Power and Wealth
Chapter 139 –Xie Huilan is in danger!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 139 –Xie Huilan is in danger!

It’s the 2nd day of Lunar New Year.

Luan Xiaoping had planned to return yesterday. But she was elated by the news of her son’s promotion and decided to stay one more day to accompany Dong Xuebing. This morning, Dong Xuebing sent her to the bus stop. Before she left, she cried. She felt Dong Xuebing had made her proud and want him to visit the village when he is free. Dong Xuebing was not close to his mother’s side of relatives and rarely go back. But seeing his mother’s tears, he promised he will visit her when he got the time.

Dong Xuebing returned back to his apartment alone.

Qu Yunxuan was still at her parents’ place. Chang Juan and the rest had also visited him yesterday. There should be no one visiting today.

Dong Xuebing felt bored. He went online to see if any of his former classmates were online for a chat. But all of them were offline. After switching off the PC, Dong Xuebing wondered if he should buy some gifts to his leaders. This was not bribery. It’s the Chinese culture to send gifts during festivals. Since it’s not convenient for him to visit the State Security Branch quarters, but it should be fine for him to visit Xie Huilan. Xie Huilan had helped him a lot with the incident at the Newspaper agency. He has to pay her a visit to thank her again.

That’s right. Visit Sister Xie. She is a leader in the Central Government. It will not be a bad thing to be close to her.

Dong Xuebing immediately went to the nearby shopping mall and bought a bottle of perfume worth over 1,000 RMB.

Giving gifts to leaders had lots of unspoken rules too. Firstly, Dong Xuebing cannot call up and tell the other party that he will be visiting them in advanced. He will be rejected. He will also not know if the other party was being courteous or really mean it. If he wants to give gifts, he had to visit the leaders’ straight or give them a call when he reached their place. The gift must also be specially selected. The leaders will not accept expensive presents and they will not be happy with him. If the gift were too cheap, the leaders would think that Dong Xuebing had no respect for him. That’s why Dong Xuebing picked this bottle of perfume. It’s not too expensive or cheap, and it’s suitable for female leaders.


This was the place when Dong Xuebing met Xie Huilan the first time. She mentioned that she was living in her department’s quarters nearby.

Dong Xuebing asked around and finally got the address of the Publicity Department, News division’s quarters. It was a small and old estate. There was a concrete wall surrounding the estate, and there were 3 to 4 grey apartment buildings. When the guards saw Dong Xuebing holding on to a gift, they knew he must be here to visit the leaders. They did not stop him and let him enter. The security guards there will not stop people who came here with gifts. They will only stop those who acted suspiciously.

It was quiet outside the estate, but when Dong Xuebing entered the estate, he got shocked. It was very crowded inside.

Some people were walking out empty handed, and some were walking up the stairs with lots of gifts in their hands. Outside of an apartment building, 3 people were carrying their gifts and waiting outside the gate. After someone had exit, one person outside will enter. The other two continued to remain there. They seem to be queuing up to send gifts.

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. The Central Government’s departments were different.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Xie Huilan. He still does not know if she was at home.

The line got through. “Hello.”

Dong Xuebing quickly say: “Sister Xie, thank you for your help with the newspaper agency. I am at the News division quarters. I would like to pay you a visit. Errr…… is this a good time?” Before Dong Xuebing knew about Xie Huilan’s position, he did not speak politely with her. But after he found out that she was the Deputy Director of the News Division, Research Department, he changed the way he talks to her. He got no choice. Her rank was way higher than him.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Don’t be so courteous. I had owed you a favor in the past, and that’s returning your favor.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “How can your help be compared to my favor? I must thank you personally.”

“Fine. Since you are here, come up to my place. I am staying at block 6, unit 303. Come up 10 minutes later.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing realized that block 6 was the apartment building where all the leaders from the News Division were staying. Those people who were queuing up were waiting to enter block 6. There should be someone in Xie Huilan’s apartment now. If not, she will not ask him to wait for 10 minutes.

10 minutes later, it was almost lunchtime. The crowd in the quarters thinned.

Dong Xuebing walked up to the electronic gates of block 6 and pressed unit 303. “Sister Xie, it’s me.”

This was the intercom to Xie Huilan’s unit. Clicked. The electronic gate was opened, and Xie Huilan said over the intercom. “Come up.”

Dong Xuebing quickly entered the building. But before he could walk up the stairs, he heard someone talking upstairs.

“Director Xie, you don’t need to walk me out.”

“Old Xu, then I will not send you.”

“Yes. Please go back.”

When Dong Xuebing reached the second level, he walked past Old Xu. He was in his 40s, and they looked at each other without saying a word. Xie Huilan had not closed her doors and was waiting outside her unit. She smiled when she saw Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing quickly walks over. It’s not good to let a leader wait. “Sister Xie, Happy Lunar New Year.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “Happy New Year to you too. Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered her apartment and saw a cabinet full of gifts. There were cosmetics, wine, health supplements, fruit baskets, etc. Dong Xuebing looked at all those gifts and placed his perfume on the cabinet. After that, he chatted with Xie Huilan as they walked over to the living room. This was an old apartment, but it was well decorated.

“What tea would you prefer? Flower or red tea?”

“No need. Plain water will do. I will pour myself.”

“Hahaha. You are too courteous with me.”

Dong Xuebing poured a glass of water for himself and sat upright on the sofa.

Xie Huilan was wearing a white shirt and black pants. Her hair was tied up in a bun and had crossed her legs. She was wearing skin-colored stockings with a pair of black high heels. She was very sexy with a slim and tall figure, coupled with her beautiful features.

Dong Xuebing had a hard time controlling his eyes. His eyes kept drifting down to look at her body.

Damn! What am I thinking? Sister Xie is a bigshot! What am I looking at? I already have Aunt Xuan, and I am still not satisfied?

Dong Xuebing scolded himself in his heart and took a sip of water to hide his embarrassment.

Xie Huilan was looking at him with a smile. She gracefully picks up a piece of orange and eats it. She smiled and pushes the fruit platter towards Dong Xuebing. “Have some fruits. Oh, Xiao Dong, I still do not know what you are working as.”

Dong Xuebing straightened his back and replied. “I am also working for the government agency. I am working at Western District State Security’s General Affairs Office.”

“Oh…… State Security? One of my colleague’s partner is also from your branch. General Affairs Office’s job should be quite tiring. What do you handle?”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly. “Our Chief had delegated most of the work to us. I am in charge of most of the back-end support in the branch.”

Xie Huilan looked at him in surprise and laughed: “Deputy Chief?”

“Yes….” Dong Xuebing took another sip of water and secretly looked at her chest again.

Xie Huilan looked more surprised. “Not bad. You are about to reach this rank at your age is not easy. Do your best.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. You are also not much older than me, and you are already a Deputy Director of a big department. What am I compared to your rank? But Dong Xuebing knew that if they were to compare the speed of their promotions, he would win her. He was promoted to Deputy Section Chief in 4 months. How many people can be compared to him? Of course, those highly educated people who joined as Deputy Section Chief cannot be considered.

Both chatted for a few minutes. Dong Xuebing also wanted to be closer to a high-ranking leader like Xie Huilan. But they had only met each other a few times. They cannot be considered close.

After a while, Xie Huilan looked at her watch casually.

Dong Xuebing knew that this was a hint for him to leave. He quickly stood up and said. “Sister Xie, it’s almost twelve. I will not bother you anymore. I would like to thank you again for your help with the newspaper agency. If you need my help in the future, just let me know. I will do my best.” Dong Xuebing knew what he said was meaningless. Xie Huilan is a high-ranking leader and definitely will have some background. How can he offer any help to her?

Xie Huilan stood up slowly: “Ok. I will not keep you here. I still have a lunch appointment later.”

“I will be going then. Please stay here. I will walk myself out.”

After leaving Xie Huilan’s apartment, Dong Xuebing stood in the estate’s compound and took a deep breath. His performance earlier was not excellent. He had chatted with Xie Huilan for so long and could not find a topic that could interest her. This is not good. But at least she accepted his gift. There is still chance for him to get closer to her in the future.

After walking out of the estate, Dong Xuebing felt hungry. He looked around and saw a restaurant. He entered and ordered two dishes. In his mind, he was still thinking about Xie Huilan’s perfect looks and her sweet smile. He could feel his heart beating faster. Sigh……. The ancestors of the one who gets to marry Sister Xie would be dancing in their graves. Dong Xuebing wonders if Sister Xie was married or has any children. In the end, Dong Xuebing forced himself to stop thinking about Xie Huilan.

“Director Xie, Happy New Year. You are going out?”

“Happy New Year to you too. Yes. I’m going out for lunch.”

Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan walking out of the estate and spoke to a middle-aged man near the gates. A firecracker landed near her. That middle-aged man quickly stepped in front of Xie Huilan to protect her. “Director Xie, firecrackers are dangerous. You must be careful when you are outside.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Thank you. I will be safe.”

“Take care.”

Dong Xuebing felt the distance between him and Xie Huilan was too far apart. He is also a leader, but only the staff at the General Affairs Office gave him respect. Look at Sister Xie, anyone she met on the streets treated her respectfully. It was not only because of her rank and position. It was the temperament of a leader. Dong Xuebing felt he still does not have the experience and air of a leader.

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan’s back view as she walked away. He was secretly learning from her.

After finishing his lunch, Dong Xuebing walked towards the bus stop slowly.

A few buses went past the bus stop, but the bus Dong Xuebing was waiting for had not arrived. He deliberates if he should walk home as it was not too far away from his house. Ring, ring, ring. Dong Xuebing’s iPhone rang. He looked at the caller ID and was surprised. It was Xie Huilan’s number. Eh? This should not be possible. I am not that close with Sister Xie, and why is she calling me?

Dong Xuebing quickly answered the call.

He cleared his throat and said: “Hello, Sister Xie.”

But the voice of the caller was not Xie Huilan, and Dong Xuebing was shocked. It was an old man’s voice. “I saw your number on the phone, that’s why I called you. Are you this lady’s family? If not, can you inform her family?”

“What are you talking about?” Dong Xuebing sense something was not right. “What happened to Sister Xie?”

“A young girl had fallen into the water at the river east of Qiao Bei. This lady past by and saw it. She immediately drops her phone by the river bank and jumps into the water to save the girl. She managed to pull the girl to shore, but her legs got entangled with the seaweeds. I don’t know how to swim, and the rest of the onlookers dare not go into the water after seeing the seaweeds. Now…… now……”

Dong Xuebing turned pale immediately. “Hurry up and tell me.”

The old man continued: “Sighed…… she is dead. Her body is still in the water. We have called the police and are waiting for them to come and retrieve her body. Young man, can you notify her family?”

“Impossible…… This is impossible……”

“Sighed…… I’m sorry for your loss.”

Xie Huilan is dead?

Xie Huilan is dead?

Dong Xuebing hanged up in a daze. He could not believe what he heard. Was this a prank? Sister Xie was still chatting with him earlier, and now, she’s dead??

How was this possible?

1 second……

2 seconds……

Suddenly Dong Xuebing remembered something. He shouted at the top of his voice: “BACK!”

He can save her!

He must save her!

Translator’s notes: Lol. The author clearly has a fetish with stockings and older women. Whenever he describes a woman in this novel, he had to mention the color of their stockings.


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