Power and Wealth
Chapter 133 – Bad mouthed!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 133 – Bad mouthed!

The next morning.

Xu Yan arrived at work and was about to go upstairs to her office when she met Zhen Anguo.

“Chief Zhen.” Xu Yan slowed down and walk slightly behind Chief Zhen. “How is your apartment? I had asked my people to prepare it for you. If you find anything lacking, let me know. I will ask them to prepare it for you. Haha, our branch’s quarter is quite old. When Chief Yan was around, he had proposed to the higher-ups to rebuild it. But it is not approved. We can only do some simple renovations.”

Zhen Anguo smiled: “Thanks for preparing the apartment for me. It is quite good and is much better than my previous lodging.”

Xu Yan maintained her speed to be slightly behind Zhen Anguo. “I’m glad you are satisfied.”

Zhen Anguo immediately noticed her movements and knew she had something to talk to her.

When Xu Yan reaches her office’s floor, she did not turn into the corridor. “Chief Zhen, I remembered something suddenly.”

Zhen Anguo looked at her. “Let’s talk in my office?”


By right, the secretary of the leader must clean up the office before the leader arrives. But Yan Lei was not considered Chief Zhen’s secretary. Zhen Anguo also did not give Yan Lei his office’s keys due to the regulations. State Security was a department which handles lots of confidential information. Zhen Anguo got to be careful. The past two days, Yan Lei could only wait patiently outside the office for Zhen Anguo to arrive, before going in to clean up the office. But today was different. Yan Lei saw Xu Yan walking with Zhen Anguo to the office, and he just greeted both of them, before returning back to the General Affairs Department. He knew these two leaders must have some important discussions.

After they entered the office, Zhen Anguo smiled and asked Xu Yan to sit.

They discussed some unimportant issues about work as they waited for the water dispenser to boil the water.

When they saw the water had been heated up, Xu Yan walked over and poured a cup of water for Zhen Anguo. Zhen Anguo did not wait for Xu Yan to place the cup of water on his desk. He knew Xu Yan’s friction was influential in the branch, and he stood up to take the cup from her. “Hahaha, Chief Xu had poured a cup of water for me. I am flattered.”

“It’s my job. Before you are transferred here, the city bureau is not quite happy with the performance of the Western District Branch. Hahaha, we hope you can lead us to achieve and improve our performance. All of us are depending on your leadership.” Xu Yan said as she poured herself a cup of water. She had lowered herself to pour water for Zhen Anguo. This gesture was to show her decision to be on Zhen Anguo’s side, but at the same time, she did not lower her status too low. All of Xu Yan’s movements had meaning.

Zhen Anguo understood what Xu Yan was trying to convey through her actions. He knew that Xu Yan wanted to stand on his side.

However, Zhen Anguo did not accept her offer immediately. This was only his third day at the bureau and still did not understand the power struggle in the branch well. He changed his tone and smile. He was showing some signs of accepting her offer, but at the same time, he was showing that he was wary of her. “Chief Xu, you are giving me a lot of pressure with your words. Improving the branch’s performance should be an overall effort. You also play an important part.” The timing, method, and the vary of degree, of standing with one side is very complicated. Xu Yan had not shown enough determination of joining Zhen Anguo’s side, and Zhen Anguo only expressed slight interest in welcoming her.

After some casual talk, Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo got along well.

This was a good start for both, but no one knows what would happen in the future.

In the end, Xu Yan felt it was the right time to talk about Dong Xuebing. She thought for a while and asked: “Chief Zhen, have you met Chief Xiao Dong from our General Affairs Office? This young man is competent and works hard. Young men like him should be groomed. I am thinking of promoting his rank to Deputy Section Chief.”

Zhen Anguo remembered Dong Xuebing’s information he had read from the files and frowned. He did not understand why Xu Yan made such a proposal. Chief Dong? That young man who claims to be from the same hometown as him? His probation period should not be over. It was already weird for him to be the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office. Why does Xu Yan want to promote him now? Zhen Anguo thought for a while but did not reject Xu Yan directly. After all, Xu Yan was offering to stand on his side, and he should not disappoint her. “I met Chief Dong yesterday. Yes. He is indeed meticulous in his work. But…… he is too young. He does not have enough experience.”

Xu Yan smiled: “If the experiences you are talking about is his performance, then I think Xiao Dong is more than qualified. He has only entered the branch for less than 4 months, but had achieved the results equivalent to 4 years work of most people here.” Xu Yan knew Zhen Anguo would not believe her. Zhen Anguo might still have not heard of Dong Xuebing’s achievements. So, she told him about Dong Xuebing’s amazing feats over the past few months. “There was one time when the office of the Chief of the General Affairs Office caught fire. The fire was raging, and everything in the office was burning. But there are a few important documents in the office which needs to be saved. During that situation, who would dare to enter the office? It was life-threatening. But Xiao Dong ran in without any hesitations…….”

Xu Yan also told Zhen Anguo about the soccer matches and the incident when Dong Xuebing miraculously took out asthma and heart attack medications at the critical moment.

The more Zhen Anguo heard about the fantastic stories about Dong Xuebing, the more he was interested in this young man. This is an amazing young man. How come everything he does seems to be out of some novels. Were all this real? Zhen Anguo knew that Xu Yan does not need to lie to him, and it should be right. However, he did not see those incidents with his own eyes, and it was too hard to believe. After Xu Yan finished, he laughed: “This Chief Xiao Dong really have some amazing achievements.”

Xu Yan continued. “That’s right. The General Affairs Office’s work is to assist the leaders. This is the most suitable role for Xiao Dong. Although he might be young, it was also because he is young, I proposed to promote him. We can use him to set an example to others. Those who work hard will be rewarded and those who skive at work…… will be removed from their position. This will motivate everyone in the branch. Oh, Chief Xiao Dong had just returned from the Section Chief Training course at the Party School. It is only a matter of time before he gets promoted.”

Zhen Anguo just smiles.

Xu Yan knew Zhen Anguo would not agree so quickly. They chatted for a while more, and Xu Yan left. Promoting someone was not easily done with Xu Yan’s efforts alone. It must be a decision proposed by the Branch’s No. 1 or No. 2. Xu Yan was not close with Political Commissar Cheng Haimei. Also, Cheng Haimei had opposed Xiao Dong to be the General Affairs Office’s Deputy Chief during the Committee Meeting. She would not propose Xiao Dong’s promotion. So, Xu Yan could only look for Zhen Anguo. If Zhen Anguo agrees to this, then no one would oppose Dong Xuebing’s promotion.

Back at the office, Xu Yan called Dong Xuebing to her office.

“Chief Xu, are you looking for me?”

“Xiao Dong, I had discussed your promotion with Chief Zhen earlier this morning. I am still not sure about Chief Zhen’s decision. I will give you the same advice. Do your best during these few days, and show some results. I had praised you to the skies in front of Chief Zhen. Don’t let me down.”

“Yes, Mdm. Rest assured I will do my best. Thank you.” Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. He had conversed well with Chief Zhen yesterday, and Chief Zhen should have no problems promoting him.

At the same time, Branch Bureau’s Chief office.

Yan Lei was cleaning up the office with a rag.

Zhen Anguo was sitting in his leather chair, signing a document. Suddenly, he put down his pen and looked at Yan Lei. “Xiao Yan, are you getting used to working here?”

Yan Lei put down his rag and stood at attention. “Yes, Sir. As soon as I am with you, I will get use to whatever environment.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “Actually, I wanted you to remain in the Public Security for a few more years, before transferring you to a county Public Security branch as the Deputy Chief there. But my transfer was too sudden. Even I did not expect it. That’s why I drag you along with me. Hahaha, do you hate me for this decision?”

Yan Lei immediately replied: “Of course not. I am glad to be able to learn from you.”

Zhen Anguo nodded. “Wait for a while more. When the time is right, I will transfer you to the lower levels to gain some experience.”

Yan Lei also wanted to be transferred to the lower levels as a Deputy Branch Chief with authority. That will be much better than being an unofficial secretary. Also, there were too many restrictions in the State Security. He did not have many career paths like Public Security. But even if he thinks this way, he could not tell Chief Zhen about it.

“Oh.” Zhen Anguo suddenly remembered about his discussion with Xu Yan in the morning. “Do you know Chief Xiao Dong from the General Affairs Office?”

Yan Lei was stunned. He thought Zhen Anguo had heard about what happened and quickly tried to explain himself: “Chief Zhen, it’s him……”

“Chief Xu had spoken to me about Chief Xiao Dong this morning. She is proposing to promote Xiao Dong to Deputy Section Chief.” Zhen Anguo still has not made his decision. He asked: “I would like to hear your opinions. I heard that this Xiao Dong is very capable.”

“Promote to Deputy Section Chief?” Yan Lei was surprised. He looked at Zhen Anguo’s facial expression and then replied: “Chief Zhen, I had met Xiao Dong yesterday. He is too young and is a Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office at age 23. How can he be promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank? This is not right.” Yan Lei had conducted a background check on Dong Xuebing. He knew Dong Xuebing had just graduated from University. He did not have any experience at all.

“Chief Xu was thinking of granting an exception for him and use him as an example for others. What do you think?”

Yan Lei had been thinking for getting back at Dong Xuebing. Now, this is the best opportunity. “I will be honest with you. Yesterday, I had gone to the General Affairs Office to ask Chief Dong for some help with your matters. I asked him to help me carry some stuff. This is supposed to be the General Affairs Office’s job. But he ignored me. I called him twice, and maybe he thinks to carry some stuff for you will affect his status. He is too immature and did not think of the big picture. He also disrespected you. How can such person be promoted?” Yan Lei purposely skipped the parts that he was the one who caused this conflict.

Zhen Anguo heard this and laughed. “It’s only a small matter. You don’t need to mind this.”

Yan Lei frowned and replied. “This is not a joking matter. He has no respect for you.”

“Fine. I know.” Zhen Anguo knew Yan Lei might have some unpleasant clash with Chief Xiao Dong, and that’s why he was biased. As a leader for so many years, he could sense it, and will not trust his words entirely.


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