Power and Wealth
Chapter 153 – Chief Xiao Dong is famous!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 153 – Chief Xiao Dong is famous!

Dong Xuebing’s ‘magic performance’ was outstanding. Although he had wasted a BACK, he had stored many BACKs since Chinese New Year and the trip to Zhejiang. He still has 10 BACKs remaining and does not mind using it once or twice to leave a good impression with Xie Huilan or piss Wei Nan off. This BACK was worth it. Dong Xuebing looked at Wei Nan and laughed in his heart. Wei Nan looked like he was about to skin Dong Xuebing alive.

Xie Huilan smiled and asked. “Xiao Dong, are you sitting in my car?”

Xie Hao secretly showed a thumbs up to Dong Xuebing and said: “Sis, can you give me a ride?”

Wei Nan knew he had no chance and said. “Huilan, we will go to the movies tomorrow. I will call……”

Xie Huilan shook her head. “Thank you for dinner today. I will be busy with work and do not have time tomorrow. Let’s meet another day, alright?”

Wei Nan was furious. This was a nice dinner date, and it was messed up by Dong Xuebing. Not only that, he found out that his future wife had been kissed by Dong Xuebing. He watched Xie Huilan boarded her Audi and drove away. It was all Dong Xuebing’s fault! He is only a lowly civil servant! Damn! I will settle this score with you another time!

In the Audi.

Xie Huilan was driving with a smile. “Xiao Dong, where do you want to go?”

Sister Xie had said she will follow the person with the best magic trick. Dong Xuebing did not expect to win and had not thought of where to go. But Dong Xuebing was still a civil servant after all. He will not speak his mind. “Sister Xie, sorry for interrupting your date. Actually, I did not expect to perform that magic trick. If you are busy, you can drop me off here. You don’t need to mind me.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “How can I go back on my words? Furthermore, your magic trick is the best. Show me more tricks in the future. I think you are an expert in magic tricks. Haha. We were discussing magic earlier, and you kept quiet all the while. But in the end, you are the real magician.”

Xie Hao laughed. “Brother Dong is being modest.”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. What modest? All the leaders in my branch think I am always in the limelight.

Xie Huilan saw Dong Xuebing did not say where to go and knew that he should be embarrassed to say it out. She also knows that Dong Xuebing must have something to speak to her when Xie Hao asked her out for dinner together. She smiled and said. “My electric heater at home had broken down. How about accompanying me to the mall to get a new one and then go to my place?”

Dong Xuebing politely replied. “I am afraid of bothering you.”

“You are too polite to me. This is set.”

“Errr…… I will listen to you.”

To be invited to a Central Government Officer’s home was signs of being trusted. Dong Xuebing felt it is an excellent opportunity to ask her for help at her house later. He suddenly rubbed his temples and looked at her Xie Huilan’s expression. She seems to not mind about the stocking incident. Any woman would be furious if they found out a man had used their stockings to do that…… but Sister Xie was……

Dong Xuebing could only think of one possibility.

Dong Xuebing felt he might have overthought. He assumed that Xie Huilan knows what that stuff on her stockings was. But why would she know? She is from a good family and is a high-rank government officer. She will not watch those movies like Aunt Xuan in her free time. Since Sister Xie is still single, she might never have any relationships with men before and will not know what that sticky stuff on her stockings is. Spit, and that stuff looks similar! Dong Xuebing brightens up. That’s right. Sister Xie might not know what he did with her stockings. This will explain her reactions over the past few days!

Dong Xuebing was excited and relieved!

Dong Xuebing felt relaxed. Xie Huilan was too innocent to know about all these.

Ring, ring, ring. Sister Xie’s phone rang.

Xie Huilan was still driving along the main road, and the traffic was heavy. She could not park her car on the roadside. She smiled and looked into the rear-view mirror.

“Xiao Hao, phone.”

But Xie Hao could not reach her phone from his position. Dong Xuebing quickly bent forward from the backseat and opened her handbag in the front passenger seat. He took out her phone from the bag and near Xie Huilan’s ear. “You are driving, and it is not safe to use the phone. I will hold it for you.” After saying that, he pressed the answer button.

“Thank you.” Xie Huilan smiled. “Hello? ……. Oh, Chief Wu?”

Dong Xuebing was quite close to Sister Xie and could smell her fragrance. It was not her perfume. It was her womanly scent. She smells nice, and it was like a drug to Dong Xuebing, and he was addicted. He did not move and quietly enjoyed the smell. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw the opening from the top of Xie Huilan’s blouse. She had taken off her jacket when she boarded the car, and her top button was undone. From Dong Xuebing’s position, he could see her cleavage clearly!

Xie Huilan was looking in front and talking on the phone. “There is no need for that, alright? I am outside now…… Hahaha. You ah…… Since when you learn all these things? Huh? Your wife is also here? Haha…… Fine…… You are at my place already? Ok…….” She looked at her watch and said. “Then wait for me with your wife. I will reach home in 20 minutes. Hahaha……. No problem.”

One glance…… two glances…… three glances……

Xie Huilan had ended her call, and Dong Xuebing dare not to continue peeping at her. He forced himself to look away and help her keep her phone into her bag.

Xie Huilan looked into the mirror and smiled. “Xiao Dong, do you still remember I told you that one of my colleague’s wife is from your branch? Haha, they had come over to my place for a visit. I can’t reject them. Why not you go to a coffeeshop with Xiao Hao first? You all can come up to my place after an hour.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied: “Sister Xie, since you are busy, I will not bother you. I will go back first.”

Xie Huilan shook her head. “No. It’s only an hour, alright?”

Dong Xuebing hesitated. He knew Sister Xie knows he needed something from her. “How about I go to the mall to help you get an electric heater since you are busy? After you are done, you can ask Xiao Hao to give me a call, and I will send the heater up.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “How can I bother you? Xiao Hao can go.”

Xie Hao replied: “That’s right. I can go and buy a heater.”

Dong Xuebing still needed Xie Huilan’s help, but he did not prepare any gifts. “No, no. I am fine alone. Xiao Hao had been in school the whole day. Let him go back and rest.” Dong Xuebing pointed to a shopping mall in front. “Sister Xie, you can drop me off here. There is a supermarket inside.”

“Alright, then. Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After alighting, Dong Xuebing did not leave immediately. This will be disrespecting the leader and is a taboo in the government service. He stood there with a smile, watching the Audi go. After the Audi had turned to a corner, he entered the shopping mall to buy the electric heater.


News Department employees’ quarters.

“Please come in. Sorry to keep you all waiting.” Xie Huilan opened the door to let a couple in their 40s enter.

“Chief Xie, we are sorry to bother you. This is after working hours and…….” Chief Wu was holding a few shopping bags, and all the bags were not transparent. These gifts should not be cheap. He entered Xie Huilan’s house with his wife and put down the bags, before looking at Xie Hao. “This is your brother? Heh, he is quite good looking. Are you in High School?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “He just entered Junior high. This kid never let me stop worrying about him. He caused lots of trouble for me.”

Xie Hao was not pleased, but he did not refute his sister.

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao. “Go and prepare tea for Chief Wu and his wife.”

Xie Hao looked at Mrs. Wu. He heard that she was working at the Western District Branch and was afraid that she would recognize him and tell his sister. But he was assured when he saw the look on her face. He acknowledged his sister and ran into the kitchen to make tea.

Chief Wu and his wife had come to visit Xie Huilan for a purpose. He had been in his current position, Deputy Chief for almost 8 years, and was not promoted. He found out that a Section Chief from the News Department will be retiring soon, and Chief Wu would like to take over that leader’s position. This was the reason for him to visit Xie Huilan with gifts today. He believed Xie Huilan was smart enough to guess the purpose of his visit today, and he does not need to mention it. He brought his wife along was to make this meeting more enjoyable. After all, Xie Huilan was also a woman, and they would have common topics to chat with.

Binging gifts to the leader’s place when asking for a favor is not enough. There are lots of preparation work to do. They need to know what the leader’s hobbies and interest are, what sort of gifts is suitable, what to say during the meeting and how to bring up the main subject while chatting. All these had to be planned. Chief Wu had thought it out over the past few days. After sitting down on the sofa, Chief Wu took special notice on Xie Huilan’s expressions while chatting. His wife would join in the conversation occasionally. They were glad to see Xie Huilan not showing signs of impatient or irritation. This was a good sign.

After listening to their conversation for a while, Xie Hao went to Xie Huilan’s room to play PC games.

In the living room, Xie Huilan took a sip of tea and asked. “Oh, Mrs. Wu, you are from the Western District State Security Branch? Is your work there busy?”

Mrs. Wu smiled and replied: “I am working in the confidential archive department, so it’s not that busy. Most of the time, I am doing sorting and filing confidential files.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “I have a friend working in your branch. Haha, do you know Xiao Dong from the General Affairs Office?”

Mrs. Wu was stunned. Before she replied, Chief Wu asked. “You are talking about Chief Xiao Dong?”

Xie Huilan was surprised by their reactions. “Chief Wu, you also heard of him?”

Chief Wu replied. “I heard about him from my wife. But her workplace has strict regulations on confidentiality, and she did not tell me about the details. Chief Xiao Dong is your friend?”

Xie Huilan nodded. “I would like to know more about his performance at work. Haha, but since you are not allowed to reveal much because of regulations, it’s fine.”

Chief Wu kept quiet for a moment and used his leg to nudge his wife. He could tell that Xie Huilan was interested in finding out more about Chief Xiao Dong. She said it’s okay, but what she meant was she really wanted to know. He quickly signaled to his wife to tell Xie Huilan about Xiao Dong. The regulations only restrict the State Security officers from revealing secrets to outsiders. But Xie Huilan and her family were closely tied to the government. They do not need to hide anything from her!

Xie Hao heard them talking about Brother Dong in the living room, and he quickly stops playing game. He moved closer to the door. He was also interested in finding out more about Dong Xuebing.

Mrs. Wu hesitated for a while. “Chief Xie, actually, I don’t need to hide anything from you.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “It’s fine. I know there are strict regulations in your agency. Haha, I am asking about Xiao Dong is because I know he had entered the government service for only a few months. How did he get promoted to Deputy Section Chief so fast? He did not tell me anything about this.” Xie Huilan does not know Dong Xuebing well. She only knows that he is working as the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office and is holding a Deputy Section Chief rank. He does not have any backings and is just an ordinary civilian. She is just curious about Dong Xuebing.

Mrs. Wu laughed. “From what I see, there is no problem with Chief Xiao Dong’s promotion. Everyone in the branch knows who Chief Xiao Dong is. All the things he did for the branch can be written into a novel. A fantasy novel.”

Xie Huilan got interested. “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Mrs. Wu thought for a while and said. “There was once, the General Affairs Office Chief’s office caught fire, and there are several important documents in there. The fire spread very fast, and the whole office is engulfed in flames. No one would survive in that fire. But Chief Xiao Dong was the only one that dares to enter the office to retrieve the documents.”

Xie Huilan nodded. “He is brave.”

Mrs. Wu was full of admiration for Xiao Dong. “This incident can only show Chief Xiao Dong’s guts and bravery. But the things after the fire incident are unexplainable. Our agency has a soccer tournament. During a match, our opponents were awarded a penalty in the dying minutes. No one was confident of saving that penalty except for Chief Xiao Dong. He stepped forward and volunteered to be the goalkeeper. The ball was going to the top corner of the goal, and he managed to save it. The next day, during the final minutes of the soccer match, Chief Xiao Dong was substituted onto the field, and he scored the winning goal in the final second of the match.”

Xie Hao walked out of the room and asked. “Brother Dong also knows how to play soccer?”

Mrs. Wu looked at him and laughed. “Chief Xiao Dong knows more than playing soccer. An old leader from State Security came to our branch for a visit. On his way to our quarters, he got an asthma attack, which triggered a heart attack. His medication was not with him and could hardly make it out alive. But Chief Xiao Dong appeared and reached into his pocket and take out asthma and heart attack medications. Another time, our branch had arrested the wrong person, and the person arrested happened to be our City Bureau Leader’s nephew. This is a serious incident, and no one could pacify that leader. In the end, our branch leaders called Chief Xiao Dong for help, and he only took a few minutes to solve this problem.”

Chief Wu had not heard of all these stories from his wife. He felt the stories are unbelievable and gave his wife a nudge. “Don’t exaggerate the stories!”

Xie Huilan blinked. “It really sounds like stories from a fantasy novel.”

Mrs. Wu laughed. “But it is the truth. I had seen many of the incidents with my own eyes. I also don’t understand why Chief Xiao Dong is so capable. Now, whoever mentioned him in our branch, they will give him a thumbs up. All problems will be solved if Chief Xiao Dong shows up!”

Xie Huilan looked at her. “Xiao Dong can really solve all problems?”

Mrs. Wu replied firmly. “I am not lying. He really can solve any problems…… without any issues!”

Xie Hao asked with doubt. “Brother Dong is really so capable?”

Chief Wu also had doubts. “Is it true?”

“Of course.” Mrs. Wu replied. “If not, how can Chief Xiao Dong be promoted to Deputy Section Chief after a few months? He really has the capability. When he was promoted, many people were unhappy with this decision. But now, after Chief Xiao Dong save the branch a few times, no one dares to doubt him!” If Mrs. Wu had not seen what Dong Xuebing did with her own eyes, she would also not believe the stories about him. Even after seeing what Dong Xuebing did, she still felt it was unbelievable.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Haha, this is so interesting.”

After Chief Wu and his wife left, Xie Hao looked at his sister. “Sis, you believe what she said?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “I don’t think she dares to lie to me.”

“Wow, Brother Dong is so capable? I thought he is just an ordinary civil servant!” Xie Hao did not find anything special about Dong Xuebing. Errr……. Except for his magic trick.

Xie Huilan thought for a while and smiled. “Some people might look ordinary, but they can get extraordinary results. Do you still remember the incident when I fell into the river? Why Xiao Dong could suddenly appear out of nowhere? How come he has a fruit knife with him to cut the seaweeds? Haha……. The magic trick earlier. Do you really think that is magic?”

Xie Hao was dumbfounded.

Xie Huilan mumbled to herself. “Can solve all problems? Haha……. Can you solve my problem?”


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