Power and Wealth
Chapter 156 – Dating Sister Xie?
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 156 – Dating Sister Xie?

Garden of the villa.

There were a few white stone chairs and tables in the garden. Senior Xie, who was in his 70s, was playing chess with an old man in his 60s.

Dong Xuebing was nervous and excited to meet the former Communist Party General Secretary in real life. He had only seen him on TV when he was young. He still could not believe his eyes. He knew that Senior Xie was not only the former General Secretary. Even today, he still has enormous influence over the Communist Party and government. He might not have the most authority now, but he is definitely one of the top 3 most influential people in China!

That person is Xie Huilan’s grandfather?

This is Xie Huilan’s background?

“Hahaha, Old Zhang! This is a good move!” Senior Xie touched his beard and moved a chesspiece.

The old man sitting opposite him replied. “Senior Xie, Haha, your chess skills are getting better.”

Xie Huilan whispered softly. “My grandfather does not like to be disturbed when he is playing chess. Xiao Dong, let’s wait over there.”

Xie Hao saw Brother Dong was in shocked and laughed. “Brother Dong doesn’t think my grandfather is retired now and looks old. He still has great influence in the government. Just yesterday, our President came over to visit him. I heard from Sis that you want to be transferred to the grassroots level? Hehe…… it’s simple. All it takes is for Grandfather to nod his head, and you will be part of the Xie’s faction.”

Xie Huilan looked at her brother, sternly. “How many times have I told you not to say such things?!”

Xie Hao quickly bows his head.

Xie’s faction? Dong Xuebing wiped the sweat on his forehead. Fighting exists in politics, and when there are fighting, there will be factions. In the Western District Branch, Dong Xuebing was part of Xu Yan’s faction, and many people see him as a member of Xu’s faction. But Xu faction and Xie’s faction were not on the same level. One was within a branch bureau, and the other was the central government. Eh? Wait! Xie’s faction? Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered Beijing City’s Party Secretary…… seems to have the same surname. Ah! This can’t be true!!!

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan sat down at another chess table some distance away. Dong Xuebing asked cautiously. “Sister Xie, the City’s Party Secretary Xie is……”

Xie Huilan laughed: “He is my father.”

Dong Xuebing was dumbfounded. Beijing is the center of China’s politics. It is a direct-controlled municipality of the Central Government. All the former no. 1 of Beijing City had entered the Central Government as Sub-national leaders. The City’s party secretary is Xie Huilan’s father? The former Communist Party General Secretary is her grandfather? No wonder she could become a leader in the Publicity Department News division at her age! With her background, she can do whatever she wants in Beijing! Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan and felt they were from different worlds. Sister Xie’s uncles and aunties should also be government officials! What Dong Xuebing saw was only the tip of the iceberg!

Dong Xuebing hid his feelings for Xie Huilan deeper in his heart. Xie Huilan was someone out of reach from him.

On the other side, Senior Xie’s chess game was still ongoing.

Xie Huilan looked at his grandfather and turned to Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Xiao Dong, didn’t you say you are quite good at Chess? Let’s play a game since we are still waiting.”

Xie Hao exclaimed. “Brother Hao, you are also an expert in Chinese chess? Is there anything that you do not know?”

Dong Xuebing humbly said something. Playing chess can calm his nerves and show off his skills to Xie Huilan at the same time. Ta, ta, ta. After arranging the chess pieces, Dong Xuebing said. “Ladies first. Sister Xie, you can go first.” Dong Xuebing thought Xie Huilan’s chess skills are about the same as him, and he can let her win by a small margin. It’s not good to win the leaders.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Ok. I will go first.” She moved the cannon.

Dong Xuebing also did not think much and moved his horse.

Xie Huilan made another move, and Dong Xuebing continued.

After about a dozen moves, Dong Xuebing’s facial expression becomes serious. He was shocked.

A few minutes later, Xie Huilan smiled and made her last move. “Checkmate. Haha, I win.”

Xie Hao cleared his throat. “Errr……. Brother Dong, do you really know how to play Chinese chess?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Xiao Dong let me win on purpose.” Actually, Dong Xuebing had tried his best. Xie Huilan and Xie Hao could tell from his expression. Xie Huilan said that to make him feel better.

15 minutes!

Xie Huilan took only 15 minutes to win Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing wanted to bury his head in the ground. Damn! Why was this happening? He was still thinking of letting Xie Huilan win. But even he tried his best, he could not beat her! Shit! This is too embarrassing! If I know Sister Xie is so good at chess, I will never say I am good.

Dong Xuebing’s chess skills were quite good. He had learned chess since young as a hobby. He did not attend any classes or competitions. In Junior High, Dong Xuebing’s after school program was chess. In his High school and university, he did not take part in afterschool programs, but he still played chess with his classmates occasionally and seldom lose. This was why he felt confident. Now, he thought back and knew all the opponents he played with before were just novices. He had never played with a real expert before!

Dong Xuebing had finally met an expert and knew where he stands!

His standards were nowhere near average!

“Xiao Dong, want to play one more game?” Xie Huilan asked.

Play another game?! Dong Xuebing replied with an embarrassed look. “Sister Xie, I am not your match. You are very good at chess.”

Xie Huilan laughed and shook her head. “How can I consider good? I played with my grandfather and could not even win once in 10 games. Haha. Even Wei Nan is better than me.”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes opened wide. “Senior Xie is better than you?” Really? Sister Xie was the best chess player Dong Xuebing had ever met. Even with her skills, she cannot win Senior Xie? Was Xie Huilan letting his grandfather win?

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes: “Haha, I know what you are thinking. I did not let my grandfather win because there is no need to. His skills might not be the top 10 in China, but he is definitely in the top 100.” Xie Huilan could see Dong Xuebing did not believe her from his expression and continued. “Do you know who is playing chess with my grandfather there?”

Dong Xuebing looked at that man. “He looks familiar.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “He is Grandpa Zhang, Zhang Wanxu. Chinese Chess grandmaster. He was formerly China’s top chess player and had multiple world and national championships. He might be in his 60s, but he is still outstanding. Even professional chess players can’t beat him.

Dong Xuebing remembered this name. Grandmaster Zhang Wanxu!

Xie Hao added: “My grandfather might not be as good as Zhang Wanxu, but out of 10 games, my grandfather can still win 2 games, and Zhang Wanxu can win 4 games. The remaining are all ties. Oh, that Wei Nan might not be a match for my grandfather, but he can still win 2 games out of 10. Hmph! That guy is irritating, but he is good at chess.”

Dong Xuebing nearly fainted. Senior Xie is so good at chess? Damn! I was still thinking of trying to impress him at chess. Now……. Shit! Even the former China number one chess grandmaster will occasionally lose to him. I will be embarrassing myself!

“Xiao Dong, let’s play one more game.” Xie Huilan placed the chess pieces.

Dong Xuebing smiled. He had no choice but to play with her.

Xie Huilan knew Dong Xuebing’s standard and give in to him on several moves. She could easily win him, but she did not. She just played around with him, and the game ended in a draw. Their skills were too far apart.

After they finished the game, Xie Huilan stood up and said: “I am going inside to get water. Haha.”

Xie Hao could tell Brother Dong’s standard. “Hehe, Brother Dong, let’s play a game?”

Dong Xuebing stared at him. Damn! You also want to bully me? If I still lose to you, I will bang my head against the wall!

Suddenly, Wei Nan, with bruises on his face, appeared in the gardens. He looked at Senior Xie and Zhang Wanxu and turned to Dong Xuebing. He looked at Dong Xuebing coldly. Dong Xuebing and Xie Hao saw him and did not say anything.

They stood there staring at each other for a few seconds, and Wei Nan smiled coldly. “You also know how to play chess?”

Dong Xuebing rebutted: “I know everything except for attacking someone sneakily from the back!” Xie Huilan had gone into the villa, and Senior Xie was too far away to hear what they were saying. Dong Xuebing did not hold back his words.

A fire could be seen in Wei Nan’s eyes. He walked forward. “Fine. Let’s play a game. I want to see how good you are!”

Xie Hao interrupted: “Go and wait by the side. Brother Dong is going to play with me.”

Wei Nan looked at Dong Xuebing and asked: “You are scared?”

Dong Xuebing did not want to play with Wei Nan. He could not even win Sister Xie, let alone Wei Nan. But he must not back away from his provocations. He patted Xie Hao on his shoulders and said: “Xiao Hao, our game can wait. I will play with him first!” Dong Xuebing turned to Wei Nan. “Bring it on!” Dong Xuebing was not in his best state during the previous two games with Xie Huilan as he had not played for a long time. But after those two games as a warm-up, Dong Xuebing felt he was prepared.

Wei Nan sat down opposite Dong Xuebing and started the game.

Horse, carriage, soldiers, cannons……

Miracles did not happen, and Dong Xuebing looked at his remaining chess pieces. There was no way he could win Wei Nan. He was too good at chess. He was much better than Xie Huilan. This was like a game of chess between a professional and an amateur!

Wei Nan thought Dong Xuebing had some moves and never expect him to be so weak at chess. He laughed. “That’s the best you can do?”

Dong Xuebing almost flipped the table out of anger. But Senior Xie was sitting not far away. He could only swear in his heart and continue with the game.

Wei Nan could win Dong Xuebing easily, but he purposely did not win immediately. He slowly takes out Dong Xuebing’s chess pieces one by one. At the end of the game, Dong Xuebing was left with only his general. Dong Xuebing knew Wei Nan was humiliating him, but he refused to admit defeat.

Xie Huilan returned with a servant, carrying a teapot.

Xie Hao walked over: “Sis, quick. Come and help Brother Dong take revenge!”

Xie Huilan looked at the chessboard and frowned. “Stop! Is there a need to continue this game?!”

Wei Nan put down his chess piece and felt much better. But when he remembered what Xie Huilan said in the garage, he got mad again. He does not want to see Xie Huilan marrying someone else. Wei Nan was determined to marry her. It was not only for himself. He needs to marry her for his family’s benefits too. When he heard Xie Huilan saying she will never marry him, he was furious!


Senior Xie’s game had ended. He laughed: “Almost! I had almost lost to you! Luckily this game ended in a tie!”

Grandpa Zhang replied: “Your final 10 moves were good. I could hardly stop you.”

Senior Xie said: “Your mid-section is too powerful! I have no advantage at all!”

After discussing the game for a while, Senior Xie looked towards Xie Huilan’s direction. “Haha, you all are here?”

Wei Nan and Xie Hao greeted him as Grandfather. Dong Xuebing was not close to him and could only address him as Senior Xie.

Xie Huilan smiled and tapped Dong Xuebing on his shoulder. “Grandfather. This is Dong Xuebing.”

Senior Xie stroked his beard and nodded. “Good. Come, play a game of chess with me!”

“Why are you asking everyone to play chess with you?” Xie Huilan laughed. “I thought you want to speak with Xiao Dong?”

Senior Xie laughed. “We can talk while playing.”

Dong Xuebing did not dare to reject Senior Xie. He quickly walks over, and Grandpa Zhang lets him have a seat. Dong Xuebing sat down cautiously and said: “Senior Xie…… My chess skill is very poor. I am afraid that…….”

“It’s fine. Come. You go first!”

Xie Huilan, Xie Hao, and Wei Nan saw this and walked back to the other chess table.

Senior Xie was in his 70s, but his aura was much stronger than Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebing could feel the pressure in front of him. After two moves, Dong Xuebing was sweating profusely.

“Xiao Dong, thank you for saving my granddaughter.” Senior Xie said as he moved his “horse” piece.

Dong Xuebing straighten his back and quickly gave a reply. He could not talk while playing chess like Senior Xie. He had to look at Senior Xie when he was speaking. This was respect for the elders.

“You look quite young. Are you 25?”

“I am 24 this year.”

“Haha, when Xie Huilan told me that you are not even 30 years old, I thought you should be at least 28 or 29. I did not expect you to be so young.” Senior Xie looked at Dong Xuebing. “You should have joined the government not long ago. Why do you want to go to the grassroots level? The grassroots level’s environment is not as good as Beijing’s. Some places are very backward. Are you able to take the hardship?”

This is the main topic!

Dong Xuebing replied firmly: “Senior Xie, no matter how poor the environment is, or how backward the place is, I am willing to accept it. I wanted to go to the grassroots level is because I want to do something for the people there. The work at the grassroots level might not be as important as what I am doing now, but I feel it will be more meaningful.”

Senior Xie nodded and did not say a word.

Dong Xuebing does not know what Senior Xie was thinking and continued with the game.

Senior Xie was very good at Chinese chess. His overall view and control over the chessboard were extraordinary. Dong Xuebing could only predict two moves in advanced, but Senior Xie could see up to 7 steps ahead. He was unbeatable. No wonder Xie Huilan and Wei Nan could not win him. Senior Xie was a professional. Even with an opponent like Dong Xuebing, he did not hold back.

Zhang Wanxu, who was close to Senior Xie, was sitting beside watching the game. He smiled and shook his head as he watches Senior Xie “bullies” a novice. He knew Senior Xie well. He knows that Senior Xie does not like others to give in to him, and he does not like to give in to others. He will never hold back regardless who was sitting opposite him.

The game ended fast.

Dong Xuebing’s forehead was covered in sweat as he put down his chess piece. “You are too good. Even if I trained for another 100 years, I am also not your match.” This sounded like bootlicking, but it was the truth. Dong Xuebing had tried his best.

“Xiao Dong, stay here for lunch.” Senior Xie said.

Dong Xuebing knew Senior Xie was not saying this out of courtesy. He replied: “Yes. Sorry to bother you.” Dong Xuebing stood up and walked away from the table respectfully.

Senior Xie spoke to Grandpa Zhang for a while and suddenly turned. “Xiao Nan, I am feeling good today. Come and play a game with me.”

Wei Nan quickly walked over. “Grandpa Xie, you must let me two moves. If not, I will never win you.”

“Haha, what’s the point of playing chess if I have to give in to you? Eh? What happened to your face?”

Wei Nan smiled wearily and did not reply.

Zhang Wanxu looked at Wei Nan and smiles, before walking over to Xie Huilan. Dong Xuebing had started his game with Wei Hao at the other table.

Senior Xie waved his hand, asking Wei Nan to sit down. “You got into a fight?”

Wei Nan hesitated. He thought with Senior Xie around, Xie Huilan would surely marry him sooner or later. But now, things have changed, and he cannot wait any longer. “Grandpa Xie, I do not dare lie to you. I was hit by Dong Xuebing.”

Senior Xie frowned. “Xiao Dong? What happened?”

Wei Nan replied: “Earlier at the garage, Huilan was tripped by Dong Xuebing when she was alighting from the car. But after tripping Huilan, Dong Xuebing immediately went over to stop her from falling, and he took advantage of her by placing his hands at inappropriate places. I went over to stop him, and he gave me a punch on my face. Even so, Xie Huilan still sided with him and blamed me.” Wei Nan omitted the part where he tried to kick Dong Xuebing from his back.

Senior Xie frowned.

Wei Nan noticed the changes on Senior Xie’s face and said: “It’s not a big deal to be hit by him. But Huilan’s attitude…… I feel that Xiao Dong and her have something…… Grandpa Xie, you know I love Huilan and wanted to marry her. But now, if this carries on, the engagement might be called off…… that Xiao Dong is not good enough for Huilan.” If Xie Huilan did not say those things at the garage, Wei Nan would also not say these to Senior Xie. This was a significant risk. But Wei Nan couldn’t care less. He must marry Xie Huilan!

Senior Xie did not say a word and continued with the game.

Wei Nan was not in the mood to carry on with the chess game. “Grandpa Xie!”

Senior Xie likes Wei Nan not because he was good at chess. Senior Xie had taken his family’s future into consideration. The Xie family’s influence in politics was significant, and it would be meaningless for his granddaughter to marry someone with political backgrounds. After so many years in politics, Senior Xie also wanted to enter the business sector. But no one in the Xie family was in business. Letting Xie Huilan marry someone from the business sector would be suitable for Xie family’s 3rd generation. But Xie Huilan refused to listen to him. Senior Xie was doing this for the good of the family!

Senior Xie was furious when he heard from Wei Nan that Xie Huilan might like Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing even hit his future grandson-in-law. He was a stubborn and overbearing person. His words are orders in the Xie family. No one can have other opinions. Even if Dong Xuebing had saved his granddaughter’s life, he will also not give in! Senior Xie will never allow Xie Huilan to do whatever she wants!

“Grandpa Xie!” Wei Nan called out anxiously.

Senior Xie waved his hand. “Ok. I know. Carry on with the game.”

Wei Nan was overjoyed.

About half an hour later, Senior Xie, accompanied by his personal doctor, entered the villa with Wei Nan. He called Xie Huilan, Xie Hao, and Dong Xuebing over. His first sentence shocked everyone. “Huilan, you will get engaged with Xiao Nan next week.”

Xie Huilan’s face changed. “What did Wei Nan say to you?”

Senior Xie did not reply to her. He looked at her in her eyes and said: “You have dragged this matter for 2 to 3 years. How long more do you want to drag? Until you are 40 or 50?” He waved his hand. “This is decided by me! Stop finding excuses and get engaged immediately!” Senior Xie’s personal doctor might not be an outsider. Their servants might also not be outsiders, but Dong Xuebing was an outsider. Under no circumstances, this matter would be discussed in front of outsiders. But Senior Xie had purposely called Dong Xuebing over.

Wei Nan controlled his excitement and said: “Grandpa, I will take good care of Huilan in the future.” He started addressing Senior Xie as Grandpa.

Senior Xie smiled and nodded.

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and asked. “Grandpa, we had discussed this some time ago. There are no good dates in the near future, and the engagement has to wait until the later half of the year. Why did you change your mind suddenly?”

Senior Xie replied: “Stop being so superstitious!”

Xie Huilan frowned. “I am not prepared yet. I am also very busy with my work. Can we discuss this later this year?” Xie Huilan used the same strategy as the past few years.

Senior Xie got mad and raised his voice. “How long are you going to wait? Do you know how old you are now?”


“Shut up!”

Dong Xuebing was shocked. Damn! Sister Xie had to marry to that bastard?

Dong Xuebing felt like giving a kick to Wei Nan’s smiling face. But he had no place to say anything here!

Xie Hao’s face had turned pale from anger. But he knew no one can change his grandfather’s mind once he decided on something.

Wei Nan was relieved to have his wish granted. He could finally marry Xie Huilan!

But just when the doctor was smiling and congratulating Wei Nan and Senior Xie, Xie Huilan exploded!


Xie Huilan banged on the table: “I disagree!”

No one had dared to bang tables in front of Senior Xie. No one from the government or his family had ever dared to bang tables in front of him!

Except for Xie Huilan!

Senior Xie’s face turned black: “You dare to say that again?!”

Xie Huilan shouted at him: “I disagree!”

Xie Hao was afraid that his sister will lose control. His sister was always smiling, but she was more overbearing and stubborn than their grandfather. She does not care whether if it is a high-ranking officer or her elders in her family. This was not her first-time banging tables in front of her elders. Xie Hao saw his sister exploding, he gritted his teeth and banged the table. “I also disagree!”

Senior Xie shouted furiously: “You all are going against me?!”

Xie Hao mustered up his courage and shouted. “Grandpa, what’s so good about that guy? Why are you treating him like a treasure?! Can’t you tell Sis does not like him at all? Now, it is the era of marriage freedom!”

Senior Xie scolded: “You have no right to say anything here!”

Xie Hao pointed to Wei Nan: “If he becomes my brother-in-law, I will beat him up every time I see him!”

“Get lost from here!” Senior Xie stood up in anger!

Xie Huilan stepped in front of Xie Hao. “Grandpa, since things had become like this, let’s make things clear once and for all. For so many years, you have been forcing me to marry to his person or that person. Have you ever considered how I feel? You are only thinking of yourself by making me marry Wei Nan! You are doing all these for this family and others! You are not doing this for me! I have been tolerating all this while. I will not give in today! I had enough! I will decide about my marriage myself! No one can decide my marriage for me!”

Senior Xie was too angry to say a word!

Wei Nan did not expect Xie Huilan to blow up so suddenly. He quickly moves nearer and support Senior Xie and shouted at Xie Huilan: “How can you speak to Grandpa like this?”

Senior Xie pointed at Dong Xuebing: “You decide for yourself? You are going to pick him?”

Xie Hao was stunned!

Dong Xuebing was stunned!

Xie Huilan was also stunned. “What are you talking about? What has this got to do with Xiao Dong?”

Senior Xie replied: “Your fiancé is beaten up by him, and you are still siding him?! What is your relationship with him?!”

Xie Huilan stared at Wei Nan when she heard this. “Wei Nan! What nonsense are you talking about?! You are the one who tried to kick Xiao Dong from his back. You nearly broke his leg! You are the victim now?! What’s my relationship with Xiao Dong? Huh? What did you say about us?!” Xie Huilan turned towards her grandfather: “Grandpa, I know you have become senile since you retired. This is normal for old people. But I did not expect you to become so stupid! Xiao Dong is my lifesaver! He was almost beaten up by Wei Nan for no reason! If I don’t side with him, who should I side with?”

Dong Xuebing was also furious. “Senior Xie, if there is CCTV in the garage, you can go and check it! Wei Nan tried to attack me from my back! You expect me to stand there and let him hit me? I am not allowed to retaliate?”

Wei Nan quickly said: “Grandpa, I did not try to kick him. He is taking advantage of Huilan at that time, and I am only trying to stop him. What’s wrong with me trying to stop him?”

Xie Huilan roared: “Wei Nan! You are despicable! You are trying to stop him? You used your leg to stop people?”

Wei Nan replied: “Huilan, I am trying to protect you. Why don’t you understand?”

Xie Hao pointed at Wei Nan in his face: “F**k you!”

Senior Xie was more furious than them. He banged on the table hard. “All of you shut up!” Senior Xie was too stubborn to listen to them. “Xie Huilan! I don’t care whether if you have any relationship with Xiao Dong! Everything will end here! He had saved your life, and I will get someone to arrange his transfer! You will get engaged with Xiao Nan!”

F**k! What relationship do we have?! Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud!

Xie Huilan’s lips were trembling. “Grandpa, you rather believe an outsider instead of me? Xiao Dong had saved my life! He is my guest!! But he was almost beaten up the moment he entered the villa! This is how you treat him? You even believe that I and Xiao Dong……” Xie Huilan was panting from her anger. “How can you believe such baseless statement?”

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and said: “Senior Xie, Sister Xie, and I are not…….”

“I did not ask you to talk!” Senior Xie interrupted him.

Damn! Dong Xuebing could feel his lungs about to explode!

Senior Xie also had doubts over Wei Nan’s words. Xie Huilan was his granddaughter, and he trusted her more than Wei Nan. But he was stubborn and does not go back on his words. After Xie Huilan and Xie Hao banged tables in front of him, he loses his temper and does not care about anything else. What he wants to do was to suppress all opposing voices and force Xie Huilan to get married to Wei Nan. This is how the top leaders in the government handle problems. He does not care who was in the right or wrong and does not care the reasons. Everyone must do according to his orders!

Dong Xuebing could tell that Senior Xie was being unreasonable and does not care about what happened in the garage. That was only the breaking point of Xie Huilan and Wei Nan’s engagement. Even without that incident, Senior Xie would also lose his patient and force them to get married. But Dong Xuebing felt he was responsible for what happened today. If he did not ask Sister Xie to help him or did not hit Wei Nan in the garage, she might still be able to drag this out for a few more months.

F**K! This was too frustrating!

1 minute…… 2 minutes…… the situation was tense, and no one said a word.

Dong Xuebing had never felt so upset in his life. “Sister Xie, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Xie Huilan had a stern look on her face. “This is not your fault. This will happen sooner or later, and I am prepared for this.”

On the other side of the room, the doctor was giving some pills to Senior Xie, and Wei Nan was standing by the side with a glass of water. He behaved like he was already Senior Xie’s Grandson-in-law.

Dong Xuebing clenched his fist as he looked at that despicable Wei Nan. He had no way to vent his anger!

“Sis! What should we do now?!” Xie Hao knew that if their grandfather does not change his mind, his sister would have to marry that bastard.

Xie Huilan smiled: “What else can we do? Our grandfather is only concern about our family’s future. There is no point in reasoning with him. Wei Nan had used despicable tricks, and grandpa is not willing to listen to us. You should know his temper well. Once he decided, he will go ahead even if he knows it is a wrong decision.”

Xie Hao shouted angrily: “That bastard Wei Nan! I will kill him sooner or later!”

Xie Huilan suddenly turned and looked at Dong Xuebing for about 3 seconds.

Dong Xuebing asked: “Sister Xie, just speak your mind.”

Xie Huilan replied emotionlessly: “They are accusing us of having some relationship. I am not willing to be accused. How about you?”

“I am also pissed by this!”

“Fine. We will not accept their accusation.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Huilan blankly. He does not understand what she means.

“Xiao Dong.” Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing in his eyes and paused for a while, before saying something shocking. “Do you want to date me?”


Dong Xuebing and Xie Hao almost fainted on the spot!


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