Power and Wealth
Chapter 169 – Not giving face!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 169 – Not giving face!

At home.

Tang Jin was still crying when she looked at Dong Xuebing. She wiped her tears. “Cousin?”

Second Aunt rushes over. “What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?”

Dong Xuebing’s uncle stood up. “Did someone bully you at the factory? Tell me! I will get revenge for you!” Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt and her husband also step forward to ask what happened. Tang Jin was not very pretty, but she was adorable and well-liked by everyone. Furthermore, she had been living with her grandmother, Uncle, and First Aunt. This was why they treated her better than Dong Xuebing.

Tang Jin shook her head and kept quiet.

Luan Xiaoping passed her a handkerchief. “Xiao Jin, is it…… is it those hooligans?”

Tang Jin cried louder when he mentioned those hooligans. “Sob…… sob…… they…… they tried to take advantage of me.”

Tang Jin’s father’s face changed. “Tell me. What happened?!”

“Sob… I finished work and came back to the village… when I was about to reach home… Sob… those hooligans who stole our sweet potatoes surrounded me…… they want to bring me out for a ride with their motorbikes… but I refused…… they start to touch me everywhere… Sob…… A few villagers walked past, and I took the opportunity to escape home…”

Her father banged on the table in anger. “Those bastards! They are too much!”

When Dong Xuebing’s family was in trouble, it was Second Aunt’s family who helped him. Although they had only lent Dong Xuebing’s family some money, it was all their savings. Dong Xuebing and his mother had returned the money the year before, but he still wanted to repay their kindness. Seeing his sister, Tang Jin, getting bullied by that bunch of hooligans, Dong Xuebing was furious. “Xiao Jin, where are they now?”

Tang Jin was still sobbing. “They…… They should be gone by now.”

Tang Jin’s father picked up a stool and was about to rush out of the house.

Dong Xuebing’s First Aunt grabbed him and asked: “What are you going?”

“Sis, let go of me. My daughter cannot be bullied by them! I will make them pay for this!”

First Aunt replied: “You should also know about that group of hooligans. They are a nuisance to everyone in the village. They outnumbered you and even if you go……”

Tang Jin snatched the foldable stool from her father. “Dad… Sob… I am fine. Don’t go.”

Dong Xuebing said with blackface. “Call the police!”

Second Aunt was also in tears. “Xiao Bing, the boss of the gold mine is close with the police officers. These hooligans are employed by the boss.”

Dong Xuebing does not care about all these. “Call the police!”

The head of the family, Dong Xuebing’s grandmother, suddenly said: “Call the police! We cannot allow Xiao Jin to be bullied like this!”

Luan Xiaoping was the closest to the phone, and she called the police. “Hello, Police? My niece is molested by a group of hooligans…… that’s right… Yes… Hurry up and send someone to catch them. That group of hooligans should still be around…” After that, she told the operator the address before hanging up. Luan Xiaoping turned to the rest and said. “The police say they will arrive shortly.”

Dong Xuebing waved to Tang Jin. “Xiao Jin. Come closer and let me look at you.”

Tang Jin walked over to Dong Xuebing and sat beside him. “Brother.”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “You are all grown up. Our Xiao Jin is so pretty. Stop crying. The police will catch those hooligans.” Dong Xuebing does not care if those hooligans have a good relationship with the police officers at the village station. They had called the police and told them the address. The village station should know this was his family’s home. The officers will not dare to ignore this case.

But things did not proceed according to Dong Xuebing’s plan.

10 minutes……

20 minutes……

The police station was not far from their house, but the police did not come!

Dong Xuebing took in a deep breath. “Call them again!”

Dong Xuebing’s Uncle, Aunts, and the rest knew that the station had no intention of sending their officers. They were on the hooligan’s side!

Luan Xiaoping sighed and called again. After she hanged up, she turned and said. “The station says they do not have enough officers and might not be able to attend to us today.”

Tang Jin’s father scolded: “They are in cahoots!”

Tang Jin started sobbing again.

Dong Xuebing’s was furious. You all should know it is my family who called the police, and you all don’t even bother to send the officers? What’s the meaning of this? Trying to show me that you dare to stand up against me? You don’t want to give me face? F**k! You all are too daring! Hooligans and a Deputy Bureau Chief, and you all dare to choose to side with the hooligans? Fine!

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called the Bureau’s Office Director, Hu Silian.

Hu Silian was watching TV with her husband. “Hello, Chief Dong?”

Dong Xuebing asked in a serious tone. “Director Hu, who is the Chief of Hui Tian Village’s station?”

Hu Silian was surprised and could sense Chief Dong was angry from his tone. “It’s Liu Dahai.”

“Can you give me his number?”

“Sure. Give me a minute.” Hu Silian pointed to the coffee table, and her husband immediately passes her a notebook. Hu Silian knew something must have happened at Hui Tian Village. But since Chief Dong did not mention anything, she did not ask. She quickly gave Dong Xuebing Liu Dahai’s number.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing immediately call Liu Dahai.

Everyone in the house was looking at Dong Xuebing. Luan Xiaoping asked: “Son, who did you call?”

Dong Xuebing replied: “A colleague.”

Ring, ring, ring… The line got through and a man who sounded slightly drunk answered. “Hello?” Liu Dahai had just finished dinner and drinking with some officers. He had only reached home for 15 minutes, and his wife was giving him a back massage. He was about to fall asleep when his phone rang.

Dong Xuebing coldly said. “Liu Dahai?”

Liu Dahai was stunned. Who dares to address him by his full name?

“It’s me. Who are you?”

“Dong Xuebing!”

Dong Xuebing? Who is Dong Xuebing? Liu Dahai was about to ask him when he suddenly remembered. He sat up on his bed. “You are…… Chief Dong?” He remembered who Dong Xuebing was. This was the newly transferred Deputy Bureau Chief, and today was his first official day at work!

Dong Xuebing sneered. “Liu Dahai, as a Station Chief, you really make the Public Security proud!”

Liu Dahai was shocked. “Chief Dong, what happened?” He could tell Chief Dong was furious. But he does not understand when he offended this newly transferred Deputy Bureau Chief. He had not even met him before!

Dong Xuebing just said his address and shouted: “10 minutes! I give you 10 minutes to get here!” After that, he hangs up the phone!

Liu Dahai was stunned. Who did I offend?

Liu Dahai’s wife asked worryingly. “Dahai, what did Chief Dong say?”

“He asked me to go…” Liu Dahai suddenly recalled something and immediately get dressed while calling his station. He told the officer the address and asked: “Hurry, find out who is staying at this address.” He does not understand why Chief Dong appeared in Hui Tian Village.

The police officer who answered the call replied immediately: “Chief Liu, I know about this family. It is the Luan’s family, and they do not have any backing. Huh? They contacted you?”

Liu Dahai frowned. “What do you mean?”

“That family had called the police about half an hour earlier. One of their family members was bullied by some hooligans. You should also know who the boss of those hooligans is… I think this is a small issue and did not send any officers to attend to it.”

Liu Dahai heard this and scolded: “Why didn’t you report to me?!”

“This is only a minor dispute. I think……”

A minor dispute?! Even Bureau Chief Dong had called up personally! Liu Dahai did not let that officer finish what he was saying. “Get over there immediately! If you all can’t get there within 5 minutes, all of you can pack your bags and get lost!” At the grassroots level, many leaders do things differently from the leaders in Beijing. They were much “fiercer” and direct.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Dahai knew the reason why Chief Dong had called him. Chief Dong just happened to pass by that area and saw the police officers ignoring the commoners? This was why he is so angry? But even if he is a Deputy Bureau Chief, Hui Tian Village is not under his jurisdiction. Why was he meddling with someone else business?

Ring, ring, ring… Liu Dahai’s phone rang again. It was County Bureau’s Office Director Hu Silian that called.

Liu Dahai answered. “Director Hu.”

Hu Silian asked: “Chief Liu, what is wrong at your side?”

Liu Dahai knew Hu Silian was asking about Chief Dong’s anger. “I am not very sure. Chief Dong had called me and scolded me. He wants me to go to a household in the village within 10 minutes.”

Hu Silian laughed. “I had just found out that Chief Dong’s hometown is in Hui Tian Village, and his mother’s surname is Luan.”

“Ah?!” Liu Dahai’s face turned green. “Director Hu. Thank you!”

Shit! I am in deep shit!

Liu Dahai immediately ran out of his house!

Liu Dahai finally understood why Chief Dong was so angry. Chief Dong’s relative is bullied by hooligans, and they called the police. But the station ignored his calls. Damn! This is challenging Chief Dong’s authority! If words get out, it will be the end of his career!

Liu Dahai called the village station a few more times to make sure they had sent out the officers while speeding towards Dong Xuebing’s family house.

Liu Dahai was innocent. If Dong Xuebing were transferred from other agencies, they would have found out his family and relatives’ address before he even reports for duty. But Dong Xuebing was transferred from a specialized agency. All of his information was confidential. All they knew about Dong Xuebing was his name and where he was transferred.


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