Power and Wealth
Chapter 147 – Fire Fighter appears again!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 147 – Fire Fighter appears again!

Chief Zhen’s office.

After receiving the phone call from her former classmate, Xu Yan rushed to Zhen Anguo’s office. After a while, Cheng Haimei and Political Section’s Chief Pang Bin also arrived. The parents of those students must have gotten their connections to contact them. Yan Lei was the only non-leader in the office. This was like an emergency meeting. Hmmm…… This was really an emergency meeting, as many leaders from the City and Central Government were involved.

Zhen Anguo knew why the leaders had come to look for him. “I had asked the Sixth Bureau to release them.”

Pang Bin looked at Chief Zhen worryingly. “Chief, are the kids hurt?”

Zhen Anguo replied: “No. There are only handcuffed.”

Cheng Haimei, Xu Yan, and the rest of the leaders were relieved to hear that. If the kids were injured, there would be no way to resolve this incident.

Knock, knock, knock.

Director Jian from the Sixth Bureau entered the office, followed by an old officer. He was the one who leads the team to release the students.

Chief Zhen looked at them. “Have they left?”

The old officer wiped his sweat and replied: “I brought my men over, but those children refuse to leave. They demanded an explanation from us. They want to know why we arrested them. I wanted to uncuff them, but they refused and covered the keyhole of the handcuffs. They claimed the handcuffs are evidence and want to show it to their family members. We dare not to use force on them. Chief Zhen, what should we do not?”

Zhen Anguo’s face changed. “You all can’t even do a simple thing, right?”

Cheng Haimei, Pang Bin, and the rest panicked. The students want to leave the handcuffs on and wait for their family members? The branch bureau will be in deep trouble if this happens!

Cheng Haimei said with a straight face: “Remove the handcuffs first!”

“Political Commissar Cheng……” The old officer replied. “I had asked our officers to leave the handcuff keys on the floor. But they just refuse to leave. I also……”

Director Jian added: “These kids are stubborn and refuse to listen to us. If we use force to remove the handcuffs, they might be injured.”

Pang Bin frowned: “But we also cannot wait here like this. Do we really want their family members to come and fetch them?” If the family members of those students really come and fetch the students personally, Western District Branch will be famous.

“Then, let’s try to persuade them!” Zhen Anguo looked at Xu Yan. “Chief Xu, can you speak to them?”

Xu Yan nodded.

Cheng Haimei felt uneasy and stood up. “I will go too.”

Pang Bin also followed.

Zhen Anguo said. “Xiao Lei, go with them and try to persuade the students to leave. Remember, those students must leave our branch safely within half an hour. Also, make sure no one is rough to them.” After Yan Lei left, Zhen Anguo rubbed his temples. When he was in the investigation branch, he was also very busy. New cases were placed on his desk almost every hour. But despite being so busy, he did not face such headaches like what he was facing now. Since the day he was transferred to State Security, he had endless headaches and face countless problems.

Zhen Anguo looked out of his window at the branch’s main entrance. He knew this was a sensitive issue and must be settled as soon as possible!

Inside the small storage room at the main gate, the few students were smoking their free hand.

Xu Yan and Cheng Haimei covered their mouth and cough from the cigarette smoke. They looked at the students, and Xu Yan asked: “Who is Liu Zi?” Three students turned to look one boy in Shi Da uniform. Xu Yan said: “Liu Zi, I am classmates with your uncle. He had called me to bring you back. Hurry up and remove the handcuffs. What’s the point of staying here?” The handcuff keys were on the floor, and Xu Yan picked one key up.

That Liu Zi threw the cigarette butt and covered the handcuff keyhole. “Auntie, I have never been treated like this before in my life. No. I cannot leave just like this!”

Xu Yan frowned. “Be good! Don’t let your uncle be worried about you!”

Liu Zi turned his head away and kept quiet.

Cheng Haimei saw that and looked at the students. She noticed one student at the back. “You must be Xiao Qian? Hurry up and release those handcuffs. Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Tell your friends to leave too. Stop creating trouble here. Your family members are still waiting for you all to go back.”

That Xiao Qian refused to listen and shouted: “We are creating trouble? We are standing along the streets, waiting for someone. Is this illegal? Why are did you all arrest us? Why are we handcuffed? Are we some criminals? You all are the ones who started this! We are arrested by you all in the first place! Fine! We will not leave now! Are you all satisfied?”

Cheng Haimei also frowned: “It’s fine if you all wait outside other government agencies. But you all should know what State Security does. We cannot let people loiter outside.”

Another student rebutted: “Stop scaring us! I will wait here for my father to come and be the judge!”

Ring, ring, ring. One of the student’s phone rang.

A student reached into his pocket and took out his phone. “Hello? Dad? …… I am still being handcuffed and locked in a small dark room…….” The student exaggerated the whole incident. “We are only standing by the entrance for a while, and they rush out and arrest us. They even twisted my arm and almost broke my neck. My waist is also very painful……. Dad! No…… Do you even care about me? Ah? Then tell mum that I am being bullied by these people!” That student hanged up in anger.

Yan Lei felt this was an excellent opportunity to claim credit. If he could put out this fire, it would be all due to him. He stepped forward with a smile. “Students, it is almost lunchtime. Let’s go out for lunch together. You all can pick the place, and we can discuss over lunch. Ok?”

The students looked at their watches and then looked at that good-looking student. “Brother Hao……”

That good-looking student was sitting cross-legged arrogantly. “Are you all hungry? Anyway, I am not hungry!”

Liu Zi immediately said: “I am also not hungry!”

“That’s right! We can wait!”

Yan Lei could tell that the good-looking student was the leader of the students, and he turned to him. “How about I get you all some water?”

The good-looking student let out a “Hmph!”. He knew Yan Lei was not a leader in the branch and did not give him any respect. “Who do you think you are?! You think you can fool us?! Give us water to drink and want to make us go toilet?”

Another student scolded: “F**k! You are too evil!”

Xu Yan frowned and stared at Yan Lei.

Yan Lei immediately move to the back.

Pang Bin also found his friend’s relative. But the response he got from that student was the same as Xu Yan and Cheng Haimei. All these students were in their rebellious stage, and they have strong family backgrounds. They were stubborn and refuse to listen to others.


It was lunchtime, and the students still refuse to leave. Xu Yan immediately informs Zhen Anguo about the situation.

Many staff had come out for lunch and saw many leaders standing near the small storage room. They already knew what happened. Sighed…… Western District Branch was really unlucky this year. The previous time was the wrongful arrest of Chief Jiang’s nephew. Now, it was the wrongful arrest of many central government leaders’ relatives! This had serious consequences! It was too severe for Chief Zhen to bear!

Zhen Anguo could not sit still anymore. After hearing the report from Xu Yan, he walked over to the entrance. He had no choice but to try and settle this incident himself.

Outside of the storage room.

“Chief Zhen, they still refuse to leave……”

“Sighed…… They do not want to listen to us!”

Zhen Anguo took a deep breath and entered the room. He put on a gentle smile and said: “I am the Chief of the Western District Branch Bureau. Your relatives had called several times and are worried about you. Nothing will be solved if you all remain here. How about we find a nice place to have a discussion?”

One of the students replied: “Chief, it’s not we do not give you face. But we cannot be arrested like this. We are all law-abiding citizens! Why did your men arrest us? I have never been so humiliated all my life!”

Zhen Anguo smiled: “Yes. There are some problems with the way they handle this incident. I will punish them!”

Another student added: “Punishment is not enough. They have to apologize and bow to us. Also, ask that long hair sister to come out. Liu Zi wants to ask her out for dinner.”

Zhen Anguo knew he could not reason with these students and had wanted to persuade them nicely. But when he heard what the student said, he was furious. These brats were spoilt and unreasonable. But Zhen Anguo could not argue with them. The leaders of the branch had just been reshuffled due to the corruption case, and Chief Jiang’s nephew incident had only been resolved. He could not let the branch to get into any more trouble. If not for all these reasons, he would just ignore them and make their parents come over to fetch them. These brats were the ones who started this incident, and the branch was not at fault. They were the ones who refused to leave and had nothing to do with the branch.

Zhen Anguo cannot disappoint Chief Jiang further! He can’t wait for the parents and relatives of these students to come over! He had to resolve this incident and explain it to their parents and relatives!

After leaving the storage room, Zhen Anguo received a call from Chief Jiang.

“Why are the students not released yet! How long has it been?!”

“Chief Jiang, we wanted to let them go, but they refuse to leave. They even stop us from uncuffing them.”

“What the hell is your branch doing? Ah?! Why are you all giving me so many problems?! I don’t care what you do. This must be settled now! Release them immediately! I will give you all 20 minutes to resolve this!” Chief Jiang hanged up.

All the leaders and the staff members standing there looked at each other without saying a word.

Everyone knew they had to make these students leave. The branch cannot afford to have any more bad reputation. Who knows what would happen to the branch if this was not resolved. These brats refused to listen to anyone, and their family members were all higher-ranked than Chief Zhen. Force cannot be used on them. How can the branch make them leave under such circumstances?


No one wants dares to step forward as no one knows how to resolve this.

The branch was eerily quiet at this moment.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Pang Bin cleared his throat to break the silence, and everyone, including Chief Zhen, Xu Yan, and Cheng Haimei looked at him. He paused for a while and mentioned a name. “How about we ask Chief Xiao Dong to come over for a while?”

Many people suddenly remembered Dong Xuebing.

That’s right! Western District branch still have Chief Xiao Dong!

Why did they forget about him earlier?!

But just when everyone remembered Chief Xiao Dong, they turned to look at Chief Zhen. Chief Zhen had only punished Chief Xiao Dong yesterday.

Zhen Anguo frowned. He does not believe that Xiao Dong would be able to resolve this issue. This was no longer about his ability. Xiao Dong, who does not have any background would be chased out of the room by the students. But Guo Anguo had no other choices. He turned and looked at his men: “Call Xiao Dong over!”

Xu Yan looked at Zhen Anguo. She did not call Xiao Dong. You only remember Xiao Dong when you encounter problems?

Someone called the General Affairs Office, but the staff members do not know where Chief Xiao Dong went. He is not in the office.

Zhen Anguo shouted to Yan Lei and the rest: “Go and find him! Go upstairs and find him now!”

Actually, Dong Xuebing had been watching from the toilet windows. He knew the branch was in trouble again. When he saw Yan Lei and a few other younger staff members running back to the building, he immediately took off his pants and squat down, pretending to be shitting.

5 minutes later, the toilet door was pushed open!

Yan Lei was panting and looking at him furiously. “Dong Xuebing! Why are you still here?! Come with me now! Chief Zhen is looking for you!”

Dong Xuebing stared at him: “Why are you shouting? Can’t you see I am shitting?”

Yan Lei did not want Dong Xuebing to go over, but this was Chief Zhen’s orders. Furthermore, he also believes that Dong Xuebing could not settle this. “Hurry up! The leaders are waiting for you! Stop wasting time!”

“What is wrong with your attitude?” Dong Xuebing was furious. “My stomach hurts, and I am still shitting! How can I hurry up?”

Yan Lei pointed at him: “Fine! You think you are so great?! Even Chief Zhen cannot call you over?!”

“F**k you! Stop using the leaders to scare me! Other than making use of the leaders’ name, what else do you know?”

Yan Lei shouted: “Fine!” He turned and stormed off.

Dong Xuebing was really furious now. Oh, I had put out so many fires for the branch, and just because I had some arguments with Yan Lei, all my contributions are forgotten? Not only Yan Lei is rewarded, I am also punished? This is too much! Damn! Now there is trouble, and you all think of me? What are all of you doing in the first place?! F**k! You all created this mess and want me to put out the fire? I got to help you all when the higher-ups are angry? No one remembers my contributions, and I am still being punished? You want me to save you all now? Forget it! I am not an idiot!

Dong Xuebing decided to ignore them. Whoever wants to go and put out this fire, just go ahead. Just don’t look for me!

Dong Xuebing did not want to help was due to his anger over Chief Zhen’s treatment towards him, and also, he did not know how to resolve this. Those students all had strong backgrounds. He does not know how to get them to leave.

But after thinking about this incident for a while, Dong Xuebing felt he should not be doing this. All the leaders of the branch were waiting for him outside, and if he still tries to hide, he would offend all the leaders. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing was only pissed with Chief Zhen’s decision.

Dong Xuebing quickly put on his pants and walk out of the toilet.

Yan Lei had already reached the entrance.

Chief Zhen and the rest looked at him. “Where is Xiao Dong? Have you found him?”

“I have found him.” Yan Lei replied furiously. “He is in the toilet. I told him that all the leaders are waiting for him, and there is something urgent for him to resolve. But he put on airs and refused to come out!”

Refuse to come out? Everyone’s face turned green.

Chief Xiao Dong must be throwing a tantrum over the exchange program’s name list. But…… But Dong Xuebing should think of the bigger picture. He should not disrespect all the leaders.

Xu Yan thought for a while and called Dong Xuebing on his handphone. But no one answered.

Xu Yan called 3 times, but no one was answering. Suddenly, she saw Dong Xuebing running out from the main building towards them.

Zhen Anguo was furious with Dong Xuebing’s attitude. “Chief Dong! You really know how to put on airs! We are all waiting for you.”

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and saw everyone staring at him. “Chief Zhen, what are you talking about?”

Xu Yan asked: “Why are you so late?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I have an upset stomach and is shitting in the toilet. When Secretary Yan came to look for me, I was shitting halfway. When I heard the leaders are looking for me, I immediately wipe my butt and wash my hands before running out. I did not even waste a single second. Chief Xu, you can’t be asking me to run out of the toilet without wearing my pants, do you?”

Xu Yan immediately turned to Yan Lei: “Secretary Yan! What are you trying to do? You are trying to make up stories?”

Yan Lei thought Dong Xuebing would come out after 5 to 6 minutes, or even don’t show up. He did not expect Dong Xuebing to come out of the toilet so fast. Since he had already said all those things, he had to stick to it. “When I saw Dong Xuebing earlier, he refused to come with me. He even scolded me!”

Dong Xuebing retorted: “I was shitting and did not even wipe my butt! You insisted me to leave the toilet immediately! Before I can even wipe my butt, you shouted. ‘even Chief Zhen cannot call you over?!’ You are putting words in my mouth! You stormed off before I can say anything! What do you want me to do? Walk out with you without my pants? Secretary Yan! You are setting me up!”

All the leaders knew they had wronged Chief Xiao Dong. How could someone just leave the toilet immediately when they were shitting halfway? This was too unreasonable.

Yan Lei panicked: “You said……”

Dong Xuebing interrupted him: “What did I say?”

“Enough!” Zhen Anguo shouted: “This is not the time for these nonsenses!”

Xu Yan was pissed when she saw Zhen Anguo still trying to help Yan Lei. She stared at Yan Lei for 3 to 4 seconds and then turned to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong, you should know what happened in the morning. If you can get those students out of the branch within 5 minutes and settle this problem amicably, I promise I will give you an explanation for everything that had happened yesterday and today!” Everyone understood what Xu Yan was saying. It was about the conflicts between Secretary Yan and Chief Xiao Dong.

Dong Xuebing was touched by Xu Yan’s words! He had been waiting for this.

Zhen Anguo was shocked to hear what Xu Yan said.

The other leaders were also surprised. What was Xu Yan trying to do? Going against Chief Zhen because of Chief Xiao Dong?

Didn’t Chief Zhen and Xu Yan become closer recently?

Xu Yan had joined Chief Zhen’s faction, but she did not abandon her dignity and honor. She still has her ego. Chief Zhen’s secretary had provoked Dong Xuebing over and over again, and Chief Zhen kept siding with Yan Lei. This pissed Xu Yan off. Oh, Xiao Dong had clashed with Yan Lei, and you pin the blame on Xiao Dong before you even investigate the whole incident. Now, the branch is in trouble, and you want Xiao Dong to save you?

But Xu Yan did not want to fall out with Zhen Anguo. She turned to him. “Chief Zhen, if Xiao Dong can resolve this incident, there is something I need to tell you.”

Zhen Anguo heard Xu Yan, and his first thought was he had not handled Xiao Dong and Yan Lei’s conflict well yesterday. Xu Yan was unhappy with the punishment imposed on Xiao Dong. But this was because Xiao Dong had scolded Yan Lei for no reason. Zhen Anguo felt he might have missed out something from the way Xu Yan acted. Zhen Anguo looked at Yan Lei and said: “We can talk later. Chief Jiang will be calling in another 5 minutes. Xiao Dong, can you settle this within 5 minutes?”

Dong Xuebing said in his heart. You all really think too highly of me. But since the leader had spoken, Dong Xuebing could only reply: “I will try my best.” In his heart, he said, ‘I am not doing this because of you. I am doing this for Chief Xu!’

“Good!” Zhen Anguo nodded. “Go!”

Xu Yan gave Dong Xuebing a pat on his back.

Cheng Haimei, Pang Bin, and the rest of the leaders and staff members looked at Dong Xuebing. Many people felt it was impossible for Dong Xuebing to resolve this. All those students were rebellious and had strong backgrounds. Unless it was their family members, if not, they will not listen to anyone else. Chief Xiao Dong will not be able to pacify them! But Chief Dong was someone who had save the branch several times. Whenever everyone had given up hope, he was the one who saves the day.

Stress. Dong Xuebing could feel the weight on his shoulders.

Dong Xuebing smiled wearily to himself and walked towards the storage room. He also wanted to resolve this. He was punished by Zhen Anguo, and Yan Lei had framed him several times. This was his chance for a comeback. But the condition was he must settle this incident successfully. He still has no idea how to resolve this.

Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, and even Zhen Anguo had tried but failed.

Those students did not want to listen to anyone! There was nothing Dong Xuebing could do even if he enters that storage room.

When Dong Xuebing was nearing the door, he remembered he had not used his BACK since Lunar New Year. He thought hard and felt he should do something different. Since the students refuse to listen to any persuasions, he might as well use force. You brats dare to loiter in from of my workplace and created this mess? Arrogant brats!

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing overheard the conversation in the room.

“That State Security long hair sister, which Liu Zi likes, is really pretty. We must get her number today.”

“Damn. All of you don’t try to snatch her away from me. Huh…… Other than brother Hao.”

“Hmph! Brother Hao has some many women. You think he will care about this girl?”

Dong Xuebing had been in a very bad mood over the last two days. When he heard what the students were talking about in the room, he exploded.

You brats are still talking about getting to know girls now? F**k!

Dong Xuebing walked faster and stopped at the door. Everyone in the branch was wondering how Chief Xiao Dong was going to resolve this, and they saw him raising one leg. To everyone’s surprise, Dong Xuebing kicked the door opened. “This is State Security’s compound! What the hell are you all trying to do? Ah? Tell me!”

The people outside were stunned. Damn! This was adding fuel to the fire! What was Chief Xiao Dong thinking?

The students inside were also shocked. “Shit! You dare to scold us?! You are digging your own grave!”

Dong Xuebing had BACK and does not care about the consequences. He started scolding the students, venting all his anger from the past two days on them. “You all should be in school! Why are you all trying to know girls in State Security?! Are you all blind?! You all think you all can do whatever you want with your family backing you all? Fine! Since you all are not afraid of shaming yourselves, we are not afraid of offending them! Go on! Call them to come over to bring you all back! If they don’t come personally, we will not release you! Let’s see if your parents will feel ashamed to see their children behaving this way!”

Liu Zi had never been scolded like this in his life. He stood up and gave a kick to Dong Xuebing. But one of his hands was still handcuffed, and he could not reach Dong Xuebing. “Brothers! Kill him!”

The other students were furious!

Dong Xuebing looked at them coldly and suddenly noticed one of the students behaving differently. He was covering his face with his hand. Dong Xuebing felt that student…… looks familiar and pointed at him: “You! Why are you covering your face?!”

A No. 15 Middle School student, who was nearest to Dong Xuebing, shouted: “You dare to shout at Brother Hao?! I will kill you!” He rushed forward and tried to kick Dong Xuebing.

When Dong Xuebing was about to dodge that kick, a figure moved. It was that student who had covered his face earlier. He kicked that No. 15 Middle School’s student from his side. Everyone was stunned and wondered why Brother Hao had kicked him. Brother Hao looked at the rest of them and shouted: “Stop!” He pointed to Dong Xuebing. “Who are you all trying to kill? Ah? This is my big brother! He is my big brother, do you all understand?!”

This Brother Hao, the leader of these students, was Xie Huilan’s younger brother, Xie Hao!

The rest of the students stopped. “Oh, Brother Hao, we are sorry. We do not know.”

Xie Hao looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled embarrassedly: “Brother Dong, you are from the Western District? Errr…… This is a misunderstanding. I do not know you are working here. If I know, I will never come here.”

Dong Xuebing was also surprised to see Xie Hao. But he was still furious. “Damn! You are the one who brought them here? You have guts to create trouble in State Security. What are you trying to do? Are you crazy? What’s the point of your family sending all of you to school? Ah? Is this the way you all repay them? Fine! You all want to blow up this matter, right? Want your family members to come and fetch you all? Ok! I will help you all do that!” Dong Xuebing took out his phone from his pocket.

Xie Hao panicked. He quickly pulls Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Brother Dong, please don’t call my sister. Please.” Xie Hao had not called his family for help earlier. He thought his friends’ backings should be sufficient. More importantly, he cannot let his sister know that he had come to the State Security to woo girls!

Dong Xuebing shouted: “Stop calling my brother! Who is your brother?!”

Xie Hao pleaded. “Brother Dong, you are my brother.” He then turned to the rest. “All of you will call him Brother Dong from now onwards!”

Liu Zi and the rest of the students saw this person knew Xie Hao’s elder sister and immediately quiet down. They knew Xie Hao was from an influential family.

“Brother Dong…….”

“Brother Dong, I’m sorry for earlier……”

“Brother Dong, I was too impulsive earlier and shouldn’t have scolded you.”

Dong Xuebing felt strange. He did not expect all the students to listen to Xie Hao. He continued to put on a stern face: “Don’t want to let your sister know? You also know that what you did is wrong?! If you know it, then you should not do it in the first place! Do you know how much trouble you have cause for my branch? Ah?!”

Xie Hao smiled embarrassedly: “We also do not want to blow up this matter. We are only scaring them.”

Dong Xuebing banged on a table. “Do you know what agency this is? I am the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office here, and my department is in charge of clearing up the mess you all created! Are you trying to scare me?! Are you trying to get me in trouble?!”

“Brother Dong. I’m sorry.” Xie Hao was not afraid of anyone except for his sister. If his sister knows that he had gone to the workplace of the person who saved her life to create trouble, he will be in deep shit.

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and looked at Xie Hao, before keeping his phone.

Xie Hao immediately smiles. “Brother Dong, please keep this from my sister. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing did not reply to him and looked at his watch. “Uncuff yourselves!”

“Sure!” Xie Hao picked up the key from the floor and removed the handcuffs. He then turned to his friends. “What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and uncuff yourselves and leave. Stop giving Brother Dong problems!”

Xie Hao was the leader, and all of the students listened to him. They quickly pick up the keys from the ground.


Outside of the room. Everyone was waiting anxiously.

They were some distance from the storage room, and the door was closed. No one knew what was going on in that small room. They had only seen Chief Xiao Dong kicking the door opened and scolded those students. Everyone felt Chief Xiao Dong was not trying to resolve this issue. Instead, he was trying to make matters worse!

One minute passed…….

Two minutes passed……

Yan Lei moved closer to Zhen Anguo and whispered: “Chief Zhen. Xiao Dong is too aggressive! How can he scold those students? Scolding will not solve any issues.” Yan Lei was not the only one thinking like this. Everyone outside felt the same way too.

Zhen Anguo looked at his watch. The 20 minutes time limit given by Chief Jiang was almost up!

The door of the storage room was still closed!

Xiao Dong must have failed, and Chief Jiang will be punishing the Western District Branch.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Dong Xuebing walked out.

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, Chang Juan, Tan Limei, and the rest looked over and saw Dong Xuebing was alone. Everyone sighed in disappointment. That’s right. Those students were too arrogant and unreasonable. They would not uncuff themselves and leave. This was impossible in the first place!

Yan Lei sneered in his heart. Firefighter? Solve all problems? You finally face something that you cannot resolve!

Everyone had pinned their hopes on Chief Xiao Dong and were disappointed: “Chief Dong…… The students……”

When everyone was about to say something, what they saw next made them speechless!

All the students walked out one after another. After a while, all 6 students had left the room, and they were not wearing any cuffs. Everyone could not believe what they saw. What happened next was more shocking!

Xie Hao smiled: “Brother Dong. We are sorry for causing so much trouble for you.”

Liu Zi added. “Brother Dong, can we leave now?”

Another student said. “Brother Dong. Please don’t walk us out. We will leave by ourselves.”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. Who the hell is going to walk you all out?! He looked at the students and nodded. “Get back to school and stop loitering around! Study hard! Your studies are more important! Do you all understand?!”

Xie Hao looked at his friends: “Do you all hear what Brother Dong had said?! Brother Dong wants us to study hard! This afternoon, all of you must do your homework!”

Liu Zi smiled embarrassedly: “We will study hard.”

Another student added: “Yes. I will revise my schoolwork overnight.”

Xie Hao smiled: “I will also study hard every day.”

“Alright!” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Go back now and remember to call your family members to let them know you are safe.”

“Ok. We know what to do.”

“Bye, Brother Dong!”

“We are leaving now!”

The few students walked out of the branch obediently, and Dong Xuebing walked over to the leaders. “Chief Zhen, Chief Xu, Director Pang, and leaders. I had completed the task. Are there any other instructions?”


Everyone in the branch was dumbfounded!

Even Chief Zhen and other leaders could not persuade those brats. Chief Xiao Dong had only entered the room for a few minutes, and the students became so obedient. They even address Dong Xuebing as Brother Dong. They were still demanding to look for that long hair girl earlier……. And they want to study hard now?!

What the hell was going on?

Why did those brats change suddenly?

Everyone was staring at Dong Xuebing.

Miracle! This was a goddamn miracle!

No one knows what Chief Xiao Dong did or say in the room. Even the buddha could not change these hooligans within minutes!

Speechless, shocked, surprised, appalled……

This is Western District Branch Bureau’s, Chief Xiao Dong.

The omnipotent Chief Xiao Dong!

Are there really any problems that Chief Xiao Dong cannot resolve?!


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