Power and Wealth
Chapter 136 – This is his capability!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 136 – This is his capability!

Kang De Restaurant’s entrance.

There were strict restrictions on State Security on drinking. This was why the dinner ended quite early.

Dong Xuebing opened the car door for Chief Jiang and his nephew. Chief Jiang smiled and gave Dong Xuebing some words of encouragement before leaving. Dong Xuebing, Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan and the rest stood there watching Chief Jiang go. Dong Xuebing had wanted to ask for a piece of calligraphy from Chief Jiang, but he knew that within the same organization, the top leader cannot give his calligraphy to anyone he likes. If he gave Dong Xuebing a piece of calligraphy, the calligraphy would be Dong Xuebing’s safety talisman. Dong Xuebing felt Chief Jiang still did not like him that much to give him a piece of calligraphy.

After Chief Jiang left, Dong Xuebing started explaining to his leaders.

He turned to all the leaders and said: “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu and leaders, I apologize for my actions. Please punish me.”

Zhen Anguo looked at Dong Xuebing: “Why should we punish you?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I had talked back at Chief Jiang and nearly made him angry.”

Zhen Anguo laughed and pointed at him: “You are not asking for our forgiveness. Hahaha, I think you are asking for rewards.” This was the first time Zhen Anguo saw with his own eyes on Dong Xuebing performing miracles. It was more miraculous than what Xu Yan described. Zhen Anguo wonders why there is such a capable person in a small office.

Xu Yan put on a stern face: “You gave all of us a fright when you said all those things.” Although Xu Yan was criticizing Dong Xuebing, she was overjoyed in her heart. Dong Xuebing was her subordinate and was someone she valued a lot. He had helped the whole branch settled a difficult problem, and she felt proud. “Hmmm, how do you know that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang?”

“I guess it.” Dong Xuebing still had a “guilty” look on his face. “Actually when Chief Jiang asked to remove that calligraphy, I had the feeling that it might be written by Chief Zhen. But Chief Zhen was sitting right in front of us, and I did not have the chance to tell you all. I can only secretly wink at you. I had said all those things without permission and I…… Errr….. I’m sorry.”

Yan Lei heard this and was furious. Why didn’t you give me a signal?

Zhen Anguo laughed and waved his hand: “You are right. You do not have the chance to explain during that situation.”

If Dong Xuebing had not secretly winked at them, Zhen Anguo and the rest of the leaders would not feel comfortable. Oh, you know that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang and is trying to hide it from us? But with those few winks, things were different. Dong Xuebing had hinted to them and had no chance to explain. It was their fault that they did not realize it. Damn. Who would have thought that the calligraphy was written by Chief Jiang? There were no clues at all.

This Chief Xiao Dong was extraordinary.

After this issue was settled, Chief Zhen was also in a good mood. “Let’s go back to the branch.”

Xu Yan gave Dong Xuebing a pat on his back. “Well done.”

After all the leaders boarded their vehicles, the Deputy Director from the Sixth bureau went up to Dong Xuebing and shook his hand. “Chief Xiao Dong, please forgive me. At the start, I still thought you are…… that’s why I had raised my voice at you. Please don’t mind me. Sigh…… in the future, let me know if you need any help.” He had sat together with Chief Zhen and Xu Yan at the table and had seen Dong Xuebing signaling to them. But he did not know what Dong Xuebing meant. Instead, he still raised his voice and scolded Dong Xuebing.

Yan Lei felt frustrated. He had embarrassed himself earlier when he scolded Dong Xuebing that he did not know anything about calligraphy. But in the end, Yan Lei made a fool out of himself.

Dong Xuebing felt he was walking on clouds. He knew he had settled this problem nicely. But when he thought about the time before he used BACK, he broke out in cold sweat. You all only see me resolving this issue, but my future was almost destroyed by all of you. Dong Xuebing had criticized that calligraphy, and if he did not use BACK, he would be in deep trouble now.

Western District Branch Bureau.

Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang and Old Yan were still in the office when Dong Xuebing, Guo Panwei, and Chang Juan returned. When Dong Xuebing returned, even Old Yan, who does not care about work, gave a questioning look to Dong Xuebing. He was also curious about the result. Dong Xuebing had wanted to brag about what he had done, but he was still the leader of this office. He got to humble, and somethings cannot be said by himself. Dong Xuebing just returned back to his own room to pack his bag, leaving Chang Juan and Guo Panwei the chance to tell what happened at the restaurant to the rest.

Tan Limei’s heart skipped a beat when she says Dong Xuebing returning back to his office without saying a word. “Sister Chang, Brother Guo, is the problem settled?”

Sun Zhuang asked: “Is Chief Jiang still angry? Who is he going to hold responsible for this incident?”

Guo Panwei rolled his eyes and said loudly: “How is that possible? Didn’t you see who had gone to save the day? Is there anything our Chief Dong that can’t settle?” Guo Panwei was so loud that even Dong Xuebing could hear him in his room.

Old Yan excitedly said: “Quick, tell us what happened.”

Tan Limei also added: “Sister Chang, quick tell us.”

Chang Juan took a deep breath first before saying: “I am impressed with our Chief Xiao Dong. You all did not see what happened today. It’s like…… like……”

Guo Panwei added: “It’s like we have seen a ghost.”

Chang Juan laughed: “That’s right. It’s like we have seen a ghost. It’s too unbelievable.” Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang and the rest were looking at her, and she continued. “I shall tell you all from the start. Chief Jiang was furious and had banged the table in the restaurant. He said he wanted to hold our branch responsible for this incident. At this moment, Chief Jiang noticed calligraphy hung in the private room and ordered the waitress to remove it. But the waitress dares not to remove. Chief Jiang got mad and insist the calligraphy be thrown out of the room. Haha…… Do you all know the reason?”

Tan Limei quickly replied: “Chief Jiang likes calligraphy and must think that piece of work is ugly and will affect his appetite.”

Sun Zhuang also nodded.

Guo Panwei smiled. “All of us also thought the same way at that moment. But make a guess. What did our Chief Dong say?”

Old Yan asked: “What did he say?”

“No one could ever guess what Chief Dong had said. Even all the leaders were shocked.” Chang Juan continued. “Chief Dong openly opposed Chief Jiang’s orders and said that the calligraphy cannot be removed.”

Sun Zhuang was stunned. “Really? Why did Chief Dong say that?”

Old Yan also could not believe his ears and laughed. “Chief Dong is still in his room. You two better not make up stories.” Everyone knows Chief Xiao Dong does not have high political wisdom. But no one feels he is an idiot. Openly oppose the No.1 man of the City’s bureau? Rubbish.

Chang Juan and Guo Panwei looked at each other and smiles. “Don’t doubt us. We are not joking. Chief Dong really did say that.” Chang Juan laughed when she saw the rest staring at her with their mouths opened. “That’s right. Everyone in the private room had the same expression as all of you now. All of us were stunned. Who would expect Chief Dong to say this? What happens next was more shocking. Chief Dong ignored Chief Jiang’s furious expression and start to praise that calligraphy. He still claims that this calligraphy was written by Master Tian and as a calligraphy lover, Chief Dong will not allow anyone to disrespect this masterpiece. That’s why he doesn’t allow Chief Jiang to remove it.”

“Chief Dong is a calligraphy lover?” Tan Limei and the rest almost fell off their chairs.

All of them had seen Chief Dong’s handwriting. Calligraphy lover? Bullshit!

Old Yan asked: “Chief Jiang got angrier? This is not settling the problem. It is totally the opposite.”

Chang Juan replied. “We all have the same expression as all of you now. We thought Chief Jiang would blow his top, but guess what? Chief Jiang did not lose his temper. Instead, he laughed loudly.” Chang Juan paused for a while and continued. “Chief Jiang said that he was the one who wrote this calligraphy few years back. He had given it to the boss of the restaurant then. Yes. That was Chief Jiang’s writings.”


“Really? Are you serious?” Tan Limei and Sun Zhuang’s eyes nearly popped out. “This is coincident?”

Chang Juan smiled: “Even when I think back at what happened at the restaurant, I still get shivers. I can tell all of you that this is not coincident. Chief Dong knew that calligraphy is written by Chief Jiang before he said those things. Don’t ask me how he knows that. But what Chief Dong said appeased Chief Jiang and Chief Dong took the opportunity to ask for forgiveness, and Chief Jiang said he will not pursue the matter.”

Tan Limei, Sun Zhuang, and Old Yan were stunned.

Guo Panwei sighed. “Our Chief Dong is too capable. It seems that he could settle all sorts of problems easily.” Guo Panwei was not bootlicking. This was his real feelings.

“That’s right. It’s too unbelievable.”

Dong Xuebing walked out of his office and cleared his throat. He had waited for Chang Juan and Guo Panwei to finish telling the story to the rest purposely. “It’s almost the New Year, and there is a lot of work. All of you have worked hard. Pack up and go back.” Dong Xuebing was overjoyed to see so many people praising him.

Tan Limei looked at Dong Xuebing: “Chief Dong, if there are such incidents again in the future, you must bring me along.”

Dong Xuebing stared at her: “Just focus on your work and stop thinking about all these.” Dong Xuebing said in his heart. Are you cursing me? Such incidents in the future? I do not want to experience this again. My future is almost gone. “Oh, don’t spread about the calligraphy. Keep it to yourselves.” Dong Xuebing does not want Chief Jiang to know about this.

At the same time.

Because of this incident, most of the staff in the Western District branch were still in their offices. Everyone was worried that Chief Jiang would hold the branch responsible and the leaders will be transferred away. There would be a significant impact if this happened. What will happen next? Who would Chief Jiang blame? The Deputy Director of the Sixth Bureau? Director Jiang or someone higher than him?

Suddenly, everyone received the news they were waiting for.

Other than the two officers who hit Chief Jiang’s nephew, no one else will be punished. This incident was over.

What was this possible?

Chief Jiang should be furious over this incident.

The following news they received made everyone speechless. Damn! It’s Chief Xiao Dong again!

The news those people received does not contain the details. They only knew that when all the leaders were helpless, Chief Xiao Dong was summoned over to put out the fire. Chief Xiao Dong reached the restaurant and then praised calligraphy there. This calligraphy was later found out that it was written by Chief Jiang and Chief Jiang’s anger was appeased. Chief Xiao Dong solved this issue within 10 minutes.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What else can they say? This was Chief Xiao Dong’s capability.

As everyone was going back, they were still discussing this incident.

“Look, what did I say this afternoon? I said this incident can only be handled by Chief Xiao Dong. No one else can settle it.”

“Don’t you think it’s weird? How come Chief Xiao Dong can just settle this issue so easily?”

“That’s because he is Chief Xiao Dong.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Liu, you sound like you are worshiping him.”

In the branch, the most surprised person was Chief Zhen’s secretary, Yan Lei. Yan Lei felt what Dong Xuebing did was too unbelievable. Everyone in the branch should be shocked. What was more incredible was the attitude of the rest of the people in the branch. They were only surprised for a while and then continued with their work. It seems like Dong Xuebing had only gone to the market…… and then got a KG of cabbage at 1 cent. People were only surprised but not shocked.

Yan Lei started to ask around about Dong Xuebing and found out about Dong Xuebing’s miraculous feats.

Yan Lei almost vomit blood when he heard it.

Saving documents…… penalty kick…… scoring the goal in the final seconds…… giving Minister Lu medication…… Zhou Guoan’s corruption case……

Yan Lei finally understood why everyone was not shocked to find out Dong Xuebing had settled this issue. He finally understood why the leaders in the branch trusted Dong Xuebing so much.

Dong Xuebing could put out any fire.


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