Power and Wealth
Chapter 167 – Bureau Chief Xiao Dong reports for work!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 167 – Bureau Chief Xiao Dong reports for work!

2 days later.

Yantai County, County Town.

Dong Xuebing had forgotten how long since his last visit to his hometown. He walked along the street and looked at the cars and people passing by. Yantai County was a backward area. One could not see any expensive vehicles on the road. The buildings and dressing of the passerby were the same as what people wore in Beijing’s countryside 10 years ago. But the overall environment here is much better than Beijing. The air is fresher, and the place is quieter.

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath of fresh air and walked into a meat pie shop.

The business of this shop was considered good. 3 out of the 8 tables in the shop were occupied, and Dong Xuebing could smell the fragrance of meat pies from outside.

Dong Xuebing had just landed and took a long-distance bus here. The food on the plane was rubbish. Dong Xuebing was starving when he reached Yantai County. He sat at an empty table and shouted towards the kitchen. “Boss, give me a serving of Beijing meat pie.”

“Ok!” The female boss stuck her head through the curtains and replied.

After a while, a piping hot meat pie was served.

Dong Xuebing took a bite. The skin was thin, and the meat was tender. It tastes much better than what he ate in Beijing. It feels more authentic!

Beijing Meat pie was originated from Hebei province. But Hebei and Beijing were close. Yantai County is only a 3-hour drive to Beijing City. It is very near, and there are not many differences in the culture. The food, habits are similar. This was also why Dong Xuebing was overjoyed when Xie Huilan arranged for him to transfer to this county. If he was posted to the southern or Northwestern regions, he might not get used to it.

1 bite…… 2 bites…… 3 bites……

Dong Xuebing ate slowly. He wanted to devour it, but he is a Deputy Bureau Chief now. He had to watch his image.

After about 20 minutes, all the other customers had left.

The female boss walked out with a bowl of porridge. “Young man, this bowl of purple rice porridge is for you.”

Dong Xuebing raised his head. “This is in the house? Thank you.”

The female boss does not have any customers now, and she took off her apron and sleeves. She sat beside Dong Xuebing and asked. “Your accent is from Beijing? How many years have you been in Yantai County? Are you working or studying?”

Dong Xuebing smiled: “Work.”

The female boss was surprised: “Ah, you look very young. I thought you are still studying. Did you start working young?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “Haha, Sis, you also look very young. I also can’t tell that you are the boss of this shop.”

The female boss laughed. “You have a sweet tongue. I am already 40.” Most people in the F&B industry are friendly and chatty. This female boss is one of them.

Dong Xuebing did not know much about Yantai County and wanted to ask around. When the female boss starts chatting with him, he took the opportunity to ask her. “Oh, how is the security around here?”

The female boss frowned. “In this era, there is no place safe. It’s the same everywhere.”

“You sound like our Yantai County’s security is not very good.”

“You can say so. Anyway, it’s the same in every county. There are thugs and gangsters collecting protection fees and creating trouble. They will come by every few months. Those idiots! I will get back at them sooner or later!”

Dong Xuebing was not surprised. This was also common in Beijing. “Did you report to the police?”

The female boss snorted. “Report to the police? They are just another group of hooligans collecting protection fees. They charge even higher than those hooligans. When I just opened my shop, two police officers came by to have lunch. They hinted to me asking me to give them money, and they will protect my shop. I pretended not to understand them, and the next day, a group of hooligans came. They threw a fly into my meat pie and insisted my shop is unhygienic. I suspect they are in cahoots. Those bastards.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “You cannot say that. There are black sheep everywhere.”

The female boss does not know this young man is the newly appointed Public Security’s Deputy Bureau Chief. “You are still young and do not understand a lot of things. Never mind. Let’s talk about other things.”

Dong Xuebing asked about other things and had a better understanding of the security in Yantai County. He paid for his food and went to report at the County Government Office with his transfer order.

The County Government Office building is located along Chunjiang road, a bustling road.

Dong Xuebing went up to the guardroom, and the guards called in to ask for confirmation before letting him in.

It was a Deputy Department head from the Organization Department that came out to receive Dong Xuebing. Deputy Department Head Han smiled and shook Dong Xuebing’s hand. “Chief Dong, I heard that you are young. But I never expect you to be this young. We have been waiting for you. I represent the County’s Party Committee to welcome you.” After some pleasantries, Deputy Department Head Han saw Dong Xuebing’s luggage and smiled. “Let me send you to the Public Security Bureau. They will arrange your quarter for you.”

Suddenly, Deputy Department Head Han’s phone rang. He answered it and seems troubled.

After he hung up, Dong Xuebing said. “Department Head Han, if you are busy, I can report to the Public Security Bureau myself.”

“How can I let you do that?”

Dong Xuebing declined his offer, and Department Head Han did not insist. But he still called for a driver to send Dong Xuebing to the bureau. Dong Xuebing could tell that Department Head Han was not overly enthusiastic about meeting him. When Xie Huilan was arranging for Dong Xuebing’s transfer, she did not let anyone know about Dong Xuebing had made used of the Xie’s family connections. This was the reason why Department Head Han treated him normally. Before coming here, Xu Yan and Xie Huilan had reminded him to stay low. This was also what Dong Xuebing wanted. He wants to learn from Deputy Chief Liu Hua. Keep a low profile and be unnoticeable.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the County Public Security Bureau.

Dong Xuebing was slightly disappointed when he saw the few office buildings in the compound. He thought the State Security’s office buildings were rundown. But this County Bureau was also the same. The office buildings were all old and rundown. Even the floor tiles were full of cracks. The paint was peeling off the wall fence, and this place was much worse than the Western District Branch. Seem like Yantai County is a poor area and does not have enough funds to maintain the buildings.

Dong Xuebing asked the driver to go and walk into the bureau with his luggage.

County Public Security Bureau’s Office Director Hu Silian heard that Deputy Bureau Chief Dong had arrived, and she quickly walk out of the office building to receive him. Hu Silian was 35 years old. Although she was not as pretty as Xie Huilan and Qu Yunxuan, she was still above average. Hu Silian had seen Dong Xuebing’s photograph before and could recognize him immediately. She already knew this new Deputy Bureau Chief is very young. But when she met him in person, she was still surprised. She extended her hand for a handshake. “You are Chief Dong? I am Hu Silian from the command center.”

The County Public Security’s Office had been renamed to Command Center. But everyone still calls this department as Office.

Dong Xuebing heard Hu Silian saying she is from the Command Center, he knew she is the Deputy Director and not the overall in-charge. He smiled and shook her hand. “Director Hu, nice to meet you. Sorry to have you come out to receive me.”

Hu Silian smiled sweetly. “You are too polite. Eh? You are alone?”

Dong Xuebing laughed and nodded.

Hu Silian was curious why the County Government Office did not assign any leaders to send Chief Dong to the bureau. Usually, when there is a new appointment of a leader, there will be other leaders around. News of this 23 years old Deputy Bureau Chief had spread throughout the bureau. For a 23 years old to be transferred to the grassroots level, he should have a strong backing or very capable. If the County Government did not send anyone to accompany Chief Dong, that means Chief Dong got this position by his own capability and does not have any backings.

Hu Silian was monitoring Dong Xuebing quietly. “Chief Dong, your office is ready. Let me show you your office.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a second and said: “Bring me to Bureau Chief and Political Commissar first.”

“Bureau Chief and the leaders of various departments had gone to the City for a meeting. They will be back tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Dong Xuebing nodded. “Alright. Let’s go to the office then.”

Hu Silian brought Dong Xuebing into an office building opposite the front pouch and went up to the 5th story. Along the way, there were many uniformed officers and office staff. They saw Director Hu’s expression and knew who the person beside her was. They greeted Dong Xuebing politely.

“Chief Dong.”

“Chief Dong……”

Dong Xuebing smiled and nodded to those who greeted him. He had learned how to behave like a leader from Xie Huilan. A leader must act like a leader. He must have the air of a leader. If not, no one will respect him.

At the office.

To Dong Xuebing’s surprise, his office was totally different from the office buildings outside. The curtains are made from expensive materials, and there are two pots of expensive plants by the window. The desk and bookshelves were made from good wood. The sofa and office chair were full leather. It was well renovated. Even if the cost of living in the counties is lower than Beijing City, this office cost at least 100,000 RMB.

Hu Silian looked at Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, if there is any area you do not like or need anything, let me know. I will get it change immediately.”

Dong Xuebing laughed and shook his head. “This office is fine. Director Hu, thank you for the trouble.” On the way to the office, Dong Xuebing found out that Hu Silian was not a Deputy. She is the Office Director.

Hu Silian knew people from Beijing were polite. “It’s my duty to serve the leaders.”

After placing his luggage on the sofa, Dong Xuebing said. “Director Hu, can you help me contact the County government’s guest house?”

Hu Silian quickly took out a bunch of keys from her pocket. “Chief Dong, I know you will be coming today. The higher-ups had already approved your quarters. These are your keys. The quarter is in a nearby neighborhood. Most of the leaders in our bureau stay there. It is considered our County’s Public Security family quarters. I had sent people to clean up your apartment. Let me know if you need anything. I will get someone to help you.”


Dong Xuebing was very satisfied with Hu Silian’s work attitude. He thanked her again. He was not rude to Hu Silian as almost everything in the bureau had to go through her department. Her duties cover a lot of things, and her rank should be a Deputy Section Chief as well. Her deputies should be the ones receiving him and helping him to arrange for his quarters. But she came to receive him personally. This was a form of respect for him, and Dong Xuebing had to do the same to her.

After Hu Silian left, Dong Xuebing sat in his chair.

From today onwards, Dong Xuebing will be officially in this position. This will be a new challenge for him.

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and went over to the bookshelves. He took out a few files and start reading it. It was not sure if these files were placed here by Hu Silian or the previous Deputy Chief. These files contain information about the county, their work, and duties. These were critical to a new Public Security Office like Dong Xuebing, and he spent the whole afternoon reading those files.

Soon, it was time to report off.

Dong Xuebing pack up and left his office. He did not go back immediately and went to a noticeboard on the first floor. There was an organization chart with photos there. He memorized the names, rank, and faces of all the leaders to prevent himself from addressing the leaders wrongly.

The newly posted Deputy Bureau Chief was the topic of discussion among the police officers.

“I heard Chief Dong is only 23. He is even younger than our youngest officer!”

“Did you misremember his age? Could it be 33 or 43?”

A few of the office staff were joking as they walked towards Dong Xuebing’s direction. They saw Dong Xuebing and thought he was a new police officer. They did not take note of him and looked at the noticeboard. They want to see for themselves how young the newly posted Deputy Bureau Chief was. They saw the birthdate of Dong Xuebing, and he was really 23. But when they noticed the newly pasted photograph of Dong Xuebing, they were shocked. They immediately look at the young man beside them.

“Dong…. Chief Dong!”

“Chief Dong!”

The few officers were shocked. They did not expect Chief Dong to be standing just beside them and had heard what they were discussing earlier. It’s a taboo to talk about the leaders behind their backs!

Dong Xuebing does not care about these and smiles at them before walking out of the bureau.

The few police officers sighed in relieve.


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