Power and Wealth
Chapter 144 – Chief Xiao Dong protecting his staff!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 144 – Chief Xiao Dong protecting his staff!

The Lunar New Year’s holidays had ended, and today was the official first day at work.

“Good morning Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong, Happy New Year.”

“Chief Dong, congratulations on your promotion.”

Everyone who saw Dong Xuebing greeted and smiled at him, regardless of whether they knew him or not. In the past, there were still some people who doubt Chief Xiao Dong’s ability. They felt it was ridiculous to claim that Chief Xiao Dong could solve any problems. But after the calligraphy incident and his promotion, no one dares to doubt him. Even those that dislike Dong Xuebing had to accept the fact that Dong Xuebing was very capable!

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted everyone. He felt everyone’s attitude towards him had changed after he was promoted to Deputy Section Chief rank.

“Xiao Dong!” Someone shouted from the back.

Now, no one in the branch would call Dong Xuebing as Xiao Dong. Even General Affairs Office’s Chief Li Qing called him Chef Dong. Those who call Dong Xuebing as Xiao Dong were the Branch Bureau’s Deputy Chiefs and above. So, when Dong Xuebing heard someone calling Xiao Dong, he immediately turns back. He thought it was one of the Deputy Branch Bureau Chiefs. But when he saw the one calling him, his face changed. F**k. It’s only Chief Zhen’s secretary, Yan Lei!

Yan Lei walked over and said emotionlessly: “Xiao Dong, there’s a meeting later in the branch. Go and prepare the materials.”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. He was now the same rank as Yan Lei. No, in terms of position, he had more authority than Yan Lei. How come he was acting like he was Dong Xuebing’s superior? You dare to order me around? Also, what’s with your attitude?!

“What materials?”

Yan Lei frowned: “Didn’t I had faxed the materials to General Affairs Office before Lunar New Year?”

“Really?” Dong Xuebing replied. “I will look for it in the office.”

Yan Lei’s face turned black. “The documents are Chief Zhen’s plans for this year! Chief Dong! Don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

Dong Xuebing cursed again in his heart. Damn! You are only making use of Chief Zhen’s name to force people to do your bidding. “Ok. I know.”

Yan Lei was furious with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. He was Chief Zhen’s secretary, and everyone in the branch speaks to him politely. But only Dong Xuebing treated him differently. The first time they met, Dong Xuebing had not given him any face. At the restaurant with Chief Jiang, Dong Xuebing had made a fool out of him. Yan Lei knew Dong Xuebing had done a lot for the branch, but everyone knew they had a grudge against each other. There was no reason for Yan Lei to treat Dong Xuebing respectfully. Even if Dong Xuebing were close to the branch’s leaders, he would not be as close to Chief Zhen as Yan Lei. With Zhen Anguo backing Yan Lei, Yan Lei felt a Deputy Section Chief was a nobody to him. So what if he was capable? I represent the branch bureau’s top leader. You have to listen to me!

“Oh, Brother Yan. Good morning.”

Yan Lei turned and smile.

Dong Xuebing ignored him and returned to the General Affairs Office.

After the encounter with Yan Lei, Dong Xuebing’s good mood was all gone. He was pissed. He hated Yan Lei more. Look at the former Chief Yan’s secretary, Brother Lui. He treated everyone with respect and seldom abuse his position. He was also close to the various departments’ leaders. Secretaries should behave like him. But look at Yan Lei. Petty, small-minded, putting on airs every now and then. Dong Xuebing wonders why Zhen Anguo picks Yan Lei as his secretary.

“Chief Dong, you are here.”

“Good morning Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong, what’s wrong?”

Tan Limei, Chang Juan, Guo Panwei, and Old Yan greeted Dong Xuebing. There was a new staff in the office.

Dong Xuebing waved his hand and instructed them to prepare the materials for Yan Lei, before entering his room. He disliked Yan Lei, but he cannot ignore Chief Zhen. That’s why Dong Xuebing will not clash with Yan Lei in public and will still do whatever he was supposed to do.

After all the work in the morning was completed, Tan Limei knocked on the door and entered Dong Xuebing’s office.

“Chief Dong, thank you for helping Sun Zhuang.” Tan Limei said gratefully.

Dong Xuebing had called Xu Yan last night to request for Sun Zhuang’s transfer. Deputy Branch Bureau Chief Xu did not promise him anything. She only says she will help him ask around. But this morning, Sun Zhuang was asked to report to the Political Section. Xu Yan treated Dong Xuebing very well. Dong Xuebing’s mood became better and laughed. “Don’t mention it. Oh, there is a new staff transferred here?”

Tan Limei replied: “Yes. She is transferred here from the Political Section. Her name is Wang Xin. She passed her Civil servant entry exams last year.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Ok. Can you ask her to come in for a while?”

Tan Limei left and closed the door behind her. She cheerfully walked over to Wang Xin’s desk. “Chief Dong wants to see you.”

Wang Xin had average looks and had delicate features. When she heard that Chief Dong wants to meet her, she panicked. She was transferred to the General Affairs Office was because she had offended a Deputy Section Chief in the Political Section due to her clumsiness. She could not complete the tasks assigned to her on time and often made mistakes. Due to all these reasons, she was scolded by her leaders frequently and had a phobia of meeting leaders. She had heard a lot about Chief Xiao Dong and panicked. “Sister Tan, errr…… errr…… Do you know why Chief Dong wants to meet me?”

“I am not sure.”

“Did I do something wrong? Is Chief Dong going to reprimand me?”

Tan Limei laughed. “No. Chief Dong treats us very well. I have never seen him get angry and scold anyone of us. Hehe, you are lucky to be transferred here. Although the work here is busy, the working environment here is good. There is no other leader in the branch that treats us better than Chief Dong.”

Chang Juan, who was beside Wang Xin, laughed. “Xiao Tan is right. Xiao Wang, you better go in now. Don’t let Chief Dong wait.”

“Oh, oh… ok.” Wang Xin quickly walks over to Dong Xuebing’s office and knock on the door.

Dong Xuebing: “Come in.”

Wang Xin asked softly: “Chief Dong, you want to see me?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and nodded. He points to the sofa. “Sit. Sit down first.”

Wang Xin dares not sit down. But Dong Xuebing repeated himself, and she sat down cautiously. She was nervous as she was afraid of getting scolded again.

Dong Xuebing calmly asked: “You are Xiao Wang? Hehe, don’t be so scared. Who is the one who guides you this morning?”

Wang Xin replied softly: “It’s Sister Tan.”

“Ok. Xiao Tan’s performance is good. You should learn from her. Actually, the work in the General Affairs Office is simple. You only need to be meticulous, and you will be fine.” Dong Xuebing was speechless when he saw Wang Xin’s sweat rolling down her forehead. What’s there to be so nervous? “How is your typing speed? Do you know how to write scripts for speeches?”

Wang Xin replied softly: “My typing speed…… is not very fast. I have never written any scripts before…… I don’t know if……”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “It’s fine. You can learn. No one knows everything. Haha, you can ask Xiao Tan, Chang Juan or the rest if you need help. You can also come and ask me.” Dong Xuebing paused for a while and looked at the nervous Wang Xin. “Ok. If there is nothing else, you can go back to work. Feel free to look for me if you need help.”

Wang Xin was relieved. “Thank you for your concern. I…… I will go back to work now?”


After leaving Dong Xuebing’s office, Wang Xin could feel her sweat on her back. She had heard how capable Chief Xiao Dong was. She never expects Dong Xuebing to be so friendly and did not act like a leader. This was quite surprising for Wang Xin. But she knows she cannot judge him just from this meeting. The Deputy Chief of the Political Section was also very friendly and approachable. But when she made a small mistake, he would stare and scold her. All leaders were like this.

Yan Lei suddenly barged into the General Affairs office.

Yan Lei saw Wang Xin and gave her a few pieces of A4 paper. “Type all these into a word document. I will come and get it later. It’s urgent.”

Wang Xin quickly replied: “Yes, Secretary Yan.”

Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest pretended not to see Yan Lei. They knew Chief Xiao Dong was not on good terms with Secretary Yan.

After Yan Lei left, Wang Xin started typing carefully. She even checked the dictionary for some characters to be sure.

After a while, Yan Lei returned. He walked over to Wang Xin: “Is the document ready? Give it to me now.”

Wang Xin panicked. “…… it’s not ready yet. I will finish it in 10 minutes.”

Yan Lei heard this and frowned. “Why is it not ready? How long has it been? Didn’t I tell you that I need this urgently?”

Wang Xin looked down timidly. She knows she was in trouble and was frightened. “Secretary Yan, I’m sorry. I…… I did not know you need it so urgently. I……” She knew who Secretary Yan was. He was Chief Zhen’s trusted aide and was someone she could not offend.

Yan Lei stared at her. “You are still finding excuses?! Are you deaf?! Didn’t I tell you to hurry up just now? Do I still need to tell you what time I will be coming back to collect it?” Yan Lei was pissed when he came to the General Affairs Office previous. This time, he exploded!

Wang Xin felt accused. If Yan Lei had told her that he will be collecting the document in 5 minutes, she would have asked Tan Limei for help. Her typing speed was not fast. Her eyes turned red, bite her lips, and started sobbing. She had entered the branch for several months and was almost scolded every day. She could not hold back her tears any longer.

Tan Limei was shocked and quickly go over. “Secretary Yan. I will help you type the document now.”

Yan Lei looked at Wang Xin and scolded: “You can’t even complete a simple task! Cry?! Is this the General Affairs Office’s efficiency?!”

Wang Xin covered her mouth and cried even louder.

Dong Xuebing heard the commotion outside and knew what was going on. He was furious. Yan Lei dares to shout in his turf? He totally has no respect for Dong Xuebing! What is he trying to do? Slapping me in the face? Scolding me indirectly? Dong Xuebing opened the door and stormed out. “Why are you shouting here?! What’s wrong with the General Affairs Office? Ah? What’s wrong with our efficiency?!”

It was tense. Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest held their breath.

Yan Lei looked at Dong Xuebing coldly: “What do you think? The document I want is still half finish after 5 minutes! Are you going to be responsible if Chief Zhen asks?”

F**k you! Other than making use of Chief Zhen’s name, what else do you know?

Dong Xuebing was pissed. Yan Lei had come to his office to create trouble, and this was slapping Dong Xuebing in his face and a challenge to his authority. Dong Xuebing will not tolerate this. Fine. Since you started this, I will not give you any look! He points at Yan Lei in his nose: “Then I will ask you now! Why didn’t you tell us exactly when you need this document?! Ah? You did not make yourself clear, and you want to blame Wang Xin? Are you here purposely to create trouble? This is your problem, not ours!”

Yan Lei’s face turned white from his anger. “You should find out what’s going on first! All of you should reflect on yourselves for your incapability! Now, you still dare to claim that I am here to create trouble? Chief Dong! You better watch your words!”

Dong Xuebing stared at Yan Lei. “This is the way I speak! You better not raise your voice at me here! Can’t you see the rest of them are working? Do you know what this place is? The General Affairs Office! We are providing support to the various departments in the branch! You are affecting the rest now! If they make any mistakes, are you going to be responsible?!”

Yan Lei was furious: “It’s your people that…….”

Dong Xuebing banged on the table: “I know how to manage my people! It is not up to you to lecture them!”

“Fine! Fine! I finally see the working attitude of the General Affairs Office!” Yan Lei turned and stormed out of the office.

Motherf**ker! Who the f**k do you think you are?! Dong Xuebing wanted to stay low, but these people just can’t leave him alone. Now, Dong Xuebing couldn’t care less. He had dared to go against and talk back to Zhou Guoan, the former Branch Bureau Chief. This was nothing. So what if you are the Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary? You think you can do whatever you want here? You want to lecture my people? It’s not up to you to discipline my staff! In the General Affairs Office, I am the leader! You are only holding the Deputy Section Chief rank. You do not have any position nor in charge of any department…… what right do you have to order people around?”

Of course, Dong Xuebing was furious was not because of himself only. There was one more reason. Dong Xuebing was overprotective of his people.

Dong Xuebing felt that leaders can look so grand was because of their subordinates. When they were outside, the subordinates will help the leaders carry their briefcases. In the workplace, they will help the leaders prepare hot tea. During festivals, the subordinates will give gifts to the leaders. In the General Affairs Office, the staff members had given Dong Xuebing face. During Lunar New Year, Tan Limei, Guo Panwei, and the rest had given Dong Xuebing face by going to his place to help him. His mother was overjoyed when she met them. Dong Xuebing was someone who would treat others the same way as they treated him. That’s why Dong Xuebing makes sure he takes care of his staff. He was furious when he saw Wang Xin crying because of Yan Lei.

Wang Xin was stunned by Dong Xuebing’s words.

Everyone knew who Yan Lei was. He was the Branch Bureau Chief’s trusted secretary! But Chief Xiao Dong banged the table in from of him because of a newly joined staff member. This……. This…… Wang Xin’s tears started flowing again. “Sob…… Chief Dong. I…… caused trouble for you…… Sob…… Please punish me!”

Dong Xuebing looked at her and comfort her. “Stop crying. Hmph! Some people just think they are somebody and goes around abusing his authority. Xiao Wang, you are not at fault. You are slow at typing is also not your fault. You have just been transferred over, and you are still not familiar with the work here. No one will blame you. Do you hear me? Stop crying and wipe your tears.”

Wang Xin cried even louder after Chief Dong comforts her.

Dong Xuebing let out a ‘huh’ and said: “Xiao Tan, you go and comfort her. Sister Chang, help her type out the document. We must not cause any delay to Chief Zhen.” After saying all these, Dong Xuebing returned to his office.

Tan Limei passed a piece of tissue to Wang Xin. “What did I say earlier? Chief Dong treats us well, right? Hehe, do you know about the meeting document incident when Chief Zhou was still around? Although we were framed by someone, Sister Chang and I were in-charge of preparing the documents. When Chief Zhou wanted to pursue the matter, Chief Dong shouldered all the responsibility and claims to be the one who prepared the meeting materials. Sister Chang and I were so moved, and we cried.”

Wang Xin believed what Tan Limei said was true. She nodded while wiping her tears. She had never met such a good leader before. “But…… But I had caused trouble for Chief Dong. Secretary Yan will……”

Chang Juan walked over with Yan Lei’s document and laughed. “This is only a small issue to Chief Dong.”

Guo Panwei also laughed. “That’s right. We shall wait and see how Yan Lei get into trouble.” Everything that happened in the past was enough to prove that it will not end up well with those who offended Chief Xiao Dong.

Noon. News of the clash between Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan spread throughout the branch.

On one side, it was the newly promoted Chief Xiao Dong. On the other hand, it was the blue-eyed boy, Branch Bureau Chief’s secretary. Everyone thought both had clashed over some important matters. But when they found out the reason behind the argument, they were speechless.

An argument over such a trivial matter???

Under normal circumstances, it’s not a big deal for Secretary Yan to lecture a staff member. After all, he was working for Chief Zhen. Other leaders will pretend not to see even if they were unhappy with Secretary Yan. They still have to give the branch Chief face. They would not want to fall out with Secretary Yan over this small issue.

But of course. These were other leaders.

Everyone in the Western District Branch Bureau knows Chief Xiao Dong was not an ordinary person!


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