Power and Wealth
Chapter 160 – A Date with a Central Government Leader
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 160 – A Date with a Central Government Leader

1 second…. 5 seconds… 10 seconds… It was eerily silent in Sister Xie’s living room.

Dong Xuebing was standing by the coffee table, embarrassed. He wanted to dig a hole and bury his head in it. He thought Xie Huilan was innocent and does not know what was on her stockings that day. She knew it. Goddamn! Since you already know what that was, why did you pretended nothing had happened? I’m dead. The righteous imagine I built is all gone. She is trying to settle the score now!

“Sister Xie, that day……. I……” Dong Xuebing does not know how to explain his actions that day.

Xie Huilan looked at him. “You still dare to tell me that you only have respect for me? You do not have feelings for me?”

Dong Xuebing replied with a dismal look. “No…… it’s not like that.”

“Oh, then give me an explanation of what is on my stockings…”

Dong Xuebing surrendered. “Sister Xie, please stop talking about it. Please. It was a moment of folly. I am wrong. I… Please punish me.”

“Hehe, I am not your leader. News Department is also not your governing body. I do not have the authority.” Xie Huilan smiled. “I am now your girlfriend. What I can do is to remind you not to do this again. It is not good for your health, and that is a worn stocking. It is unhygienic to use it to do that. Take note of this in the future, alright?”

Dong Xuebing wanted to kill himself on the spot. He had never been so embarrassed before in his life. “O…… Ok”

Xie Huilan nodded. “Don’t be so uptight. Relax. Haha, have a seat.”

Dong Xuebing sat down cautiously and look at Xie Huilan’s expression secretly. She does not even feel embarrassed when she said all those things. She was still as calm and graceful as before. Dong Xuebing could never become like her.

Xie Huilan pushed the plate of fruits towards Dong Xuebing. “Want some oranges?”

Dong Xuebing replied with a straight face. “Thank you. I will pass.”

Xie Huilan laughed and pointed at him. “You… do we look like we are dating?”

Huh? We are not really dating in the first place. But Dong Xuebing does not dare to say it out. Xie Huilan had a hold against him. “Errr… I will have an orange.” He saw Xie Huilan was about to help him peel the orange, he quickly snatches it from her and peels an orange for her, before peeling one more for himself.

Xie Huilan ate the orange slowly, and after she finishes eating, she said. “Address me as Huilan in the future, alright?”

Dong Xuebing could only nod.

Xie Huilan added. “Watch TV by yourself here. I will go and write my presentation first.”

Xie Huilan bends over to pick up the stack of materials, and Dong Xuebing quickly carried it for her. “Let me……. Let me bring it into the room for you.”

“Hehe, thank you.”

Xie Huilan’s bedroom looks more like a study room. Other than a bed, PC, and a closet, there were rows of bookshelves. There were all sorts of books. Dong Xuebing took a glance at the books. There were books on Thick Black Theory, Economy, philosophy, and records from the News Department. Xie Huilan was self-motivated. But she was different from Dong Xuebing. She will prepare herself and then try to move upwards. Dong Xuebing on the other hand, only focuses on climbing up the ranks.

But Dong Xuebing knew he had no choice. The job of the General Affairs Office was only supporting the leaders. He could only get promoted if the leaders were close to him. If he did something on his own, that would be acting beyond his power. He will be able to do much more when he goes to the grassroots level. All the things he does at the grassroots level will be his credit.

Xie Huilan quickly enters here work mode. She looked at the materials Dong Xuebing brought and start writing her report.

Dong Xuebing does not want to disturb her and went out of the room silently. He went out to brew a cup of tea and left it on her desk before leaving and closing the door behind him. He sat in the living room thinking about what had happened. What the hell was going on? Aunt Xuan still had not given me an answer, and I have to date a Central Government Leader? Is Sister Xie serious? She really likes me? Impossible. She must be joking. But she does not sound like she is joking with me…

Dong Xuebing had complicated feelings.

1 minute passed……

10 minutes passed……

Dong Xuebing was afraid that he would disturb Xie Huilan, and he mutes the TV. He could not calm himself as he watched the TV in silent. He had gotten into a relationship suddenly, and it felt surreal. Sister Xie also knew about the stockings. He really has the urge to jump down from the building. What was Sister Xie’s impression of him? A pervert? A hooligan? But why did she still want to date him?

Dong Xuebing could not figure out the answer.

Dong Xuebing sat on the sofa restlessly. He stood up and look around. He needs to find something to do. That’s right. I can help Sister Xie tidy up her apartment. I will rebuild my image and cannot let the stocking incident affect my relationship with Sister Xie. I must show her the better side of me.

Dong Xuebing rolled up his sleeves and start cleaning up the kitchen. He wiped the ventilation hood first. Xie Huilan should be someone that does not do household chores. She must have a part-time helper to help her clean the apartment. The tables were cleaned, and only the ventilation hood was slightly dirty. Dong Xuebing was poor when he was young. His family could not afford to hire someone to clean their ventilation hood. Everything had to be cleaned himself. Dong Xuebing dismantled the hood and start cleaning it. After that, he went to get a mop and start mopping the floor. Sister Xie was still at work after he finishes, and Dong Xuebing went to get a rag and old newspapers to start cleaning the window panels. He even washes Xie Huilan’s clothes.

After 3 hours of household chores, Dong Xuebing was sweating buckets. But he felt much better.

5.25 pm.

Dong Xuebing was squatting by the shoe cabinet in the living, polishing Sister Xie’s heels when the bedroom door opened.

Xie Huilan walked out of her room and ask: “Xiao Dong, what are you doing?”

Actually, Dong Xuebing had heard the sounds of Xie Huilan’s slippers and knew she will be coming out of the room. He quickly opens the shoe cabinet and starts wiping her heels. Helping the leader wash her clothes and clean the windows were still fine. But polishing heels was…… too degrading. Dong Xuebing purposely did this was to make himself look more pitiful and hope to let Xie Huilan forgive him about her stockings. “Ah, Sister Xie. You finished your work? Sorry, I did not get your permission and cleaned your house for you. I have cleaned your ventilation hood and the windows.”

Xie Huilan was surprised and looked at her kitchen and the windows. “What are you doing? I can get a part-timer to clean.”

Dong Xuebing continued to wipe the shoes: “Oh, I have nothing to do. Is it fine for me to use black polish on this pair of heels?”

Xie Huilan smiled and walked over to take that pair of heels from him. “Stop it. You are my boyfriend now. How can you polish my heels and clean up my place? This should be what women do for their men. Go and rest. You should be tired.”

Dong Xuebing was eager to please her. “It’s fine. Let me finish cleaning this pair of heels first.”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Go and rest, alright?”

Dong Xuebing was only pretending. He did not really want to polish her heels for her. He ‘unwillingly’ let go of the heels and went to the bathroom.

“Oh, you helped me wash my clothes?” Xie Huilan smiled. “You mopped the floor, wiped all the windows, clean my ventilation hood, polished my heels…… You spent the whole afternoon……. Xiao Dong, let me tell you again. We are dating now. I am not your superior. Do not do these again, alright?”

Huh? You keep calling me Xiao Dong, and how can this be considered dating? You should at least call me Big Brother.

Dong Xuebing just nodded his head.

Xie Huilan looked at the spotless bathroom and her suits that were hung out to dry by the heater. She laughed: “I was still thinking of ordering take-outs for our dinner. But seeing you have worked hard the whole afternoon, let go out and eat. Chinese or Western food?”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. “No… Don’t be so troublesome. I will go back and eat.”

“How can I let you go back after you helped me clean up my apartment?”

“Hah, it’s nothing. Err…… how about we cook something for dinner here?”

Xie Huilan looked at him and laughed. “Are you trying to embarrass me? I can’t cook.”

“Huh… No… I am saying that I will…… prepare dinner for you. My cooking skills are still alright. If you don’t mind……”

Xie Huilan started counting with her fingers. “How many times have you helped me? You caught the thief, saved my life, stop my engagement, help me get the materials I needed, and even clean up my apartment. Haha, how can I let you cook dinner for me? Never mind. Since you want to have dinner at home, so be it. I will cook two simple dishes. Alright?”

“Let me help you.”

In the kitchen.

Xie Huilan was beating the eggs with a pair of chopsticks and threw some chopped green onions in it. “Xiao Dong, my house only has eggs and some vegetables. I seldom cook at home. I eat out or order food most of the time. That’s why I do not have many ingredients in my fridge.”

Dong Xuebing replied: “I am fine with anything. Two simple dishes are enough. Eh, don’t put too much salt in the eggs.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. Err…… add more chopped green onions into the eggs. It will taste better.”

“Oh.” Xie Huilan smiled and looked at him. “Xiao Dong, we are doing something like dating couples do now. Hehe, don’t you think so?”

Dong Xuebing blushed. “Sister Xie, err…… are we really going to date?”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “What do you want to say?”

Huh? What do you think I want to say? I have lots of things to say! Dong Xuebing coughed. “Nothing… erm… you should pour some oil now.”

A plate of fried eggs and a plate of stir fry vegetables. This was a simple dinner.

Xie Huilan tasted a piece of egg and said: “Haha, the taste is not very nice. I should have let you cook it.”

Dong Xuebing had not expected Xie Huilan to cook anything delicious. He could tell from her family background. “It’s fine. The eggs and vegetables are delicious. It is much better than my cooking.” Dong Xuebing ate and said.

Xie Huilan laughed. “Stop saying nice things. I know my cooking skills.”

If it were in the past, Dong Xuebing would never imagine having dinner so casually with a Central Government leader. Dating Xie Huilan was like a dream. But he was still not very sure if Sister Xie was serious about them dating.

After dinner, Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan sat on the sofa to watch the evening news.

During the commercial break before the weather report, Xie Huilan suddenly asked. “Xiao Dong, have you dated anyone before?”

Dong Xuebing replied nervously. “I think so.” Sleeping with Aunt Xuan should be considered dating.

“What sort of girls do you like?”

“Errr……. It depends on feelings. I also don’t know how to tell you.”

“Haha, is it boring to date someone like me?” Xie Huilan laughed. “We have known each other not too long ago, and we do not know each other well. I am someone who places my job before anything. Most of my time is spent on it. I seldom have time for movies, dramas or games. I spent my free time reading articles and writing reports. That can be considered my hobby. Hehe, but since we are dating, I should make some changed to my life. I can’t be the same as before, and you should not like it, right?”

Dong Xuebing did not know how to answer her. “No… no…”

Xie Huilan smiled: “Alright. I have finished my work today. Shall we go shopping?”

Dong Xuebing’s eyes nearly popped out. “Shopping?” Shopping with a Central Government Leader?

“Shopping is a date for couples, right?” Before Dong Xuebing could react, Xie Huilan switched off the TV and grabbed her handbag from the sofa. She walked over to wear her heels. “Xiao Dong, we have to work tomorrow and do not have much time. Let’s go somewhere nearby.” Xie Huilan was too overbearing. She does not let anyone reject her.

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. Let it be. Anyway, I still do not know what Sister Xie is thinking. It will be a waste of time to guess. Not everyone will get the chance to go out on a date with Sister Xie. What’s there to worry about?! Dong Xuebing felt better and stopped thinking whether if they were dating for real.

Audi A6 drove out of the estate.

Dong Xuebing, who was in the front passenger seat secretly took a glance at Xie Huilan’s slender body. Sigh… Life is so unfair. Sister Xie’s beauty, her slim figure, shapely ass, and long legs… All those pretty movie stars were nowhere near Xie Huilan’s looks.

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong, am I wearing too formal?”

Dong Xuebing quickly takes his eyes off her chest. “No… you look good in suits.”

“Haha, that’s good.” Xie Huilan continued to drive.

Dong Xuebing was relieved. He saw Xie Huilan looking in front, and he continued to look at her body.

Since Xie Huilan insisted that they are dating now, then as the boyfriend, Dong Xuebing should have some special privileges. She already knows what he did with her used stockings, and she should not be angry if Dong Xuebing looked at her body. But Xie Huilan was still a Central Government Official, and Dong Xuebing dare not to look openly. This might make her feel he was not respecting her.

A newly opened shopping mall at Anzhen Bridge.

The shoppers and staff of the mall were looking with jealousy as Dong Xuebing walked beside Xie Huilan. Everyone was looking at them. It was because Xie Huilan was too pretty, and she was hugging Dong Xuebing’s arm. At Senior Xie’s villa, Xie Huilan had wrapped her arm around Dong Xuebing’s arm too. But they were forced by the circumstances, and Dong Xuebing did not overthink about it. The feeling was very different now. Dong Xuebing was nervous, and his back was covered with sweat.

Xie Huilan laughed and said: “Just relax, alright?”

Dong Xuebing replied uncomfortably. “Errr…… I am very relaxed now.”

“You are relaxed now? Your whole body is so stiff. Hahaha, do I look like a tigress?”

“No……” Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders. But once he relaxed his shoulders, his elbows were lowered, and his upper arm was pressing against Xie Huilan’s left breast. Sister Xie was wearing a thin bra, and he could feel the softness of her breast. He quickly pulls back his arm. “Ah…… Sorry… I’m very sorry. I did not do that on purpose.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “It’s alright. Let’s go.”

Dong Xuebing could tell from Xie Huilan’s expressions that she was not angry at all. They continued to walk around the mall.

“Xiao Dong, you have dated someone before and experience. Where should couples go? The Men’s section or the ladies’ section?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and replied: “I do not have much experience too. Err… it does not matter which section we go. More importantly, it depends on what you like.” He was secretly hoping that Xie Huilan would help him pick one or two shirts, or he chooses a few clothing for her. That will feel more like dating. But Xie Huilan was a government official, and Dong Xuebing dare not to speak his mind.

Xie Huilan turned and hugged Dong Xuebing’s arm naturally. “I want to get some books. Can you accompany me to level 6 to look at books? Haha, is this still consider a date?”

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. How can I refuse you? He nodded and said: “Ok. I would like to get some books too.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Is this not a good idea? How about I pick a few shirts for you?”

Dong Xuebing quickly say: “No. Let’s go and get the books you want.”

There was a bookshop on level 6. Xie Huilan released her arms around Dong Xuebing the moment she stepped out of the elevator. She walks to a shelf and starts flipping a book. She shook her head and return the book back on the shelf. She took another book and start reading it. “Xiao Dong, get some media-related books for me.” After saying that, she realized her tone was not right and smiled. “Can you help me get those books, please.”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “No problem. The books that are related to your work? I will go and get it now.”

“Thank you.”

After a while, Dong Xuebing returned with 4 – 5 books. “Are these ok?”

Xie Huilan was reading the book in her hands and did not notice Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing did not interrupt her and stood beside her. After waiting about 10 minutes, Xie Huilan finally put down that book, and he asked: “I got these books for you…”

Xie Huilan thanked him and look through the books. In the end, she picked one the last book. “This is a good book. Put the rest back.”

“Ok!” Dong Xuebing returned the books back to the shelves and came back with a few more books.

An hour passed…….

Two hours passed……

Xie Huilan walks out of the mall empty-handed, but Dong Xuebing was carrying 3 big bags of books.

At the carpark, Xie Huilan suddenly remembered something. She turned and smiled embarrassedly. “Look at me. I said I will buy you a few shirts. Why didn’t you remind me? Haha, this cannot be considered a date. You are just accompanying me to buy my stuff.” Xie Huilan looked at her watch and said: “It is late now. Next time… We will go on a proper date next time.”

Dong Xuebing had helped Xie Huilan cleaned her apartment, and now, he was carrying 3 heavy bags of books. He was exhausted. When he heard what Xie Huilan said, he almost fainted. You also know this is not a date? Next time? No more next time! I don’t want to go on a date with you again!

Dong Xuebing thought he could enjoy himself on this date. But…… their first date was helping Xie Huilan clean her ventilation hood, washing her clothes, accompanying her to the mall, helping her to get the books she wanted and carrying the books she bought for her. This was Dong Xuebing and a Central Government Leader’s first date!


Central Government Officials are indeed different from ordinary folks. Even their dates are different from others!

Translator’s notes: There is no need for Xie Huilan to get Dong Xuebing anything. Her used stocking is good enough.

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