Power and Wealth
Chapter 148 – Chief Xiao Dong demands an explanation!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 148 – Chief Xiao Dong demands an explanation!

Branch Bureau’s front yard.

There were dozens of people, including the leaders, standing near the entrance, staring at Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing felt uncomfortable from everyone’s looks and cleared his throat. He was in the limelight again. Another credit under his belt!

Ring, ring, ring. A phone rang, breaking the silence.

Zhen Anguo picked up his phone. “Hello, Chief Jiang.”

“Good job!” Chief Jiang only said two words and hang up.

Zhen Anguo laughed to himself. Chief Jiang was still shouting at him over the phone 20 minutes earlier, and he was telling him good job now?! Those kids must have called their relatives and stop pursuing the matter. Chief Jiang knew that the Western District branch had done nothing wrong, and since everything was settled, he was relieved.

Zhen Anguo kept his phone. That’s right. Good job!

Xu Yan looked at Dong Xuebing. Xiao Dong had made her proud again!

Pang Bin, Cheng Haimei, and the rest were speechless. Chief Xiao Dong! It was Chief Xiao Dong again! The whole branch cannot do without him! They had been in the government service for many years, and this was the first time they met someone like Dong Xuebing! No one could understand why Xiao Dong was so capable.

“Alright.” Zhen Anguo said: “Go back for lunch.”

How did Dong Xuebing do it? He got the credit again. Yan Lei was furious, but he was more worried about Xu Yan’s explanation of Dong Xuebing. It seems to involve him!

After entering the cafeteria, Dong Xuebing was surrounded by Guo Panwei, Chang Juan, and the rest.

Guo Panwei said: “Before you arrived, those students were very arrogant. But after you entered the room, they became docile immediately.”

Chang Juan added: “Chief Dong, you are terrific!”

Dong Xuebing was feeling pleased to be surrounded by so many people. He waved. “Enough, enough. Stop currying favor here and go have your lunch.” He was disgraced yesterday and made a comeback today. He kept thinking about what Xu Yan said. He does not want to see that Yan Lei being stepping all over him. He must get back to him yesterday!

After lunch, Dong Xuebing went up to Xu Yan’s office.

“Chief Xu, I am here to see you about Yan Lei……”

Xu Yan did not reply to him and laughed. She joked: “Xiao Dong, you managed to tame those arrogant kids. I think you also have some backgrounds or connections. Hahaha.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “Stop poking fun at me. What background do I have?”

“Really?” Xu Yan did not continue to ask. “You have done a good job today. You can make use of this opportunity to explain yourself to Chief Zhen about what happened between Yan Lei and you.” Xu Yan had wanted to speak to Zhen Anguo. But after some thoughts, she felt she should not do it. Dong Xuebing should be the one clarifying the misunderstanding himself. “If Chief Zhen’s attitude is still…… Come and see me!” Xiao Dong had helped the branch solve another problem, and if Zhen Anguo is still biased and sided with Yan Lei, Xu Yan will act!

Giving Yan Lei the spot for the exchanging program was too much.

Oh, when there are problems, Xu Yan’s people will have to solve it, and when there are benefits, your people will get it? Why?! Xiao Dong had done so much for the branch, and he cannot be compared to that useless Secretary Yan? Xiao Dong does not deserve to be rewarded?

Dong Xuebing was still furious. He acknowledged and went upstairs to demand an explanation!

Everyone in the branch was talking about Chief Xiao Dong’s glorious feats, and they knew that this was not the end. The external problems were solved, and now, it’s time to settle the internal issues. It’s not a secret that Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan could not get along with each other. Secretary Yan had claimed that Chief Xiao Dong was putting on airs earlier, and Chief Xiao Dong claimed that Secretary Yan had accused him. This…… had to be resolved. This will affect the relationship between Chief Zhen and Chief Xu. When news of Chief Xiao Dong went up to see Chief Zhen, everyone was waiting eagerly for the outcome.

Chief Zhen’s office.

After lunch, Zhen Anguo was back in his office deep in thoughts. He questioned Yan Lei again about the incident between him and Xiao Dong in the General Affairs Office. Yan Lei still insist that it was Dong Xuebing who scolded him because of his staff member. Zhen Anguo does not understand. Xiao Dong was the one at fault. Why was Xu Yan so firm about helping him? If Xu Yan was his political rival, he could understand. But Xu Yan was on his side. Zhen Anguo did not know that Yan Lei had lied to him. He thought that maybe Xiao Dong and Xu Yan had some ‘special’ relationship…….

Zhen Anguo picked up the phone and wanted to call someone to ask about yesterday’s incident.

Knock, knock, knock. Zhen Anguo put down the phone. “Come in.”

Dong Xuebing entered the office. “Chief Zhen. I would like to speak to you.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “Sure. Have a seat.” Zhen Anguo did not make Dong Xuebing stand in front of him like yesterday. This was the treatment Dong Xuebing deserved for helping the branch again. Furthermore, those kids were so respectful to Dong Xuebing, and Zhen Anguo felt it was weird. Xiao Dong might be capable, but there must be reasons why he could solve so many problems for the branch. Xiao Dong was able to solve this crisis for the branch today was too weird. Could Xiao Dong also have some backings? Could his backing strong enough to suppress those central government leaders?

Zhen Anguo smiled, but Dong Xuebing was still unhappy with him. He did not sit down and said: “I am a straightforward person. If I had said anything that offended you, please forgive me.”

Zhen Anguo could sense Dong Xuebing’s unhappiness. “Haha, sure.”

Dong Xuebing organized his thoughts and said: “Chief Zhen, I am not bragging. Since the day I joined the State Security, I had made significant contributions to the branch and helped the branch to avoid many crises. All of you can see it clearly. I…… Fine. Even if you think my contributions are too insignificant, but at least I worked hard to achieve it.”

Zhen Anguo laughed. “If your contributions are still considered insignificant, who else can perform better than you?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “But since you acknowledged my contributions, why am I left out for the Zhejiang Province’s exchange program?”

“You still dare to ask me?” Zhen Anguo replied in a joking manner. “It’s all because of your foul temper. How can you stare and scold your colleagues over some minor issues? No matter how significant your contributions are, you still have to take note of your conduct. You scolded and chased Xiao Yan out of the General Affairs Office. Have you thought about how this will affect others? How can I send you to the exchange program?”

Dong Xuebing heard that and explodes. “Then why is Yan Lei allowed to go? Chief Zhen, do you think I am the only at fault? Yan Lei came into the General Affairs Office and started scolding my staff. Wang Xin, a newly transferred young lady, was scolded until she cried. She was only transferred to our office for less than a few hours. But Yan Lei still thought nothing about it. He continued scolding her even after she started crying. He did it on purpose. What do you expect me to do? Shouldn’t I go out and stop him? Are you expecting me to hide in my office like a coward and listen to Secretary Yan scolding me indirectly?”

Zhen Anguo’s face changed when he heard this. “What actually happened?”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Chief Zhen, Secretary Yan might have not told you everything. I will tell you the whole incident from the start. I swear I will not make up any stories. After hearing my side of the story, you can verify with those that were present. Yesterday, Secretary Yan came to the General Affairs Office and said you needed a document to be typed. He gave a document to Wang Xin and did not say when he needed it. He only says he needed it urgently and left. He returned 5 minutes later and demanded the document. When he saw Wang Xin still working on the document, he started scolding her at the top of his voice. I only came out of my room after Wang Xin started crying. I did bang the table and shouted at Secretary Yan during our argument. I admit I am rash. But Secretary Yan was purposely provoking me and wanted to create trouble in my office. If I keep quiet, how do you expect me to face my subordinates?”

Zhen Anguo’s face turns black. “Did he really shout in your office?”

“You can ask the people from the office next door. All of them heard it!”

Bang! Zhen Anguo hit his desk. “Nonsense!”

Dong Xuebing continued. “About the incident earlier, I was still squatting on the toilet bowl when Secretary Yan came to look for me. He ordered me to follow him, saying that the leaders were looking for me and asked me to stop wasting time. His attitude was like I am his grandson. I also want to hurry. But I was shitting and how can I leave like this? Guess what Secretary Yan said. He said ‘Even Chief Zhen also can’t ask to do something?’ and he left. I did not say I am not going out of the toilet. But what did he tell you? He said I am putting on airs and refuse to go and meet you. How am I supposed to go out of the toilet at that time? I still need to wipe my butt and put on my pants! Chief Zhen, you can be the judge. Is he framing me?”

Zhen Anguo was shaking from his anger. He grabbed the phone and dialed a number. “Come to my office immediately!”

Dong Xuebing knew Chief Zhen had called Yan Lei. “Chief Zhen. I will go back to work first?”

“Go back to work. Xiao Dong, I am not an unreasonable person. If what you said is true, I will give you an answer!” After Dong Xuebing left, Zhen Anguo made a few phone calls to ask about yesterday and today’s incidents. He almost threw the phone on the floor after he got the full account. Xiao Dong was not lying. Yan Lei was the one who created a scene at the General Affairs Office yesterday!

Knock, knock, knock. Yan Lei knocked on the door before entering the office.

Bang! Zhen Anguo banged on the table. “What have you done?! What did you do at the General Affairs Office yesterday?! Ah? You told me that you did not scold that staff member? If you did not scold her, can the people from other offices hear your voice? Will that staff member cry?”

Sweat starts to roll down from Yan Lei’s forehead. “Chief Zhen……. I…… I was not loud.”

“You still don’t want to tell me the truth?! What did I say before I transfer you over? Ah? Work is work! Don’t mix your emotions with work! But did you do that? You are not Xiao Dong’s superior and not one of the leaders in the General Affairs Office. You expect Xiao Dong to not stop you from scolding his staff in his office? Xiao Dong might be impulsive, but you are the one who started it! Fine! You know how to play with words in front of me now? Push all the blame to Xiao Dong and make yourself innocent?”

“Chief Zhen, I……”

Yan Lei had worked for Zhen Anguo for several years. Zhen Anguo trusted him fully. If not, he would not bring Yan Lei over to State Security with him. But this incident really pissed Zhen Anguo off. “Shut up and get out!”

Yan Lei looked at Zhen Anguo and dare not to say a word. He makes his way out of the office with his head bowed down. He knew that Chief Zhen would not trust him anymore.

Zhen Anguo was very angry. He finally understood why Xu Yan gave him that attitude. It was not Xiao Dong’s fault. Yan Lei was the one who caused all these, but he punished Xiao Dong and rewarded Yan Lei instead. No wonder Xu Yan and Xiao Dong were so mad. Zhen Anguo had only listened to one side of the whole incident and made the wrong decisions.

But why didn’t Xu Yan tell Zhen Anguo about this earlier?

Zhen Anguo thought for a while and knew the reason. He was newly transferred to the branch, and no one knew his character. They might feel that he was an unreasonable person who sided with his own people. That’s why when everyone saw Zhen Anguo included Yan Lei’s name into the list for the exchange program, no one voiced out this unfairness. They were afraid that Zhen Anguo would get back at them. Furthermore, the name list was confirmed, and it’s meaningless to say anything.

Sighed…… This Xiao Yan had almost created a big problem for me!

Zhen Anguo thought for a few minutes and called Xu Yan. He needs to clear up the misunderstanding. He had not handled this incident well. “Hello, Chief Xu. I had overlooked some details when I was handling the incident between Xiao Yan and Xiao Dong yesterday. Xiao Dong will replace Xiao Yan for the exchange program. This Xiao Yan is too much! He was at fault for what happened yesterday and this morning. I have already scolded him.”

Xu Yan heard what Zhen Anguo said and knew that he had found out the truth behind yesterday’s incident. She understood Chief Zhen’s character better. He was someone reasonable and would admit his mistakes. Xu Yan thought for a while. “Chief Zhen, if Xiao Yan is replaced so suddenly, it will not look good on him. I will give my spot to Xiao Dong.” Xu Yan had considered about Chief Zhen. Replacing Yan Lei was a small issue, but for Chief Zhen, it would affect his reputation. Xu Yan also does not want any unhappiness between them because of a secretary.

Zhen Anguo nodded. Xu Yan still has some respect for him. “Haha, Chief Xu, you must go for this trip. I am still thinking of letting you lead the team in Zhejiang. You should also know about Xiao Dong’s foul temper. You are the only one who can control him.”

“Yes. He does have a foul temper. I will talk to him tomorrow. Hahaha.”

“But Xiao Dong’s work performance is really outstanding. He can handle all sorts of situations. Sighed…… I am thinking of transferring Xiao Dong over to help me.” Zhen Anguo joked. He really wanted to appoint Xiao Dong as his assistant. No one in Beijing’s government agency is as capable as him.

“Chief Zhen, you cannot take him away from me.”

“Hahaha, I knew you can’t bear for him to leave you.”

Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo wanted to clear any misunderstandings between them. After talking for a while, they knew that this incident had not affected their relationship. It was only a small misunderstanding. They were both Divisional rank officers and knew what they were doing.

Before the end of the day, news of Dong Xuebing replacing Yan Lei for the exchange program spread throughout the branch!

Some people were surprised to see Chief Zhen admitting his mistakes!

Yan Lei’s reputation as someone untrustworthy also spread!

Many people laughed when they heard this piece of news. No one was surprised by Chief Zhen’s decision! Just look at what Chief Xiao Dong had done in the past. When Guo Panwei and Guo Shunjie were fighting for the position of General Affairs Office’s Deputy Chief, Dong Xuebing was the one who got the position! When Guo Shunjie was supposed to be going for the Party’s school training, who was the one that replaced him? It’s Chief Xiao Dong! What’s there to be surprised when Chief Xiao Dong replaces Yan Lei for the exchange program?

This was not the first time Chief Xiao Dong replacing someone else!


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