

But after walking for a few steps, Dong Xuebing saw Yan Lei walking towards his direction from the opposite end of the corridor.

Yan Lei was carrying a stack of files, and he paused for a second when he saw Dong Xuebing. He gave him a cold stare and then carried on walking. He treated Dong Xuebing as a nobody. This Deputy Section Chief did not even have the rank. He will definitely get back at Dong Xuebing for disrespecting him this morning. But he could not do it now. On Chief Zhen’s first day, he had instructed Yan Lei to observe the situation at the branch first.

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. I can tell from one look that you did not have any authority before coming here. Now, you have a bit of authority, and you become arrogant? You are just a secretary and what right do you have to look down on others? If you are given the role of a Section Chief in some departments, are you going to go crazy? Furthermore, Branch Bureau Chiefs are not allowed to have secretaries. At most, you are just a messenger for the Chief.

Back at the General Affairs Office, Dong Xuebing calmed himself down and forgot about Yan Lei.

His top priority now was to get his Deputy Section Chief rank first.

The whole afternoon, Dong Xuebing was busy traveling to various departments. He needs to show all the leaders how hardworking he was. He hopes to let everyone in the branch to forget about his involvement in the Zhou Guoan’s incident.

Political Section, Finance Department, Archive Room, Political Commissar office, etc.

Dong Xuebing would appear in front of the leaders whenever they have any tasks for the General Affairs Office. He tried his best to complete all the tasks given by the leaders. Even if it were a minor task, Dong Xuebing would also put in his 100% to prevent any mistakes.

Everyone saw Chief Xiao Dong working hard and were puzzled. Is there any higher position up for grabs, and Chief Xiao Dong wanted it? But Chief Xiao Dong had just got his position as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and entered the Party School for training. How come he is thinking of getting promoted again?

Everyone was speechless. If you are promoted again, your promotions will not be considered sitting on a rocket. Even a spaceship is not as fast as your promotions.

Although many people felt Dong Xuebing would not be promoted so fast, they got to admit one thing. Nothing is impossible for Chief Xiao Dong. If not, where did his nickname ‘Omnipotent’ comes from?


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