Power and Wealth
Chapter 162 – Secretary of City Party Committee offered a seat!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 162 – Secretary of City Party Committee offered a seat!

Noon. The news of Chief Zhen stopping Chief Xiao Dong from transferring spread.

When Xu Yan heard about this, she immediately called Zhen Anguo. “Chief, Xiao Dong’s transfer……”

“Old Xu.” Zhen Anguo and Xu Yan had gotten closer after the previous Branch Party Committee meeting. The way they address each other had also changed. “I know you want to help Xiao Dong. But someone had come to our unit to chase gambling debts from Xiao Dong. This is bad for our reputation. I know that this might be someone playing dirty tricks to frame Xiao Dong. But Xiao Dong also is partially responsible for it. He is still too young and impulsive. It is not good for him to go to the grassroots level now. I am thinking of giving Xiao Dong a Deputy Section Chief’s position when there is a vacancy. It is still too early for him to go to the grassroots level.”

Xu Yan frowned. “All of us know how much contribution Xiao Dong had to our branch. This will be…….”

Zhen Anguo replied: “I will be giving him a Deputy Section Chief rank’s position. How many people in Beijing can get to this position in 4 months after joining? He should be satisfied. Old Xu, this is settled. Oh, this morning’s meeting at the City Bureau is because of the Eastern District Branch’s incident. You should also have heard about it. Part of their cafeteria collapsed on Sunday because of poor maintenance. The roof fell. Luckily it was on Sunday, and the collapse did not happen during lunchtime. If not, someone will be injured. Our State Security’s buildings are all old buildings. Safety is a concern. The City Bureau is worried about this and will be sending people to conduct checks these few days. Old Xu, you will handle this.”

“Ok.” Xu Yan did not continue about Dong Xuebing’s transfer, and she sighed in her heart.

Knock, knock, knock. Dong Xuebing knocked on the door and entered. “Chief Xu, Chief Zhen is……”

Xu Yan gestured to Dong Xuebing to ask him to sit down first. “I just spoke to Chief Zhen over the phone just now, and Chief Zhen will not release you. There is also nothing I can do. Political Commissar Cheng also thinks the same way as Chief Zhen. You…… Sigh…… I will try my best to help you get a better position when there is vacancy. Although this opportunity might not be as good as going down to the grassroots level, you should also cherish it.” Xu Yan knew what Zhen Anguo and Cheng Haimei can give Xiao Dong is not enough.

Dong Xuebing controlled his anger. “Chief Xu, I will be honest with you. I had used lots of connections for this transfer. I owe lots of favor and also offended a lot of people. Now Chief Zhen…… How can I face the people who helped me get this transfer? They had tried their best to help me, and now this transferred is screwed up. How will they see me?” Dong Xuebing had offended Senior Xie, and if this transfer is canceled, all his efforts, his precious BACKs will all be……

Xu Yan understood why Zhen Anguo was doing this. She also does not want to see Dong Xuebing get transferred out. But this is very unfair to Xiao Dong. He had done so much for the branch and finally got the chance to get a transfer to the grassroots level to be a Deputy Bureau Chief of a County. Zhen Anguo just stopped this transfer like this, and it is too disappointing. No.1 and No.2 of the branch were on the same page for this matter, and there is nothing Xu Yan can do. “Xiao Dong, I’m afraid I am unable to help you this time.”

After walking out of Xu Yan’s office, Dong Xuebing immediately call Xie Huilan. “Hello, Sister Xie. My Branch Bureau Chief does not want to release me. This is too……”

“Xiao Dong. Don’t be anxious. Try to see if there are other ways, alright?”

Dong Xuebing walked to a secluded corner and said: “I tried my best. I have too many outstanding credits, and my Chief wants me to remain here to help him. Everything I say is useless. He will not release me.” If Dong Xuebing knew that being too outstanding will get him into this situation, he would never do his best.

“Oh…… I will try to get someone to help. Alright?”

“Thank you.”

After a while, Beijing City State Security Political Section Chief, Chief Wang, called Zhen Anguo’s office.

“Chief Zhen. What is wrong with Dong Xuebing’s transfer? Why are you not releasing him? Isn’t he just the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office?”

Zhen Anguo was pissed when he heard it was Chief Wang. Dong Xuebing’s background is quite influential. He got someone to pressurize me? Zhen Anguo frowned. “Chief Wang, Xiao Dong is very young, and I think he is still not ready to go to the grassroots level.”

Chief Wang replied: “This is not what you should be concerned with!”

Zhen Anguo was furious. “In the afternoon, someone came to our branch, asking Dong Xuebing to pay his gambling debts. The whole branch and the passerby outside knew about this. We still have not investigated this incident. How can we promote Xiao Dong now? This is irresponsible!” Zhen Anguo used this incident as an excuse again.

Chief Wang also got angry. “Chief Zhen! This is obviously a set up! You can’t even tell? Ah? You must trust your men! How can you believe a rumor just like this? If we are going to promote our staff, anyone can just get one or two strangers to shout outside, and we have to cancel our staff’s promotion and get the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate them? Then what’s the purpose of our Political Section?! We had checked Dong Xuebing thoroughly! His Deputy Section Chief Rank is also submitted by your branch! You rather believe some gangsters than us? Are those gangsters more trustworthy than our Party?!” Chief Wang’s words were harsh.

Zhen Anguo’s face changed. “Chief Wang, it is the responsibility of a Party member to uphold the Party’s regulation and honor. The duties of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is to make sure every party member abide by the laws and regulations. I don’t think I did anything wrong. We must investigate if there are any problems. I am responsible for everyone in the Western District Branch. Dong Xuebing must be investigated!”

After Chief Wang slammed down the phone, Zhen Anguo was still angry with Dong Xuebing for getting someone to apply pressure on him over the transfer. He has no intention of getting the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate Dong Xuebing. He knew Dong Xuebing might be rash, but he will not break the regulations. Zhen Anguo was only using this to stop Dong Xuebing’s transfer.

A few minutes later, Xie Huilan called Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing almost smashed his phone when he heard that Zhen Anguo was going to investigate him. There was already a crack between Dong Xuebing and Zhen Anguo relationship over Yan Lei previously. Now, the crack got worse to the point where they will fall out anytime! Fine. Not only you are stopping my transfer, you still want to force me into a corner? Zhen Anguo! I helped you saved the branch twice! This is how you are repaying me?!

Dong Xuebing returned to the General Affairs Office with a long face. Tan Limei, Chang Juan, and the rest stopped their work and looked at him.

“Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong, about your transfer……”

Everyone in the office was feeling unjust for Chief Xiao Dong. It is not a good thing for someone to be capable too. The angriest person was Guo Panwei. Chief Xiao Dong will not be moving up, and he will not become the Deputy Chief of the office!

Dong Xuebing does not have the mood to speak to them. He waved his hand to ask them to go back to work.

At this moment, Yan Lei entered the office with some documents. He asked Tan Limei to make 5 copies and then turned to Dong Xuebing with a smile. “Chief Dong, congratulations. I heard you will be going to the grassroots level to be a Deputy Bureau Chief?”

Dong Xuebing and everyone in the office face turned black.

Yan Lei was purposely there to gloat. He looked at Dong Xuebing and pretended to be surprised. “Eh? What happened? Your transfer is not successful?”

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes. “I dare you to say it one more time!”

Yan Lei knew Dong Xuebing does not care about the consequences when he is angry. He kept quiet and smiled before walking away. He was gloating over Dong Xuebing’s misfortune. Yan Lei also wish for Dong Xuebing to be transferred elsewhere, as he does not want to see him. But he was overjoyed to see Dong Xuebing’s furious look on his face. Hah! Serve you right. Who asked you to solve so many problems for the branch? This is your retribution!

Back in his office, Dong Xuebing smashed a cup on the floor in anger!

Dong Xuebing could control his temper slightly better than before. If it was the past, he would surely bang tables and shouted at Zhen Anguo. He would have given Yan Lei a kick to his face for his sarcastic remarks earlier. Dong Xuebing was furious. He had tried so hard to get this transfer, and it is canceled now. Are there any other ways to go about it?

None! Even Sister Xie does not have solutions. What can Dong Xuebing do?

F**k! Why do I have to meet an ungrateful leader?!

When you needed my help, you treated me well. Now, I got the opportunity to move up, you backstab me!

Ring, ring, ring. The phone on the desk rang.

Dong Xuebing picked up the phone. “Hello! General Affairs Office!”

Xu Yan smiled bitterly when she heard Xiao Dong’s angry voice. She did not scold him: “Xiao Dong, I had just received notifications that there will be a visit by the City’s Party Committee tomorrow. It is because of the Eastern District Branch’s cafeteria collapsed. Get your people to decorate and clean up the place. I will let you take charge of this. I don’t want to see any problems. Oh, the City’s leader might be having lunch here. Prepare the lunch menu. The dishes cannot be too luxurious, but it cannot be too shabby. You get what I mean?”


Dong Xuebing was not in the mood to work. He gave Guo Panwei a call and told them to prepare everything.

After work, Dong Xuebing headed home and went to bed after a quick shower. But he was troubled with the problems at work and could not sleep. He tossed and turned on the bed. He only fell asleep when it was almost morning.

When Dong Xuebing woke up, it was almost 10 am. He was late. He had left his phone in his bag, which was placed in the living room. There were dozens of missed calls from Director Li Qing and the General Affairs Office. Dong Xuebing quickly gets dressed and goes to work.

When Dong Xuebing reached the Western District Branch, the banners, welcoming the City leader, were already up.

Zhen Anguo, Cheng Haimei, Xu Yan, and the rest of the branch’s leaders were standing in front of the main building. They saw Dong Xuebing coming in at this time, and Zhen Anguo’s face turns black. He felt Xiao Dong was too much. An inspection by the City’s Leader is very important. As the second-in-charge of the General Affairs Office, you should be here early to make sure everything is ready. How can you let your emotions affect your work?! Zhen Anguo remembered Xiao Dong had gotten someone to pressurize him yesterday and was furious. He scolded: “What time is it now? Go and set up the meeting room now!”

Dong Xuebing was not purposely late. Zhen Anguo had stopped his transfer and still scolded him in front of everyone. He clenched his teeth and walked to the General Affairs Office.

Xu Yan was also slightly unhappy with Xiao Dong’s performance today. But what made her frowned was Zhen Anguo’s attitude towards Xiao Dong. Everyone has emotions. You are already unfair toward Xiao Dong by stopping his transfer. You should be treating him better now. After all, you still need Xiao Dong to help you solve problems. Instead of doing all these, you are even scolding him in public? Xiao Dong is known to not bow down to force! Xu Yan could tell that Zhen Anguo had something against Xiao Dong. It might be due to Yan Lei and Xiao Dong’s incident, or Xiao Dong had made use of other channels to get back at Zhen Anguo.

On Dong Xuebing’s way back to the General Affairs Office, he noticed everyone looking at him weirdly. Just two days ago, everyone was congratulating him on his transfer. But now, his transfer was canceled.

Damn! What a disgrace!

Only Tan Limei and Old Yan were in the General Affairs Office. Dong Xuebing entered the office and asked: “Is everything ready?”

Tan Limei stood up. “Chief Dong. Everything is ready.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Which leader is coming today?”

“I heard it is City’s Party Committee Secretary Xie and a few other leaders.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. The Party Committee’s no.1? Isn’t he Xie Huilan’s father? Why is he here for the inspection? It should be the City’s Deputy Mayor. He thought for a while. Secretary Xue should be implementing some plans, and it involves the “Old and dangerous” buildings of the various agencies. That’s why he is visiting the branch. The Eastern District Branch’s collapse must be quite severe. Luckily no one had died from that accident.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch. “What time is the leader arriving?”

Tan Limei replied: “The notification states 11am. But there might be some delays. Secretary Xie and his men had gone to the Industry and Commerce Bureau this morning.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and went over to the meeting room. The meeting room was already set up by Guo Panwei and Chang Juan. Dong Xuebing then left for the smaller cafeteria to check on the lunch preparations.

There were loud applauses outside of the cafeteria as Secretary Xie’s convoy arrived.

Dong Xuebing’s rank was too low to be going out to receive the VIP. He was also not in the mood to do so. He stood in the smaller cafeteria and looked out. He could see Secretary Xie and his assistant alighting from the vehicle. Xie Guobang’s nose and lips were similar to Xie Huilan. He had a stern look and sharp eyes. He had the imposing manner of a Politburo member.

This is Secretary Xie! He is very different in real life compared to TV!

Dong Xuebing looked at the group of leaders behind Xie Guobang, and Zhen Anguo receiving him. Although Dong Xuebing is now dating Xie Huilan, he is still not accepted by Xie Huilan’s family. Xie Guobang should not know him.

“Chief Dong.” Deputy Director Zheng from the Sixth Bureau suddenly appears in the cafeteria. He walked over and asked softly: “The higher-ups don’t approve your transfer?”

Dong Xuebing sighed. “Chief Zhen refuses to let me go. There is nothing I can do about it.”

Deputy Director Zheng patted Dong Xuebing’s shoulders. “What are your plans?”

“What plan can I have? I think I will never be able to leave the State Security.”

“You are still young and will have many opportunities in the future.”

Dong Xuebing shook his head. He is on the verge of falling out with Zhen Anguo now. What Zhen Anguo promised him might not even come true, let alone getting opportunities in the future. After missing this opportunity, Dong Xuebing might have to remain in the State Security for the rest of his career.

On the other side of the branch, Secretary Xie and his party entered the main building. They remained inside for almost an hour.

It was already lunchtime, and the staff members were in the main cafeteria having lunch. The smaller cafeteria was still empty. There were a few empty tables for Secretary Xie and other leaders.

Zhen Anguo whispered to Secretary Xie’s assistant. “Secretary Shen, does Secretary Xie have any plans for lunch? We had prepared lunch for him in the smaller cafeteria……”

Secretary Shen walked over to speak to Secretary Xie.

Xie Guobang was still looking at the old buildings in the branch. He turned to his assistant and said. “Let’s go to the main cafeteria.”

Zhen Anguo was not surprised. He knew many leaders prefer to dine with ordinary staff members. This was to portray an image that they were close to the people on the grounds. He turned to Yan Lei. “Get the General Affairs People to clear up space in the main cafeteria now! Party Secretary Xie is going to have lunch there!”

Yan Lei ran to the smaller cafeteria.

Dong Xuebing and the Sixth Bureau’s Deputy Director were still chatting.

Yan Lei saw them and frowned. “Chief Dong! You are so free! Hurry up! Party Secretary Xie and the City leaders are going to the main cafeteria to have lunch! Chief Zhen asks your General Affairs Office people to shift the tables over now!”

Dong Xuebing was still pissed, and when he heard Yan Lei mentioning Zhen Anguo, he replied coldly. “Since when am I free? Ah? I don’t need to watch the food?”

Yan Lei points at Dong Xuebing angrily: “I don’t have time to argue with you!”

“You think I like to speak with you?!”

But Dong Xuebing knew that the City’s leaders’ visit to the branch was significant. Even Minister Lui cannot be compared to the City Party Committee’s no.1. He ignored Yan Lei and went over to the main cafeteria to get some people to help him carry the tables over. He asked some staff members who were dining to move to other tables about 5 meters away.

After a while, Xie Guobang entered the cafeteria.

The main cafeteria felt like someone pressed the mute button. Everyone was looking at Xie Guobang secretly.

Xie Guobang looked at the ceiling and said. “I had visited the Eastern District. Although the buildings here are in slightly better conditions, it is still in bad condition.” He pointed upwards. “There are water stains. It should be from the rain. Old buildings have leaked on the roof, and it is dangerous.”

Zhen Anguo replied. “Yes. This building is decades old. We will try our best to repair it.”

Xie, Guobang, nodded. “You have to make sure all the staff is safe. If you can’t even guarantee their safety, how can they work in peace? Safety is a major concern.”

Zhen Anguo, Cheng Haimei, and the rest were standing there listening to Xie Guobang.

Dong Xuebing was preparing the tea at the tables. Party Secretary Xie glanced past him and did not look at him. Dong Xuebing guessed that Xie Guobang should not know about him. If that’s the case, he does not need to go over to greet him. He pretended nothing had happened. Anyway, he still felt Xie Huilan was joking with him.

After walking around the cafeteria, Xie Guobang sat down at the main table. Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, and the rest joined him and sat according to their ranks. The rest of the City leaders did not sit at the same table with Xie Guobang as their ranks were much lower. They sat at the second table with Director Li Qing. Oh, Party Secretary Xie’s assistant did not sit down with him at the table. He stood behind him to help him serve tea.

Yan Lei wanted to impress Party Secretary Xie. He served the dishes slowly and would tell him the dish’s name. Dong Xuebing had lost interest in his wor. But when he saw Xu Yan staring at him, he still went to the kitchen to help serve the dishes. He did not tell Party Secretary Xie the dish’s name when he served it. His transfer was canceled and he does not have to mood to do his job.

“What is this dish?” Party Secretary Xie asked suddenly.

Dong Xuebing paused for a second and replied: “This is Sugar snail-shaped cake.” Dong Xuebing was the one who planned the menu. He also grew up in Beijing and knew all these snacks well.

Xie Guobang turned and look at Zhen Anguo. “Your cafeteria serves good food. Sugar Snail Shaped cakes are hard to make.”

Zhen Anguo does not know if Party Secretary Xie was blaming him for preparing a luxurious lunch.

Yan Lei saw Party Secretary Xie speaking to Dong Xuebing and was jealous. He quickly walked over and placed the next dish on the table. “Eight Treasures Lotus porridge.”

After a while, all the dishes were served. It was not considered a sumptuous lunch, but it was presentable.

Xu Yan knew the lunch menu was prepared by Xiao Dong and nodded. She was still very confident about Xiao Dong’s work. There might be a wide variety of dishes, but they were not expensive. The dishes only require more effect to prepare, and the ingredients were cheap. It will be too much if they serve shark fins or abalone to the leaders. The leaders might feel the branch is wasting their money and will not like it.

“Sit down and eat together.” Xie Guobanf looked at Yan Lei and Dong Xuebing.

Yan Lei immediately replied: “I will have lunch over there.” His rank was too low to dine with the Party Secretary and the other leaders at that table.

Dong Xuebing listlessly replied: “I will also have lunch there.” He was not pointing to the second table. He was looking at the other staff members in the cafeteria.

Xie Guobang said. “Just sit here. It’s just a casual lunch.”

The City’s Party Secretary had made the invitation twice, and this was not being courteous. He should be trying to show that he is close to the lower rank staff.

Xu Yan looked at Party Secretary Xie and then made an eye signal to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing thought to himself. This is an order from the leaders. How can I not sit down? He hesitated for a moment and was about to sit down on a chair in front of him. But Yan Lei quickly sat on the chair before Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing was stunned and looked to the side. That was the only vacant chair! His face turned black immediately!

Zhen Anguo knew Dong Xuebing, and Yan Lei does not like each other and was afraid Xiao Dong’s foul temper would act again. “Xiao Dong, there should be two more dishes, right? Go to the kitchen and check if they are ready.”

Dong Xuebing was about to explode. Damn! Why your secretary gets to sit down, and I have to serve the dishes? Everyone here can sit down except for your secretary! Can’t you see Party Secretary Xie’s secretary is still standing? F**k! Are you trying to make me look bad?

Zhen Anguo frowned when he saw Dong Xuebing’s expression. The Party Secretary had invited you to sit is because he is courteous. You think he is serious?

Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at Dong Xuebing. Everyone knows Chief Xiao Dong and Secretary Yan had differences.

But suddenly, Xie Guobang frowned and turned to his assistant. “Bring a chair over.”

Secretary Shen was stunned for a second and quickly carried a char over. He wanted to place the chair beside Yan Lei, but Xie Guobang gestured to the empty space beside him. “Here.” Secretary Shen did not say anything and put the chair beside him.

Then Xie Guobang waved to Dong Xuebing. “Dong Xuebing. Come and sit here.”

No one expected Party Secretary Xie would say this!

When Xie Guobang said this, everyone was shocked!

What did City’s Party Secretary say? Dong Xuebing? No one had mentioned Dong Xuebing’s name. They only called him Xiao Dong or Chief Dong! How come Party Secretary Xie knows Chief Xiao Dong’s full name? Damn! Party Secretary Xie knows Chief Xiao Dong? Party Secretary Xie purposely prepared a seat for Chief Xiao Dong?!

Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, and the rest of the branch leaders were stunned. The first thought that came to their minds was, how did Xiao Dong know Party Secretary Xie? They thought for a while and were shocked by the possible reason. Everyone turned and looked at Zhen Anguo!

Zhen Anguo also thought of it. He took in a deep breath. He knew the City’s Party Secretary will not invite someone of a lower rank to have lunch with him. He will never arrange that person to sit beside him! Party Secretary Xie was doing this…… as a warning to Zhen Anguo!? This was because Zhen Anguo had stopped Dong Xuebing’s transfer?!


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