Power and Wealth
Chapter 137 – Deputy Section Chief!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 137 – Deputy Section Chief!


North Heping Road, Qu Yunxuan’s apartment.

Qu Yunxuan was putting up a pair of couplets on the wall. There were some red and gold Lunar New Year decorations in the living room. On the coffee table, there were some packets of sweets, nuts, and seeds. There were also some chocolates and gummy candies in a glass bowl. This year’s Lunar New Year was slightly earlier. In a few more days, it will be Lunar New Year’s eve. This was the time when everyone in China starts to decorate their houses.

The door opened, and someone entered the house.

Qu Yunxuan knew who had come in without even raising her head. “You had dinner with your leaders? Are you still hungry?”

“Yes. I want to eat you.”

“Eat your head! Stop talking nonsenses! Are you asking for a beating?”

“Hahaha……” Dong Xuebing did not care what Qu Yunxuan was doing and went over to carry her up to the sofa. He even spins around with her in his arms. Dong Xuebing could not show his happiness too openly at his unit, as he was afraid others might gossip about him. Now, he had returned home and could openly show his joy and excitement. “Aunt Xuan, I had gotten some credits when I was dining with the leaders. This is a great credit. I think someone from the Political Section will look for me within these few days.”

Qu Yunxuan was holding on to Dong Xuebing around his neck as she was being carried by Dong Xuebing. “Why will they be looking for you?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It is about my promotion. I will be getting my promotion to Deputy Section Chief rank!”

Qu Yunxuan was surprised. She pinched Dong Xuebing lightly: “Don’t try to trick me. You are really going to be promoted?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “If it is this morning, I only stand a 50% chance of getting this promotion. But now, I am sure! Hahaha, you might not know. Although there are strict regulations on promotions, like minimum number of years, probations, or two years observations, etc. but it will all depend on the leaders. Oh, I did not tell you about what I had done since I entered the government sector. I can’t even count the number of times I got credit with one hand. Why will they not promote me? No one will say anything, even if I am promoted based on an exceptional basis.”


“Of course. Why should I lie?”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Qu Yunxuan got up from Dong Xuebing’s arms and kissed him on his forehead. “You are terrific. This calls for a celebration. I will go and buy some alcohol.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “You want me to break the rules? Our department forbids us to drink too much alcohol. I also cannot drink. I will be drunk even if it is a small glass.”

“Then…… Let’s go to the restaurant.”

“Huh? I just had my dinner. Didn’t I SMS you?”

Qu Yunxuan grumbled. “That Section Chief Xu, who was driven out by you, got his Deputy Chief Rank when he was almost 40. He only got Section Chief Rank when he is 50. How old are you now? How long have you joined your agency? Shouldn’t we celebrate? We did not even celebrate when you become the Deputy Chief of your office.”

Dong Xuebing also felt this promotion was a significant leap in his career. He was only receiving Deputy Section Chief’s benefits but did not have the rank. With this promotion, he will be considered a real government official. This really calls for a celebration. “Errr…… I am still full. Why not we have dinner at Wang Fu after work tomorrow? Wait. The excitement will die off if we wait until tomorrow. Let’s go shopping and then watch a movie today.”

Qu Yunxuan playfully pinched his nose. “Ok. I will listen to everything you say today.”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes fluttered and looked at Qu Yunxuan, who was in her long johns. “I can also decide what you wear today?”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and quickly covered her chest. She stared at Dong Xuebing and scolded. “You pervert. Are you trying to bully me again?” She reached over to hold Dong Xuebing’s hand and led him to her bedroom. She switched on the lights and draw up the curtains. She then walked over to her wardrobe: “I am in a good mood today, and I will listen to you this time. But this is the only time. If you have any weird requests in the future, I will beat you up! There. All my clothes are there. You can pick what you want me to wear.”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his hands excitedly. Everyone has their own preferences, and preferences change over time. For example, when Dong Xuebing was in Junior High, he likes to see his female classmates in short skirts. But his classmates had to wear uniforms in school. It was only on school outings or tuition classes on weeks ends when they wear dresses. But now, Dong Xuebing prefers mature and smart dressing. He felt women in such dressing were more feminine and attractive. That’s why Dong Xuebing was very excited to pick the clothes for Qu Yunxuan.

Dong Xuebing decided to start picking the clothes from the inside. He bent over and opened the drawer containing Qu Yunxuan’s bras and panties.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and reached over to pull Dong Xuebing’s ear. “You cannot pick those. I…… I had just changed this morning.”

Dong Xuebing turned and looked at her. “Didn’t you say you will listen to me today?”

“……. You cannot choose my inner wear.”

“Ah…… why are you still so shy? Look at you. You are blushing.”

“You want me to tear your mouth?”

Dong Xuebing love to tease Qu Yunxuan. No matter how much she objected, he started search through the drawer, looking for the bra and panties he likes. Qu Yunxuan hit him a few times on his back and saw he still was continuing, she gave up.

“Oh.” Dong Xuebing suddenly stopped and asked: “Aunt Xuan, what is the color of your bra now?”

Qu Yunxuan stared at him angrily. “White!”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Can you let me take a look?”

“You want to die?!”

“Errr…… Just one look. If I don’t know what you are wearing now, how can I choose your outfit today?”

After bargaining for some time, Qu Yunxuan finally gave in. She hit him a few times and then lift up her top for one second. She blushed and quickly covered herself up. “Are you satisfied now?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. Actually, he does not care what Qu Yunxuan was wearing. He only wants to see her change. After searching through the drawer for a while, he took out a pair of matching lacy bra and panties and gave it to her.

Qu Yunxuan quickly snatched it from him and said: “I will change after you go out.”

Dong Xuebing will never do that. “Change now. I will not peep.”

“Who would believe you?”

“Didn’t you say you will listen to me? Why did you change so fast?”

“……” After hesitating for one minute, Qu Yunxuan took off her clothes when Dong Xuebing turned back to choose her clothes.

Dong Xuebing was peeping through the corner of his eyes. He then continued to choose the stockings. He picked a pair of skin-colored stockings. “Wear this too.”

Qu Yunxuan, who was only in her bra and panties, covered her chest with her arms and stared at him: “You want me to wear a skirt in Winter?”

“What skirt are you talking about?”

“Then why are you asking me to wear stockings?”

Dong Xuebing blushed. “Errr…… It’s my personal preference.” Dong Xuebing loves the smooth feeling of stockings. He felt stockings were a must for a mature and beautiful woman like Qu Yunxuan. Although black stockings were sexier, it does not suit a virtuous woman like Qu Yunxuan. Skin-colored stockings feel more homely and gentle.

Qu Yunxuan gritted her teeth and sat down on the bed to put on the stockings. She pretended to not see Dong Xuebing peeping at her.

After a while, the perfectly dressed up Qu Yunxuan appeared in front of Dong Xuebing.

Qu Yunxuan’s hair was tied up in a bun with a clip and had light makeup. She was wearing a white shirt with tight black pants. She looked more mature than usual. Dong Xuebing walked around her a few times admiring her and nodded.

“Am I beautiful?”

“Yes. You are the prettiest woman I had ever seen.”

Qu Yunxuan smiled and rolled her eyes. “You are just saying this to make me happy.”

Dong Xuebing swallowed his saliva and said: “Seeing you like this makes me feel like staying at home. Why not we celebrate in bed?”

Qu Yunxuan slapped the back of Dong Xuebing’s head and grabbed her coat. “Stop your nonsense. Let’s go.”

On the way out, they met their neighbor, Aunt Liu walking up the stairs with a bottle of peanut oil. She saw Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing and smiled: “Xuebing, Xiao Qu, you two are going out?”

Qu Yunxuan quietly moved slightly away from Dong Xuebing and replied. “Yes. It’s almost New Year. I am going to the supermarket to buy a packet of rice. It’s too heavy, and I can’t carry it myself. So, I got Xiao Bing to come with me. Hahaha.”

Aunt Liu laughed: “That’s right. You should get a husband. It is inconvenient to not have a man around.”

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “I am still looking for one too.”

After both of them walked out of their estate, Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “You really know how to lie. Buy rice?”

Qu Yunxuan saw it was already dark and there was no one around. She moved closer and held Dong Xuebing’s hand lightly: “Then what should I say?”

“Just say we are going out for a date.”

“Go to hell! I still have not agreed to be your girlfriend.”

Qu Yunxuan and Dong Xuebing strolled along shopping street slowly. Almost everyone, regardless of old and young, will turn back to look at Qu Yunxuan. Dong Xuebing felt proud to be walking alongside with her. In Beijing, almost everyone wants to stand out among the rest. If you ask any guys on the streets of Beijing, what type of girlfriend are they looking for, their answer will most likely be “someone whom I can bring out.” There are two meanings to this answer. One is about the woman’s look. The prettier their girlfriends are, the more they will want to bring them out. Another type is the woman’s character. The woman must not throw a tantrum or talk back to her boyfriend in front of his friends. Qu Yunxuan is a beautiful and matured woman. She was the perfect combination of both types.

As it was getting late, Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan did not go the Cinema in the central part of Beijing. They went to a small cinema nearby.

After getting the tickets, they went to a café for a drink to wait for the movie. They were watching an overseas romance movie, and there were not many people in the cinema. At most, there were only about a dozen people in the cinema, and they were seated in the center and near the front. Dong Xuebing had naughty thoughts when they enter the cinema. He pulled Qu Yunxuan to the corner in the last row. This was not the right spot to watch the movie, but it was quiet, and no one was seated nearby.

Qu Yunxuan put on a straight face: “Idiot! Are you thinking of doing something to me again?”

Dong Xuebing laughed: “Absolutely not.”

“We are in public. You better behave yourself. If not, I will hit you.” Qu Yunxuan took off her coat and sat down with a box of popcorns beside Dong Xuebing. She picked up popcorn and was about to put it into her mouth when she saw Dong Xuebing move nearer with his mouth opened. Qu Yunxuan could only put the popcorn into his mouth. “Behave yourself.”

The movies started. The plot of the film was the same as all romance movies.

Dong Xuebing was not even looking at the screen. He saw Qu Yunxuan watching the movie attentively and secretly moved his hand over to her thighs. He was feeling her up. Qu Yunxuan felt Dong Xuebing’s hand and quickly looked around before she gave him a stare. She did not say anything and continued watching the movie. But she was not as focused as before.

“Xuan Xuan, sit on my lap.”

“What for?”

“I want to hold you while I watch the movie.”


“Quick. I still have something to discuss with you.”


Qu Yunxuan did not reply, and Dong Xuebing just bent over to carry her up. Qu Yunxuan was tall and with her voluptuous figure, her weight was about the same as Dong Xuebing. It was hard for him to carry her to his lap in this position. Dong Xuebing was panting when he placed her on his lap and start hugging her around her waist.

“Stop it.” Qu Yunxuan slapped Dong Xuebing’s thigh. “What is it you want to discuss with me?”

Dong Xuebing rested his chin on her shoulders and asked. “You said earlier that you will listen to me today?”

“I did not say that.”

“You did.”

“Tell me what you want to do first.”

Dong Xuebing was looking at Qu Yunxuan’s thick red lips and whispered something shyly to her.

Qu Yunxuan immediately blushed and pinched his thigh. “You…… You…… you want me to use…… what sort of celebration is this? You pervert. I will kill you.” Dong Xuebing was still staring at her lips, and she got mad. “Stop looking at me like this, or I will dig your eyes out!”

“Really cannot?”

“Absolutely no!”

“We have already done that, what’s the difference? It’s all the same.”

“…… the same? My mouth and……. How can it be the same?”

“I think it is the same.” Dong Xuebing also did not expect he will succeed. He was only trying his luck. After all, Qu Yunxuan was very shy. “Errr…… forget it. Just treat it as I did not say anything. Let’s carry on with the movie.” Dong Xuebing felt embarrassed. Qu Yunxuan must be thinking that he was a pervert.

Qu Yunxuan kept quiet and sat on his lap, watching the movie.

Dong Xuebing took a quick glance at her. He does not know whether if she was angry or not. “Aunt Xuan, I am only joking with you. Really. Don’t take it so seriously. Errr…… if you are angry, I will let you pinch me. Here, I offer this leg for you to pinch.”

Qu Yunxuan was still ignoring him.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing was afraid he would affect the rest, he quickly answers his phone. “Hello?”

“Xuebing.” It was Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping. “Where are you now? What is your background so loud?”

“Oh, I am watching a movie in the cinema.”

“You are alone?”

Dong Xuebing suddenly noticed Qu Yunxuan had got off his lap as he was replying to his mother: “Yes. I am alone. I am bored at home, so I came out for a walk.” Dong Xuebing was stunned when he saw Qu Yunxuan squat down facing him. He wanted to ask her want was she doing, but he was still on the phone with his mother.

“It will be Lunar New Year soon. I will be going back to see you in a few days.”

A pair was small hands moved to Dong Xuebing’s belt and start to unbuckle it slowly. Dong Xuebing was stunned. Damn! What are you trying to do? Didn’t you say no? Why are you taking off my belt?

Qu Yunxuan looked up at Dong Xuebing and then continue to remove his belt.

Dong Xuebing’s mother asked: “Xuebing, I am talking to you. I will be going back during Lunar New Year.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Come back. Ok. Just come back.”

“I will only be back for 2 days. I should be back on Eve and will return on the first day of New Year.”

A moment later, Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath. He could feel his blood boiling. “Yes. Yes. I…… I will prepare the dumplings.”

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you sound so weird today?”

“Nothing. It’s an exciting part of the movie.” Dong Xuebing was breathing rapidly.

“Oh, then you go and watch your movie. I will hang up now. Remember to work hard and don’t make mistakes. Your probation is one year. Once you can last until your probation is over, you will have an iron rice bowl. You might not be able to be a leader, but what I wish for is for you to have a secure job.”

“Ok, ok…… Bye…… Let’s talk again when you are back.”

10 minutes later.

Qu Yunxuan stood up with one hand covering her mouth and ran towards the toilet in the cinema.

Dong Xuebing’s face was red as he waited for Qu Yunxuan outside the toilet. When he saw Qu Yunxuan staring at him when she came out, he immediately asked. “Err…… have you decided on our company? What will you be doing? Do you have any plans?” He was afraid she would be angry and tried to divert her attention.

Qu Yunxuan stared at Dong Xuebing angrily and replied: “I have not decided yet.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “That’s right. We should not rush. You can speak to your friends first. Errr…… how is the movie? It should be ending in 30 minutes.”

Qu Yunxuan took out a napkin and wiped her mouth. Her face was still red when she threw the napkin into the bin. “What are you looking at? You pervert! I am warning you. This is the only and last time. Do not ask me to do this again! If you still make these weird demands, give me back my keys. I will not let you step a foot into my apartment again! Do you hear me?”

“Yes…… yes…” Dong Xuebing laughed: “I hear you loud and clear.”

Qu Yunxuan gave him an angry look: “Idiot. Let’s go back.”

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan walked back, hand in hand, to North Heping Road.

Dong Xuebing’s promotion celebration was officially over.


A few days later.

Pang Bin, the Chief of the Political Section, lead a team, consisting of a leader from the cadre section and two staff members, to have an official talk with Dong Xuebing. After that, they interviewed the staff from the General Affairs Office to find out their views of Dong Xuebing. At the same time, they also consulted the Chief of the General Affairs office, Li Qing, and other leaders. Finally, they consolidate a report and submit it to the branch’s Party Committee. The Party Committee announced that Dong Xuebing has high aspirations and is a loyal follower of the party. He also showed excellent results and had outstanding work performance. Therefore, he is officially promoted to Deputy Section Chief. The nature of his work will not be changed.

Many people were shocked to find out that Dong Xuebing was promoted.

Everyone knows Chief Xiao Dong had only entered the bureau for 4 months, and his civil servant’s probation was not over yet.

When everyone thinks back about Dong Xuebing’s progression, they were shocked. Application to enter the Party will take at least 3 to 4 years for others. But Chief Xiao Dong got the approval in just 3 to 4 days. Ordinary staff members will need at least 2 to 3 years to be the Deputy Chief of a section. But Chief Xiao Dong took only 2 to 3 months. He even got the chance to attend the training course held at the Party School. This was reserved for people who were holding Deputy Section Chief rank. Other people need at least 3 to 4 years to get the Deputy Section Chief rank. But Chief Xiao Dong took only 3 to 4 months.

Exceptional case.

Exceptional case again.

Why Chief Xiao Dong can move up the ranks so fast?

The speed of Chief Xiao Dong moving up the ranks was like sitting on a rocket to space!


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