Power and Wealth
Chapter 141 –Embarrassing moment!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 141 –Embarrassing moment!


Dong Xuebing used glutinous rice and dates to cook porridge for dinner. After dinner, Xie Huilan’s fever subsided slightly. She took one more fever pill and went to rest in the bedroom. Dong Xuebing had nothing to do. So, he watched the re-run of the Spring Gala night on the TV. He was worried that he would disturb Xie Huilan and did not dare to turn up the volume. People were still setting off firecrackers outside, and he could not hear the TV at all. In the end, Dong Xuebing chose to look at Xie Huilan’s bra, which was hanging by the heater. He finds it more interesting than what was showing on the TV.

Ring, ring, ring, ring……. Xie Huilan’s phone was ringing.

Dong Xuebing quickly looks away from the bra and turns back to face the TV.

The phone rang for some time before Xie Huilan answer. “Hello? Xiao Hao?” It was Xie Huilan’s lazy voice. “What are you doing at my place? I am not at home……. Yes. I am at my friend’s place. Cough…… Ya…… I have a fever. It’s alright…… Why do you want to come over? I will be going back soon……. I am fine……. Cough……” There was a pause. “Fine…… fine…… if you want to come over, just come. You can also send me back…… North Heping Road estate. It’s the first block, unit 301……. Ok. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing blinked and poured a cup of warm water, before knocking on the door. “Sister Xie, can I enter?”

“Come in.” Xie Huilan was sitting up slightly on the bed. “Haha, this is your room. There is no need for you to knock.”

Dong Xuebing smiled shyly and passed her the glass. “It’s warm. You will feel better.”

“Thank you.” Xie Huilan took the glass from him and yawned lazily. She took a sip of water and looked at Dong Xuebing. “My younger brother, Xie Hao, will be coming over in a while. Is it fine?”

“Of course.”

“Haha, I had troubled you a lot today.”

“It’s alright. I don’t feel troubled.” Dong Xuebing wished in his heart that she would stay in his place longer.

10 minutes later. Ding Dong, ding dong……. Someone was at the door.

Dong Xuebing grumbled in his heart. Why did he have to come so fast? He walked over and opened the door. There was a teenager, about 15 years old, standing outside. He was shorter than Dong Xuebing, and his features were not as sharp as Xie Huilan. But he still resembles her. Dong Xuebing opened the gate. “Xie Hao? Please come in.”

That boy saw Dong Xuebing and was shocked. His face changed and pushed Dong Xuebing aside and ran into the unit.

Dong Xuebing lost his balance and took two steps back. He was furious. F**k. What’s wrong with you?!

“Sis!” Bang. Xie Hao opened the bedroom door and saw the sickly Xie Huilan on the bed. “Sis! What happened? Who did this to you?” Before Xie Huilan could reply, Xie Hao turned and grabbed Dong Xuebing by his collar. “F**k! What did you do to my sister? I will kill you! Do you know who my grandfather is?! Ah?!”

Dong Xuebing was pissed. I had saved your sister’s life, and you still want to hit me? Who cares about your grandfather?!

“Xie Hao!” Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao coldly. “Get over here!”

Xie Hao gave Dong Xuebing a stare before letting go of him. He turned to his sister. “Sis, is he the one who bully you?”

Xie Huilan stared at Xie Hao in his eyes: “Who do you think you are? You dare to fight in front of me?!”

Xie Hao tried to explain himself: “No…… I…… you are on a man’s bed…… and I thought……”

“You thought? What are you thinking? Also, who is your grandfather? Ah? Tell me now! Who is your grandfather?!”

Xie Hao was stunned to see his sister so furious. He replied softly: “My grandfather is also your grandfather.”

“You still dare to talk back?!” Xie Huilan banged on the bedframe and pointed to Dong Xuebing. “I fell into the river and got entangled by the seaweeds today. I was almost drowned, and Xiao Dong had risked his life to save me. If it’s not for him, you will be at the mortuary collecting my body now! You are to grab Xiao Dong by his collar? What are you trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

Xi Hao jumped up in fright. “Sis! You are almost……. Ah……”

Xie Huilan stared at him. “Apologize to your Brother Dong now!”

Xie Hao realized that he had misunderstood Dong Xuebing and quickly run over to Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong. You will be my elder brother from today onwards. You had saved my sister, and yet, I…….” Xie Hao slapped himself lightly on his face. “I am sorry. No……. Brother Dong, you must hit me today. Come. You must also grab me by my collar and give me a scolding.”

Dong Xuebing was no longer angry with Xia Hao. “Never mind. You are also concern about your sister.”

Xie Hao refused. “Brother Dong, you must hit me for being so rude to you! It’s a must!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. Damn. What is this request? “It’s just a small misunderstanding. It’s fine.”

“No. You have saved my sister’s life, and I still treated you like this. If you don’t hit me at least once, I will feel uncomfortable. Quick. Just hit me as hard as you want!” Xie Hao moved his face forward.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and laughed. He hit him lightly on this head. “Ok. I had hit you. Are you satisfied?”

Xie Hao laughed and turned to Xie Huilan. “Sis, Brother Dong had accepted my apologies.”

Xie Huilan looked at her brother: “Use your brain before you say or do anything in the future!”

“Yes, yes.” Xie Hao saw his sister was no longer angry, and he moved closer. “Sis, are you still having fever? Do you need medicine? Do you need me to help you get some water?”

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao and nodded. “Help your Brother Dong pour a glass of water too.”


Dong Xuebing said: “Let me do it.”

Xie Hao quickly stopped him. “No, no. Brother Dong, you sit here and wait. I will go and get the water.”

Xie Huilan shook her head and smiled at Dong Xuebing. “My brother is spoilt by my family since young. He is too impulsive and jumps to conclusion easily. But he has a good nature and knows how to care for others.”

“Sis, Brother Dong, water.”

Dong Xuebing could tell that Xie Hao was extremely afraid of Xie Huilan. He could not blame him for being so scared of his sister. Xie Huilan is older than him by more than 10 years. She is also a leader in the central government and has a strong character. It would be weird if Xie Hao is not afraid of her. Oh…… Why did Xie Hao mention about their grandfather just now? Xie Huilan’s grandfather? Is he also a leader in the Central Government?

After a while of chatting, Xie Huilan rubbed her temples. She seems to be unwell. Dong Xuebing told her to rest awhile more before leaving and left the room with Xie Hao.

“Xiao Hao, what school are you studying in?” Dong Xuebing tried to start a conversation.

Xie Hao replied with a smile. “Yu Cai. City’s best high school.”

“Wow…… that’s a good school.”

“Hah… I got in through connections. Oh, Brother Dong, tell me about this afternoon. How did you save my sister?”

Xie Hao was afraid of Xie Huilan since young. Whenever he saw his sister’s face, he would tremble. Xie Huilan was the only person he was scared of in his family. He was not even afraid of their grandfather. But despite being fearful of his sister, he was closest to her. He was closer to his sister than their parents. When he learned about his sister’s accident, his heart almost stopped.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and told Xie Hao what happened. But he only says that he had passed by that area during the accident. Oh, he also did not mention about the CPR.

“Ah…… That’s was so f**king dangerous!” Xie Hao cursed and quickly covered his mouth. His elder sister was still in the bedroom. “Brother Dong, you are the man! You are a real man! Give me a call if anyone bothers you. I can help you get as many people as I can! I am never afraid of fights.” Xie Hao picked up Dong Xuebing’s iPhone and exchanged numbers.

Fights? Dong Xuebing was speechless. “You should be studying. Do you always get into fights in school?”

Xie Hao quickly ‘Shhhh” and said: “Don’t let my sister hear this. If not, I will be in trouble.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Look at yourselves. You are even skinner than me. What fights can you win? You should focus on your studies!”

Xie Hao boasts. “Brother Dong, I am not talking big. I might not be tall, but I can easily fight one or two people at once. Damn! Why are you looking at me like this? I am telling the truth!”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Bullshit. You can’t even win me with your frail body.

When it comes to boasting, very few people could win people from Beijing. Anyone on the streets of Beijing could boast until others faint. But they were not serious. They treated boasting as a joke. It’s like telling someone a joke, and no one will think much about it.

Dong Xuebing felt Xie Hao was interesting after chatting for a while. He had forgotten what happened earlier. Instead, they had become closer.

Suddenly, Xie Huilan shouted from the room. “Xiao Hao, it’s late. Let’s go back.”

“Ok!” Xie Hao replied and turned to Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong, remember to call me if you need any help.”

“Ok. I will.” Dong Xuebing laughed and walked to the bedroom. He knocked on the door and entered. “Sister Xie. You still have a fever. You will be sick if you walk out like this. Can I call a taxi for you first? You can wrap yourself in the blanket when you walk out.” Dong Xuebing could still joke and chat casually with Xie Hao. But in front of Xie Huilan, a leader in the Central Government, he cannot be so casual. Even when he had saved her life, he still has to treat her with respect.

Xie Huilan raised the corner of her lips: “Thank you. Xiao Hao can go out to get a taxi.”

Xie Hao quickly replied: “I will go, I will go……. Brother Dong, you have already taken care of my sister the whole day. Let me go and get a taxi.”

After Xie Hao went out, Dong Xuebing said: “Why not stay for the night? You can lock the bedroom, and I can sleep on the sofa. Oh, I can also sleepover at my neighbor’s place.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand slightly and got up from the bed. She laughed: “I will feel bad if I trouble you any further. You should be tired today. I will treat you to dinner after I recover. Ok?”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing moved closer and help her up. She was covered in sweat.

Xie Huilan was still wearing Dong Xuebing’s white shirt and had nothing inside. With her sweat, the shirt had become translucent. Not only her breasts were exposed, but her flat tummy and collar bones could also be seen clearly. It so damn seductive…….

Dong Xuebing quickly shouted and avoided looking at her. “Don’t come out from the blankets. I will help you get your clothes!”

Xie Huilan did not blush and could still smile. “Ok. Sorry, your clothes are dirtied.”

“It’s fine. Wait for me here under the blankets.” Dong Xuebing ran out to the living room and took all of Xie Huilan’s clothing. The long johns were dried, but her underwear and coat were still damp. So, Dong Xuebing grabbed the set of clothes, he bought in the afternoon, with him to the room. “Some of your clothes are still damp. I will get you a bag for damp clothes.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

After closing the door, Dong Xuebing waited outside with a paper bag.

A few minutes later, the room’s door opened, and Xie Huilan walked out. She did not wear her bra and coat which were still damp. She was holding them in her arms. Dong Xuebing lowered his head to avoid looking for her and passed her the paper bag. As he was looking down, Dong Xuebing saw Xie Huilan wearing the high heels he bought. But her stockings…… Huh? That’s right. Her stockings were torn, and he had forgotten to buy it for her.

Xie Huilan should be feeling uncomfortable without stockings.

Xie Hao returned upstairs. “Sis, there is no taxi. I had called my friend to drive us back. He should be arriving in half an hour.”

Xie Huilan frowned. “Don’t bother your friend. We will take a taxi back ourselves.”

Xie Hao looked at her and nodded. “Ok. I will give him a call now.”

Xie Huilan turned and smile. She extended her hand: “Xiao Dong, I will not thank you anymore today. Let me thank you properly another day.”

Dong Xuebing looked at her hand and used both hands to shake it. “Don’t mention it.” This was how they shook their leaders’ hands.

Xie Huilan laughed. “We will be going off. You don’t need to walk us down.”

“No. I have to walk you down and will leave after you got in the taxi.”

“No need. Do you understand?”

“Errr…… Fine…… Be careful on your way back.”

Dong Xuebing returned home after watching Xie Huilan, and Xie Hao walked down the stairs. He closed the door and took a deep breath. Xie Huilan was still a high ranking officer in the government. When he was in front of her, he could feel the pressure. He wonders when he could enter the Central Government.

He thought back about the whole day’s events and what he had gained.

He had saved a woman he likes and became closer to a leader from the Central Government. These were his returns for risking his life.

Dong Xuebing was exhausted. He had run like crazy, dived into the river to save Xie Huilan, carried her up the stairs, wash and cooked for her……. Ah…… He could finally rest. He massaged his own shoulders and went back to his room. He dropped himself on the bed. A matured woman’s scent was still lingering on the bed. Dong Xuebing picked up the damp blanket and sniffed. Hmmm…… A leader from the Central Government is different. Her sweat smells good even after she had fallen into a smelly river!

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing saw something.

Dong Xuebing had a small bin in his room. A pair of skinned colored stockings were hanging by the side of the bin. It looks like Xie Huilan’s torn stockings. He quickly got up from the bed and to take a closer look. It was the pair of stockings he washed in the afternoon. Xie Huilan must have thrown it into the bin after noticing the tear at the bottom. Dong Xuebing bent over and picked up the pair of stockings and played around it in his hands. Smooth……

Dong Xuebing had put a plastic bag in his bin. He had just changed the plastic bag, and the bin was very clean.

Dong Xuebing played with the stockings for a while, and suddenly a dirty thought flashed across his mind. His face turned slightly red. Aunt Xuan had been away for several days and will return a few days later. After losing his virginity, Dong Xuebing had been feeling horny all the time. Coupled with what Xie Huilan’s body he saw in the afternoon, he could not hold back any longer.

What should he do?

After deliberating for 1 second, Dong Xuebing made his decision. He quickly switched on his PC and played a porn video. Then he grabbed Xie Huilan’s used stockings and start……. Sometimes, men had to settle their own problems. Dong Xuebing seldom do this, but today, he really cannot control himself.

1 minute……

2 minutes……

Maybe Xie Huilan’s status was too high, or she was too pretty, Dong Xuebing was very excited. He started fantasizing about her in her sexy black underwear under her business wear. He finished the deed in 3 minutes.

After switching off the PC, he threw the wet and sticky stockings into the bin.

But before he could pull up his pants, Ding Dong, Ding Dong…… The doorbell rang.

Dong Xuebing was stunned. Who is it so late at night? He quickly wore back his pants and went to open the door. “Huh? Sister Xie? Why did you come back? Where’s Xiao Hao?” Xie Huilan, who had left 5 minutes ago, was standing outside. Dong Xuebing did not dare to let her wait outside and quickly open the gate.

Xie Huilan smiled and walked into the apartment with a limp. “I asked Xiao Hao to wait for a taxi downstairs while I come up to get something.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Oh……. You have forgotten something? You can just give me a call, and I will bring it down for you. You don’t need to climb up the stairs again. You might fall.”

“It’s fine. I’m feeling much better now.” Xie Huilan smiled and entered.

Dong Xuebing closed the door and followed behind her. “What did you forget? I had passed your clothes and bag.”

Xie Huilan smiled: “I feel uncomfortable wearing heels without stockings. My feet hurt. Haha, the pair of stockings you washed for me might be torn, but I think I can still wear it. I will throw it after I returned home.” Xie Huilan walked into the room.

What did she say?!

She’s going to wear back that pair of stockings??

Dong Xuebing’s face turns green immediately. Damn! Damn! Damn! That pair of stockings still have my……!!!

Dong Xuebing first thought was to shout out in his heart. BACK! BACK! BACK! F**K!!! There’s no more BACK left!!

“Sister Xie! Sister Xie!” Dong Xuebing’s sweat was flowing down his forehead. He quickly chased after her. “No! Don’t wear those! I will get you a new pair! Those are torn!”

Xie Huilan waved her hand and looked at the plastic bin by the wall. “No need. I am just wearing it until I get home.”

Dong Xuebing panicked. His in deep shit. “Don’t pick it up! Don’t!”

“I said it’s fine. Do you understand?” Xie Huilan ignored him and reached into the bin.

“Ah! Sister Xie! You!”

That’s it. I’m finished!

Xie Huilan was already holding the pair of stockings in her hand. Huh? It’s wet? She remembered when she threw them into the bin, it was already dried. Also, the stockings seem to be heavier? Xie Huilan paused for a second and bring the stockings near to look at it. 1 second…… 2 seconds…… 3 seconds…… Xie Huilan turned and looked at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing wished he could bury his head into the ground. He could feel the whole world crumbling down around him. “Sister Xie! It’s like this…… I…… I had spit into the bin!”

This was the lamest excuse he could come up with! Dong Xuebing believed that Xie Huilan knew what’s the stuff on her stockings.

Even morons could guess what that was!

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing for 3 to 4 seconds and smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier. Fine. I will go back now.” She threw the stockings back into the bin and took a napkin to wipe her hands. After throwing the dirty napkin into the bin, she left.

Dong Xuebing was too ashamed to walk her to the door. He was too embarrassed to face her!

Xie Huilan knew what he did to her stockings! She must be furious now!


Translator’s notes: A funny chapter. Lesson learned. Don’t use the stockings thrown away by a woman immediately. Make sure she will not return before using it. Lol. I wonder if Xie Huilan was also interested in him. Anyway, he is a pervert.


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