Power and Wealth
Chapter 152 – Magic!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 152 – Magic!

At 4 pm. Dong Xuebing report off earlier with his briefcase.

This was the first time Dong Xuebing going back early. He could not focus on his work as he was thinking about moving up the ranks.

Leaders in the government service have some special privileges, but the General Affairs Office’s leader is different. The General Affairs Office oversees the branch’s backend support and administrative work. The leaders of the branch might call anytime. If the Chief of the General Affairs Office is not around, who else can they find? The General Affairs Office is unlike the Political Section or the Commission for Discipline Inspection, where the leaders have nothing to do. No one from the General Affairs Office dares to report off early. This will leave a bad impression on the higher-ups. But the one who reported off early was Chief Xiao Dong. Even Chief Zhen might not say anything.

After reaching the bus stop, Dong Xuebing rubbed the bridge of his nose. It will not be easy to be transferred from State Security to Public Security. His relationship is close to the leaders of the branch and has many credits under his belt. But it was also because of his credits, Xu Yan and Zhen Anguo will not let him go. They will not help him to get the transfer. He needs to look for someone else to help him.

Who should he look for?

Who else? Xie Huilan was the only person whom he knew could help him.

That’s right. Other than Xie Huilan, no one else have the connections to help Dong Xuebing. This was not transferring from one department to another. This was moving from one agency to another agency. Even Chief Zhen and Xu Yan might not be able to do it. They do not have authority. During the lunch with Xie Huilan at Wang Fu Restaurant, the City’s Party and Standing Committee member and Public Security Chief, Feng Xueliang, spoke to Sister Xie. If Feng Xueliang was able to help, then there will be no problem for his transfer.

Dong Xuebing knew who to look for help, but how should he ask?

Dong Xuebing had saved Xie Huilan’s life, and if nothing else happened, he would have called her straight. But he was caught doing despicable things to her stockings. He was too embarrassed to ask her for help.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and called Xie Hao. “Hello, Xiao Hao, have you finish your class?”

Xie Hao, on the other line, replied excitedly. “Brother Dong, is there a fight, and you need my help? No problem! Where are you now? I will bring my men over!”

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. He had agreed casually and never expect Xie Hao to remember it. “What fight?! Stop thinking about fights! If your sister knows about this, she will beat you to death!” Xie Hao laughed, and Dong Xuebing continued. “I need to speak to you. If your classes have ended, let’s meet up.”

“No problem. Where are you now? I will go over!”

“Let’s meet at Bei Wei Road. It’s nearer to your school.”

After arranging the location, Dong Xuebing took a taxi over. Dong Xuebing did not tell Xie Huilan about Xie Hao creating trouble at the Western District branch, and Xie Hao called him several times to thank him. He even sends Lunar New Year greeting SMS on the last day of the Lunar New Year. After the Western District branch incident, they had gotten closer.

Bei Wei Road, T-junction.

Xie Hao, who was still in his uniform, was squatting by the roadside smoking.

Dong Xuebing alighted from the taxi and frowned when he saw Xie Hao smoking. But he did not scold him as he was not his family member. Also, Xie Hao would not listen to him. “Xiao Hao, have you waited long?”

“Oh, you are here.” Xie Hao stood up and snubbed the cigarette butt with his feet. “I just reached.”

“Did you skip school? I pass by your school just now, and there are no other students.”

Xue Hao smiled. “Brother Dong is looking for me, and I must be here early. Skipping one or two lessons is nothing.”

“You……” Dong Xuebing shook his head and laughed. “It’s not a big problem. I only want to ask you about your sister. Cough…… What’s with that look? Come, let’s talk on the way.” Dong Xuebing turned and walked towards the east direction. Xie Hao was looking at Dong Xuebing suspiciously, and Dong Xuebing asked. “Xiao Hao, Chief Xue…… is there anything she likes? Like a small present that will make her happy?” Dong Xuebing wanted to give Xie Huilan a gift and ask her for help. It will not be so awkward, but he does not know what Xie Huilan likes the gift must be worth less than 2,000 RMB.

Xie Hao thought for a while: “My sister likes to collect antiques.”

Dong Xuebing knows about this hobby of hers, but it is too expensive, and Sister Xie will not accept it. “Anything else?”

“Errr…… errr……” Xie Hao thought for a while. “Oh, recently, she likes to watch magic shows!”

Magic show? Damn! There will not be enough time for me to learn it. “Anything else?”

Xie Hao cursed. “Brother Dong, are you thinking of asking my Sister for help?”

Dong Xuebing nodded embarrassedly. “Yes.”

“Sigh…… you don’t need to overthink. You had saved my sister’s life and why do you still need to prepare gifts? She will surely help you.” Xie Hao took out his phone. “I will call sis now!”

Dong Xuebing quickly stops him. “No, no…… It’s hard for me to ask her. Never mind. I will speak to her another time.”

Xie Hao replied eagerly. “Brother Dong, what’s there to be shy? Fine. Why not I ask my sister out for dinner together? It’s almost dinnertime soon. You can see if you want to ask her over dinner. I will not interfere. Ok?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Fine. Thanks.”

“Hah, there is no need to thank me. I had said before. You had saved my sister, which means I owe you a debt too. I will treat you as real elder brother!” Xie Hao dialed his sister’s number on his phone. “Hello, Sis? I met Brother Dong just now. We are looking for a place to have dinner. You want to join us? …… What? He went to look for you again? …… no… I am with Brother Dong now…… He is meeting you for dinner? Ok. Where will you all be going? I will go over with Brother Dong…… I promise I will not cause any problems…… Fine….. Ok…… We will be there shortly. Bye.”

Dong Xuebing saw Xie Hao keeping his phone and asked. “Someone had invited Chief Xie for dinner?”

Xie Hao replied angrily. “It’s someone by the name of Wei Nan. His father is close to our family, and my grandfather wants to matchmake my sister and him. I have respect for Uncle We. His family is doing medical equipment business. But that Wei Nan…… Damn! I just hated him. He is not good enough for my sister, and my sister does not like him! Hmph! If it weren’t for my grandfather, I would have given him a kick to his face!”

Wei Nan? This name sounds familiar.

Dong Xuebing asked. “Your sister is in the government and is a Deputy Divisional Chief at her age. Even if she is looking for a partner, shouldn’t she look for someone in the government?”

Xie Hao replied: “That’s right. My sister also feels the same. But my grandfather does not like my sister to be in politics. He says my sister is a woman and should not be involved in politics. My grandfather is the head of the family, and everyone had to listen to him. That’s why it’s a miracle for my sister to remain single until now. But this time, my grandfather is serious. My sister might be forced to marry that Wei Nan! F**k!”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Sister Xie is from an influential family, and her marriage have to be arranged by her family. No wonder she is still single now. She does not want to marry a businessman and prefers someone working in the government.

Dong Xuebing felt unhappy when he heard Xie Huilan might be getting married. He was unhappier after he met Wei Nan!

Make Ximu Restaurant.

Xie Hao greeted a long hair guy, unwillingly. “Sis, Brother Wei.” Xie Huilan was around, and he dare not to be rude.

Wei Nan smiled and nodded. “Xiao Hao, who is this?” He looked at Dong Xuebing and felt he seems familiar.

Dong Xuebing was someone who holds grudges. He recognized Wei Nan immediately. Wei Nan was the leader of that group of people who were late at Han Hai Auctions. He even tried to chase Dong Xuebing away from his seat, but Dong Xuebing did not agree. Sister Xie’s grandfather wants her to marry this person?

Dong Xuebing was furious. He secretly admires Xie Huilan and does not want her to be with another guy. But he cannot show his anger in front of Xie Huilan. He smiled at Wei Nan. “Hi, nice to meet you again. How is that pearl necklace?”

Wei Nan remembered where he met Dong Xuebing when he heard the pearl necklace. He laughed. “Oh, it’s you. No wonder I find you familiar.”

Xie Hao looked at the both of them curiously.

Xie Huilan had just finished work and was wearing a lady’s suit. She smiled. “Xiao Dong, Wei Nan, you all know each other?”

Wei Nan was standing very near to Xie Huilan. “Yes. We had auctioned for that necklace I gave to Aunty at the auction house.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “That’s right. We also fought over the seats.”

Wei Nan gave Dong Xuebing a look.

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at both of them. “Let’s go in for dinner.”

Xie Hao could sense that Brother Dong and Wei Nan had something against each other. Before entering the restaurant, he whispered to Dong Xuebing. “Don’t you find him irritating? I feel like beating him up!”

Dong Xuebing laughed and entered the restaurant.

This was a high-class restaurant, and there were dress codes. Dong Xuebing was wearing a jacket, and he was fine. Xie Hao was still wearing his school uniform, but he did not care. He walked in front and pulled out two chairs. “Sis, Brother Dong, have a seat.”

Xie Huilan gave a cold look to Xie Hao.

Xie Hao unwillingly pulled out a chair for Wei Nan.

After ordering, Wei Nan asked with a smile. “Xiao Dong, on our way here, I heard from Huilan that you had saved her when she fell into the river? Thank you for saving her. If you arrived late, Huilan might be……”

Dong Xuebing was furious when he heard Wei Nan calling Xie Huilan so intimately. Wei Nan was about 30 years old and was much older than Dong Xuebing. But in his office, one of his subordinates was almost 60. Dong Xuebing treated people in their 30s as his peers. In the branch, other than the leaders, who else dares to address him as Xiao Dong. Even Political Section’s Chief Pang Bin called him Chief Dong. Who is this Wei Nan to call him Xiao Dong?

Xie Hao does not know why Dong Xuebing was angry. But he knew they had a common enemy. “You don’t need to thank him. My sister and I had thanked Brother Dong.” This sentence means ‘Who are you to thank Brother Dong on behalf of my sister?’

Wei Nan took a sip of his red wine. “I had to thank Xiao Dong. We will be getting engaged soon. If it’s wasn’t for Xiao Dong……”

Going to be engaged? Dong Xuebing was pissed!

Xie Hao almost cursed. He does not want Wei Nan to be his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law must be cultured and handsome. He must be holding at least a Divisional Chief rank. Xie Hao tried to piss him off. “Ah! Since you mentioned it, then you must thank Brother Dong properly. If Brother Dong had not given CPR to my sister, we would not be having dinner with her now.”

F**k! Dong Xuebing almost fainted. Why did you have to bring up about the CPR?!

Wei Nan’s hand shook, and his face turned black! CPR? His face looks like he had just swallowed 100 flies. When he gave the pearl necklace to Xie Huilan’s mother, she told him that Xie Huilan had never dated anyone in her life and told Wei Nan to cherish her. That means no men had touched her before, and she might still have her first kiss. This was also one of the reasons why he was determined to woo Xie Huilan. But now, he heard the words CPR! Even if it was to save her life, Dong Xuebing had kissed her!

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Xiao Hao, is your steak good?”

Xie Hao immediately knew his sister was angry, and he dare not to say a single word.

Dong Xuebing was also nervous. He also wanted to piss Wei Nan off, but he dares not mention anything about CPR. He must not say anything that would remind Sister Xie about the stocking incident. He still needed her help.

It was awkward.

A few seconds later, Xie Huilan took a sip of her wine and swirl the wine in the glass. “Chateau le pin. French 1990. I had seen this wine once at an auction. Did you bring this from home? Haha, this meal is cost around my 3 months salary. Wei Nan, don’t bring me to this fancy restaurant in the future. If not, I will not dare to dine with you. Do you understand?”

Wei Nan recomposed himself and nodded. “Ok. I will listen to you.” Xie Huilan’s tone was always so commanding, regardless she is speaking to her friends or colleagues. Wei Nan could not stand the way she speaks. He could only agree to her and had to accommodate her like her subordinates. Wei Nan likes everything about Xie Huilan, except for the way she speaks. He got no choice. His father might be a prominent businessman, but compared to Xie Huilan’s family, his father was too far apart. If it weren’t for Xie Huilan’s grandfather wanting Xie Huilan to get married to a businessman, he would never have the opportunity to meet her. Although he was unwilling, he had to give in to her.

With the change of the subject, the dinner was not so tense. Xie Huilan starts to talk about wine. She seems to be into red wine.

After the main course, the waiters started to serve desserts.

Xie Huilan wiped her mouth after dessert and looked at Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Xiao Dong, is there anything you want to ask me?”

Damn! I can’t hide anything from Sister Xie. This was not the right moment to ask her for a favour. Dong Xuebing could only shake his head.

Wei Nan glanced at Dong Xuebing coldly and then looked at Xie Huilan. “Huilan, I had booked a private room. Shall we go and watch a movie?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “It’s only a movie. You don’t need to call my mother for such a trivial matter in the future.”

Wei Nan smiled. He was afraid that Xie Huilan would reject him, so he called Xie Huilan’s mother before meeting her.

Xie Huilan looked at her watch and said. “Alright. I still have half an hour to spare. I will have work to do later. I will not be able to finish the movie and will have to leave halfway. It is nothing against you. Haha……”

Wei Nan replied: “It’s fine. Work is more important.”

Dong Xuebing was feeling jealous when he heard movies and a private room. But he was in no position to say anything.

“No, no…… I have something to say.” Xie Hao still remembers that he needs to help Brother Dong. “Sis, you must go back with me today. I have a few math problems which I don’t understand. You must help me.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Since when you changed for the better?”

Xie Hao replied: “Didn’t you ask me to study hard?”

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao and Dong Xuebing. “Another day, alright?”

Wei Nan interrupted. “Xiao Hao, you can ask Xiao Dong to help you. The movie is starting.”

Xie Hao replied angrily. “Is watching movies more important than my studies? My Brother Dong is not good with Math, and I want my sister to help me. Sister, can you help me?!”

Dong Xuebing nodded with approval in his heart. This Xie Hao is too adorable.

Xie Huilan shook her head with a smile. She did not say a word and seems to be troubled.

Wei Nan had prepared today for a long time. He was pissed when he heard that Xie Huilan tells him that Xie Hao and the person who saved her life will be joining them for dinner. But when Xie Hao goes against him a few times, he started to frown.

1 second……

2 seconds……

3 seconds……

Xie Huilan suddenly laughed. “How about this? I become interested in magic recently. I watched the magic show segment on the Spring Festival Gala Night program 3 times. Haha, Wei Nan, didn’t you say you prepared a magic trick for me over the phone? My brother also knows some magic tricks. Why not you two compete? I will follow the winner. Alright?” Sister Xie had agreed to go out with Wei Nan, and it was hard for her to reject him. But she still wants to go back with Xie Hao.

Wei Nan smiled: “No problem!”

Xie Hao was surprised. “Huh? Brother Wei also knows magic tricks? Wow…… I would like to see it.”

“Haha, you can go first.” Wei Nan had heard from Xie Huilan’s mother that Xie Huilan had become interested in magic recently. He purposely learned a magic trick and wanted to perform to her in the cinema. But since Xie Huilan will not be able to finish the movie, he does not have to wait any longer. He was very confident with this magic trick. He spent a lot of money to learn this trick from a magician.

“Ok. I will go first.” Xie Hao took out a pack of cards from his school bag. He smiled and started to shuffle the cards. “Sis, I learned this trick recently, and I am sure that you cannot see through it.” Xie Hao did not look at the cards and showed it to Xie Huilan. “Sis, pick one card and don’t show it to me.”

Xie Huilan laughed and pulled out 5 of Diamonds from the pack.

Xie Hao took the card from her. “Alright. This is the card? I do not know what this card is.” He placed the card back onto the pack and shuffles it, before passing it to Xie Huilan. “Sis, shuffle the cards.”

Xie Huilan shuffled the cards for a while. “Alright.”

“Ok. Now, I will pick out the card you picked just now from the pack. Haha, you don’t believe me, right? Watch carefully!” Xie Hao confidently picks up the pack of cards facing down, and start throwing the cards one by one on the table. Suddenly he stopped and flip the top card. “This is the card you picked!” It was that Diamond 5.

Dong Xuebing also hope Xie Hao would win. After all, he was helping him. He immediately cheered: “Good.”

But Wei Nan said. “Hahaha, you did not look at the card when you pick it from Huilan. But you used your fingernails to make a marking at the back of the card. Am I right?” He picked up that card, and there was a fingernail marking at the back. “This is how you pick out the earlier card, right?”

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. This guy knows his stuff.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Oh, I see…….”

After being exposed, Xie Hao got angry. “It’s your turn! Show me your trick!”

Wei Nan smiled confidently and turned his body slightly towards Xie Huilan. He then took out a black handkerchief from his suit’s pocket. “Watch carefully. I am only holding on to a handkerchief and nothing else.” He waved the handkerchief around and saw Xie Huilan nodding. Then he reached underneath the handkerchief and took out a rose from it!

Xie Huilan was surprised.

Xie Hao was also surprised. “Did you hide that flower somewhere?”

Dong Xuebing also knew that Wei Nan had hidden the flower somewhere on him. If not, it will not appear suddenly. But he does not know where he hid it.

Wei Nan smiled and held out the rose. “Huilan, this is for you.”

Xie Huilan laughed: “Interesting. I have seen it several times on TV but still have not figure out who this trick is performed. Haha, this is an eyeopener.” She paused for a while and said: “Xiao Hao, you should be satisfied now. Let’s go and watch the movie. But after the movie, you must tell me about your trick. Okay?”

Dong Xuebing took a glance at Wei Nan. Damn! This guy was able to show off. Sister Xie really seems to be interested in magic tricks!

“Wait!” Xie Hao was not willing to give up. “Sis, you said that you will follow whoever that has the best magic trick. Brother Dong still has not performed.” Xie Hao looked at Dong Xuebing. “Brother Dong! Show us a trick!”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. He also wanted to perform something, but he does not know any tricks!

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan could tell from Dong Xuebing’s looks. They smiled and stood up, preparing to leave.

“Wait! Wait!” Xie Hao looked around and saw a couple in their 30s at a nearby table. They should be dating and had just finished their meals. There was a bouquet of flowers and a small box, wrapped nicely. “That box. If Brother Dong can guess what is in that box correctly, then Sis will leave with him!”

Wei Nan frowned. “Xiao Hao, you don’t need to let Xiao Dong guess, and I can tell you the answer now. There is a diamond ring in that box.”

Dong Xuebing also knows that Xie Hao was trying to make things difficult. But other than diamond ring, what else can that box contain? That man must be proposing to that woman.

Xie Huilan smiled. “There must be a diamond ring in that box. This is not called magic. It is common sense.”

Xie Hao rolled his eyes and kept quiet.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing smiled and said. “Actually, it is not a diamond ring. It is a 1 Yuan 1992 coin. Haha.”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan thought nothing about it and laughed along with Dong Xuebing. They packed their things and were about to leave the restaurant.

Xia Hao whispered. “Brother Dong, I tried my best.”

Dong Xuebing patted his shoulder. “Thanks.”

All of them stood up and were about to leave. That man at the nearby table suddenly unwrap the small gift, and it was a small wooden box. He smiled at the woman and said: “Do you still remember how we met?” The woman looked at the man confused. The man continued: “A few years ago, I dropped something at the cross junction, and you helped me picked it up. That’s when we got to know each other. Without this thing, we will not be together. I had kept it with me for 5 years. Today, I will let you keep this item for me. This is a token of our love.”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan looked over. Xie Hao also took a glance at that table.

Dong Xuebing was the only one who had a smile on his face and did not look over.

That man opened the box, and it contained a shiny silver colored item!

Under the chandelier’s lights, everyone could see what was in that box. It was not a diamond ring, necklace, or earrings. It contained…… a shiny silver 1 yuan coin!!!

Xie Huilan was stunned!

Wei Nan was stunned!

Xie Hao was also stunned!

Xie Hao could not believe what he had saw. He remembered Brother Dong saying it was a coin, and he sounded like he was joking. He froze for about 3 seconds before asking. “Which year is that coin?”

That man got a scare and noticed a group of people looking at him. “Why are you asking me that? I don’t remember.” He frowned and looked at the coin and said. “It was 1992. Why?”


This simple reply shocked Xie Hao, Wei Nan, and Xie Huilan!

Xie Hao exclaimed: “Damn! It’s really a 1992, 1-yuan coin!”

Xie Huilan and Wei Nan took in a deep breath and looked at Dong Xuebing!

Xie Hao was almost crazy. He grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Brother Dong! You are right!” Xie Huilan and Wei Nan could not believe what they saw. That box was wrapped up, and Dong Xuebing had not spoken with that man before. Xie Hao had mentioned it randomly, and even the owner of that box does not know the year of the coin. How did Dong Xuebing know it contains a 1-yuan coin, and he also knows it is a 1992 coin?!

This was ridiculous!

They left the restaurant in a daze, and at the entrance, Xie Hao quickly ask: “Brother Dong, tell me! How do you know what is in that box?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s magic. Some tricks cannot be revealed. I can’t tell you.”

Xie Huilan smiled. She really likes Dong Xuebing’s magic trick. “You also know magic tricks?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Errr……. I only know some tricks.”

“This is really an eye-opener. I had never seen such magic tricks in my life. This is even an impromptu performance. The magic show I watched on TV cannot be compared to your trick!” Xie Huilan laughed and turned to Wei Nan. “Sorry. I got to keep to my words. Xiao Dong’s magic trick is outstanding. Haha. I can only leave with Xiao Dong today.”

Wei Nan almost cursed out loud!

That is also considered a magic trick? Magic tricks are only tricks that could fool people!

But what Dong Xuebing did earlier……. How can that be considered a magic trick?!!

Dong Xuebing does not know magic. After Xie Hao pointed to that box, Dong Xuebing used BACK to look at the contents!!!


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