Power and Wealth
Chapter 166 – Enjoy and relax!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 166 – Enjoy and relax!

That evening.

Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan carried their luggage to Meizhu Holiday Hotel in Hangzhou city. This hotel is surrounded by tea hills and was peaceful and quiet. The architecture is based on an ancient Chinese style and has amenities like a shopping mall, massage parlor, beauty salon, tea house, etc. This is a famous holiday resort in Hangzhou. Longjing tea is said to have originated from this place.

At the front desk, the receptionist smiles: “Sir, we have standard, executive, and suites rooms……”

Before the receptionist could finish, Dong Xuebing pointed to a 2-story villa outside of the window. “I want that place.”

The staff replied with a smile. “Do you want a Suite?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “No. What I mean is if there are no guests in that villa building, I will book the whole villa.”

The smile on the staff’s face froze. “Errr…… for two people?”

“Just the two of us. Is it possible?”

The receptionist paused for a while and smiled. “Yes. But guests are staying in that villa. Is block C, next to it, fine with you?”

Dong Xuebing nodded. After getting the keys, he dragged the luggage and walked with Qu Yunxuan towards the building.

On the way, Qu Yunxuan grumbled: “Xiao Bing, a room is enough. Why do you have to book the whole building? It cost more than 10,000 RMB a night.”

Dong Xuebing was afraid that Qu Yunxuan would be tired and took the luggage from her. “We had settled the paperwork for the mine and released our workers. We no longer have anything to do with the mine. We had made so much money and should reward ourselves. You must be tired these few days. Today, you should relax and enjoy yourself. Haha, I also have something to tell you later. It is about my work. Just treat this as a celebration.”

Qu Yunxuan replied angrily: “You…… You are just behaving like a Nouveau riche.”

Dong Xuebing shrugged his shoulders: “The two of us are Nouveau riche.”

After entering the Villa, Dong Xuebing looked around and nodded. He was satisfied with the villa. They were the only guests in this villa, and they just drop their luggage in the hall. After that, he walked together with Aunt Xuan to the teahouse and ordered the most expensive Longjing tea and some snacks.

Dong Xuebing did not tell Aunt Xuan that he is now dating Xie Huilan. It was because he does not know how to say to her and did not think they are dating for real. Sister Xie might be joking with him. Furthermore, all of her family members are against their relationship. But when Dong Xuebing is with Aunt Xuan, he feels like they are dating. But……. Aunt Xuan refused to admit their relationship.

“Wow…… the fragrance lingers in the mouth. This is a good tea.” Qu Yunxuan said.

Dong Xuebing had lived in poverty for many years, and this is the first time in his life he experienced such enjoyment. “You get what you pay. Oh, how is the Auction company?”

Qu Yunxuan took a sip of her tea and lean back on the bamboo chair. “I have been busy with mine the last month. But most of the paperwork is completed. I am thinking of setting up a small-medium Auction company in Beijing. The location does not need to be expensive. I am asking my friend to help me get a suitable location. We have sufficient funds now, and we should be able to start operation soon. Are we going to invest all 5 million RMB into this company?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Let me keep the 300,000 RMB. I want to give it to my mother.”

“Ok. Then I will invest the rest?”

“Don’t invest everything. You are the boss of the company, and shouldn’t you get a car?”

“We should not waste money on unnecessary stuff. We are still starting out.”

“Aunt Xuan, this is not wasting money. Who will have confidence with our company if they see the boss taking public buses to work? We should not save on this.” Dong Xuebing only wanted to give Aunt Xuan a good life. “Just listen to me. You can choose any cars you like, but it must not be cheaper than 200,000 RMB.”

Qu Yunxuan smiled. “I know you are concern about me. But this is your money and I……”

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “What are you talking about? I already said this is our money. Without you helping me at the mine, how can we make so much money?”

“You should get a car before me.”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “I did think of getting a car. But I’m afraid I can’t get one now.”

“Why?” Qu Yunxuan asked.

Dong Xuebing picked up a snack and put it in his mouth. “I will tell you later at night. Haha.” Yantai County’s Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief is different from Beijing. Dong Xuebing is still very young and had to tone down at the start. That’s why he cannot get a car now. He got to wait and see.

The snacks were their lunch. After finishing the snacks, Dong Xuebing held Aunt Xuan’s hand: “Let’s go for a foot massage.”

Qu Yunxuan pushes his hand away. “No. It is too expensive.”

Dong Xuebing raised his voice slightly. “It is only a small amount to us. You had worked tirelessly for so many days, and you should treat yourself. Let’s go. Foot massage is comfortable.”

Foot massage, billiards, shopping, and at the end, Dong Xuebing still forced Qu Yunxuan to go for a facial.

Back at the villa, Qu Yunxuan was feeling sore over the amount spent. “Look at how much you spent today. We had spent 20,000 to 30,000 RMB!”

Dong Xuebing hugged her by her waist. “It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy yourself.”

Qu Yunxuan smiles and tapped Dong Xuebing’s head lightly: “My parents called me a few days ago asking me why I did not return home for so long. They are asking me whether if I have found a job. I don’t know how to answer them. You are so capable. 5 million RMB…… Other people might not even earn this amount in their lifetime.”

Dong Xuebing moved his hands under Aunt Xuan’s top. “This is nothing. I still have not told you what happens at work.”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and held on to Dong Xuebing’s hand tightly. “Tell me now. What happened?”

“Let’s take a shower together. After we finish doing ‘that,’ I will tell you.”

Qu Yunxuan stared at him. “You are only thinking about ‘that’! You will be the death of me!”

“You keep saying I will be the death of you. But until now, you are still alive.”

After hitting Dong Xuebing a few times, Qu Yunxuan walked into the bathroom. Dong Xuebing wanted to bath with her, but Aunt Xuan refused and chase him out. But Dong Xuebing did not give up and begged her. She ends up giving in and pull up the blinds to the window connecting the bathroom to the bed, giving Dong Xuebing a live show of her showering.

Dong Xuebing was satisfied. He thought to himself. If he really got married to Xie Huilan, Aunt Xuan will definitely stop this relationship.

Shirt…… pants…… bra…… panties……

Dong Xuebing laid on the bed and watch Aunt Xuan take off her clothes.

Qu Yunxuan gave Dong Xuebing an angry stare from inside of the bathroom and turned her back to him. She started showering and felt very uncomfortable with Dong Xuebing looking at her.

10 minutes……

20 minutes……

30 minutes……

Dong Xuebing was full of anticipation. Women are so troublesome. A shower needs half an hour?

Qu Yunxuan finally turns off the shower and starts dying herself up with a towel. She wore the bathrobe and walk out. “It’s your turn.”

Dong Xuebing does not want to shower. He can’t wait any longer and pulled Aunt Xuan to the bed.

“What are you doing?” Qu Yunxuan pushed him. “Go and take a shower first!”

Dong Xuebing ignored her. He stripped and jumped onto her. It had been more than one month, and he could finally release everything.

For the next hour, Qu Yunxuan was tossed around on the bed. By the time Dong Xuebing was satisfied, she was out of breath, and her legs turned jellied.

Dong Xuebing hugged Qu Yunxuan by her waist and kissed her. “Xuan Xuan, your body is so soft.”

Qu Yunxuan was still panting. “I will be killed by you soon or later. Can you tell me now?”

“Haha, what should you call me?”


“Hurry up.”

Qu Yunxuan lowered her head and said angrily. “…… Ge Ge…”

“Hmmm……” Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. He likes to see Aunt Xuan behaving shyly. “I got promoted again. I will be going to the grassroots level. I am transferred to my mother’s hometown, Yantai County, as the Public Security Deputy Bureau Chief. Although I am still holding on to my current rank, my position had increased more than 1 level.”

Qu Yunxuan was stunned.

Dong Xuebing touched her back lightly. “Aunt Xuan?”


“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“What did you say?! Are you saying those things to make me happy?”

“Huh? The official orders have been issued. I have to report there in 2 days.”

“Didn’t you get a promotion recently? Why…… Deputy Bureau Chief? You are so young. How is this possible?” Qu Yunxuan might not be familiar with the government service, but she will have some knowledge. “I don’t believe you. Show me your transfer order now! Quick!”

Dong Xuebing smiled helplessly. He climbed off the bed and took out a document and his personnel file from his bag. “See for yourself. Why should I lie to you?”

Qu Yunxuan did not care that she was still naked. She got off the bed and start reading the document. After a while, she took in a deep breath and look at Dong Xuebing. “Is this real?”

“Why should I get some fake documents to make you happy?”

Qu Yunxuan paused for a few seconds and climb back on the bed. She gave Dong Xuebing a kiss on his face. “Brat! You really make me proud! Our Xiao Bing is not a Deputy Bureau Chief! If Sister Luan knows about this, she will be overjoyed. You are terrific!”


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