Power and Wealth
Chapter 154 – Xie Huilan’s promise!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 154 – Xie Huilan’s promise!

News Department quarters.

After buying the electric heater from the supermarket, Dong Xuebing waited at a nearby 24hrs KFC. After waiting for a while, he received a call from Xie Huilan, telling him that her guests had left. He quickly picks up the electric heater and left for her house. When he reached Xie Huilan’s estate, he took a few deep breaths to compose himself before entering the unit number into the security gate. After Xie Huilan unlocked the gate, he slowly makes his way upstairs. He was worried if Xie Huilan would help him arrange the transfer.

Xie Huilan’s apartment.

Xie Huilan opened the door to let Dong Xuebing enter. “Haha, you looked tired. Thank you so much.”

“It’s fine.” Dong Xuebing placed the electric heater by the wall. “Is this model suitable?”

“Oh, this is an expensive brand. How much is it? I will pay for you.”

“Ah, it does not cost much. You don’t need to pay me.”

“The previous time you had bought the clothes for me. How can I let you pay this time?” Xie Huilan took out a few notes from her purse. “I don’t know how much this heater cost. Here, take it. Don’t make me repeat this, alright?”

After rejecting a few times, Dong Xuebing accepted the money. “Xiao Hao went back?”

Xie Huilan nodded. “I asked him to go back to do his homework. Come, have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing noticed Xie Huilan had changed her clothes. She was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of casual pants. She was dressed casually and wore a pair of wool slippers. Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan should not be wearing this attire when she met Chief Wu and his wife. The fact that she was wearing this attire now tells him that Xie Huilan treated him as someone close. Dong Xuebing was relieved and confirmed that Sister Xie does not know about the stocking incident!

“Xiao Dong……”


Xie Huilan looked at him and laughed. “Haha, I heard a lot about you just now. You are so young and had achieved so many things. No wonder you are promoted so fast. My achievements cannot be compared to you when I joined government service. No…… I can’t even be compared to you now if I consider the problems you solved for your branch.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. Damn. Sister Xie also knows about the things I had done? Dong Xuebing was feeling overjoyed to be praised by a woman he likes. But he had to be humble. “No, no…… How can I be compared to you? You are solving problems for the nation. I am only……. The problems I solved are all trivial matters. This cannot be compared.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “We are all working for the people. Is there a need to differentiate whether if the problem is a big issue or a small issue?”

“Yes…… Yes……”

“Haha, you are looking for me to ask me something?”

Dong Xuebing looked at her expression and asked cautiously. “Errr…… I do need a favor from you. But it’s embarrassing to ask you.”

Xie Huilan waved her hand. “What is there to be embarrassed about? Tell me.”

Dong Xuebing organized his words in his mind and said. “Sister Xie. I had joined State Security for almost 5 months now. But…… I think that the environment does not suit me.” Dong Xuebing will not say that he wants a transfer because he can’t be promoted. “Errr…… if possible, can you help me get a transfer to Public Security? I personally prefer the environment there as I will be able to serve the public on the frontline. It is much better than when I am doing now.”

Xie Huilan frowned. “You want to go to Public Security?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I know it’s hard for this to be arranged. After all, it is an inter-agency transfer. Errr…… I also don’t need to be holding a leadership position. I am willing to be a Deputy Section Chief level police officer.” That was what Dong Xuebing wanted. It would be hard for him to get a leader’s role as there might not be any vacancies now. All he wanted was to enter the public security, and he will be able to move up the ranks with his own capability.

Xie Huilan did not say a word and continue sipping her tea.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was racing. Was it too difficult? Sister Xie could not help him?

1-minute past…….

2-minute past……

Dong Xuebing had lost all hopes: “Sister Xie, if it is not possible, it’s alright. I will go back first.”

Xie Huilan massaged the center of her brows. “Xiao Dong, you had saved my life. It is not a problem for me to help you get this transfer. But this……”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Sister Xie, it’s alright. I am asking for too much.”

Xie Huilan was deep in thoughts and sighed. She looked at Dong Xuebing with a bitter smile. “I have been thinking of how to repay you for saving me. How can I reject your request? Haha, ok. I will try my best to help you. I will not let you be a Deputy Section Chief Rank Police Officer. Tell me, is there any department you wish to enter? I will see if there are any vacancies for a leadership role and help you make the arrangement.”

Leader role?!

I can get a Deputy Section Chief position?

Dong Xuebing was excited when he heard this. It was tough for him to be transferred out of State Security. He could still get a position with higher authority?

“Sister Xie. Thank you so much. I…… I am fine with any position.”

Xie Huilan smiled and shook her head. “Haha, since I am going to help you, I must do my best. Tell me, and I shall see what I can do.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Sister Xie and asked. “County Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief? Errr…… is it possible?”

Xie Huilan had a bitter smile on her face.

Dong Xuebing knew he was asking for too much and almost slapped himself. Dong Xuebing, you are too greedy. A leader position is good enough, and you still want to be so picky? He was afraid that Xie Huilan would not be happy and quickly say: “Actually, a deputy instructor position in Beijing will do.”

“Deputy instructor?” Xie Huilan paused for a few seconds. “Alright… County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief will do. I will get back to you in a few days.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Sister Xie! I…… I…….”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and waved her hand. “Don’t thank me first. Go back and wait for my call, understand? Hahaha……”

“O…… Ok.” Dong Xuebing did not know what to say.

County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau’s Deputy Chief is a Deputy Section Chief position. But it is at the grassroots level, and the Deputy Bureau Chiefs there had more authority than the Deputy Bureau Chiefs in Beijing City! They had more powers than the investigation branch or any department head in the City Bureau! This was the best position Dong Xuebing wished for. A position with real powers! This is an upgrade from Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office to a County’s Public Security Deputy Chief.

Dong Xuebing will have much more authority than before!

To Dong Xuebing, this was like winning the top price in a lottery!!!


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